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  1. I upgraded to Control Firmware version 1.0.7 directly from version 1.0.0 (as I had skipped the other versions) and tested it doing speed runs as well as some ridiculously steep uphill and downhill riding that pushed the wheel's climbing ability near to the limit. It performed great. No problem. I also had the latest BMS v1.1.7 already since a while back. When I updated the control firmware to 1.0.7, I noticed during riding that the wheel felt more nimble. On 1.0.0 it was a more stiff ride. By the way, I always ride on the softest ride mode setting (number 4, rather than the default number 0).
  2. I have pressure washed it before, no problem. Use a hose or similar water jet device. I sprayed inside the wheel casing where the mud guard should be. That was months ago and I had ran through deep mud. Do not spray the top where the handle, the power button, and the charging port are.
  3. Thanks @Marty Backe I followed your instructions to the T, and successfully Slimed my Z10.
  4. Glad you were able to revive it! And yeah, comparing it to the MCM5 is like night and day. MCM5 is rock-hard, while the SW Xtreme is quite possibly the softest wheel ever made. But with that softness comes GREAT maneuverability. No other 18" wheel comes close to its agility. By the way, when the wheel was brand new, the range was 10 miles on a full charge. That was back in 2015.
  5. Please post link to the NPR News reportage once it’s up! Here and in a new Thread in General Discussion. I wanna see it.
  6. For VR videos to be good, they need to be in Stereoscopic 360, rather than just flat 360 degrees. To my knowledge, there are no stereoscopic 360 sports-sized cameras yet, just the regular 360. But I could be wrong...
  7. So we "Glydiators" were the only tourists in all of Anacostia today. Those streets are perfect for riding. Cars passing by seemed to be few and far between. The many hills were a pleasure and a thrill to ride on. I recommend it for those that missed it.
  8. Signed. Just in case I ever find myself out there (you never know).
  9. Let's see them videos! Link.
  10. I can no longer make that ride due another commitment that weekend, out of the area.
  11. Going airborne is better when the wheel ride mode is set to HARD. The softer the ride mode, the more difficult it becomes to stick the landing. For example, the original Solowheels. They are so ridiculously soft that jumping off curbs with them often leads to wipeouts.
  12. Where can I find instructions for the Mten3-to-OneWheel mod? (I'm interested) Or even better, I'd just buy the add-on.
  13. I had an MCM4 back in the day. Have yet to try the 5.
  14. That is the best explanation for the NineTool that I have seen.
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