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  1. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Order, then forget about it. One day the doorbell rings and behold! A yyuuuge heavy box will appear out of nowhere! It's that euc you completely forgot about! This is what works best. Ordered 2 wheels from aliexpress (GW Mten3, RW GT16), and this is basically how it goes. Delivery was somewhere between 7 and 21 days (don't remember exactly). Forget about tracking, it will just make you stress. Aliexpress has buyer protection so the goods will show up. Check that protection end date. It will be at your door before the end date.
  2. Just wondering. I start using my euc more as last mile transportation or I do the boring part with my car before heading out, but I haven't found a suitable way of transporting my euc inside my car yet. When I just put it in the trunk it slides around, which is not what you want with your helmet right next to it. Now I put it in some big plastic box But even with the wheel on its side (Rockwheel on the trolley side, so not flat, since it's too wide to fit) it seems the wheel is quite heavy and when cornering the entire box just tips over (box works perfectly for the Mten3 btw) I also tried putting it behind the front seat but since it's not blocked it can still move left-right. Any suggestions?
  3. Interesting! Did you actually do engineering at Ninebot?
  4. ir_fuel


    TBH I find most people's videos when riding on paved roads as interesting to watch as watching paint dry. Repetitive and boring. This guy, however, is the exception: Another great video @Tishawn Fahie! Love the atmosphere, the way the music fits in and the editing. Must be a lot of work to make something like this. Became a big fan of your channel since I discovered it with the Z10 video.
  5. ir_fuel

    Dualtron II EX

    I always overinflate, remove all stuff and then deflate to correct pressure using a tyre pressure gauge.
  6. ir_fuel

    Dualtron II EX

    That's the most annoying part for me wrt e-scooters. I just transported a Ninebot SE1 in my car, and I can't get it in the trunk without folding one side of the back seats. It won't fit in the width (BMW 1 series). Also when you can't ride it and you have to carry it it's just a pain. EUC's have a big advantage there. Can't even imagine what it would be to haul a Dualtron up 30 stairs.
  7. ir_fuel

    Charging Strategy - Levels and Frequency

    Any LiPo charger will do that automatically.
  8. ir_fuel

    Charging Strategy - Levels and Frequency

    I agree. BTW normally it is impossible to kill your LiPo batteries inside a euc (or any device without removable batteries for that matter) as there are electronics in place to make sure the battery is considered "empty" long before reaching a voltage so low that it will kill the battery. These systems consume so little power that you should be able to leave an "empty" device alone for nearly 2 years before the batteries actually die from undervoltage. Removable LiPos, that's a different story.
  9. ir_fuel

    My Rockwheel GT16

    This one?
  10. ir_fuel

    My Rockwheel GT16

    logs sent
  11. ir_fuel

    My Rockwheel GT16

  12. ir_fuel

    My Rockwheel GT16

    Update! Seems the lights on the device aren't really telling the truth. There are 10 leds. Of those 10 leds, 4 are still on now after that last ride. @Ilya Shkolnik fixed Darknessbot for me so I can connect to the RW which apparently has a new BT protocol. His app shows me only 16% and 68.77V left. (Which, for me, makes more sense).
  13. Friend of mine is a Tesla mechanic (for quite a few years now) and they have come a long way wrt build quality. Even before the facelift there is a huge difference between the Model S of the first year and the last ones pre-facelift. All under the hood of course and a customer wouldn't notice this. In a way it's like Gotway Which brings us back on topic.
  14. Friend of mine is the same. Has just bought his second Model S ( this time a 100D ), and can't stand all this "religious" crap around the brand. He likes the car a lot (wouldn't have gotten a second one after 4 years otherwise) but he sure knows its shortcomings, unlike some other owners I know who just became annoying. You know, like those vegans that need to point out to non-vegans how "bad" they are, constantly comparing ICE cars to "dinosaurs", exhaust sounds to "energy loss", and of course pray 5 times a day to the Church of Elon. FFS .... 😠 Its a pity, because (just like BMW in Europe in the nineties) it creates this bad association around the brand. A brand that for me has a lot of upsides and they sure did and are doing an incredible revolutionary job in the automotive world.
  15. Check the second line of my post 😛