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  1. Unless maybe it had an AR-15 mounted on top for self-defense purposes? 🤔 Ah okay maybe not!
  2. Yikes! The wobbles of doom. I know them too well. The last time I had them the wheel was flailing even worse that what it looked like in your video, and I thought oh oh this is it - gonna crash into the ravine. I managed to remain calm and rode through it somehow. I wish I had recorded it - the wheel was oscillating so much I've never experienced it that bad on my Tesla before. Very very difficult to recover from. Glad to see you had elbow pads on!
  3. Me wants one of these. Imagine walking your robodog while riding your electric unicycle.
  4. Oh man this wheel hits all the sweet spots! Finally suspension! Decent headlight lens and integrated kickstand? Woot woot!
  5. Sweet looking wheel! Didn't get a chance to read all 41 pages, but is that little shock absorber for when people sit on the wheel to absorb bumps? Pretty cool! Edit: Ooooh is it like the V11 with chassis suspension? Very interesting!
  6. It's been one of those "I really should if I could but ends up I wouldn't" type of situations. Does that make sense? Shoulda coulda woulda. It's difficult to stop the addiction completely! With the covid stuff easing up, I'm itching again to go for a roll. Nope I haven't seen the latest. What did I miss?
  7. Yeah 20 kph sucks! But probably safer in general. LOL imagine getting a speeding ticket on an EUC! 50 in a 20 zone! Thems would be braggin' rights!
  8. I'm no longer a criminal!! https://www.calgary.ca/Transportation/TP/Pages/Cycling/Cycling-Education-and-Safety/cycling-on-city-streets-and-pathways.aspx ... but not on roads or sidewalks? How how do I get to the said pathway if not on a road or sidewalk? Oh well might have to maintain my part time status! Criminal on road/sidewalk - law abiding citizen on pathway!
  9. Just wait until you land on an elbow! Also kinda goes against the whole All of The Gear All The Time mantra, no? Nooot to mention it may affect future sales of Marty Backe branded elbow pads!!! Sheesh ya take a short sabbatical away from the forums, and all H E Doublehockeysticks breaks loose!
  10. About time my man! Always plug da merch! BTW pssst elbow pads? What the heck? I see none in the video!!!
  11. Yup we closed! If only it was warmer I'd maybe go for a ride, but then again they're telling us to stay at home so likely no go! And Calgary? Where's dat? Is that like some kinda town?
  12. And what's that white stuff? California snow?
  13. Turkmenistan has a unique way of dealing with this virus thing going around. Ever watch "Borat?" Never heard of this country before and may never will if they don't recognize the severity of the problem! Coronavirus? What Coronavirus? https://www.businessinsider.com/turkmenistan-says-0-covid-19-cases-suppressing-news-coronavirus-2020-4
  14. Huh never knew this was a thing. And to think I cudda been a contender!
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