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  1. MetricUSA

    Overlean safeguard wheels

    Yeah I'm not sure why you posted this video does not have anything to do with overland wheels!
  2. With add-ons to one-wheel you could add of small wheels up front, so when the you nosedives, you should have a little more control....
  3. Too bad you didn't go the Russian route heard they will upgrade and replace the motherboard with their special formula and you would have increased your speed....
  4. MetricUSA

    The pedestrian debate

    First I try to ring my bike bell, but having gloves on doesn't make it easy, second i normally ride blasting music... They get out of your way....way before you even near...
  5. This is not going to be any good whatsoever!!!! Houston we got a problem!
  6. MetricUSA

    KS18XL or MSX?

    Thanks for showing your falls, too.... You like everyone and not superman euc...
  7. MetricUSA

    UK EUC Seizure

    Article coming up blank page....
  8. If you are referring escooter as the electric kickscooter then I hope they die, I will never rent any of them, they are dangerous as hell, and are dumped about everywhere. Would use the fatwheel scooter or the like, though....
  9. My mini pro stopped working after sitting in freezing weather for a couple days... The first two cells, they are in pairs, of the battery pack or reading 0 volts I'm now replacing those two cells to fix the pack!
  10. How in the world would you get that onto the rim???
  11. MetricUSA

    Tesla buys Maxwell!

    https://www.techspot.com/amp/news/78584-tesla-buys-maxwell-technologies-ultracapacitor-secrets.html Let's hope he brings down the cost of ultracapacitors!!!
  12. MetricUSA

    Anyone here riding an electric scooter?

    Let's get something straight about riding 20 km/h on a goddamn walk pathway! It should never happen and if you want to go that fast get on the goddamn road... Anyways, renters are not as responsible as people than own them.... This scooter looks promising... https://cleantechnica.com/2019/02/18/optec-zuumer-e-scooter-appeals-to-emergency-first-responders/
  13. MetricUSA

    EUC not allowed on Seattle / Sound Transit bus?

    Here's one you won't believe, I had another new driver I came across and she insisted that it had to be strapped down so she took my mini and strapped it in where a wheelchair had to go..... So I ended up taking up three chairs and people were standing.... Normally I would only take up one chair with the wheel in between my legs.... Stupid driver had to stop the bus get out of her seat to strap it in and unstrap it.... I told her this is no difference between a folded up shopping cart or baby stroller....I really feel bad for the ladies, they have to carry their baby and a folded stroller on and off the damn bus....
  14. Wow, so did he io firmware over Bluetooth? And can you go back if it did not turn out well... This would be great, it takes me 40 minutes to get home, with this I could do it in 30!