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  1. I think the easiest would be selling them and buying a new one in Europe. Coming from a KS16S and a V8 there is an entire new world for you to explore in EUC terrain. Look at it from the bright side. You'll have an excuse to upgrade and won't be disappointed
  2. @atdlzpae, we all learned a lesson today. DO NOT DISLOCATE YOUR SHOULDER! Look what happened because of this
  3. That has nothing to do with safety They have a reason to make a lot of noise (in all directions), unlike motorcycle exhausts. Ah yes, the scientific approach ... If anything, an euc making sound to make yourself known is a lot more useful than on a motorcycle, as the speakers are on the sides (not to the back), speeds are a lot lower and people are outside walking (not inside a car with closed windows) so you are not riding away from where you make the sound as fast as on a bike. For some people it can be more convenient to do that and have people turn to hear "what's that noise" than to constantly have to say "excuse me" to pass pedestrians safely.
  4. https://www.spauldinginjurylaw.com/2018/06/04/loud-pipes-saves-lives-myth/
  5. I've been motorcycling myself for years, and I am in cars being passed by motorcycles. You hear them the loudest next to you or when they are in front of you. I wonder how much scientific proof there is for that "loud pipes save lives" excuse to blare extreme loud sound from a motorcycle nonsense. Yeah it's very cool that it literally hurts your ears when one of those things pass you when you are on foot.
  6. I was a bit surprised to see such a sporty guy smoking, tbh
  7. Don't agree I learned with a strap. It avoided a lot of bad spills of the wheel. It helps you to ride normally, and not ride in the "Crucifixed Jesus" pose . Just make sure it's long enough so you do not use it to keep the wheel up right. When training backwards riding I still use one.
  8. Which is nonsense since the noise is transmitted to the back of the motorcycle through the exhausts so you only hear them (too loudly) when they are either already right besides you or in front of you. They only do it because they like the noise. The "safety" aspect is just an excuse.
  9. I think your insurance costs would drop if it weren't organised as a for-profit organisation as it is right now. It's just one big money grab, at a point in life where people usually don't have a choice (I presume nobody goes to doctors and hospitals because they like to). And then we come on the slippery slope of "what are things that rarely, or never, happen" The flu? Nothing you can do about it anyway besides wait for it to pass. Broken bones? Too common. Diabetes? Hmm, plenty of people have that. Cancer? One out of three people get cancer. So not something that rarely or maybe never happens. What's left?
  10. And I believe we live in a society where some things should be provided, with a decent level of quality, by the government. These things are healthcare and education, since good health and a good education is the basis to a good life. All the rest follows from this. I don't understand how one can speak of equal opportunities in a country when those 2 things aren't covered. If people have to worry about medical bills or paying their education (not even talking about college), how can you expect everyone to have the same chances of developing a good life.
  11. Not when really falling (although people manage to hurt the weirdest parts of their body ), but I started wearing shin protection when off-roading. If you slip of one of your pedals or have a sudden dismount/imbalance the wheel will fall against the leg of the foot that's still on the pedal, banging into your shin.
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