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  1. I really got annoyed by the fact that I couldn't look straight behind me. Since I am not an owl I can't turn my head 180 degrees, and just trying to look back as far as possible while going 20mph is not easy nor comfortable nor will you have the time to observe how stuff moves. So I wanted a rear-view mirror. Since I hate the mirror-attached-to-helmet look ( sorry @Marty Backe ) I found another solution on Amazon. Got to test it for the first time yesterday and it works really well! As we drive/ride on the right hand side of the street here I installed it on the left. It's very discreet, easy to use, can worn under a motorcycle jacket and over wrist protection and it's not expensive. I just leave it open when I ride and when I'm done close it and it's not in the way.
  2. Just wondering, since it is a great way to rescue the euc when it does go wrong, how long did people that used it to learn to ride keep it on the euc "in case of", even when feeling pretty confident?
  3. Not affiliated, just discovered this https://ledturnvest.com/products/led-turn-signal-indicator-vest
  4. The previous winter I didn't ride for 3 months. You just hop on an ride again once the weather permits. It's like a bicycle. You don't forget.
  5. ir_fuel

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    I see what you mean, but the same can be said about electric cars. The problem is that batteries are expensive. And when you're used to an euc an e-scooter (the ones that they litter all over cities nowadays) is already very cumbersome to take with you, let alone a gas powered moped. Let's not forget that due to lack of regulations in some places (or police simply not enforcing them) and the fact that we are a minority, we are a lot more flexible in transport than a gas scooter. I can legally ride my wheel on the street, on a bike path, on the sidewalk. If I arrive at a red light I can simply hop on the sidewalk, turn right, and if it's safe go back on the street or bicycle path. If you start doing that with your gas scooter it won't be long before the cops grab you. + no fear of theft because we just carry them inside. And for 2K you can already buy a very nice electric bicycle too!
  6. ir_fuel

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    Pfff ... I can do the same in Belgium ... and pass 2 weeks in my bed with pneumonia
  7. All depends on the speed. FYI I no longer use a tether either.
  8. ir_fuel

    rear view mirror

    And you can keep your speed up, just raise your arm have a quick glance and continue. Otherwise it's always a bit of a hassle checking out behind you. Especially if you want to make a left-hand turn.
  9. Don't know about that. A 25kg mass travelling at even a lousy 20km/h, hitting a child, a car's door, a cyclist. You tell me that there would be zero consequence?
  10. ir_fuel

    Joined the Gt16 Family

    No problem here. I can't ride with one foot
  11. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I don't think it's the weight. It's not the only wheel in that weight category.
  12. ir_fuel

    Ninebot Z10 - switch protector mod

    The number of times I've switched mine of by accident They should have made the power button long-press. Especially with the pick up sensor on the bottom, there is no need for it to be a short press.
  13. ir_fuel

    Ninebot Z10 pedal opener mod

    You should print this in some super stiff TPU. ColorFabb nGen Flex seems like a good candidate, or NinjaTek Armadillo.
  14. ir_fuel

    How fast is too fast?

    A short cut "touring" motorcycle jacket is as easy to use as a normal jacket. Ok your pads might move but the first impact will always be covered IMO as long as you close your jacket's zipper. Compared to motorcycles we don't need to support sliding 100ft and hitting several obstacles before coming to a standstill. It's usually 1 smash into something and that's it. Pretty sure my shoulders and elbows are protected when going down. I wear wrist protection without issues under my jacket. For the legs, slap on some G-Form knee protection under your regular pants. You can wear them all day long ( I don't even realise they are there once I have them on for 5 minutes ) and nobody will notice them.
  15. ir_fuel

    Brussels, Belgium

    Zit je bij AG? Dan dekt je familiale dat. Gewoon een groene kaart vragen.
  16. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Have the Z a while now, and I must say it still takes getting used to. I am not a hardcore EUC'er (then again, can I say that with 3 good wheels in the garage? ) and tend to use them mostly as transportation when doing something else right now (lack of time to go out for rides like I did last year). I didn't ride a lot the last couple of weeks and I used my GT16 in the paddock last weekend. Yesterday finally had some time again so I used my Z10 for a 20 mile round-trip. It really takes getting used to again, especially the "I SHALL STAY UPRIGHT" behaviour it tends to exhibit. Pretty nerve-wrecking when you just start your ride (I hadn't touched the Z10 in about a month I think). Wondering if it's a matter of trust/skill and if you can really lean into the corner and have the wheel tilted over 20+ degrees. I don't feel courageous enough to try tbh. My GT16 just feels "natural" to ride (as would any other narrower wheel I think). I also find that the positives of the wide tubeless tire really aren't that big. Objectively the sacrifice that you make in agility does not weigh up to the advantages of having that tire on your euc. My conclusion is that for me it isn't the best wheel out there, but it's a combination of looks and build quality that make it one of the most appealing to get. I still enjoy riding it a lot, but it's a bit like cars. Nobody buys a car purely based on a spec sheet and performance tests. There is always a subjective factor that plays a role. Clearly they hit the nail on the head at Ninebot in that department. This being said. If tomorrow I do the same trip, I will take the Z10 again
  17. ir_fuel

    portable parking stand?

    The only issue I currently have with my euc is parking it. Since it is round it doesn't always want to stay upright when leaned against something (unless I leave it turned on of course ...), and there isn't always something near to lean it against. Since it is made out of hard plastics I am not really a fan of putting the euc down on its side either, because it will scratch the shell a lot easier. I was wondering if nobody came up with some kind of foldable/portable parking stand? I wonder how hard it would be to make one, considering the low cost of 3d printing, but then again I don't have 20 different types of wheels to test it. However, if we found some generic solution it would be quite easy to adapt it to each different type of wheel if 3d printing is used to build it, since it would just require tweaking the design file for the physical dimensions of the euc we want to park. No need to produce 1000 of each. I started playing around in some 3d modelling software to see what I could come up with, but if people here have suggestions and/or ideas, shoot!
  18. Question, as I don't want to be the one to try it Right now I have limited the speed of my V8 to 25 km/h. Once I reach that speed the pedals go in tilt-back and I get warning beeps. I know this device is capable of going faster, so what will happen if I ignore this warning and just push through to get over 25 km/h? Will it tilt-back so far that I fall off? Will it cut out?
  19. ir_fuel

    Ninebot Z10 Modifications

    That's the biggest design letdown for me. That bracket really looks like something from the hardware store. If it can be unscrewed, maybe it can be replaced with a 3d printed part that would give the same rigidity + a bigger contact patch when using it as a parking stand.
  20. ir_fuel

    WheelLog Android App

    Concerning the sources: if the person developing it now would release the sources the day he stops working on it, fine by me.
  21. ir_fuel

    WheelLog Android App

    Honestly, I would just like to see one thing: a recent wheellog (or however you want to call it) released on the play store, do we don't have to dig through this thread to find out if a new version is released and where to download it.
  22. ir_fuel

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I had this happen under my feet several times with my Rockwheel GT16 when taking sharp bumps at the right speed/weight. It always stopped after a few seconds. It like the software that reads the gyro and corrects the stance goes into some kind of oscillation loop.
  23. ir_fuel

    In the news...

    He'll do the same with a Dodge Challenger Hellcat to offset his carbon footprint :p
  24. This is the only correct answer. Be realistic, you will crash.
  25. ir_fuel

    In the news...

    So you are saying that @Marty Backe was spouting nonsense when he claims that it spoiled his rides at Venice Beach?