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  1. Another EUC convert: my 7 year old daughter. We tried a couple of times one year ago but she wasn't very motivated. This weekend (good weather, finally!) she wanted to try again so we spend a few hours outside on Saturday where I had to hold her hand the entire time. Then we went out on Sunday and she still needed my help to get going and feel my hand for confidence but after a while I could stop running after her and she just required assistance to start. And then she said "I want to learn to start". Wasn't really planning on doing that today since she already could ride in a straight line and make big left and right turns (which for me was enough progress for one day) , but she was so stoked she just took the EUC and learned it by herself while I was sitting somewhere on the side. One hour later we doing a ride together on the roads in a calm part of my village, and she was already going over speed bumps and gutters. Crazy how fast they learn. This euc is a generic 14" with a 18 km/h top speed and a 15km/h max cruising speed (at which it beeps). Range 15km. I have a feeling I might need to replace it soon with something such as an Inmotion V5F (want to stick to 14" and not go too crazy on the speeds.) Dad was proud today
  2. Just plug it in a power outlet with a timer. Considering 1% a day the problem will only be there when not riding for a few months. if you charge it completely every month it's ok, and the advantage is you won't kill the battery as it won't hold its charge anyway, so it won't be sitting at 100% for months in your garage. 1 month will make the charge drop from 100 to 70% approximately. You could push it even further to do every 6 weeks. So the problem is only there for people that have long winters (as I do) where the wheels aren't used for more than 3 months.
  3. Because I think you void your warranty by opening a device. I had a hard time opening it the first time because there is this white "blob" that glues the side plate to the machine. I presume they can tell by the fact it's undone that you opened the machine and thereby voided your warranty. They should simply fix the power drain of the device when it's off. It seems that problem was solved ages ago by all other brands.
  4. It's completely useless imo. Of course they won't discharge
  5. It would make sense that disconnecting the battery would stop draining the battery, yes But then again, you can't be sure it's the BMS itself. It might just be all the other electronics in that machine that consume a bit of power. The only way of knowing that is by disassembling and using an amp meter.
  6. Ok guys, I did some testing. I charged the battery to 84% and parked the Z10 in my garage. This morning (8.5 days later) the battery level has dropped to 72%. I clearly lose a bit more than 1% of charge per day. So leave it for 3 months and it's dead. I have a GT16 sitting in that same garage that hasn't lost any charge since the last time I used it, and that is months ago.
  7. ir_fuel

    Career advise (programming)

    Same problem there. 20 years ago you just slapped some basic heating and electricity in a house and call it done. These days you need to know about renewable energy sources, solar panels, heat exchangers etc etc etc.
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    Career advise (programming)

    This is exactly how it is.
  9. I had my first go on an electric scooter today. Xiaomi Mi. I rode it for about 20 minutes, and tbh, I hated it. Once you are used to EUC riding this just doesn't feel right. Unstable, steering is also very unstable (these things were designed to be used by kids pushing them around at 8mph, not adults riding them at 16mph, not very "carve friendly" with those small wheels and the way the front is set up), and it's FWD Lots of fun getting wheel spin on the front wheel when riding over obstacles. IMHO all those e-scooter riders don't know what they're missing by not getting an EUC ... Guess you won't miss what you've never experienced.
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    Career advise (programming)

    Pretty sure plenty of devs stress out on this part. Fear of not being able to keep up. I also gave up on that long ago. I hardly use anything new that comes out unless it has been used correctly by others for at least a couple of years and has matured and become stable. I'm an iOS engineer. I only jumped on the Swift train when version 3 was there. And when I look at the shit people had to go through in v1 and 2 I am glad I did. Ain't nobody got time for this. I have projects to deliver
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    Career advise (programming)

    I always managed to invoice this to my clients. I'm sorry, but this field is constantly moving, and unless you are stuck in a dead-end maintenance job (which no good developer should be) there will always be something you do for the first time in a given project. If everything that I had to discover on the go should be free of charge for the client, I will change careers because my pay would be cut in half I think. I usually learn while using it, I'm not someone that spends hours following courses. They usually go waaay too slow (especially video ). And don't get me started on web front end stacks . Talk about a waste of brain cells .... "Oh you know jquery? But now you need Angular!" "Oh you know Angular? But now you need Angular 2!". "Oh you know Angular 2? Sorry, our client is looking for a React NINJA (*puke*)". "What? React? That's so 2018! We use Vue" FFS ....
  12. Mine went dead in my garage, and my garage is inside the house. Temperature differential with my living room is maybe 4 degrees.
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    Career advise (programming)

