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  1. When you have not fallen because of something stupid for 30 days in a row...
  2. https://www.thecotillion.theater/the-blerg-archive/2019/11/19/top-ten-electric-unicycle-accessories-youll-actually-use-2019
  3. Can you show/post all the legal Connecticut definitions of vehicles? Cut and paste exactly out of the laws...
  4. You had the wheel for 2.5 years, I don't know how many kilometers you have on it but the batteries are getting old...the more you ride it the more wear...the more you need to stay on your toes...just saying... Some day you will have to retire that battery, when it does die... With that battery do you get about 20 km distance???
  5. I have a Zune HD (no software to access it, bought used w/all music on it) that I use while I ride, half filled with 1700 songs, I have to use a Bluetooth transceiver connected to Zune to stream the music to my Kingsong 18 XL.... Looking for a mp3 player with Bluetooth, that is not a crappy Chinese knockoff, which there are a ton of on Amazon....they literally have no music management...just files you scroll down... HELL NO... What do you people use on your ride??? I suppose most just use their phones... I also have cardo on my helmet that has Fm radio if I'm desperate...(anyone use cardo in group rides????)
  6. Woot.com had mini pro for sell at $250 this past week...I should have brought one just for battery!!!🤣
  7. I wouldn't use a hoverboard for anything but a hoverkart, period....
  8. It's called a bomb, call the bomb squad, immediately...💣🤯
  9. Tiltback is software not hardware...you need to program it...how are you building anything???
  10. Get a voltmeter...read the output of charger...got the voltage??? Then you need to start tearing down vehicle....could be broken wire to blown inline fuse or bad battery bank... Batteries for these things are cheap...but if bad, don't throw away only one bad cell will render it 'useless', you can use for other projects...
  11. You can get a DUI on any vehicle!!! Don't be stupid... Could get your license or your vehicle taken away from you...
  12. Segway mini, but Segway is not as proactive as the euc companies... Should have double the battery of the pro by now and scrap the paper thin thin tire they provide...I dought it will happen...
  13. They are probably saying no 'motorized' vehicles allowed....that wording is what needs to be fought...how can an euc be a motorized vehicle...it weighs 25-33% of the weight of the rider...and there is no protecting (metal/plastic) body surrounding the operator... legally it is not on the books... electric powered bike is more like it....
  14. This is all more reason why speedsters need to slow their asses down!!! Show that euc'ers can be responsible transportation that obey the laws...unlike the idiotic kick scooter companies and their hazard vehicles... Nothing is worse for public image than a person weaving in and out of traffic... Or speeding pass pedestrians... Stay below 40 km/h....
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