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  1. andress

    WheelLog Android App

    @Seba First I want to say good work! It is always good to see someone taking over a half abandoned project and giving it a new life. I have to report that taking picture button crashes the app. No error or anything, just crashes. Maybe permission issue?
  2. Ok I figured it out My connection is correct. (if someone is trying the same please disregard Hansolo's advice) My assumption that the protocol has not changed was wrong. It is the same as the library assumes apart from the ending. Library assumes all zeroes there and checks for them. Mten3 has some values there. Maybe its info like fan status etc IDK. Anyways DirectReceiveDataSimple works after disabling the check. But DirectReceiveDataAdvanced did not work out of the box but for some reason acceleration printout had to be moved after others. I have no idea why... :/ Same with DirectLedWheel. So I got it working now I need program the LED part to my liking and maybe add a control button
  3. But why? I don't want to receive information from the BLE module, I want to receive information from the board. So according to my understanding it should work like this: CB | TX | RX | GND BLE | RX | TX | GND - RX to TX since they are communicating ARDUINO | RX | | GND - RX to CB TX to listen to the info but since CB TX is not accessible directly - connected trough BLE RX Can you please explain where is my mistake? Anyway I tried your suggestion and no luck :/ I'll have to look inside the library more closely I guess
  4. andress

    Wheel lift max speed test

    They might change slightly as even freewheeling requires some current which means some voltage drop which means lower speed. But the difference between fully charged 18L and 18XL should be minimal most likely even bellow measurement error.
  5. Has anyone got this library, specifically the DirectReceiveDataSimple example going? I tried with my mTen3 but no luck. If I connect to the euc using bluetooth serial I receive data and it seems that the protocol has not changed since this library was written, but when I try direct communication using arduino I have no luck. Maybe I'm connecting it wrong? For this example I connect only GND on the BLE module to GND on arduino and RX of the BLE module (I hope that means TX of the control board) to the RX of the arduino. Is that correct? I'm trying to take control of the LEDs but first need to get the voltage and speed values from the board.
  6. andress

    New Gotway Mten3 / Onewheel Hybrid

    Actually there has been at least one case of board inside the motor. When I have been in Paris I went to a EUC shop and found this on the wall (middle). The employee there told me it is IPS model and that they discontinued this practice due to major hassle of dissembling the whole motor in case of board failure.
  7. andress

    Czech Republic - Prague

    Hi, These days its not the best weather to ride in. But maybe we can still meet up. Check out our FB group https://www.facebook.com/groups/796505687153363/ What EUC do you have? For how long are you in Prague for? Ondra
  8. andress

    A couple more weird things with the 18L...

    Anyone has ever had their 18L light up all LEDs in white? It is similar to how it looks during FW update but all LEDs are lit up. It happened to me twice already each time on different 18L. It doesn't come back after restart but once it happens it stays like that until EUC is turned off. It seems weird that it happens on random, but I would love to actually be able to set that up in the app as it is the most visible and most elegant color in my opinion.
  9. andress

    ESCIS 'retro' electric unicycle

    I found a video. It is more than a year old according to youtube...
  10. andress

    electricunicycles.eu - how to get support?

    Wow that sucks man, at least your wheel still rides. Were you contacting them on service@electricunicycles.eu ? Anyways keep us posted about their reactions. Thanks!
  11. andress

    KS18L - max. charging current

    @esaj Actually KS 18L doesn't use GX16 but Lenovo connector. Do you happen to know what is the max amperage for those?
  12. I have seen this guys videos. His unicycle seems to be very hard to ride. And I actually think it is because of the balancing algorithm or the motor torque. Here you can see him falling out of nowhere.
  13. andress

    WheelLog Android App

    I was really hoping for KS18L support. Is it being considered for the future?
  14. andress

    KS18L Firmware 1.07

    Doesn't really explain the speed part.
  15. andress

    KS18L Firmware 1.07

    Does anyone know what number 3 - Adjust low voltage speed limitation actually changes?