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  1. Damn people just will not look for pedestrian/bikers!!! I even emptied my air horn coming up to the cars blocking sidewalk and berm... Line of cars coming out of olive garden all were stopped waiting for traffic, was overcast with slight misting...first car went as I approached, just about to pass and the second car stomps on the gas hitting me hard...took out my left knee, and broke side led strip on the 18 xl... Interesting I thought I wrote about the first car hit that happened last Aug...must of only mentioned it in someone else's post... That guy hit me as he turned left coming
  2. It's called hand signaling, and every bike owners knows it...
  3. Damn, why would you ride on a transit platform???
  4. A lot of 50+ here with wheels, as long as you can still stand and keep your knees bent, should be ok...who doesn't have arthritis...
  5. Set up signs....Keep Off the Grass....
  6. So tired of zuckerberg and farcebook, and forced ads, and hate google for killing g+, damn you google... If you don't like trump, farcebook will eventually kick you off...
  7. Or it is rider error....where do you place your feet??? Close to the center or as far apart possible??? A simple nudge of the control arm can make unit turn on you...KEEP legs as far apart as possible...when you lean into turn, leg then touches the arm and you turn....some said, turn happens when riding over crack or stone...well dah...you accidentally hit control arm...
  8. Any good and worthy e vehicle is going to cost 💰💰💰 I don't trust most kickscooters at all, more dangerous then skateboards...but in the end the user must have the skills...
  9. I bad case of wobble on a bike.... VeloNews: Technical FAQ: Chloé Dygert's disastrous front-end wobble. https://www.velonews.com/gear/tech-wearables/technical-faq-chloe-dygerts-disastrous-front-end-wobble/
  10. When you have not fallen because of something stupid for 30 days in a row...
  11. https://www.thecotillion.theater/the-blerg-archive/2019/11/19/top-ten-electric-unicycle-accessories-youll-actually-use-2019
  12. Can you show/post all the legal Connecticut definitions of vehicles? Cut and paste exactly out of the laws...
  13. You had the wheel for 2.5 years, I don't know how many kilometers you have on it but the batteries are getting old...the more you ride it the more wear...the more you need to stay on your toes...just saying... Some day you will have to retire that battery, when it does die... With that battery do you get about 20 km distance???
  14. I have a Zune HD (no software to access it, bought used w/all music on it) that I use while I ride, half filled with 1700 songs, I have to use a Bluetooth transceiver connected to Zune to stream the music to my Kingsong 18 XL.... Looking for a mp3 player with Bluetooth, that is not a crappy Chinese knockoff, which there are a ton of on Amazon....they literally have no music management...just files you scroll down... HELL NO... What do you people use on your ride??? I suppose most just use their phones... I also have cardo on my helmet that has Fm radio if I'm desperate...(anyone
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