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  1. Aw man that sucks. I fear you may be generalizing to paint a whole culture with the same brush though. Sometimes you run into some really bad eggs who don’t really represent the country as a whole. Businesses each have their own rules and preferences so it’s likely best to support those who don’t mind. Maybe a different town or city or neighborhood might have more enlightened citizens? I say don’t let the bad guys win. Ride defensively and try to be prepared as best as possible for any random acts of idiocy.
  2. I dunno. Initially it was to avoid needing to re-inflate as often due to a leaky tire. With my Ninebot One E+ I had it at 50-55 psi. On the Tesla it just crept up to 65 psi. The tire feels solid, and you can’t squeeze it at all between your fingers. I’ve tried it at lower pressure, and it just feels so squishy flat plus there must be increased drag on the tire. The wheel just comes alive and is very responsive with more air. I weigh about 168 lbs, and the responsiveness is really zippy. I haven’t found any issues going in a straight line at the higher pressures over 40 kph. After seeing people report issues with pinch flats and bent rims, I still like the tire in the upper range.
  3. Lunatic? LUNATIC!!?? Did someone summon moi? I used to ride at 62-65 psi until I met some unexpected bumps just a little too fast. Now I try to keep it under 55 psi. To turn at higher speeds you can lean into it, turn your upper body a bit, move arm over to the inner side, and press on the side of the wheel with the outer leg to force the wheel to lean as well. Just watch out that you don’t skim your pedal if you turn too sharply. Makes a grinding sound, and it could spin you out possibly if you overdo it most likely.
  4. Oh the bare necessities, the simple bear necessities! Then again, there was that one guy... that kinda gives people mixed messages about not getting too close to wildlife...
  5. Depends on how hot they are. If they look like this then oh yeah! Hop right on babee! Hold onto me for support! Feel free to fall on my face. If they look like this: Sadly it’s gonna have to be a “hayall no.” We electric unicyclists have very discerning eyes for who gets to try and who doesn’t.
  6. Don’t forget the peace of mind of buying and warranty support from a dealer. Shipping heavy items back to China is often not a cheap endeavour. Dealer’s usually have your back with repairs and troubleshooting. Buying direct from China can sometimes be a crapshoot especially if problems arise unless you’re very handy. That being said, I did get my Tesla from AliExpress, and knock on wood - it’s been fine.
  7. Sorry I should have been more clear. With the shell off the pedal supports, hold one pedal support stationary and see if there is any play in the opposite support in relation to the axle and vice versa. The trick is keeping the axle from turning while you are checking. With the shell bolted onto the supports, there might look like nothing is loose since the shell holds the pedals stationary. At the axle / pedal junction there could be some play from shim wear resulting in the weird sounds. Hope that make sense? Edit: Or maybe one could just remove the shell bolts on one side and see if there is play while bracing the shell. I don’t know how much clearance there is between shell and support.
  8. Air time can be fun and exhilarating when you least expect it! Just watch out for sudden wheel changes in direction if you hit any larger, sharp rises... I’m sub 170 pounds, and the wheel just feels like it’s in “sport” mode with the higher pressures. I should probably stop riding over 40 kph, but it’s such a rush going fast!
  9. Check for any play between the wheel and the pedal supports. The case is bolted to the pedal supports and may be be solid in relation to them, but if there’s play between the axle and shims that could translate into weird vibrations and sounds as the board tries to balance. It’s probably tricky to check without taking things apart as the axle turns at the bearing, but if all else fails it might be worth looking at. Maybe with the wheel on and stationary, try applying pressure downwards on the top front and back of the shell to see if there are any clicks? Also check for any melted wiring or possible shorts where arcing could be occuring? Ride in any rain storms lately? Any crashes? How many kilometres?
  10. I’ve been trying to ride in the sub 50 psi range closer to 45 psi, and it’s alright. I still like to pump it up to about 55 psi as my Tesla just feels more responsive. Over bumps the lower pressure definitely feels better. Below 50 is probably safer.
  11. Maybe time for a new battery or reset? Could be a dying cell in the pack? Some people are able to test and replace individual cells. https://more4mini.ca/blogs/news/132278147-error-36-or-error-37-at-ninebot-elite
  12. I’ll vote for worn axle locking shims / loose pedal support nut. Didn’t Marty have a similar issue? Maybe tightening/shim replacement might help if things are getting loose.
  13. Sounds totally not sketchy at all! Main thing is that you got your money back, and everyone has gained some insight into this company’s business practices. Hey on the positive side at least he wasn’t dealing meth from his basement.
  14. Definitely doesn’t sound like normal wheel behaviour. It almost seems like the wheel loses it’s level reference, and it’s trying to find it again by the tilt action. Best to contact dealer to confirm mainboard issue? Self-balancing electric unicycle and unpredictable, unexplainable behaviour you do not want to mix.
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