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  1. I wish I could go to Denmark! Sadly no I’ve never been there. Although I’ve lost some of that lovin’ feeling for riding, I still have an itch to get back on. The slight twinging pain every now and then in my left shoulder reminds me not to though. Until I get some better elbow padding at least!
  2. Giant spiral observation deck in Denmark? https://ca.news.yahoo.com/pictures-denmark-opens-amazing-148ft-slideshow-wp-131117860.html
  3. It’s still alive. Pooping like crazy and wanting to bite everything in sight. I hear some bunnies aren’t as destructive. I guess I lucked out and got one of the odd balls. It’s soft and fluffy and cute, but man it’s got attitude sometimes. If it doesn’t get its snacks it shreds up its cage paper and flips his waterbowl over like a disgruntled prisoner. Not a good pet!
  4. @Duf how is the Bell’s palsy? Is it possible that you may have contracted a campylobacteriosis from your backyard chickens which resulted in the BP?
  5. I wonder if there is some vibration / friction being transferred to your calf to cause the numbness? I used to put on velcro'd calf protectors made of thin neoprene. It made riding the Tesla much more bearable, and also it helped reduce sore spots. Kinda like these: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Calf-Leg-Knee-Support-Brace-Wrap-Protector-Pads-Sleeve-Running-Exercies-1pc/292620113777
  6. I had a cyclist come zooming through a stop sign onto a main road while I had the right of way going at 48 kph. Luckily I was able to brake in time. I guess they just look for cars while they do their "rolling stops" so they don't expect a dude on an EUC coming at them to justify a full stop. Ride defensively and carefully, my compadres.
  7. Aw man that's awful. Sorry to hear about that. Pitbulls have a bad rep unfortunately, and there's always something in the news about them attacking adults, kids, and other pets. It's almost like having a mini pet Velociraptor. Fun's fun until it injures or kills another living being. Some animals just don't make for great pets. Like hedgehogs. Crazy carnivorous bunnies. Hyenas. Lions. Aligators.
  8. It would help if you made an EUC Rider Bodyguard for me! I don't care as much about the Tesla! Actually, I've only had it fall once over 1200 kms, and it only got scuffed up a little. It was a combo of maybe having too high of a tire pressure and hitting a 1-1.5 inch sidewalk heave edge at 22 kph sending the wheel in an alternate direction very suddenly that did me in.
  9. It's like owing a Porsche GT3 and not wanting to drive fast. Sure it probably can be done, but when you know you can go fast it just kills you not to. Even flying off at 22 kph can be pretty hazardous. I might have to dust off the Tesla and go for a spin if I get some decent elbow pads...
  10. I haven't tried searching for any 360 VR type EUC videos, and as others have mentioned viewing motion and VR just don't mix! I think it's due to the fact that when your eyes see that you appear to be"in motion" in the video, but your other senses tell you that you are stationary there is conflict in information that tells your brain that something is wrong and dizzyness / nausea ensues. I made that mistake of watching a really cool mountain bike video of some guy racing down a rocky slope. It was cool for the first 5 - 10 seconds then whoa you want to get off that ride ASAP! The other "more dodgy" VR content is fine.
  11. Both have been sitting in my hallway for the past 8 months. The Ninebot hasn't seen much use for the past year or so ever since I got my Tesla. I checked the battery charge on it, and the lights seemed to indicate it was still about 75% so I never thought of topping it up. It also turned on and off fine before. Maybe it's a sign that I shouldn't return to riding. My arm is still slightly bothering me. It's almost 99.75% back to normal, but there is just some slight tenderness in some spots. The Tesla is doing fine I think. It's a tough choice. I've got these great wheels sitting around with some nice weather outside, but I just don't want to risk falling again. And we all know how that goes! I did find some hockey elbow pads which might actually work better for falls on the arms, but they are pretty bulky. Oh well I'm still enjoying my VR time so maybe I'll just watch other people's riding videos from the sidelines for now... https://www.hockeymonkey.com/ccm-hockey-elbow-pads-tacks-7092-sr.html
  12. I'm no structural design engineer, but looking at the failure of the InMotion pedal in that thread, it looks like the area near the mounting pin receives the most stress in supporting the rider. The honeycomb design looks strong, but they could have filled in the honeycomb structure with solid fill near the edge where the hinge area is. A solid block of metal there might be able to resist forces better? I imagine the pedal as basically a lever. Where do levers break? Near the pivot point usually. We've never seen a pedal break in half but rather at the edge as the forces concentrate near the pivot. Imagine if you are 3D printing a pedal. Would you leave the area near the edge where the hinge is unfilled, or would it be stronger with a solid fill? I wonder if a different cast alloy like what they make bicycle crank arms out of (or tool quality chrome vanadium steel alloy) would end these breakages once and for all. All the rider weight is on the pedals so they are a critical part of the wheel design.
  13. I might try charging it for a few hours more to see if things might balance out. I might also try disconnecting the battery, depleting the capacitors with a power press on, and reconnecting things. I wonder if there is a problem with a P-channel MOSFET or capacitor in the soft latching power circuit? https://www.edn.com/design/power-management/4427218/Latching-power-switch-uses-momentary-pushbutton
  14. The mass market is where the money is. It would be interesting to compare global monthly sales of EUCs to escooters. Moving a hundred thousand escooter units likely trumps EUC numbers by a wide margin. Unless companies have extra manpower and the interest / focus primarily in EUCs, it’s not hard to imagine a company wanting to pursue what brings in the bigger money.
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