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  1. As far as I could assertain when I was dealing with them, there were a few people common to both companies but no actual connection, that may have changed now though.
  2. If you can use a timer or work out some other way to be charged just before you use it then it won't be at full charge for long periods, that is the worst for battery longevity.
  3. Two of my three sons can ride and also my wife, lucky I've got 7 eucs! The youngest of my sons has just turned 26 though!
  4. Would the lid spin up when you lifted it up?
  5. I don't think they are allowed to keep your details for long if you didn't actually get and accept a formal caution? The new data protection laws are likely to stop them from even entering them onto the system?
  6. If it doesn't appear on my Pebble Time Steel watch display it can wait until later when I've stopped!
  7. I have had a similar problem in the past with a wheelbarrow wheel. It already had a puncture and I was just trying to use the Oko tyre sealant that I use to fix it. I ended up replacing the tube but out of general curiosity I investigated the problem tube. It looked as if the valve was attached to the tube and the hole pierced through afterwards and on this one it was a small straight split which tended to close up under tension.
  8. To a certain extent this is already being done in that most high end eucs are being equipped with more mosfets to spread the load and increase reliability. Batteries are also made up of several parallel packs now rather than just one pack working on it's own. Totally separate standby back up components are not yet practicle because of size, weight and the slow speed of problem detection and switching to back up systems.
  9. Another Tesla owner on here! Mines an S 90 D, I've had it since November 2015.
  10. Having spent most of my more recent ski trips using MNP Line ski boards/blades I would say that the MTen3 is more like ski blades than full size skis. The diameter of the wheel effects the manoeverability almost in the same way that the length of ski does.
  11. Gimlet

    Another Flat!

    I use Oko tyre sealant in all my pneumatic wheels. I believe it is available in Finland via http://www.foxcomp.fi/tuotteet?q=Oko
  12. Interesting! Have any been tempted to get their own wheels since?
  13. They held a large deposit from me for well over a year before I got fed up and asked for it to be returned. Fair enough, it was returned immediately so I don't think they were trying to fleece anybody. I would have preferred a working wheel though.
  14. Just be aware that the double sided tape is a pig to get off cleanly when you decide you no longer need it.
  15. There very well could be issues later on with the longevity of the battery life. Lithium batteries deteriorate much more quickly when taken to full charge regularly. I hope you ran them down a bit after you charged them fully as leaving them fully charged is even worse than charging them full. I even get warnings in my Tesla car if I charge it to 100% twice in a row and on the odd occasion I need 100% I'm supposed to time the charge to finish just before I drive it so as not to leave it fully charged for any length of time. So is it worth it for 5K extra?
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