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  1. MetricUSA

    My Wife Wants To Learn!

    Real sad part of the Tariff deal is who's getting that tariffs money? It sure the hell isn't the taxpayers!!! Probably, going towards the tax dodgers like TruMcP.... Oops the conversation went for a bad turn....
  2. Quite frankly if these things were around 15 years ago I would have never bought a car, the hybrid insight, I freaking hate cars and the whole car industry.... Alex and Jerome pretty much stated everything... I would have liked to buy onewheel but that price/distance is not doing it for me no matter how much fun it is...any eu $1500+ seems right because of speed/distance capacity, more distance than speed- will not go faster then 25 km/h except on passing....just can't on deciding on which one.... so mini has to do for now... My first choice would be the Z10, buuut the stupid weight/distance thing is killing me... We have to get past this, can't travel Airlines with battery, deal!! They have destroyed everything good...
  3. I made some mud guards out of a paper shield/protector vinyl. I don't think it looks too bad in clear! I guess I could have used pop bottle plastic, too....
  4. MetricUSA

    Z10 Milage

    Good God can we get anyone that owns these wheels to do only 25 km/h for the whole distance??? To see the range test ? I don't think it's possible...?‍♂️??
  5. MetricUSA

    So, how do I repair a tire puncture in the Z10?

    Slime can actually dry up! I used a 8oz in the mini pro 1/2 bottle in each tire... The last cut I got I didn't see any slime come out of the hole... Well it was time to replace the tires anyways for hybrids.... When I took off the bad tire, Slime had solidified but the other tire that wasn't flat was full of green water.... yes if I had put more slime into the bad tire it would have fixed the problem... But anyone that took off a mini Tire would know those tires are freaking paper thin!!!? quite frankly ninebot should get rid of the tires and use hybrid Tires Only!!!
  6. I seriously would not use the handbrake on the go-kart, I think you're going to burn out the motor if you keep using that!
  7. MetricUSA

    Another Life Devastated

    I'm just tired of people thinking the Segway is a hoverboard, I had one restaurant manager stop me from entering because she was claiming fire hazard policy BS!!!! And I want to thank the hoverboard Community(manufacturers) for banning all of us from taking it on the airplanes or making it more tough for us to ship!!!!
  8. I just purchased the hybrid tires, and they're fantastic and highly recommended ?... The original tires are almost paper thin and was actually delaminating in spots! ? Sadly I bought the fenders ?... I do not recommend them... They are too expensive for what they are and shorter then the original in length Because of a larger tire and shorter length fender, my toes actually rubs up against the tire up front... modify your original fenders, and they look better! Now the problem I got is that now, I need way larger mud flaps in the back and somehow attached it!!?
  9. So update to my machine I bought the hybrid tires which is highly recommended but do not buy the fender with the Hybrid tire simply modify the original fender by cutting off the plastic tab on underneath and add some type of fastener... The overpriced fenders are smaller than the original lengthwise and it's going to be more of a problem to get mud flaps on them, more Tire to cover! Losing battle...
  10. This is going to be a problem for the Plus we will never going to be able to transport it! Maybe by train... At least with the pro and the Lite we can disconnect the battery and ship it separately! I'm planning a trip across the country taking the pro onto the plane but I have to ship the battery hopefully by mail... Would never be able to do that with the Plus...
  11. If you plug the charger in and it's always green you blew the fuse in the battery or it was already blown before you bought it... Not exactly what I call refurbished...
  13. MetricUSA

    Z10 Milage

    Go to the bike tab on Google map, use a grab app... Seriously more people need to do this when they talk about their mileage for a particular trip...
  14. MetricUSA

    My Z10 Review

    Yo ease up on the people! It's not like we have these in local stores that we could test out we have to spend $1,600 and have it shipped to us before we can even try the darn thing, some people get lucky and have them sent to him free...cough cough