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  1. Maybe try attaching a small caster wheel to the front, and if you're stopped turn off the EUC and set it down on the small front wheel and just tell the cops you were just popping a wheelie. All the time. Or is it written specifically in the law that all wheels must be used in motion at all times?
  2. Also works well teaching hotties near the beach.
  3. I just watched it. Trailer looked pretty funny, but it was more a twisted dark thriller/comedy sort of movie. It had few moments and some oddly relevant messages, but it wasn’t that great.
  4. I just spent way more time than I planned on swapping out an oil pressure sensor. I decided to change the oil pressure sensor since I thought it might be leaking. I had the low oil pressure light come on a couple of times coming to a stop. It was easy to unlatch the connector with the tire removed, but apparently there is a tool to help get the sensor unscrewed. To complicate things a 15 mm bolt was in the way next to it. I took off the bolt, but man it was still a trick to get the sensor off without the proper tool. In hindsight, what could have been a two minute job turned out to take about an hour! I had to get at it with a crescent wrench (adjustable spanner), and work it around a really tight space making turns of about 10° at a time. I initially had to use a vice grip to loosen it. Talk about a pain in the butt! Installing the new sensor went a little easier, but I’ve learned my lesson to buy the right tool for the job if you have something located in a tight spot!
  5. Eh, I’m just hoping Google hires me to do some programming for their Quantum computer. Gotta program right from wrong or else we are gonna be like all Skynet pretty soon! Then there’s gonna be endless Terminator reboots, and where are we going to be as a species then???
  6. I think when you factor things down, you have to consider how well you can assess the craziness level of the offending person and consider how much you have to gain versus how much you have to lose. Say you are able to return the sucker punch, but what if he pulls a gun? Things then have escalated to riding away with a punch injury versus possibly losing your life or receiving more serious injuries. I think it’s kind of like road rage. Someone cuts you off on purpose. Do you then tailgate them and have a fist fight at the next red light? Sure, I guess you could try to teach them a lesson, but often these people are tightly trapped in their own reality and may not be open to learning or interested in behavioural changes. From an abstract programming perspective: Let x = unknown If You (crazy level) > Them (x crazy) and You (losses) < Them (x losses), then set Retaliation = GO!, else return (base); lick (wounds); report 2 (authorities); post 2 [fav (EUC Forums)]. Don’t get me wrong though - self-defense is a whole different subroutine.
  7. Smart riders gear up. The others we refer to them as “scar addicts” and “over-enthusiastic skin donors!”
  8. I think you missed this part: I don’t like to upchuck my cookies, thank you very much! I mainly tried to maintain a level floaty position and not veer too much to the sides, front, and back! Although... it was rather nice when the hotty instructor grabbed me a few times to set me back into place! Subconsciously, maybe I did mean to veer! The pros make it look so easy. I wish it wasn’t so expensive as I wouldn’t mind trying to learn more advanced moves. I was more like this :
  9. So I gave indoor skydiving another try... I can’t quite do these stunts , but my instructor thought I did pretty good floating around and doing some spins. Highly recommended to give it a try if you have an indoor skydiving facility near you! And you thought balancing on an EUC was tricky!
  10. I also like how you're able to still use the handle with the seat locked in place. The Tesla weighs a ton, but I think you can still fit your hand underneath there in and around the hose clamps to lift it. For Telsa V2 owners, where is the temporary disengagement switch located?
  11. Oh I believe that 100%. When people watch sporting events, we often don't realize the amount of magic behind the scenes in the control room where there's a director shuffling camera teams around on a wireless com. To direct the games alone looked to be a pretty challenging effort with the timers, lists, tallying, etc. It would be good to see a breakdown of the expenditure sheet / income statement just to find out what it costs to run a show like this. It might help garner some sponsorship money / individual contributions (MintMe, Patreon, GoFundme, Kickstarter, etc?) perhaps to help offset some of the costs. Crowdfunding can be a helpful source. Maybe ahead of time for the next games, there could be some sponsor options with appropriate advertisement rewards. Maybe hold a ticket raffle for a prize at the games?
  12. Didn’t I foresee this a while back? Luckily I still have the promo poster!
  13. That seat mount is a thing of beauty! I also like the "Tesla" wheel stand and rear badging. Very cool ride!
  14. Need more video! Need more video! I got a need to binge! Hey maybe next year you guys could have some sports commentators like they have in other TV broadcasts to give play by plays and colour commentary just to add another dimension to it so we can see who's in the lead, what techniques people are using to bash opponents in Sumo, stuff like that (like on Wipeout!). It would be neat to find out who the contestants are, a little background from where they hail from, what they are riding, etc. Rama did a bang up job directing the games, but it can be a good thing to delegate and offload some more of the work. I think @The Fat Unicyclist would have been a great person to add commentary. Maybe one could also interview the contestants and add a personal side to things to get like a little back story going. Maybe a team manning the livecam making it more mobile might be an idea. It looked though like it was tough enough just to get it all completed in the time allotment available. And EUC cheerleaders?!! Where was the EUC cheer team? Did anyone call the local media for some TV coverage of the event? PS: I'm no legal beaglologist, but I wonder if it might be wise to not use the Olympic symbol in videos or stills as it's copyrighted.
  15. Holy crap that was simply AWESOME!!! The races were exciting to watch , and congratulations to all the winners and participants! @Rama Douglas and family / everyone - you guys really pulled off a great inaugural event! It must have been a crazy amount of work to organize, plan, and execute. Are there going to be more videos? I saw a lot of people filming. That all looked like so much fun! I really liked the night race show with all the EUC lights. Ultra-cool!
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