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  1. You're going to need to change your stance a little, toes out a little and always bend your knees in turns. No locking out the inside knee and adjusting with pressure on the opposite side. If you lock the inside knee (lazy turn) you will push yourself off the side of the EUC because of it's height. You need to swing that inside knee out of the way to let the EUC lean. Every time I get back on mine I have to re-learn to ride it. It's different. It's also a great ride.
  2. When the weather warms a little, a joy ride would be great. Perhaps we could get @Holtto join us...
  3. This line item excludes most of the EUC fleet these days. What's left? A couple of small king songs, a few ips and the ninebot one. I don't think Gotway makes a wheel under 1k watt motor size. the mten maybe. I wouldn't want to ride an EUC under 1k watts these days. A weak euc is as dangerous as a fast one.
  4. I'd heard a few people mention seeing another person riding around downtown Raleigh. A woman asked me about my wheel and mentioned seeing another riding downtown not long ago. I work downtown and ride around there quite often. I occasionally hit the greenways too. I'm partial to the neuse river greenway. i like riding along the river. Less this time of year tho. Now it's just utility trips to the store or out to grab lunch and back.
  5. +1 ... i got a nice hole in the plaster that needs patching in a kitchen wall from this brilliant idea. the other problem you will have is picking it up. if you pick it up and try to put it back down it will burn a nice streak in the carpet/linoleum/hardwood. inside riding... bad plan.
  6. the gotway app has a tendency to reset the wheel to default config each time you connect. set things the way you want them and calibrate it then don't use it any more. use wheellog or wheelinfo or that apple one everybody likes. darknessbot i think.
  7. With the msuper, ks18s and tesla, the body is tall and wide enough that i set my foot on the pedal and let the wheel lean against my leg to hold it upright as i bring up the other foot. i can actually step up on the wheel and ride it a ways without setting the second foot down on the other pedal. The mten3 won't play this way because by the time the body of the wheel comes into contact with my inner leg the outside pedal is so high i have a hard time getting my foot up on it and it's really hard to brace the wheel with so much angle in the pedal. With the larger wheels, the pedal my weig
  8. Oh yeah... mounting this little wheel is interesting. Toughest mount of my 4 wheels by far. It rolls so fast and I can't brace it against my calf without rolling my knee well in over the wheel, so far it's in the way... I am now rolling the wheel over so that the pedal I step up on is closer to the ground when I begin the mount. I step up as the wheel rights itself and I have a lot less trouble catching the rising pedal on the way up. I'm not 100% smooth, but I am improving with this method.
  9. over 50 don't ride... KMA! my birth cert may say i'm 50+ but my mind says i'm 22-ish. i'm negotiating with the body.
  10. So... after body slamming my first wheel a couple of times on the drive I decided learning on pavement was a bad plan. I went to grass. I spent an hour a day rolling up and down the side of the house with a hand on the wall. Then I started looping out away from the wall in an arc from one corner of the house to the other. Once I got where I could ride a good arc from one corner of the house to the other across the lawn I started trying to make it all the way around the house. Once I could circumnavigate the house a couple of times without jumping off the wheel I ventured out the driveway and o
  11. the wheel isn't streaming the custom sounds from the phone. it has local storage it is putting small audio files you upload on to replace the default beeps and warnings. it's probably very limited and likely wouldn't provide enough storage for even a single full mp3 audio track ripped at low quality. probably not more than a meg or two of flash storage, like a tiny thumb drive.
  12. you are working a whole new set of muscles in a variety of unusual ways. congrats. your doing great! yeah, the soreness will fade as you strengthen the requisite muscle groups and relax as you grow more skilled and confident. my first couple of days i soaked a couple of tee shirts in sweat i worked so hard staying on the wheel. next stage is foot pain, from trying to grip the pedals with your toes while your riding. it's some kind of prehistoric instinct, you actually try to hold onto the pedals with your feet. the foot pedal death grip too will fade as you relax and grow more com
  13. huh. it wouldn't even have occurred to me that the goodwill might assume it was a store item. i can see it now tho: ... yes it is ... no it isn't ... yes it is... your probably right.
  14. if i go inside, the wheel goes with me. it's one of the main attractions of the wheel over a bike / e-bike / scooter / etc... why leave it outside?
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