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  1. ^tom^

    MSuper V2 differences

    I know this is how it is and can not be solved! BUT and only this is my problem: This new MS Version (maybe 25kmh) does not drive as fast as the other MS version (maybe 30kmh) I do have.
  2. ^tom^

    MSuper V2 differences

    I have to correction my self: The EU did not shut down; it did not acceleration any more. I checked a old u-tube videdo from Austin (even if it is not the same EU, it is what happen): This was exactly what happen....pedals went forward down and I was not be able to run fast enough. GotWay also refuse most the time any direct customer support to solve the problem, so also this time.
  3. ^tom^

    MSuper V2 differences

    Thanks; Yes it does The spare board says MS (I got it in June 2016), the build in does not show it (no sticker), but some looks like a date "16 16"
  4. ^tom^

    MSuper V2 differences

    Let's say it the other way: My speed was maximum 25kmh and not minimum. It's start beeping with 20kmh (GPS) 3 times. It was not low battery it was charged to around 90% and also not week, because there are moments just befor it was using higher current for sure. Do you know when there where build? They have a lot of sticker on it and this is only at the new one, the old one has not one of them. So ist must be produced later and not 2 years ago. Even if the motor is build by hand...has it something to do with the shut down (the board does it not the wheel)? Tilt pedal defintiv better, but so GW does not do it.... (maybe I am a little wrong but) If the battery is week or overloaded.....the wheel is shutting down slowly by rising the pedals and not a shut down. It definitiv does not shut down the wheel from on moment to the other (also not if it is overheatet)
  5. ^tom^

    MSuper V2 differences

    Today I was able to learn to fly on concrete. My new mSuper18 turned off at the time 4 beep in a row was coming. I did not spend attention to it, because it was beeping all the time. So it was at around 25kmh (GPS) (maybe 30kmh at the app). What is wrong? I have a MS version. It does not seams like it is the LS version, because I can not feel a better torque. Does anyone know if it possbile to build a LS board in a MS wheel (by accident)? The carton was never open after it left the factory and the carton says MS.
  6. Do you have this problem only with this wheel? Do other have this problem with that wheel too?
  7. In "soft" mode I have similar effect with my super18v2. Just change to more agressiv mode. In soft mode I have to lean forward a lot befor (I almost dip over) it's speed up and then when it comes, then it comes all the power at once.
  8. ^tom^

    MSuper V2 differences

    Will see, I got a new board for the first one this year....so it mujst be something else. I also have a spare board I could use. Why a second same one: I like it and it is fast enough for me at all. 20kmh is more then enough to hurt yourself! It can drive uphill fast (on paved or similar roads) and runs like on tracks. Do I need more? And the best: If I can buy a new wheel for a good price (the two year old was twice as much) and I never emptied the battery within one tour. It is still not legal in Switzerland, so I do not drive it often and only where almost nobody can see me.
  9. I just received my second MSuper18 V2 (yes V2). Both are MS speed (so written on the carton-box). Now I have a litte problem, because they to not beep at the same speed. The first is two years old and start beeping with 20kmh (GPS) and the second I received today start beeping at 16 or 17 kmh (GPS). Any ideas why? I still use the over two years old app, so at the V2 I can not adjust the start of the beeping. I also have another question......the second will overheat faster then the old one....same route, same outside tmp..... Anything I can do? Thanks
  10. Hi all, So far I am back for this topic. I still do not have it ( UN3480/3481) and now I will travel the second time with my wheel by plan. In 2015 it was not a problem so far to check in my GotWay mSuper18 without this certificate as checked lugage the first time so I do not expect a problem this time. I check it in as my handicaped mobility device and it will help me a lot during my vacations to get not out of breath. Tom PS: There are rules to take it on board of your plane. So do not just go and try to check it in!
  11. Does anyone allready has the UN3480/3481 certificat for the 680wh pack from GotWay?
  12. ups; to late......was only 7 days auction.....
  13. But GotWay does not cheat? 3.6Volt by 2900mA x 32 cells are 334wh (Volt is nominal and amp is Typ.) This for Panasonic NRC18650
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