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  1. You should only eat vegetables and fruits grown in your own garden and fertilised with your own poo.
  2. The original GT16 was also a steal in terms of performance, but it lacked fit and finish. The case was very fragile and the paint quality was a disaster.
  3. Until the day Walmart realises nobody buys those "hoverwheels"
  4. https://www.mediamarkt.be/nl/product/_segway-hoverboard-gyropode-ninebot-one-s2-1611475.html https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MediaMarkt It is Europe's largest retailer of consumer electronics, and the second largest in the world after American retailer Best Buy. Number of locations 850+ in 13 European countries Big enough?
  5. And we all know what those $100 hoverboards did ... burst in flames and created a lot of issues for us, ELECTRIC UNICYCLE owners.
  6. Major retailers have already been carrying these for a long time. I could find them next to the hooverboards at my local store. This is what they all look like (different colors):
  7. specs: Those specs are pure madness. Glad they seem to have improved the shell too.
  8. The only kids (I am talking about real kids, not 13 year olds) that learn to ride an ELECTRIC UNICYCLE are those who's parent(s) rides one. No 7 year old is going to ask for one of these, especially since compared to a bicycle mom or dad won't be able to learn it to their kid, and compared to a skateboard or roller blades mom or dad know zero about it nor do they know anyone who actually rides one of those things. And even the lamest ELECTRIC UNICYCLE is a lot more expensive than a crappy skateboard or roller blades (or hoverboard for that matter). That hasn't stopped any kid from learning how to roller skate.
  9. I have a V5F at home too. For my 8 year old daughter It will be a BIG step up :p
  10. From my personal experience: I had one of the first KS16X, and my main board died while sitting at my house. In the mean time there have been revisions of the main board with different layouts and I got an improved one installed. This is the risk of getting a V1 of something. Pretty sure the platform is pretty stable now.
  11. People that have nothing bad to say will not post here, or not as much. You get 10 pages filled with 5 people that complain. The 10 people that are happy will not fill 10 pages repeating 5 times each "mine worked fine today!". He doesn't seem to be too unhappy about it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFeDZyrD6D5AjG1KSO9NLVQ/videos
  12. That's simply wrong. Where are all those negative reviews you talk about? Yes it is, unless your goal is to constantly ride at more than 45km/h. In that case I would get a Gotway Nikola or an MSX 100V. I have zero problems with mine but I never go above 45km/h and usually ride 38-42 km/h.
  13. To be more sustainable people should simply stop ordering stuff on Gearbest, Banggood and Aliexpress. Think of the CO2 cost of shipping all that junk from China + the environmental cost of all those grey plastic bags they use.
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