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  1. Can't answer that. It depends on where you live.
  2. btw if you want to maximize the use of those spikes, buy some mtb flat pedal shoes, such as Adidas Five-Ten. I have those for mountain biking, and the difference in grip on flat pedals with spikes (the same principle as here) is ridiculous, compared to your average sneaker. It's not just marketing.
  3. I use mine for street riding. The most extreme I do is hopping on/off curbs and maybe some small stairs. Not really useful for me then.
  4. Excuse my ignorance, but what do these pedals do better than the stock ones?
  5. I printed with Ninjatek Armadillo. Stuff is tough as nails. Spring works perfectly now
  6. https://www.techarp.com/science/borody-ivermectin-therapy/
  7. That's maybe the best thing you can do if the data doesn't fit your narrative. Still waiting on why hospitals aren't flooded with vaccinated people with very bad side effects, but they are with non-vaccinated contaminated people (a minority of the population).
  8. No it's not. Lots of vaccination -> less people in hospital. What is there not clear about it?
  9. Please define "many" How many countries refuse vaccines and opt for ivermectin?
  10. Actually, the worst people to get your info from aren't the conspiracy theorists. It's from scientists that have completely gone bananas and are able to bombard the layman with lots of scientific terms and info, which are taken for truth as: - it is a scientist - we don't have the specialised knowledge to immediately understand that what they say isn't true, takes shortcuts, or is based on wrong assumptions There are others in the field that can explain this a lot better, but of course those people don't get as much exposure as it is less interesting for the Facebook algorithm t
  11. Sorry, but using the term "gene therapy" just voids any argument you want to make, as it shows you have completely no clue what you are talking about. People see mRNA and "ow ow, it's genetics stuff! I'm going to turn into something else!" without the slightest clue of what they are talking about. If this is gene therapy, every viral infection (even the common cold) is gene therapy, because that's how viruses work.
  12. You are right and wrong. You are right that the development of the original "SARS" vaccine lead to cases whereby people after vaccination got even more ill once infected, because of the type of antibodies they generated (neutralizing vs non-neutralizing). You are wrong to apply this to the current vaccines, as those studies have been taken into account to rightfully avoid this situation. And again: if it were true, why aren't we seeing mass illness/hospitalisation and death in the vaccinated population, world wide?
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