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  1. Dunno about that. Taking the scale of the hand into account it seems they are building something that dwarfs the Gotway Monster
  2. That's weird indeed. Never had that happen.
  3. Ah ok. Except for the dead battery after the winter mine is still running fine. Zero issues so far.
  4. I don't even know what pressure my Z10 is at , and I hate inflating the tires of my wheels. It's such a shitty system to remove the valve extension and there is so little air in that a small amount of air that escapes immediately drops you 0.5 bar. I also overinflate and then use my pressure meter to deflate to the pressure I want. But even then it's not easy.
  5. What do you mean by that?
  6. Just read the article. It clearly states that it is with moderation. So doing a mountain trail in the blazing California sun from 8am to 8pm without sunscreen still is a pretty bad idea, as you'll get sun burn. So yes, you should wear sun screen when you do this kind of stuff. Also, the comparisons are absurd. It's not because more people die from cardiovascular disease than from skin cancer, that you should ignore it. Those people who die from cardiovascular disease are maybe for a majority overweight, have high cholesterol levels and don't move as much as they are supposed to. If you do not belong to that risk category, and therefore have less chance to die at 50 years old from a stroke, maybe it is a good idea to take those smaller numbers into account, as in your case they might be statistically less insignificant.
  7. Which does not mean that it's - a good idea - a nice feeling to get sun burn.
  8. Or when you open the trolley handle. But indeed, that would be a nice feature.
  9. It's not called a gyroscope. A gyroscope is a sensor. It's called a flywheel. The problem with a lateral gyro is that there is no way the wheel can actually do something with the input to stabilise left-right. The solution would be to integrate a flywheel, but that would create an entire list of other issues wrt inertia when you want to turn. If you think your Z10 is hard to turn, try turning it with a flywheel installed Also, this seems the solution to a problem that isn't one, and might cause more problems than what it solves.
  10. We've got cars like that (although in Belgium they do require insurance and a very simple to acquire license) Top speed 28mph
  11. Z10 also has this. I don't really understand the use. how would you trigger the trolley? If it is with a button on the wheel you might as well just grab the trolley handle
  12. Buy a boosted board and ride it for a week. Then take your euc. Your euc will feel like a Mercedes S class
  13. They use EUC's in the army now?
  14. So you have to do this sound per sound?
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