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  1. Everyone that can should sign up and participate. Remember, it's not about winning or losing, but about how cool you look while doing it! Let's go!
  2. @Mike Sacristan It seems to me that you need to buy yourself a “LectroFan”. I have one and can vouch for it. It works! My findings: Pure unfiltered white noise setting is annoying, but Pink noise setting is great for blocking aural distractions, I like it and use it. Brown Noise setting is great for sleeping, very soothing. Many other settings available. Anyways, I don’t wanna derail this thread...
  3. Looks like the first Electric Transport Festival in Moscow was a success! Congratulations.
  4. I completed the survey. While I don't live there, I have visited a few times. It is not unlikely that I could find myself out there again.
  5. It's not about lifting it, but rather, it is difficult for me to maneuver it how i'd like due to my body being too lightweight for it. That is a problem also for accelerating uphill. I'll sell it to a heavier (and taller) person or something. This wheel was made for Texans I think!
  6. I have the original 84v 2400wh version. I ride it because: Range (at my weight, 145 lbs, I get ~100 miles of range from one full charge, based on my experience) Speed (80% power warning starts beeping from ~57 kph onward, per my experience when high battery) Comfort (the attachable seat is great for long distance trips) With that said, I plan to sell it. Why? Well, it is too bulky for me (I am a lightweight man). Also, I have never run out of battery during a trip with it (meaning I don't really need that much). A 16" with 1600wh (or higher) battery is a better option for me (plus I'd love the extra torque, acceleration, and handling agility that a smaller long-range wheel would provide me).
  7. Just buy it. Don't even hesitate about it. ¡YOLO! It actually looks like a lot of fun!
  8. There is also a 2100wh battery version: https://www.aliexpress.com/store/product/2019-Newest-super-Gotway-Nikola-electric-unicycle-monowheel-one-wheel-scooter-84V-2100WH-2000W-motor-max/1908673_33031454577.html?spm=2114.12010611.8148356.16.3f6b6ca8AiZVyE
  9. I have used PayPal for all my orders there, as it is hassle free. Just create a PayPal account and then tie your credit card to that, rather than using your credit card on Aliexpress directly.
  10. Aliexpress changes the links whenever the price of the item changes I believe. Prices go up the longer you wait. But don't worry, despite the bad english, Green Fashion Travaling Shop is legit.
  11. I ordered this one Nikola Plus. He is a reputable seller. I have purchased two other Gotways from him in the past. No problems with the wheels, and fast shipping.
  12. I have the tube version of Mten3 and, unfortunately, the valve is leaking (due to the bent metal). Is there a glue or something I can squeeze in there to seal the leak? And yes, that green stuff is slime. I really don't wanna have to replace the whole tire! (I'd rather just buy another mTen3 and sell this one).
  13. The video featured in the aforementioned article is pretty awesome. ¡Great editing!
  14. I am thinking about it. That early A.M. time slot is rough! LOL
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