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  1. Doesn't look very useful to me for an euc. The stuff you hurt the most when falling from an euc is still unprotected (shoulders, elbows etc). This is great for high speed impacts where you want to protect your chest or back (smashing a motorcycle at 100mph for instance). For our speeds and usage 3do style soft-but-hard-when-falling padding will be sufficient IMO.
  2. Posted a couple of pages ago but got lost in the flood of "OMGWTF TIRE" posts here It simply died. Doesn't turn on anymore. Happened while sitting in my house. I turned it on a couple of days before. Tried it again, nothing.
  3. I just put mine back in the box and will ship it to the seller tomorrow for repairs :/
  4. TBH besides all the drama in the KS16X thread, the KS16X is a better wheel than the Z10. I also own both. But they are different. For one nothing beats the look of the Z10, and there is something special about riding it. But riding them back to back over the same road I'm pretty sure nobody will say the Z10 does it better. If you don't have the time to use both I can understand selling one of them.
  5. Also the 5V circuit should be on when the charge plug is connected (remember the flashing brake leds when charging). This isn't happening either.
  6. This is a King Song. The charge port only works in one direction (as it should :p )
  7. I hope you never hit one of those furries at that speed :/
  8. Sure, but the leap could be even bigger
  9. That's the problem. You can overpower any wheel with any weight. If you are light you can do this by attacking steep hills or by putting on a heavy back pack. The question is where does the responsibility of the manufacturer stop and that of the rider begin? In the end there is no way they can be 100% sure nobody will face plant ever on this wheel.
  10. Let's add some more drama to the thread, shall we? My KS16X died last week. I charged it up to 100% percent for a ride the next day. Long story short, I managed to break something in my foot that day so no ride the next day (nor the weeks after). So there I had a 100% charged wheel that would be sitting there for 2 months. So I decided to charge some stuff through the usb port. Turned the wheel on, charged my phone for a while. Turned the wheel back off. Couple of days later I want to do it again, but alas .... no more turning on the wheel for me. Plugged the charger (to make sure battery wasn't dead for some reason). It was red and turned to green 30 minutes later. Still the same problem. So I have a 100% charged brick right now. Discussing with 1radwerkstatt on how to get this fixed. They presume there is something wrong with the 5V circuitry. This sucks (even if I can't ride it) :/ Hopefully it's just a matter of swapping out a board.
  11. Pretty sure you could go faster by holding 2 kettlebells in your hands :p
  12. Fot those that use the Demon Flex Force X2 D3O, how do they fit with wrist protectors?
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