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  1. Never!!! We just need to complain... er suggest ideas enough, and it will come true! That's one of the things I like about Gotway. You might think they aren't listening and watching , but I think they are! They just aren't directly interacting with us, yet a lot of our suggestions do seem to be heard by someone over there. I call him Santa Gotway . Keep the faith, Master Backe. Do not be seduced by the dark side! Believe you must! Remember how we mentioned perhaps using thermal wire sleeving as insulation as a way to reduce wire melts and shorts? It didn't happen overnight, but it does seem to have become a standard feature and for the best really. We don't hear about @meepmeepmayer style wire melts that much any more. I wished for machine screw and brass keepers for mounting shell pieces, and we got them. We also hoped for lights and music features, and we were rewarded with Tesla lights and Nikola speakers! Now everyone close their eyes and wish really hard for app updateable firmware via bluetooth for Christmas!! If it happens, you owe me another paycheque! Pension paycheques are always welcome!
  2. That may be true, but for future wheel generations with new control boards that have app capable update abilities, it should be pretty trivial to record firmware versions with wheel / board serial numbers and offer updates on a as-needed basis. Judging by their past history of problems, Gotway could think of it as an insurance policy against costly board replacements. Once it's implemented it's always there if people need it. King Song tweaks it's firmware and releases new versions. Even my Ninebot E+ had a series of firmware versions. It's pretty much standard with any computer motherboard to be firmware upgradeable. People continually ask about what features we want for the future. I think this is one important one that shouldn't be overlooked. Gotway granted us speakers for music, lights for visibility and entertainment, larger axles that don't break, thicker wiring that doesn't melt, machine screws with brass mounting inserts, varied wheel diameters, bigger batteries, and faster speeds. OTA app enabled firmware updates I think should be a natural next step in their product evolution. Who wants to deal with swapping control boards or shipping wheels around just to update firmware glitches?
  3. I have no knowledge of any said "fluffer" activities on or off set due to a gag order in place.
  4. That's odd. I wonder why they can't write software that queries the processor to read the current revisions and controller specifications if needed (voltage variants), and appropriately choose which file version to flash. Take for example computer motherboard BIOS updates. Usually smarter firmware flash programs will verify the existing version and let you know if you are flashing a newer revision? There must be a version identifier somewhere in the firmware that can be read and verified? Maybe they have some sort of third party firmware programming source that is doing the work for them which they don't have full control over? You would think though that the cost to direct their firmware supplier to include app updating would be a lot less than physically programming new boards, shipping them out, and replacing boards en masse. Factor in the cost to their reputation, potential for rider injury, and expense to dealers managing this, and it just doesn't make economic sense to not introduce easy firmware updating measures. Ninebot does it. King Song does it. InMotion does it. Is anyone stealing their firmware? Maybe someone needs to ask how much would a firmware OTA update development cost Gotway versus the expense of changing out large numbers of control boards? Edit: If they do develop app updated firmware, it should be easy then to keep track of firmware generations and modifications for future wheels. Older wheels as long as they are functioning fine wouldn't need any upgrades. For instance my Telsa has been fine for the past few years. It's more for those "just in case" situations like these oscillation problems or fine tuning that easy to update firmware would make life a lot easier for all involved.
  5. Sure would be nice if Gotway could implement a small micro USB port on the controller or even use the charging USB ports as a firmware upload port using a flash drive. Wouldn't that make things a lot more convenient to update wheels? Maybe Gotway still fears that it might also be easier to decompile the firmware if they release software to the public? If other manufacturers are providing through the app bluetooth wireless firmware updating without much fear, why is Gotway, a major leader in EUC making, still behind the times? There must be some way to encrypt the firmware so that only the onboard processor is able to decrypt it internally?
  6. Just curious - does this unusual pitching motion occur in medium and soft mode as well? Have the wheels been calibrated level?
  7. It took me about a year to pretty much fully recover. Definitely sleeping on the side that's injured is a pain in the butt and shoulder! Glad to hear you're getting better. I think I aggravated mine by going indoor skydiving as it got a bit numb after three flights of two minutes each. Did you have elbow pads on, and if so, what kind did you use?
  8. Loved loved loved Fleabag! Hope they are able to convince her to write a few more seasons! There’s just so much more she could bring us! I watched both seasons twice! Sadly Suits is over. So many seasons and good episodes. No more! Don’t know why they canned Mike Ross. They were the best team. The Mandalorian has been a good watch!
