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  1. HI Guys! Yes it was me and Cecily. ? Easily recognisable as we are probably the only two 'old girls' riding EU's. Cecily has just had her new V10F delivered yesterday. Im still on my faithful Gotway ACM 820 . You should have stopped and chatted to us, lots of people did!
  2. anyone else in Vienna please?
  3. I certainly dont live near London, it's a 2 hour journey for us here in Norfolk, but we are a bit crazy on wheeling and getting the correct one for us :-) but same country I guess!
  4. 9th March 2016:- Me and my mate took a trip down to London from Norwich to go and see the Uniwheel and chat to the guys who designed it. I currently have an X8 but am now looking for a faster wheel. My mate rides a Solowheel Xtreme. My opinion:- After spending an hour with these guys and then testing their Uniwheels in the back road, I was pretty impressed. It rode well and was comfortable (I'm female). In my opinion, reading through some of the comments here on this excellent forum, you should have confidence in the motor power numbers etc and not judge these guys by the standards of oth
  5. Does anyone have any up to date info on Wheels being allowed on flights? Im looking to fly from London to Vienna and would love to take my X8. Can you take it as hand luggage or does it have to go in the hold?
  6. I have been making inquiries about renting a wheel in Vienna/Wien, but cant find anyone who does. Shame! I have an X8 but not sure which airlines or if any airlines would allow me to take it over. Dont suppose there's anyone out there that would let me rent one of theirs for a day or two? :-(
  7. thinking of getting this wheel. Need for speed and off road. Using an X8 at the moment. Just worrying about the weight of it in comparison to my X8. Thanks for the video, gives me a good idea of what it is like. :-)
  8. I may visit with my wheel soon. I have family in District 3 :-)
  9. still no riders here, I'm 'Billy no mates' :-(
  10. ok thanks, but surely there must be a UK supplier out there that does this?
  11. thanks Guys...yes thought of taking charger but its hard to find places where we live to sit and re charge. Thanks Esaj that may be a good option :-)
  12. ha ha, yes Im now on my way out to celebrate! One for the New Year maybe. Thanks and HNY to all x
  13. Hi All, Apologies if this topic has been covered before, I searched but couldn't find anything. I have an Airwheel X8 (800) which I love. My friend Cecily has now bought a Solowheel (which is 1800). Problem is, now when we go out together she can go further km's than me (and faster but that's not the issue here). I cant afford a Solowheel or any other wheel just now so am looking to get an additional battery for my Airwheel. Can anyone recommend where I could get one? Obviously looked online but very worried about ordering from a site I don't know. Don't want the battery to catch fire o
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