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Found 3 results

  1. Hello guys.... I am kinda new in EUC community, Ive ridden only V5F and now waiting for my KS18L to come... and I travel a lot, so I started thinking about how to get EUC....bur 1000Wh battery and 22Kg.... So... Is there any small and light unicycle with battery <160Wh and weight <8kg ? I dont care about power of it... Thank you guys, have a great day!
  2. EUCs can be transported with every transport unit: car, train, tram, bus, ship, at the hand,... but not in airplanes since it is "dangerous" even if the probability of exploding is 0,000001%. I asked to certain airplane companies. They did not accept motorised instruments with battery. However the most important thing that you miss when you go somewhere with an airplane is your car, bike or EUC. Holidays would be much cheaper and much efficient if we could take our EUCs with us in the airplane. Would you vote yes if I open a request for change of these regulations worldwide towards IATA, organisation of worldwide airplane companies: I propose to use the site change.org Or do you have other suggestions to change this regulation? However I know a friend who has taken the EUC with him in the cabin. The stewardesses were more busy with being surprised (with a big smile) with this new instrument than thinking about the fact if this instrument is allowed in the airplane or not. I am sure that there is no regulation specific for EUCs but we can vote for the first regulation so that it becomes in our advantage. Besides there is no danger of exploding since you are not charging the EUC. Even if you charge it, the probability is negligible. This voting is necessary to avoid to throw your EUC in the trash to enter the airplane
  3. edwin_rm

    Airplane Travel with SoloWheel

    According to SoloWheel Xtreme printed specs on the pedal, it has a 160Wh battery. That means it is air travel worthy. What are the odds that airport security would prevent me from boarding?! (plane ticket is way cheaper than wheel, I rather miss the flight!) If you have traveled with electric unicycles, please share your experience! I took a picture of the printed data on my SoloWheel Xtreme's pedal: