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  1. To prevent falling left or right like in this clip, you have to turn/twist the wheel in the direction where you are falling. Just tilting the wheel to the side as you did is not enough. It should be very helpful to practice these swivel movements as described here
  2. Mono

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    "a lot" means twice the current on a 40V system compared to an 80V system. Sure, you need to lessen resistance where it matters, but that isn't really rocket science. I am absolutely positive that Justin has heard about this problem and the solutions, even if he hadn't been talking about it 😀, though I actually hear him talking about it in this very vid at around 7:20.
  3. Mono

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    I guess that is true all else being equal, which is not a very reasonable assumption to make for two systems designed to operate under two different base voltages. The "problem" remains that the e-motor engineer Justin Lemire-Elmore owning Grin Technologies tells us very elaborately that voltage has essentially nothing to do with e-motor performance. Is he wrong? https://youtu.be/IxB2j-egWcQ?t=5m33s
  4. Mono

    Ninebot One Z8 Open-β Tester's FAQ (link)

    My hunch would be that this is because higher voltages do not give any decisive technical advantage, apart from the publicity buzz. The additional wire weight is probably rather insignificant overall.
  5. Mono

    The future is not 30 mph EUCs

    Most people don't believe that. Surprising even "only" 30% of the below poll responders are of the (totally crazy ;-) opinion that EUCs which can be driven without license or insurance should have no legal speed limit. Some related topics:
  6. Mono

    Uniwheel out of buisness ?

    BTW, what was the outcome of your test ride? I am seriously considering to check out the Uniwheel, but if e-roue can't organize a spare battery, I most likely will not buy it. To have at least one extra battery seems to be a must for this wheel.
  7. Mono

    The future is not 30 mph EUCs

    This would ban EUCs from being legally operated on sidewalks in many countries. This would not be my favorite legislation spot. There is a good case to be made that EUCs mix better with pedestrians than bicycles do already due to the space requirements. I'd personally prefer to be banned from streets over being banned from sidewalks. Banning them from sidewalks would also significantly impede popularization, IMHO.
  8. Mono

    Uniwheel out of buisness ?

    Why don't you ask your Paris dealer?
  9. Mono

    New Design for Balancing Electric Unicycle

    Yes, though to a lesser extend as transportation device with speeds of more than 10km/h. I also like this application:
  10. Mono

    how to stop pedal scraping????

    Isn't the real question why stop pedal scraping? I can't possibly see anything wrong with it. Scrape away, man.
  11. Mono

    German Discussion Group

    Yeps, irgendwie inoffiziell legal. Nur in manchen Parks und auf U- oder S-Bahnsteigen wurde ich schon unmissverständlich gebeten abzusteigen.
  12. How much is safety worth to you? At least €2000 per year to me. How do I compute this? About 1h of safety training per week makes, putting a low hourly rate of €20, 52*€20 ≈ €1000 per year. Then, I lose about 8 min per day because my average speed is 20km/h instead of 25km/h, which is another 50 hours per year, so another €1000. I think it's worthwhile and has a higher return on investment then putting the money in material, but mileages vary.
  13. Mono

    Braking/Stopping Practice

    They should have more power to brake than to accelerate, because the back EMV is a tension that works against the direction of spinning.
  14. Mono

    Braking/Stopping Practice

    Somewhat the same goes for accelerating: the safer way is bending the knees while pushing the thighs forward and keeping everything from the hip upwards in the very same upright position.
  15. Justin Lemire-Elmore from Grin Technologies though found that 0%-60% cycling is better for battery life than 20%-80%. Probably not many people know this. I am not sure he told us what voltage 0% refers to though. Regarding the OP, under regular conditions (10-30ºC) you must get more than 100Wh out of a 350Wh battery after a full charge. Among other reasons, I could well imagine that the specification is an outright lie.
  16. Mono

    Braking/Stopping Practice

    So far I could only outlean one of my wheels under braking. Admittedly, I don't try too hard to push beyond this limit, not only, but also because of the heat strain I suspect it puts on the material.
  17. I see, if you "might not even feel it that strongly" then you haven't ridden a wheel which actually implements tiltback effectively. As an example: If you want to "power through" tiltback, you have to, somewhat surprisingly, lift your front foot (extremely). If you keep the foot level or push you will either have to slow down immediately after or fall on your butt. If tiltback sets in (too) quickly, it feels like pulling the rug out from under your feet and you lose ground support, because the heel fails to get support from the pedal.
  18. On which wheels you have seen people "power through" tiltback? I have in mind that Gotway seemed to have troubles to implement an effective and reasonably safe tiltback. I can immediately believe that an effective tiltback algorithm cannot be developed and implemented in just a or hours.
  19. There is nothing really to prevent, a wheel just doesn't need to and should not cut off under load . The real problem is that with increasing speed the torque decreases, linearly to zero(!). And nobody wants to operate a wheel at limit speed with zero reserve torque in practice. Or hit a bump far below the limit speed which exceeds the reserve torque. Hence any wheel must have a speed limiter far below the possible limit speed under load which is again notably below the (non-load) cut off speed. Tilt-back is the only reliable method for an EUC speed limiter I know of. I believe that some wheels (among them Solowheel) had a vibration notification, which is at least a reliable way to notify the rider.
  20. The InMotion V10 is improved over the V8 in almost every aspect as described in this review, and I am excited to try out the wheel soon! Apart from the obvious (power, range,...) I highly appreciate the notably improved pedal ground clearance, the slim shape and the wider tire. Yet, two specification parameters have become notably worse. The weight went up by 7kg from 13.5kg to 20.6kg and the overall wheel size increased notably by 8.5cm in height and 7cm in length (the width increased by only 1cm, which is highly appreciated). (source) These specifications attract users towards the high-end range: those who went in the past for the Msuper instead of the V8. But will they also attract the "mass market", the millions of not-yet EUCers, those users who went for the V8 instead of the Msuper in the past? I have my doubts and I couldn't recommend it to the potential newcomers I know of. Personally, I may still buy the V10, but I am also desperately waiting for a wheel which supersedes the V8 in all its specifications, or at least doesn't fall behind. This is certainly much more challenging to develop (more power, more range, larger pedals, better light, a USB port, a wider tire and yet lighter and not larger), but this is where technological improvements should take us.
  21. Mono

    Advice on first wheel

    I had a similar effect on an InMotion V8. I attributed it to a loose/broken cable connector, because it went away after I had fixed the connector.
  22. Mono

    Msuper V3 1900, photos from Lukas gotway

    Do you know of any empirical evidence for this?
  23. Mono

    KS14D performance on hills

    One would, but there isn't quite. Instead there is this https://www.ewheels.com/product/chargedoctor-duo-for-v5f-king-song-gotway-inmotion-v8/
  24. Mono

    OkOk I understand that...

    All myths , this one debunked at 6:11