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Found 8 results

  1. After reading every post that came up in searches for plane, travel, flight, flying and also the TSA and airline websites I understand the restrictions on flying commercially with an EUC (and the justifications for them). Without debating the evils of the regulations, since I am about to jump in and buy my first EUC and I travel a lot I am curious: How you guys do manage travel? Do you: Miss your wheel until you get home FedEx/UPS/USPS your wheel or batteries Go rogue and try and fly with your gear Rent a wheel (not sure there are many opportunities for this where I travel) Drive everywhere so you don't have to deal with the regulations Ride your wheel where you are going? Other? I have a few friends who ride EUCs around Denver Colorado and the consensus is that it is no fun at all being separated from your wheel once you get used (addicted?) to it. P.S. I also looked at the removable battery ones but I don't think I would be happy with the range/speed. Thanks!
  2. phatmike


    Im'italian and i'm living in Rome. I'll be in Philadelphia from the 15 of August for one month. Do you know if there is any shop in Philly where I can rent an Euc or buying and then resell it when I leave? One month without a wheel sounds like hell!
  3. I was looking at EUCs on Aliexpress and noticed that certain ordering sites were declaring that the upcoming National holiday would delay the shipping of new orders for EUCs. I had read earlier this month that the 'next' week(s)long National holiday(Spring Festival) would start at the end of Jan/ start of Feb on our calendars. The CCTV news website has a story about it from a travel point of view. http://english.cctv.com/2017/01/23/VIDExQ3JMjxMhhsN21qhOkwV170123.shtml World's Largest Annual Human Migration Nearly 9-point-2 million trips are scheduled to be made by train, including 520-thousand departing from Beijing. The ministry expects an even higher number of trips in the second week of the holiday. To cope, authorities have dispatched over 8-hundred additional trains, and plan to add 246-thousand seats every day to help passengers reunite with their families. At the same time, most highways nationwide are seeing heavy traffic, and that's expected to keep climbing this week."
  4. edwin_rm

    Airplane Travel with SoloWheel

    According to SoloWheel Xtreme printed specs on the pedal, it has a 160Wh battery. That means it is air travel worthy. What are the odds that airport security would prevent me from boarding?! (plane ticket is way cheaper than wheel, I rather miss the flight!) If you have traveled with electric unicycles, please share your experience! I took a picture of the printed data on my SoloWheel Xtreme's pedal:
  5. superwheels.ch We are a group of EU lovers with the most "Swissness. " Loving this beautiful ride through countryside in Switzerland. “Join cheesemakers in a high valley, try to call the shepherds on an alphorn, and hike through some of the world’s most stunning mountain scenery.” -Rick Steves Love Switzerland. Enjoy
  6. held from 11th to 14th April, the 13th Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring Edition 2016 is a hottest topic among the electronics industries. Organised by the HKTDC and held at the HKCEC, the Hong Kong Electronics Fair presents all kinds of electronics products and services such as audio-visual products, branded electronics, eco-friendly products, i-World, packaging & design, navigation systems, new inventions, telecommunications products and testing, inspection & certification services. You can see Airwheel A3, S3, S5, M3, Z3...there.
  7. Hi folks, dear moderators, presently preparing a vacation to Asia, I remembered seeing travel related tips spread all over the sections of this forum. As our community became a global collection point for EUC-addicts risking serious withdrawal symptoms when deprived of their batteries by the airlines, I was wondering whether a "Tourism" or "Travel" section might be a good idea? I was thinking of a forum area organized by region, where members can look for lokal contacts at their destination or offer local advice where to rent or borrow a wheel, where to ride, what rules to observe, or on regular group rides. In this case, I would not strictly separate commerce from private as travelers like me may be interested in both. There is also a zillion of wheely videos around, some showing the most scenic environments - hiding behind titles like "my first ride", thus almost impossible to find when you do specific holiday research. We could cross-link those from e.g. the "Video Tread" to a particular location in the "Travel" section - so you find them when you need them. What do'ya think of this suggestion?
  8. alexbot

    Best Travel Unicycle

    I recently got a 12 inch ips (130WH) that I really like for small trips or when I know I will have to carry my EUC inside somewhere. What are some other compact and lightweight eucs that would be good for traveling? Lets stick to whatever the airline limit is supposed to be for battery, which i believe to be 130WH.