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  1. Heard some radio DJ's talking about you on a radio clip replay on 98.5 FM yesterday. Pretty cool! You're famous!
  2. Sweeeeeet! Guess I'm the crazy one for not riding when it's -31°C out afterall! How do you not slip off the pedals with that much snow on them???
  3. I thought I was crazy , but it's good to know there's some Edmontonians around to make me feel relatively sane . Back to hibernation for me to dream of warmer days!
  4. I just hope there isn't a repeat of the water intrusion / battery short incident. Didn't they have to recall a lot of units previously to address issues? InMotion's got some good engineers on their team. Hopefully they introduce better weatherproofing measures into any future wheels.
  5. Darn UNreliable image hosters. Messing up my posts! Just had a chance to try these Stroopwafels from Costco. Not bad! Not too bad at all! Apparently people from Holland eat these. I hope freeimage.host stays around for a while!
  6. Um, that's not winter. THIS is winter. That's more like a cool autumn day.
  7. Lost In Space has some pretty high production values considering it's a Netflix TV series. Season two just continues all the goodness of the first!
  8. The new droid in Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker looks strangely familiar for some reason...
  9. Nice demo! I was hoping you might have gone onto the grass in between the trees. At a few points it looks like it flew over the tops of the trees. Did it ever get too close to anything like those lamp posts? Instead of a follow me, it seemed more like a you follow it at times. What's your impressions of it so far? It looks like a sweet personal aerial camera chopper to provide a bird's eye of view for riders.
  10. Dang. The Jedi Master of EUC wheeling teaches the padawan, and within two hours the student is making sharper turns than I ever did at two hours. I needed an entire basketball court waving my arms around like an idiot just to make my "wide birth" turns back in the day. That gal's got some skills! How come you gettin' all the wimmin?! All I get are stares like I'm some kinda crazy man!
  11. Oh man, glad to hear that you are overall okay. These wheels are fun fun, but life changing injuries are always a possibility unfortunately. Would a full face helmet have avoided the surgery and maybe just resulted in some bruises? $2800 for an ambulance ride? Holy crap. I wonder what the cost of the surgery and hospital stay amounted to.
  12. I wonder why EUC makers don't switch to axle splines? They could still have a mating part made of a compatible material to the axle for the spline that bolts/fits into the aluminum alloy pedal support block. https://viciousoffroad.com/n-31-counting-on-the-spline-why-axle-spline-count-matters.html
  13. Never!!! We just need to complain... er suggest ideas enough, and it will come true! That's one of the things I like about Gotway. You might think they aren't listening and watching , but I think they are! They just aren't directly interacting with us, yet a lot of our suggestions do seem to be heard by someone over there. I call him Santa Gotway . Keep the faith, Master Backe. Do not be seduced by the dark side! Believe you must! Remember how we mentioned perhaps using thermal wire sleeving as insulation as a way to reduce wire melts and shorts? It didn't happen overnight, but it does seem to have become a standard feature and for the best really. We don't hear about @meepmeepmayer style wire melts that much any more. I wished for machine screw and brass keepers for mounting shell pieces, and we got them. We also hoped for lights and music features, and we were rewarded with Tesla lights and Nikola speakers! Now everyone close their eyes and wish really hard for app updateable firmware via bluetooth for Christmas!! If it happens, you owe me another paycheque! Pension paycheques are always welcome!
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