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  1. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Wheeling Sickness

    Ahhh I’ve sort of given it up. Glad to head you are okay after your fall. For me my arm still bugs me a little, but it’s getting better over time. I just came to the sad realization that I’ve got too many responsibilities to be injured so these risky sort of hobbies should be best avoided. I might ride again one day I hope. I still like watching and seeing other people ride though. I’m just taking an extended hiatus away from the sport. If I could find a working arm to shoulder brace or thicker fixed elbow pad that could lessen shoulder/arm injuries I might be back sooner, but then there’s the potential knee injury risks... so for now I’ve hit the pause button temporarily. Other hobbies like car repair and VR gaming help fill the void. I hope you are able to get your wheels working again!
  2. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Wheeling Sickness

    Welcome to two years ago!
  3. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Best wheel with easily removable batteries?

    Speaking of @Stan Onymous where the heck has he been up to? I haven't seen him posting lately?
  4. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday November 25th!

    Maybe the new video drivers may have hijacked some audio controls or rerouted them somehow? Even with the early first episode things looked pretty good in terms of video quality. It might be a good idea to do a trial run of settings ahead of time on a private livestream so Cindy can check in to see how things sound and look before going live? Or maybe Marty can try hosting it from his side to be broadcast on his Youtube channel? It looks like there's an advanced NDI setting that must be enabled, and there are a few different software options to help with streaming? https://www.skype.com/en/content-creators/
  5. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday November 25th!

    Sorry I missed the Livestream, but upon watching it maybe I didn't miss too much. Weird how there are so many technical difficulties since last week went okay plus the early streams went off without hitches. Maybe it's time to downgrade back to what was working before? Or maybe that's not possible? Hopefully Duf can do some troubleshooting beforehand and get things working right ahead of time next time.
  6. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday November 25th!

    Episode 11!
  7. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    Have you seen this documentary? It’s pretty unbelievable.
  8. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    More pimple popping goodness!
  9. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    I like a lot of options, but you know the sad thing is that there's no way one can possibly watch all the interesting productions out there. Even on my mediabox with some of the apps like Bobby Movie or Morpheus TV, there are movies and shows I've never even heard of, and a lot of them have some pretty big named stars. I recently watched a weird Indie movie called "Good Dick" by Marianna Palka. It had Jason Ritter (John Ritter's kid I think) in it. It was a quirky and unusual movie about a broken woman that a video store clerk inexplicably falls for. She's abusive and dark and very unlikeable, but the protagonist is completely infatuated with her to the point of allowing her to abuse him. Unconditional infatuation? I never knew there was such a thing! But it was a trip following the two and trying to figure out what made this woman the way she was and see how Jason Ritter kept believing that he could find his way into her heart. I almost didn't make it through the whole movie, but it had an appeal to it that kept me watching.
  10. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday November 25th!

    It's coming... wait for it... LIVESTREAM SUNDAY! What will be on the topic agenda this weekend?
  11. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    New Unicycle Brand? Lenovo Ivanti C1

    I thought Lenovo was connected with IBM as a source for laptops and printers? Interesting. Maybe for a short in-airport commuting device with low enough wattage to be allowed on planes, this might fit the bill for some folks. Not everyone needs a full out 1600 wh 16” tire beast of a wheel 100% of the time. I could see this appealing to kids too who get tired walking long distances with mom and dad. Or even to Eddie to scoot through Home Depot stealthily.
  12. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    What Are Your Favorite TV shows?

    Speaking of documentaries to watch, anyone see this Netflix doc “Print the Legend?” I’m about four years late to the party, but it was an interesting show documenting the early days of 3D printing for the masses. The growing pains and tribulations were eye-opening. You get to know some of the people behind the products. Worth watching.
  13. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Ninebot One E+ Cut Offs + new wheel

    I wonder if it could be time for a new battery pack. Maybe a cell or two in the pack when at lower voltages aren’t able to provide the current needed for normal function so the wheel shuts down completely. Usually in low power mode the wheel suddenly tilts back extremely and keeps you under 10 kph or so. If it’s shutting off without warning that could be a sign of an aging battery pack that needs replacement.
  14. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    EUC Grim Reaper Costume...FUN!

    That's awesome.
  15. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Has anyone tried the gotway hovershoes?

    That's what makes it a Gotway! Just kidding all you Gotway fanboys! But I'm slightly concerned about what they are calling these. Marketing department, I think we may have a problem! Or maybe they are marketing these to the ladies of the evening to make going from customer to customer a little more convenient and fun?