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  1. It would be really cool to be able to compare your own data points (from all rides/ last ride) with these overall ones giving you rough idea how close to limits you were riding
  2. @Rywokast Just out of curiosity did you try to run the old motor with the new firmware?
  3. Ahoj. Sem tam se někdo sejde. Aktuálně to celkem žije ve skupině na FB. Přidej se https://www.facebook.com/groups/796505687153363/
  4. I really like that thanks to flic button I don't have to take my phone out of my pocket when starting a ride. I just configured the button to launch wheellog in Flic app and once wheellog starts it connects to euc and it grabs the button and so I can still use all three kind of presses for euc functions. PERFECT! Thank you!
  5. You say that you want to monitor each individual cell, but what exactly do you want to monitor? Voltage? Than it will always be same for all the cells in paralel (3 in case of Z10) and it is physically impossible to measure any difference since their leads are connected. You could however monitor temperature of each individual cell. This would most likely give you some information about the health of the cell but the price for so many sensors is much more than the information is worth.
  6. @US69 Thank you for your answer. I hope to also hear from the head of support, it would be good to know what processes failed and how they were changed in regard to sending batteries with reversed polarity out... On different note. It must have been hard for you I think becoming KS Social media representative just before the shit storm that the first batch of KS18L came. I think the 18L was a bit of a revolutionary wheel for KS and there was so much new stuff coming all at once (84V, pickup sensor, really strong headlights, wires coming out of both sides of the axle, first entirely new powerful model in a while) it would be almost a miracle if everything worked on the first try. Maybe they have also became a bit cocky after the absolutely minimal failure rate of the 14S and 16S and didn't do enough testing and just trusted their expertise. Anyway I do really hope they learned their lesson and the first batch of 16X will be another story. (still never gonna buy first batch wheel ever again from any manufacturer )
  7. So I have been meaning to do this write up for a long time but I was way too busy (master thesis, finals, new job..you name it) until now + it seems like a good time to warn people before ordering the from the first batch of the new 16X. If you don't feel like reading the whole thing there is a summary of all the things that went wrong with my wheel at the bottom. I have (pre)ordered my KS18L already in January 2018 but of course since there was a lot of delays I only got it in June. It was wheel from the very first batch and boy it showed...I was mostly amazed by this wheel but experienced many problems with it. More in my first impressions: The problems with pick-up switch were present on pretty much every single unit from the first batch and never entirely fixed. After the updated of FW and calibration it no longer disengaged randomly while standing but it still was so unreliable that it was better to keep the function turned off. My KS18L also lost the serial number once and had to be reinitiated by the service app - another few days of no riding. But the worst came when the wheel started to behave like it was being charged when it wasn't . That meant that when turned on it would never engage it would only show charging animation on the LED circle. After about a month I got new board from KS which was supposed to fix that but didn't. It only switched one problem for another. Now the wheel would turn on but couldn't be charged for a change. So after another month and a lot of emails between my small local distributor and KS new batteries have arrived. But oh boy what kind of batteries! Immediately after unpacking I knew something wasn't right. KS18L batteries are closed in a plastic case and the old ones didn't show any bulging or anything like that. But the new ones came slightly open and I wasn't able to close them properly. They just didn't fit! Have a look at the photo: That was weird but I was like oh ok, maybe that happened during transport. Since they were already half way open I decided to check for further damage inside. I found some but it seemed minimal. Just one cell with slight crack in the isolation: With this I have decided that ok I will just tape them shut and the situation is not ideal but I want to ride so let's plug them in. At this point two things saved me. 1) weird feeling about a sticker in Chinese on one of the batteries 2) checking the battery packs voltage. Since the sticker just seemed weird I sent a picture of it to my Chinese friend. Screen shot from the conversation: Oh my god could it be?? Did KS just KNOWINGLY sent me a battery with reversed polarity on the connector??!! Well they DID! (I actually never got statement from KS about how could this happen maybe @US69 could get answer from them?) I measured and the batteries had the same voltage but on different pins. If I wasn't too focused while measuring the voltage before installation I could have easily missed the small minus(-) on the voltmeter since I would only be looking for the absolute value. If that happened I would have created a short which would most likely destroy the batteries and the board I just spent two months getting and may have even resulted in fire. Thanks a lot KS! Because of the colored wires it can actually be seen even without measurement. Notice the groove is in different place in relation to the cables on each battery. I know my way around soldering so I fixed this, I resoldered the connector and went riding. Catastrophe averted! But still I always have a bad feeling about the batteries. With China you expect that QC is not of the highest standard but these batteries actually didn't manage to pass even the Chinese QC and were sent to me! Are they gonna explode while charging? Are they gonna catch fire when going 50km/h? Who knows?? So I was finally riding again. At least for some time... soon after my headlight burned out(again common issue with the first batches) so I switched the mudguard around and kept on riding. Then the trolly handle stopped locking inside (another common issue) so I had to carry the wheel while it was half extended. Than the second headlight died... Then the trolley stopped locking even in the halfway position.. What a quality product!! All of these issues were eventually fixed as I received replacement parts from my distributor but why so many issues in the first place? Why do I have to wait a month each time?? And also my distributor told me that for the lights and new trolley handle he had to pay himself as KS refused to provide warranty support anymore... So yeah this is my story. I love the wheel I use it everyday and I still think it is the best wheel for my usage but why did it have to take almost a year to get to a fully working state? Why couldn't I receive fully functional unit in the first place? Everyone is bashing on Gotway quality but I had exactly zero problems on my MTen3 and about a million problems with my KS18L. I know this is one off but I still wanted to let you know. KS isn't perfect and there is high chance of problems in the first batch of any wheel! Summary: non-functional pick-up sensor (partially fixed but never 100%) forgotten serial number (fixed by service app) behaving like it is on charge (fixed but took quarter of a year) dangerous batteries that didn't pass QC (still using those after DIY fixes) burned out headlight x 2 (fixed by replacement) non-locking trolley handle (fixed by replacement
  8. I read that you have not received some email so I didn't know if you got mine so I attached the translation here. 17632
  9. I can also confirm that version 2.0.27 is fully functional. Including Live map and Tizen watch support. The only issue is my own fault Czech "riding average" translation is too long :/ I have to figure out better name for it but the value is so specifically defined it is hard. What is used in Russian and Polish, maybe other Slavic languages can serve as inspiration?
  10. I tried again to no avail. I uninstalled the alpha language version and installed standard 2.0.26-release and it worked again. When I installed the alpha it stopped working again. I have Huawei P20 Pro, Android 9 PS. I like Roboto font
  11. EN - Show when locked CZ - Zobrazit při zamčení EN - Show main window even if the screen is locked CZ - Zobrazit hlavní údaje i při zamčené obrazovce
  12. After checking out the translation in the app I did few updates and I have few notes: We really need the new font. Some czech letters like ě, ů are not displayed correctly. I didn't find where to translate: the buttons for Live map control (Pause, photo, share) graph legend (current, speed) Show when locked settings Live map seems broken in this test version (claims there is no internet when there is) As always great work! Do you celebrate labor day in Poland as well? I was celebrating you wheellog-czech.zip
  13. I have just sent you Czech translation @Ivan Jedenásty Už brzy se dočkáš verze v češtině
  14. I think it would be very useful to be able to change the privacy of the recorded tour at later time. You know when going to ride I don't want fiddle with the app settings I just want to press button and go but maybe later in the evening when I sit by the computer it would be nice to be able to publish the route if I find it worthy of that.
  15. Hi, from the photos it seems that you already removed the screws on the circumstance of the hub caps. Now you just need to use some force - ideally special tool for opening hub motors. No need to remove the remains of axle. Regarding the change of axle, probably easiest option is to find someone who can mill you one. But the whole process including reassembly is quite complicated so might be worth it to just by another wheel. Andres
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