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  1. If you are a maker of Segway minis, I say your fucking bad for environment, since you made a one time use throw-a-way products... The bastards made replaceable batteries but did not make packs for us to buy to replace them!!! 🖕 #fuckNinebot
  2. I guess the only solution now is popping open battery and measuring the fourteen pairs of 18650 cells, seeing if there is any that read zero (hopefully not) or slightly less then 3.7 volts, if low voltage try recharging the pairs up individually with a 18650 charger. Not going to be easily or fast... I did the same thing to a Ego battery, when charge didn't want to charge it...
  3. You will have to cut off the wheel guards on the plus! They are all one piece with the body unlike the pro model which is screwed on and with brackets...
  4. I am extremely disappointed with the battery capacity of the Plus! It should have had at least 465 wh, if they had used the same 18650 cells of the pro battery! 14 cells vs 21 cells.... Sadly plus only has 329 wh... Which is reason why I think Segway is now going in the wrong direction! I can no longer support Segway...
  5. I guess I need to see this in person of this happening...ever since Segway put the stupid unneeded extension on knee control... People think they need to have thier legs constantly touching the arm....this is a false notion...not that is what is happening in the above circumstances... But if you do hit a bump or hole with one wheel, your leg will trigger a sudden turn! When I first started riding, when I got off, the one leg still on, would accidentally hit the control arm and the Segway would turn 180 ° with my foot 'trapped' in position (between wheel well and center hub)!!!! Talk about Pain! Don't ever do this! I ride with feet touching wheel wells and never touching arm unless I am leaning into turn...
  6. It's so sad segway continues going in the wrong direction...first all the crappy kickscooters...then the reducing of the battery capacity instead of increasing like the other euc companies...I guess the pro the the last segway purchase I will be doing...the plus is a joke....
  7. You are a moron you have no right even to comment!!! How rude and who the fuck are you and what gives you the fucking right???
  8. I can never keep the ks app on for an entire ride....it always disconnects or something while my phone is in my pocket...I then have to shut the wheel down inorder to reconnect to app!
  9. What the fuck are you talking about??? Did you not read the last paragraph I wrote??!
  10. I had my first car incident, last night going home from work....11:10 pm and the car t-bones me as he made a left hand turn (WITH NO SIGNAL) I had no chance to even respond to his actions, hits me on the left side (felt more like a low tackle) I go flying over hood and head (yes I wear full face shiny orange chrome helmet) hits pavement first, then shoulder then hips, with two small road rash on arm and leg... Didn't move and could not stand hips hurt like hell...to broken bones but all my right side is aching with pain....some how my 18xl was not harmed but was dragged underneath the car....after two hours at hospital ride euc home....very slowly... I need to get picture of my getup.....yellow vests, all my blinking leds, headband light, extra reflective parts, a reflective driveway marker, and I keep 18xl flashing headlights on, and it's flashing side LEDs....and yet the fucking fool said he say 'something' before hitting me!!!
  11. I bought a backpack cover... suitable only for smaller packs... The two stripes is the only thing reflective sadly not the arrows... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MT6UMBD I did buy a twin pack that's sized for a carry-on and 'personal' baggage backpack...I can use both for groceries shopping, big one on the back, smaller on the front... https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078NJWJJF
  12. Will be getting a fullface helmet soon, but can only afford the low end models... Is anyone with bike helmets using wind blockers for thier ears, like Cat-ears wind reducers??? How's this for full face! iMeshbean Full Face Airsoft Mask with Metal Mesh Eye Protection (Full Mask (12)) https://www.amazon.com/dp/B079M3QRFR Oh screw it... Going for this.... https://www.skully.com/products/skully-fenix-ar?variant=15247924527149 Though I think icon is the first place I should look, if I had a motorcycle...
  13. Foiling is awesome, you can foil-surf on smaller waves, which is great here on the great lakes, if they weren't so damn cold... HHBL...I have a skipper, did not cost $1000.... I just need a motor, now....
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