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  1. I am a former “Glydiator”. So, technically... ?
  2. Russian women do seem to have an affinity towards dances such as ballet and ballroom. No surprise to see it on EUC... 🇷🇺 :ru: 🇷🇺
  3. Indeed! EUC is the only PEV that realistically allows for Dual Wielding using two weapons, one in each hand, while still maintaining full control of all aspects of your ride (such as speed changes and directional changes) for the entire duration of your ride. Would make for a great action movie scene! Agent 007 would be thrilled I'm sure.
  4. I stay with riding EUC because: - It’s the most maneuverable PEV. Agile. - It’s the most portable PEV. Small. - Very high distance range. - Fast enough for road with cars, yet can also slow down enough to ride on sidewalk at walking speed. - Can ride on any terrain type, on or off-road. - It is very fun! The thrill sensation is great. Perhaps because it’s the most complex to learn PEV. Or perhaps because it’s great agility. Sorta like a super agile motorcycle but with a skying downhill sensation.
  5. So, the only competition where you have to use the wheel that registered with is the race, correct? For others, such as Sumo for example, you can used a different wheel? Or do you have to use the wheel you registered for the entire event? For example: race with Nikola and sumo with mten3...
  6. Get the Nikola. While both have a comparable top speed in flat terrain, not so much in hilly terrain. The Nikola can go faster uphill than any other wheel, as of the day/time of this post. I don't know the terrain in your region, but here in California is just hills everywhere.
  7. I have, but very late at night. I was the only one on the trail. Some sections are pitch black. Make sure your lights work! Also, from what I experienced, people in Sacramento go to bed early. Very easy to ride high speed in the middle of the road around the capitol and the zoo and wherever.
  8. Humans and other mammals (omnivores and carnivores) are thrill seekers by nature. The adrenaline of the thrill (also known as fun) is pleasant. So euc riders are no different than motorcycle riders, and white water rafters, and snowboarders, and whatever, you name it. A dog catching a frisbee!
  9. My 100v Nikola shows the voltage on the side, and correctly.
  10. Went for a ride today on my brand new Nikola 100v 1854wh. I am quite pleased with it's uphill climbing ability. Interesting thing to note: the pedals are very hard. I set them to soft mode (my preferred riding mode) but it definitely can't be set as soft as older wheels. That took me a bit of getting used to. It certainly has an acclimation period (much like any new wheel does) Also, it needs more padding on the sides than just the stock ones. It is slippery to handle and easy to loose control. In other words, riding without padding is a no-no. Once padded it feels solid. This wheel is fast! I have never rode the 84v model, so I can't compare.
  11. Everyone that can should sign up and participate. Remember, it's not about winning or losing, but about how cool you look while doing it! Let's go!
  12. @Mike Sacristan It seems to me that you need to buy yourself a “LectroFan”. I have one and can vouch for it. It works! My findings: Pure unfiltered white noise setting is annoying, but Pink noise setting is great for blocking aural distractions, I like it and use it. Brown Noise setting is great for sleeping, very soothing. Many other settings available. Anyways, I don’t wanna derail this thread...
  13. Looks like the first Electric Transport Festival in Moscow was a success! Congratulations.
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