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  1. ir_fuel

    Ninebot Z10 Modifications

    That's the biggest design letdown for me. That bracket really looks like something from the hardware store. If it can be unscrewed, maybe it can be replaced with a 3d printed part that would give the same rigidity + a bigger contact patch when using it as a parking stand.
  2. ir_fuel

    WheelLog Android App

    Concerning the sources: if the person developing it now would release the sources the day he stops working on it, fine by me.
  3. ir_fuel

    WheelLog Android App

    Honestly, I would just like to see one thing: a recent wheellog (or however you want to call it) released on the play store, do we don't have to dig through this thread to find out if a new version is released and where to download it.
  4. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I had this happen under my feet several times with my Rockwheel GT16 when taking sharp bumps at the right speed/weight. It always stopped after a few seconds. It like the software that reads the gyro and corrects the stance goes into some kind of oscillation loop.
  5. ir_fuel

    In the news...

    He'll do the same with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat to offset his carbon footprint :p
  6. This is the only correct answer. Be realistic, you will crash.
  7. ir_fuel

    In the news...

    So you are saying that @Marty Backe was spouting nonsense when he claims that it spoiled his rides at Venice Beach?
  8. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Be patient. I am running the latest beta version and it is nearly done.
  9. ir_fuel

    In the news...

    And of course we had the necessary permits + insurance before starting, and didn't dump one hundred of them at once in the city. Slowly scaling up.
  10. ir_fuel

    In the news...

    I'm involved as software developer in an e-scooter sharing system in Brussels. We solved the "littering" problem by installing a mechanical U lock on each scooter and mandating that users attach the scooter to something and send a picture of the attached scooter at the end of their ride. This to avoid theft and having scooters parked in the middle of the sidewalk or road.
  11. ir_fuel

    Engine shut down time when in air

    Yeah, it's exactly the opposite. Unless perfectly balanced the wheel will spin like crazy when in the air.
  12. ir_fuel

    Z10 with MTen3 or Z10 with MCM5?

  13. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Jumped back on my Rockwheel GT16 to visit a neighbour. I was thinking on selling it because of the Z10, but this thing is so light, agile and nimble. It's like having a Lotus Exige next to your muscle car. They both ride well, but in completely different ways. For Longer trips the Z10 will be the weapon of choice because of its stability, but for a quick runaround? Hmmm .... I'm gonna keep both
  14. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    The biggest difference is when you ride at high speeds.
  15. ir_fuel

    How would a racing EUC look?

    I don't agree. Once your wheel can't handle what you ask from it it will instantly cut out. The best example are all those riders that ride with constant speed warnings. They are aware they are on the limit yet you still get face plants as it comes very sudden and without any warning. That beep is purely artificial, you don't feel it through the engine or the traction of the tire. 100% software safety check.