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  1. This is how I added a U-Boat hitch to the mini to attach my solar panel trailer...there are four pictures to view...
  2. Bought a similar voltage booster, but this booster goes from 12 volts to 80 volts, the first voltage booster only went to 60 volts, pushing the limits of it. I can use the booster to charge the mini with the solar panels on that trailer but the booster keeps shutting down every time I pass under a tree! So the bleedy angle didn't matter (it works at that angle!!) Trees (shading) matter more...The only way around that would be using a regular solar charger from panel to a 12 volt battery then to the booster or use ultracapacitors but the capacity I would need are too expensive in capacitors! So now I can have a boosted battery with me and go double the distance... Going with the boosted board, you don't have to worry about mismatch battery voltage plus... I could still use the '12 volt' (17 volt in reality) solar panels on the trailer to charge both mini and external battery but I would have to be stationed, somewhere like at the beach for a couple of hours!!!
  3. The beeper says you're going too fast! Slow down no sound, 9bot will never make it an option!
  4. Can easily train a snake, all you need is mice... But do we really want snakes running off with your mini Into the Woods like it did above video?
  5. MetricUSA

    Riding in the rain to work

    Besides adding mud flaps to your wheel cuz none of them have good support that way, I bought this for riding in the rain...
  6. MetricUSA

    One Z6 Z8 Z10 : Who is really interested to buy it?

    I need a faster wheel then 'safe' mini, looking seriously at the 18s, but I'm an advocate for wider wheels for comfort since there is no suspension, until someone makes my air bladder pedals! The z has me in a tizzy...
  7. MetricUSA

    Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    No one's ever made, this it's going to have to be specially built, prototyped... take two plates and heavy-duty rubber formed to the plates with about 3 cm air gap with 3 bar pressure or less to your liking, pumped up like a tire... Can retrofit any pedal by using adhesive the plate to your current pedal...
  8. MetricUSA

    Miami Pedestrian Bridge Collapse

    Sadly this was tragically not thought out well, someone's going to get fired over this one! Or even prosecuted!
  9. MetricUSA

    E-bike not working out...

    So far it sounds you only tried upright bikes, have you tried recumbent bikes? They do take up more room and are not bus friendly, but at least you can relax and have a better sitting position...
  10. MetricUSA

    Silicon lithium battery

    I need to mend the title of forum... This is another solid state lithium... And they have tech that others can use to improve thier current batteries! http://www.greencarcongress.com/2018/04/20180411-imec.html
  11. MetricUSA

    Metric versus Imperial

    Screw the rest of America, they can waste thier money on buying two tool sets! I any only buying metric tools and hardware... Besides I know if it is 0° C it is fucking cold out! What the fuck is an 'ounce'? Volume or Mass fuck you it is most oddly both and Americans refuse to mention which...
  12. MetricUSA

    Shock Absorbers, Easy DIY!

    Instead of the spring shoe approach how about a airbladders? A airbladder between two aluminum plates, pump up to support your weight...
  13. MetricUSA

    n coins

    At any rate I used to get coin for distance, but since new app it shows 0 daily distance and so 0 coins... But I never get a daily, and sometimes weekly, ranking, either! For some reason ninebot will not fix this!
  14. I hate the new app I never get a daily rating anymore but I have a mini and minipro just past 3233 km on each unit... If add both I would be in the top 100 riders in the World...
  15. MetricUSA

    Another Life Devastated

    Injured and home destroyed... http://www.myajc.com/news/public-affairs/georgia-man-sues-amazon-after-hoverboard-fire-destroys-home/Vh1llc2D59aR8T9uY18OXN/