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According to SoloWheel Xtreme printed specs on the pedal, it has a 160Wh battery. That means it is air travel worthy. What are the odds that airport security would prevent me from boarding?! (plane ticket is way cheaper than wheel, I rather miss the flight!)

If you have traveled with electric unicycles, please share your experience!

I took a picture of the printed data on my SoloWheel Xtreme's pedal: 


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Probably they won't bother to check it further than the markings, although in reality, Xtremes have batteries around 200Wh... ;)


Battery Type    SONY VC3
Battery Capacity    196Wh

We already figured this out a while back: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/601-energy-efficiency-of-euc/?do=findComment&comment=6405


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Could be, that the info is too late already - but who knows...

@^tom^ got into this topic once: http://forum.electricunicycle.org/topic/445-rockwheel-gr12-battery-pack/?do=findComment&comment=5126. Unfortionately he never reported about the outcome - or it was "hidden" in some other thread...

So, if EUCs are not banned at all by now all you need is to contact the carrier and get the UN3480/3481 Certificates

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On 2/25/2016 at 11:17 AM, Norwich Girl said:

Does anyone have any up to date info on Wheels being allowed on flights? Im looking to fly from London to Vienna and would love to take my X8. Can you take it as hand luggage or does it have to go in the hold?

If the united states it's been getting much more strict because of the hoverboards bursting into fames. I don't know about Europe, although I know that London was getting very strict with the hoverboards as well so I'm not sure if that has spilled into EUC like it has in the united states.

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2 hours ago, Tim Koffler said:

I took my Solowheel Xtreme from Seattle to Atlanta to Key West, and back...and TSA surprisingly was totally uninterested in the unit.  I didn't get a single question from them, but I did from everyone around me.  

However, what were you prepared to do if they did object? Miss your flight? That's the problem - you might not have a problem but the next person will depending on what side of the bed the TSA agent fell out of.

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Marty, I had a friend wait outside security in Seattle as I went through and TSA didn't even look at my wheel. I put it on the belt, and it was a non-event to them.  So I felt fairly comfortable knowing that things would be fine. I did have a copy of TSA's policy on battery wattage, as well as Solowheel's website printout of specs just in case I needed to defend my wheel, but it was not necessary.  I then took my wheel through airports in Atlanta, Key West, and Eugene and had the same experience.

The ONLY time an airport or airline employee said anything to me after taking both my Airwheel X8 and my Solowheel Xtreme on planes was when boarding my flight last month from Atlanta to Seattle.  The plane was totally full and i was one of the last people to board. They were gate checking bags because overhead bins were full and the agent tagged my wheel to be checked and left at the bottom of the ramp with the other bags to be loaded into the cargohold.  I inquired if it would come out as oversized baggage or down the main carousel since I didn't want it being thrown down a conveyor belt like some of the bags you see, and she said to check the oversized.  A couple minutes later a different agent comes to find me as I'm leaving my wheel per instructions and tells me the flight crew will help me find space just to make sure nothing happens to my Xtreme.  So I boarded the plan and asked one of the crew and they happily helped me find space.  That was an Alaska Airlines flight booked on Delta.

In all, in the past year I have gone through security and boarded planes with my Airwheel X8 and Solowheel Xtreme without problem in:

  1. Eugene, OR
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. Portland, OR
  4. San Francisco, CA
  5. Atlanta, GA
  6. Key West, FL



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