  9. Anyone watching “Titans?” It’s been pretty good so far. If you’re DC superhero fan it might be right up your alley!
  10. We laugh now, but I’m sure it’s heading this way eventually...
  11. Oh man that sucks to hear that. Hope you have a speedy recovery @Rama Douglas. Everyone falls sooner or later. It’s just the nature of defying the laws of physics on one wheel that really shouldn’t be going this fast at all when you think about it. Some people luck out and ninja out of harm’s way, but harm has a way of getting even eventually.
  12. Calgary? Where’s that? Is that like a city? Isn’t that like someone’s name? Cal Gary? Kinda dumb sounding name for a city if ya ask me. I’m tempted to go riding maybe tomorrow. Maybe just add a few more layers. I just don’t like my face freezing with the windchill and my hands getting numb as my Hillbilly’s let a lot of cool air through. I don’t know how you guys who ride in temps below 10°C do it. Brrr!
  13. I saw my first EUC rider in the wild downtown tonight! He zipped across the road wearing a white full face helmet. I couldn’t tell what black EUC he was riding, but it had no side lights. Pretty cool!
  14. Loving “The Mandalorian” so far! Anyone watching it? So much Star Wars goodness packed into such a short episode! Good thing they are spacing episodes out, or I’d be binging all nighters! Finally got all caught up with my “Shameless” series. Tried to watch “Watchmen,” but it was way too weird even for me. I just couldn’t get into it past about four episodes. With the snow and low temps here, riding is all but done for me. I’m not hardy like those northerners!
  15. Maybe try attaching a small caster wheel to the front, and if you're stopped turn off the EUC and set it down on the small front wheel and just tell the cops you were just popping a wheelie. All the time. Or is it written specifically in the law that all wheels must be used in motion at all times?
  16. Also works well teaching hotties near the beach.
  17. I just watched it. Trailer looked pretty funny, but it was more a twisted dark thriller/comedy sort of movie. It had few moments and some oddly relevant messages, but it wasn’t that great.
  18. I just spent way more time than I planned on swapping out an oil pressure sensor. I decided to change the oil pressure sensor since I thought it might be leaking. I had the low oil pressure light come on a couple of times coming to a stop. It was easy to unlatch the connector with the tire removed, but apparently there is a tool to help get the sensor unscrewed. To complicate things a 15 mm bolt was in the way next to it. I took off the bolt, but man it was still a trick to get the sensor off without the proper tool. In hindsight, what could have been a two minute job turned out to take about an hour! I had to get at it with a crescent wrench (adjustable spanner), and work it around a really tight space making turns of about 10° at a time. I initially had to use a vice grip to loosen it. Talk about a pain in the butt! Installing the new sensor went a little easier, but I’ve learned my lesson to buy the right tool for the job if you have something located in a tight spot!
  19. Eh, I’m just hoping Google hires me to do some programming for their Quantum computer. Gotta program right from wrong or else we are gonna be like all Skynet pretty soon! Then there’s gonna be endless Terminator reboots, and where are we going to be as a species then???
  20. I think when you factor things down, you have to consider how well you can assess the craziness level of the offending person and consider how much you have to gain versus how much you have to lose. Say you are able to return the sucker punch, but what if he pulls a gun? Things then have escalated to riding away with a punch injury versus possibly losing your life or receiving more serious injuries. I think it’s kind of like road rage. Someone cuts you off on purpose. Do you then tailgate them and have a fist fight at the next red light? Sure, I guess you could try to teach them a lesson, but often these people are tightly trapped in their own reality and may not be open to learning or interested in behavioural changes. From an abstract programming perspective: Let x = unknown If You (crazy level) > Them (x crazy) and You (losses) < Them (x losses), then set Retaliation = GO!, else return (base); lick (wounds); report 2 (authorities); post 2 [fav (EUC Forums)]. Don’t get me wrong though - self-defense is a whole different subroutine.
  21. Smart riders gear up. The others we refer to them as “scar addicts” and “over-enthusiastic skin donors!”
  22. I think you missed this part: I don’t like to upchuck my cookies, thank you very much! I mainly tried to maintain a level floaty position and not veer too much to the sides, front, and back! Although... it was rather nice when the hotty instructor grabbed me a few times to set me back into place! Subconsciously, maybe I did mean to veer! The pros make it look so easy. I wish it wasn’t so expensive as I wouldn’t mind trying to learn more advanced moves. I was more like this :
  23. So I gave indoor skydiving another try... I can’t quite do these stunts , but my instructor thought I did pretty good floating around and doing some spins. Highly recommended to give it a try if you have an indoor skydiving facility near you! And you thought balancing on an EUC was tricky!
  24. I also like how you're able to still use the handle with the seat locked in place. The Tesla weighs a ton, but I think you can still fit your hand underneath there in and around the hose clamps to lift it. For Telsa V2 owners, where is the temporary disengagement switch located?
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