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  1. Tim Koffler

    FLAF TIRE!!!!

    I have repaired well-over 30 flat tires on my wheels the first couple years I rode. Fix a Flat was OK but really messy and not effective regularly. Slime was better but I continued to get flats. It wasn't until I discovered Stan's Tubeless that my flat repairs ended. Stan's is about $5 for a 4oz bottle, and you use 1/2 of it in your wheel. The best part, is it really does reseal punctures immediately. I actually could feel my tire on one particularly rough ride where I was bumping up and down curbs, develop a leak then stop several times. And when I parked my wheel and checked it the next morning still had what I thought was the same amount of air as when I parked it. Try Stan's, I haven't been disappointed in 2 years since I've used it....and of my 3 wheels have only repaired two, maybe three flats in that period of time (I was doing it several times a month, if not weekly for years.
  2. Tim Koffler

    Did you have your wheel stolen?

    I have ridden one for 3 years and love using the handle to keep it by my side. I have been trying to break away from always having it and trying to lock it up when I go shopping or what not just so I don't have my hands full. And I thought that by locking it the chance of me leaning it somewhere and someone taking it was safer. The dumb thing is that I even planted a Trackr on it but apparently it's not working anymore. So pissed!
  3. I locked my wheel up outside a Goodwill on Capital Hill in Seattle, Washington two days ago at 8pm. The side of the building at the sidewalk has some utility piping I had locked it to. Less than 30 minutes later when I exited the store I was shocked to discover my wheel was gone. I even thought I might have locked it elsewhere, but I am certian where I put it. Wheel Description: InMotion V8 - black (1 year old with close to 3000 miles on it and running perfectly) Rainbow dog sticker on one side (4" tall). Handle sticks when raising and lowering about 4" out because it is slightly bent Serial #: 10B0125E7407001D Any help to recover my V8 would be so appreciated!!! I miss it!
  4. Tim Koffler

    Did you have your wheel stolen?

    Thank you Hunka Hunka
  5. Tim Koffler

    Did you have your wheel stolen?

    Where would I report my wheel stolen? Which forum? My InMotion V8 was stolen 2 nights ago. I locked it up and went in a store for 20 minutes, came back and it was gone. I was at a loss for what to do so filed a police report. Suggestions would be great. Tim
  6. Tim Koffler

    V8 charger fuse blown?

    Fixed it! I opened it up and unplugged and replugged the main wires back in and beep beep! Good call Steve454....although you had me freaked out when I smelled warm plastic upon opening it and I was certain it was melting down. Thanks to everyone else's great suggestions, as well. Probably took me 20 minutes to pop the case off and unscrew the battery and replug the two main wires. Wheeling!!!! I LOVE WHEELING!!!!!! BEEP BEEP. On Your Left. Well, i tried to figure out how to add On the Road Again by Willie Nelson but no luck and I'm tired. Someone help me out?
  7. Tim Koffler

    V8 charger fuse blown?

    This is possible. Checking connections tonight
  8. Tim Koffler

    V8 charger fuse blown?

    I had leaned it against the wall with it still on, and LEDs still on. I do that quite often so it stays upright. I ended up leaving it for a couple hours and when I checked back it didn't even cross my mind that the wheel was black (or turned off). So i'm not sure if it jsut rocked back and forth running it out of battery or what.
  9. Tim Koffler

    V8 charger fuse blown?

    Nope it was in my dark (very dark. I have a backlit mirror that provides the only light) entryway with no windows. Temp in my place was 70 - 75 F.
  10. Tim Koffler

    V8 charger fuse blown?

    I rode my wheel this morning, parked it. Then upon returning a while later to ride it was totally unresponsive when I tried to turn it on. No lights, nothing. I plugged it in and the charger did not have the little wind up sound it usually does. So I'm assuming that the fuse in the charger blew? Any other thoughts? Tim
  11. I have found that Slime is for smaller punctures like thorns and such, whereas Stan's is for larger particles. I have had great success with Stan's....not so much with Slime. Here's the link. Product is $5. https://www.amazon.com/Bottles-Stans-Sealant-Bottle-Tubeless/dp/B01GN5YTIE/ref=sr_1_2?s=sporting-goods&ie=UTF8&qid=1494940140&sr=1-2&keywords=stan's+tubeless+sealant
  12. I just got my old X8 out of the closet for a friend to ride and charged it using my Charge Doctor (has ports for both Airwheel and InMotion V8). When I tried turning the X8 on, the lights turn on and beep then die out as if the battery is drained. I've tried it several times now and it is always the same result. Did the Charge Doctor fry my wheel somehow or could sitting in a closet for 5-6 months have been a factor? What do I do to get it fixed? x8 2.wmv
  13. Tim Koffler

    Inmotion v8

    Yeah, Original purchaser only. The first line of their warranty: 1. Warranty Inventist Inc. warrants to the original consumer purchaser of the Solowheel (“Purchaser”) that the product will be free from defects in materials and manufacture on the date of purchase and will remain serviceable for a period of one year after the date of Purchaser’s purchase, subject to the exclusions in the following paragraph.
  14. Tim Koffler

    Inmotion v8

    Well, I just had to pay $300 to have Solowheel replace the motherboard on mine because I wasn't the primary buyer.....Stevenvo, if you can confirm this I would love it if you'd send me documentation.
  15. Tim Koffler

    How long has your EUC lasted?

    My Airwheel X8 lasted me two years before I upgraded to InMotion's V8. I still use it as a back up wheel. It definitely has several thousand miles on it..easily.