    +1 Always laugh when they look for a senior full stack developer. Pretty sure that anyone that is a specialist in one and only one of the following: - web frontend - backend - databases Can ask 3 "senior" questions to your "full stack developer" on which he/she can't answer. Unless you don't have a life it's impossible to become an expert in all those fields at the same time, considering not only the complexity, but also the rate of change in those fields. Leave something on the side for 1 year and you'll realise they've upgraded 2 major version numbers and all your existing hands-on knowledge has become obsolete ... Being a professional freelance software developer for 20 years myself, I should become depressed about the amount of knowledge I had to put into my head only for it to become obsolete or useless to me a few years later (unless someone here still has use for someone who knows how to manipulate the GPU command buffer of an Xbox 360, or can use knowledge about the U and V pipe in an Intel Pentium processor?). The older you get the more it is about how good you are at taking on new stuff and the less it is about if you actually know where to put the ; and the , in language X or Y which you might not even use anymore 3 years from now. I did plenty of projects in my life where it was the first time I touched a given technology (stack). If you can't do that you're in the wrong business imo. It's constantly moving. I'm pretty sure there still is good money to be made in doing COBOL, but do you want to be that person? And that is where a formal education comes into play. It's all great learning to become a javascript web-developer following some videos/tutorials etc etc, but if you don't get software engineering foundations you will just be doing ad hoc development and copy-pasting/stack overflowing stuff together (which might be fine for a lot of jobs), but you'll have a hard time transitioning into other stuff, or you will limit the technical choices to what you know, and not to what is out there (or too much towards what is out there. "OMG Facebook released framework Blablabla. We must use it in our next project!!! It's from Facebook so it must be good and it has 2 million stars on Github!!!!). My 2 cents
  14. It clearly uses power when not using.
  15. I'm going to use a wifi controlled smart plug to automatically "trickle charge" it with my home automation system. But to do that I first need to determine the amount of power loss per day.
  16. Not fully charging it. Just stopped it after about 4h of charging and it's already at 84%. Will be monitoring it now to see how it drops over the next couple of days.
  17. Did the 10 minutes on each side, reconnected the XT60 connectors and the charger to the charge port. Charger is red!
  18. Another update: Still low packs. Tried connecting everything and going through the charge port. Nothing. Also note that I never saw any leds flickering as in the above video. So I restarted the procedure and as soon as I disconnected the XT60 connectors from the battery the small leds turned red, and they flash now when charging separately. So now I am doing the 10 minute wait, will switch to the other and try charging normally.
  19. Ninebot Z10 - American muscle car.
  20. After 10 minutes the other side was 16V. Still seems very low to me. Since we have dual packs we should have 25V on each side I guess? I'll leave it charging for 20 minutes on each side and see what happens.
  21. Also I measured the voltage on the free XT60 lead and it's showing 13V. I'll measure the other side when the 10 minutes are over to see what that shows.
  22. I just opened my Z10 and connected the charger as explained in the videos. My charger led did not flash red/green, but turned on immediately red. I also don't see those small leds they talk about in the video. I'll leave it for 10 minutes and then switch sides and see what happens.
  23. WTF is this? I haven't ridden my Z10 for a few months and it seems completely dead. I just checked my generic 14" and my Rockwheel GT16 and both still work and have a decent charge left. So now I am supposed to mess around with the charger and open the wheel of a +2K costing wheel, while my Aliexpress Rockwheel has no issues whatsoever? Talk about quality control ... djeez ....
  24. Not affiliated, just discovered this https://ledturnvest.com/products/led-turn-signal-indicator-vest
  25. Just wondering, since it is a great way to rescue the euc when it does go wrong, how long did people that used it to learn to ride keep it on the euc "in case of", even when feeling pretty confident?