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  1. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    I'm pretty sure that Dos Equis dude told me to stay thirsty so I am. Geez Louise if I wanted to watch smart women I'd watch Jeopardy or watch some kinda woman Mensa channel. I just want to watch attractive women doing some weird things and possibly showing off their sexy bodies. That is all. Is that so bad? Besides, millions of views equates to mega-money so all power to them! People want to watch these things so I'm not gonna judge. Does it mean the end of the intelligence? The dilution of womankind's brain power in general? I don't think it's necessarily so. Every generation has its quirks and unique characteristics. Embrace what you want. Disregard the rest if you want. Me, I'm kinda liking this "bikini haul" video selection. It's a convenient way to be an online voyeur and not get into too much trouble.
  2. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Inmotion V10 fire.

    This V10F issue is spiraling downhill quickly. I just hope no one gets hurt or killed. If something like that happens, and if it were to hit the news in the US it could go viral and bring about a really bad knee jerk reaction to EUCs just like what happened with hoverboards. It could spell dark times for the hobby in many ways.
  3. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 16th!

    Huh maybe I got it too as my skin crawls / tingles a bit listening to the whispers and crinkling and licking. Gives me the heebies. I was just watching the recent livestream and LOL the first few minutes I thought you guys purposely set up Marty’s volume level for an ASMR experience! Still watching it now... On a side note it looks like there is an ASMR witch hunt brewing. Where am I going to get my dose of ear licking and lip smacking sound videos now? https://www.engadget.com/2018/09/14/paypal-ban-asmr-sound-art-therapy/
  4. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 16th!

    Ew , ya miss a few days online, and they start to think they can run the whole shebang. So does that there mean there’s not gonna be any mic licking or whispering? It would be funny if you guys did the whole show in whisper mode and advertise it as an ASMR video. They get millions of views! It’s so weird. Must appeal to librarians or people who hang out in theatres or something. The licking thing actually just creeps me out, but it’s funny to watch.
  5. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Normally I charge for that sort of thing, but let your mind just wander freely around!
  6. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    I popped a few cherries!

    Well that wasn’t so difficult! Even with a bum arm I did it. Rear sway bar links changedomatic! Can’t believe they charge $440 to do that. Old one New and old. The old nuts looked beefier so I used them instead.
  7. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    And I thought riding EUCs was a little dangerous... geez those Spanish people are cray cray!
  8. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Marty and Duf LIVESTREAM! Sunday September 16th!

    What’s the next best thing to riding electric unicycles? Listening to other people talk about electric unicycles! Don’t miss tomorrow’s Livestreamia Event ASMR edition! Crank up sound to hear Marty and Duf whisper sweet nothings about EUCs into your ears! *** Warning - there MAY be mic licking!!!
  9. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Sorry for the absence! Just been super busy at work, and the more I watch EUC videos and read about them the more I miss riding. I also feel like a wimp for taking so long to recover from a simple fall! It didn’t seem that bad at the time, but man it’s taking a while for things to return to normal. With my line of work I really shouldn’t be riding these crazy one wheel devices. Add in the mortgage on a new property, and I’ve just got too many responsibilities going on to not be able to work if injured more seriously. I’m still searching for something that can help brace the shoulder joint during a fall. I think it’s probably impossible since landing on an arm transmits the forces right to the shoulder. Maybe keeping elbows out slightly more might have helped? I never figured a fall like this would have put me out of the game. Oh well it’s starting to snow lately so summer here is almost done. We tend to skip Fall altogether some years. Don’t let my sabbatical from riding put a damper on things! I still think EUC riding is the best next to sliced bread! The injury part/potential not so much.
  10. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Rehab1´s accident(s)

    Doing better thanks! Far from 100% though, but it’s getting there I think. It’s still painful putting pressure on the arm like getting up from the ground. Slowly but surely I think it’s healing. How are things with you? Glad to see that you’re still rolling about. I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling unfortunately for the time being. It’s hard to get things done when you’ve got an injured wing. I have to change some rear sway bar links, and I hope my arm doesn’t give me any trouble! If my arm didn’t take such a hard hit I’d probably be still riding. Roll safe out there!
  11. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    [For Sale] Inmotion V8 - NYC - $600 !!!

    How's the chinchilla?
  12. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Well I got got

    After surgery like that, I don't blame someone for not wanting to risk falling on the arm again. Even my less severe shoulder injury is still bothering me three weeks after the fact. Re-injuring it again so soon during a ride is not an option for me so I'm on hiatus for now. Here's a pretty handy website for information about some shoulder injuries: https://www.thesteadmanclinic.com/patient-education/shoulder/ I think a large part of the problem is that it's difficult to realize how easy it is to get injured riding an electric unicycle when most of the time it's so stable and effortless. Unexpected road irregularities and unknown factors can come into play very quickly. Unless you have cat-like reflexes or crazy ninja / parkour skills, oftentimes you're falling under less than ideal circumstances.
  13. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    I think Marty and Duf should just sit around shirtless whispering about EUCs and licking their microphones on the next show. This ASMR stuff is a legit money maker! Wait, what? Was that a cockroach? Oh well 1.9 million views can’t be all bad. I’m booking some roaches for the next show!!!
  14. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Well I got got

    Oh man that looks just like @Rehab1 surgery. Sorry to hear about your injury.
  15. Hunka Hunka Burning Love

    Shoulder Braces

    That suit would make me look more like Batman! But looking at where the arms join the chest, without some sort of elbow to chest fixed brace/shock, the arms still could transmit all the forces up to the shoulder I think. Hmm this is a real brain stumper. I'd much rather have some bruised pectoral muscles than deal with this joint pain recovery. Maybe my fall was a bit abnormal as other people don't seem to be reporting shoulder injuries as much. Hopefully it was just an outlier, but I think I could be done for the season/hobby.