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  1. Yup we closed! If only it was warmer I'd maybe go for a ride, but then again they're telling us to stay at home so likely no go! And Calgary? Where's dat? Is that like some kinda town?
  2. And what's that white stuff? California snow?
  3. Turkmenistan has a unique way of dealing with this virus thing going around. Ever watch "Borat?" Never heard of this country before and may never will if they don't recognize the severity of the problem! Coronavirus? What Coronavirus? https://www.businessinsider.com/turkmenistan-says-0-covid-19-cases-suppressing-news-coronavirus-2020-4
  4. Huh never knew this was a thing. And to think I cudda been a contender!
  5. Glad to see all the support for @zenleetech and hear they caught the thugs. I just ran across his video while doing a search for Skydio 2.0 footage and was shocked by what happened to the guy. I did a quick search here to see whether there was any mention of it but didn't see anything. I'm telling ya this EUC community is the best for having each other's back in times of crisis.
  6. I've been recently addicted to this TikTok app. Anyone else on it? There's tons of cool pet videos, random funny ones, and va va va voomy ladies posting clips in pretty darn revealing bikinis and outfits. Perfect for my short attention span! Be warned though that it's a major time killer... fun though!
  7. Aw thanks! I'm still around, just in lurker mode . I haven't been keeping up with the latest, but it's better for me since I can't ride in the snowy conditions here. I'm not like those hardy Edmontonians! Hope everyone is doing well and having a good time!
  8. @zenleetech - Just saw your video
  9. Whoa kinda older, but I don't recall seeing this interesting heli-bike before.
  10. Next hobby after EUCs found! Except I think they did a lot of creative editing to make it look like it can carry a real passenger and do those stunts? There's only a short hover with a real guy in it.
  11. You might want to contact your seller. My Telsa's BT stopped working just before winter for some reason so I suspect maybe a loose contact to the BT daughter board, or maybe it got fried. Luckily they are cheap and fairly generic (dunno about the 18L though). There is a specific way to program them to work IIRC as I don't think they are plug and play. Also check to see if your device isn't putting the app in some sort of sleep mode when the screen is off? Maybe double check it is seated well and if there is an antenna that it is routed to avoid interference?
  12. If you click the text above the video it takes you to the Reddit discussion where a few experienced heli pilots give their opinions. There's some interesting info further down by someone who's very familiar with the Calabasas area.
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