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  1. Point taken concerning the battery range, but I'm not a hypermiler. My longest rides have been 25 miles.
  2. Something I have been wondering: I see people start receiving/riding their suspension wheels, S18, V11. I am seriously contemplating getting one too, but as most of you my current fleet is non-suspension (of course). For those of you that got a suspension wheel, do you still hop on your non-suspension wheels or do they feel harsh and outdated once you get used to the feeling of suspension under your feet? E.g. I have a Z10 and a KS16X. The first one has the battery capacity of the S18. the second one of the V11. Would those wheels still be used if I got a S18 or V11? I think it would have zero sense to go ride in the forest with a Z10 or KS16X once you have suspension at your disposal, but in a way the same goes for city riding. @Marty Backe said suspension is the way forward in one of his videos. I wonder what his opinion is on this.
  3. Indeed, but just set it at the speed you don't want to exceed.
  4. Why don't you use something that already exists: leave tiltback at 37 and set an alarm at 32.
  5. the lady on the e bike has 2 big wheels, you have 1 small. When rollerblading also don't go very fast (certainly not 40km/h), yet most people doing that are also "padded up" while getting passed by that same lady on her e-bike. It's even worse, you could get passed by an 90 year old in a car!
  6. I thought that was only the tiltback setting.
  7. Try: https://www.1radwerkstatt.de/ https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/
  8. I used DB on my Apple Watch. Looking at the speed on my Pebble goes a lot faster.
  9. I think it's just hard to do on what's currently on offer, and will only appeal to a small market. You need to have quick release systems for all the panels, a charging system for the separate battery packs (some wheels might have packs in series connected to packs in parallel, which means that the packs in series when charged separately need a different voltage charger), and then there is the issue of sparking/power surges if you connect battery packs with big voltage differences together. Can't really be compared to swapping out a 14.4 or 18V battery on an electric cordless drill.
  10. What about fake carbon fiber?
  11. Except for tiltback, does this thing have speed alerts?
  12. That must be the best publicity they'll ever get. Damn, even I want one now, knowing that it's range is completely useless for me, I would never ride that fast and hauling it around would become a major pain in the ... (try loading that thing in your car ....)
  13. You are hitting 30mph and you "may" need a full face helmet? FYI the KS16X is not considered a safe 30mph wheel. Not enough margin at those speeds.
  14. Ok, that's impressive Yeah I know what you mean. In the beginning I could hardly move my hands around without losing balance. Right now I'm pretty confident I can ride with a small grocery bag in one hand, as long as that bag does not contain 10 bottles of water
  15. It has been proven that their main competitor is not the car, but public transport. It has nearly zero effect in decreasing the amount of cars in the city. There is a big difference. You need your hands to steer a bicycle. You do not need your hands to steer an EUC.
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