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  1. Nice! Send me a message when you get it. I'll add you to our Telegram group.
  2. I'm not far from Kansas City, can go visit and ride there on a weekend. Hit me up!
  3. All the trails seem similar to each other in the city it seems like. Normally I set Google Maps to show trails and pick any from there in my direction. They show up as green lines (in case you're not familiar with that feature).
  4. @BusterS@AL-B@Easy@Brennan Portz@PatrickD Sorry, I had not log on this site in a while. Yeah, let's get a group ride set up soon.
  5. I'm down to go for a group ride around downtown or even in trails outside the city.
  6. I'm nearby as well. Can ride on weekends in Iowa.
  7. So, I ran into another EUC rider while at a campground (of all places!) in the Omaha, Nebraska region. Let's get some people together and form a group of riders to explore the areas (I'll be in the region for quite a while). Hit me up!
  8. I am currently traveling the US, and am in Texas until late July. Let's meet up for a group ride!
  9. What a badass wheel! Take my money!
  10. Hint: People don't need toilet paper if they take plenty of Fiber supplements. Try it! The paper will look dry and clean after just one wipe with one ply, or two at most.
  11. While recently riding at the Marty Backe's LA EUC Tours many miles deep into an off-road trail away from civilization, the thought came to me about what to do in the event of a flat tire (which luckily, didn't happen)... Walking with the wheel would be a no-go while ~15 miles deep into a mountainous off-road trail (such as Cogswell Dam), especially on a hot weather day. Abandoning the wheel is also not much of an option due to the many miles of walking in rocky terrain, witch little to no water. So... The only option is: to ride the wheel on the rim! And trash the EUC later or replac
  12. It was a great, fun event! Not only competing, but watching everyone else as well. @Rama Douglas will photos from the event be uploaded to the LAEUCgames website? Really looking forward to them.
  13. I am a former “Glydiator”. So, technically... ?
  14. Russian women do seem to have an affinity towards dances such as ballet and ballroom. No surprise to see it on EUC... 🇷🇺 :ru: 🇷🇺
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