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  1. andress

    KS16 downgrading firmware

    While capturing the traffic from the phone I found this, should be what you are looking for http://jc.cnaite.cn/mobile/index.php?act=level_up
  2. andress

    Few impressions after 200km on KS-18L

    We have to wait for others. I guess @chunglam could share his experience with this behavior?
  3. andress

    Few impressions after 200km on KS-18L

    I think I actually went all the way to one-led power level with no tiltback. Maybe Henrik was trying to go faster than the walking speed at that battery level? I guess it is not 20% as there are only 9 LEDs not 10.
  4. andress

    Few impressions after 200km on KS-18L

    I would also love to see a bigger battery, but the wheel is already heavy so I am thinking about external solution. I would like to print a case for external battery to be put on top of the wheel under the handle and secure it with the handle. I could use more battery when needed but keep the weight down when not. I have batteries from older wheels that I could use. I just need to design the case and figure out whether I should use the the older batteries as they are with some DC-DC step converter from 67,2V to 84V (probably includes current limiting so I could connect the external battery at any time) or if I should rebuild the batteries into 20s (higher efficiency but no built in current limiting so could only connect at the same voltage as internal) . Also have to figure out the best way to connect the battery - trough the charge port or maybe directly to the board. I will have to look into this. Anyone has experience with external batteries on newer KS?
  5. Few impressions after 200km on KS-18L I got this wheel a week ago and unfortunately it was a rainy week and I had to leave for the weekend without the wheel. That means I only rode it for just over 200 km and only today I made a longer journey including some off-road. At first I had trouble controlling the wheel as I never rode 18” or larger wheel for more than few hundred meters. I was used to Mten3 as it was my only wheel for past few weeks (previously I rode KS-14C for few thousand km). The difference is huge, it is entirely different style of riding. At first, I was so disappointed with acceleration and braking. This wheel behaves like a fully loaded cargo ship compared to mten3. But I got used to the bigger wheel and todays ride was exhilarating! If you push this wheel with your calves as well as with feet it can climb or go down any hill. I would sooner start worrying about enough traction than power. The high speed riding feels very comfortable and stable. This wheel eats up kilometers like nothing. The wheel has generally great build quality. It feels better than my father’s Inmotion V8 in this regard. However, when unpacked one of the side cushions was already slabbing and one of the screws holding the mudguard wasn’t fastened. I could fix both things in a minute but it was disappointing none the less. If we are already talking about bad things… The lift-up cutoff is sometimes not working well. I mean most of the time its fine but like one in ten lift ups start good but after time while lifted the wheel activates. This is very annoying as the wheels starts spinning and beeping loudly – not good when arriving home late at night… It also sometimes turns off for a split second while standing or atleast I think that is what it does - the wheel beeps and jerks a little. Fortunately cut-off functionally is disabled entirely while the wheel is in motion. The lift-up freewheeling speed is 68 km/h while fully charged and 51 km/h while not rideable anymore due to low battery. I rode it for about 70 km on a charge today. It was mixed street/off-road ride including steep hills and I weigh 80 kg. Max speed tested 40 km/h. It has pretty loud high frequency whine but otherwise its quiet. I did not experience tilt-back because of low battery like @Henrik Olsen maybe because I stopped riding sooner as I hate the beeps. But the tilt-back caused by approaching set top speed is gradual so I think it is well implemented. My FW version is 1.03 and there is currently update offered in the app, but I am hesitant to go trough with it. I have not figured out how to turn the USB ports and Bluetooth speakers on without turning on the whole wheel (no second button like on KS-16) but just laying the wheel on its side while on works. There is nice effect of equalizer visualization while playing music but it does not adjust to the volume so with low volume it doesn’t work. The wheel also turns on Bluetooth for the app and for the speakers while charging so you can check the charge level while charging from your phone. So far neither the official app or WheelLog are ready for 84V KS so they show the right voltage but wrong battery %. In conclusion I am very glad I now own KS-18L and Mten3 as these two wheels complement each other. KS-18L is awesome long range powerful wheel for trail and fast long rides and Mten3 is the most agile tiny power house and is super fun for goofing around and technical riding (had a blast on it on singletrek). Now some multimedia (not @Marty Backe quality but hopefully useful, I just used my phone and had to hold it in hand as I have no tripod nor selfiestick): Trail riding Low battery behavior Weird light-photoresistor feedback loop Looking down the valley I just came from Dual charging while turned on KS-18L having a rest while a boat does the work
  6. andress

    KS18L and MSuper X

    @mrelwood Nice! Which BMS did you use? Do you have 8 extra cells on each side?
  7. andress

    WheelLog Android App

    @MacPara @palachzzz Hi guys! Awesome job! You are doing great work taking over the development of WheelLog. Can I have a request? I just got KS-18L and since the KS didn't go the Gotway way and is actually reporting the correct voltage for this 84V model the app shows much higher battery percentage than it actually is. Could you fix that? Maybe make it calculate the battery % the same way as for Inmotion? Cheers! Ondra
  8. andress

    KS18L and MSuper X

    How did you extend the battery? I heard that all S versions disengage the wheel when there is power on the charge port.
  9. andress

    Wheel Log Viewer

    Really nice webapp! It is very usable already. If you are asking for suggestions, I think it would be nice to implement some filtering. For example 0% battery at some points. Also I think it is not needed to have both battery and voltage as it is basically the same thing just lineary shifted. Or maybe keep both but at the battery stats on top not have MIN/MAX but START / FINISH and keep the MIN/MAX for voltage.
  10. andress

    New Mten3 pedals creaking (help needed)

    It's brand new I never took it apart. I have it for less than a week. I will consult with green fashion some more before trying the shell screws. But it is a bit difficult as he told me to get my buckle buckled and check the lampshade It turns out he wanted me to check whether the LED cover is properly secured but before we understood each other it was a bit frustrating. Let's see if his next suggestion is same as yours thanks for advice!
  11. Hi! I've just got a new Mten3 and when I ride there is creaking coming from the left pedal. It creaks on uneven surface and when I apply more weight to the pedals. Here it is on a video. https://photos.app.goo.gl/ilTomfWBHoNtkDnH3 Anyone knows what to do to stop it? Is it symptom of something being wrong with the wheel? Thanks for any advice!
  12. andress

    bent pedal - KS14c

    Yeah well that's the thing he is Australian. So I had no way to enforce my rights (or actually I probably could try but it would be so much hassle that it would not be worth it). So I wrote directly to KS and it sort of worked. At the time of purchase there were no local dealers but this has changed and my new 18L is coming from Czech shop. Hope it will never break but if it will I should be covered.
  13. andress

    Onewheel with Gotway MCM4 Control board

    Nice! Did you find compatible motor? How? Or did you reprogram the board?
  14. andress

    bent pedal - KS14c

    If you can't make your dealer fix it for you, you can try yourself as I did:
  15. Unfortunately this map is not updated there is now even more areas where everything self-balancing is banned. Motorized scooters seem to be tolerated.