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  1. MetricUSA

    ESCIS 'retro' electric unicycle

    The article that I read said the saddlebags were holding the batteries but I highly doubt it, the weight distribution would be completely off.... I don't think the author knows what the hell you talkin about... Even still the way they have the saddlebags mounted there's no way that would ride correctly.... Quite frankly it looks like a Nazi helmet....👎
  2. MetricUSA

    Future batteries

    SlashGear: Honda reveals fluoride battery breakthrough for next-gen power storage. https://www.slashgear.com/honda-reveals-fluoride-battery-breakthrough-for-next-gen-power-storage-06557121/ Holds 10 times lithium, now at room temperatures!
  3. MetricUSA

    Dvorak keyboard.

    I only use dvorak, works for me...
  4. I'm having problem with my mini! It's slowing down prematurely and it's beeping constantly...2 long 4-5 short
  5. MetricUSA

    Aw Man I Hate Youtube.

    Winter wheels....
  6. Fry site said it will not ship it! Local pickup only... Most stores don't even stock it...
  7. Why the hell isn't anyone selling them Mini Plus!!!! God damn it anyways... And no I'm not buying from out of China...
  8. As I mentioned in in other post we need to start a petition to have ninebot stop supplying the stock tire! They are paper thin and the reason that broken glass is constantly cutting into it, hence why everybody needs to put green stuff as soon as they buy a mini!! Right now buying a Hybrid tire is actually a must after you're done putting green stuff in your tire...
  9. Put a switch on the Bluetooth module...so you have direct control of it. you need Bluetooth in order to get firmware transfer to it....
  10. Trevmar, what are you freaking talk about air pressure??? Has nothing to do with air pressure it has everything to do with them thin skin tires, get the freak out of here... The first thing anyone who owns a ninebot mini is put green crap in their tires because of the paper thin tires!!! Absolute requirement...
  11. MetricUSA

    Battery Fires

  12. MetricUSA

    In the news...

    I was in San Diego recently they were every type of rental possible on every street corner, there was even a lime scooter at the end of a long public dock sitting there where they're not posed to be, didn't use one of them because I took my Segway Mini... Personally I wouldn't use any of them besides maybe a bike... Cars are overbuilt over-engineered 2-ton one person vehicles...🖕
  13. MetricUSA

    Indestructible V8: Hit by a Car Today

    I have to ride in the road at night a lot of times because the buses don't run.... The majority of the time it is against the traffic I'm traveling...if I was not looking or traveling with the traffic I would have been hit several times, luckily I see the cars coming and not reacting to me there in a road, so flashing a light and yelling, getting their attention...
  14. I took the control arm off my mini pro to see if the mini would fit into the storage tote for transport... Little did I know the two screws had untighten, then I went to clamp back the arm on...I went to take the mini down the stairs, picked it up right over the stairs and arm came off....boom bam bam bong bam....as I held on to the arm, the rest of it fell down the stairs busted the center housing...now encased in shipping tape... PS... Before I put the arm back on after it fell down the stairs, I actually had to put a double layer of foil to take up the slack between the socket and the control 'nub', it fixed the loose arm and it's nice and stiff right now... And then I put thread lock on the two screws....
  15. I've been looking around (in the US) and it looks like the Mini Plus is on then 'not in stock' list... Hopefully they're holding their stock for Black Friday... That highly unlikely....