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Rocwheel GT16 92V coming soon (2018)


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On 2017-12-03 at 12:17 AM, Hunka Hunka Burning Love said:

I hope they are able to improve their wire thickness, cable management issues, shell quirks, and waterproofing.  I think the V1 release might have been a little rushed, and as a result of the problems people encountered it really hurt their reputation.  It was a wheel I was wanting until all those problems and complaints surfaced about it.  For a 70 kph wheel, they really need to make it rock solid (pun intended) or else failures could result in some pretty serious injuries.

I love Rockwheel's drive and sense of "let's out-do the competition."  I just wish they could out-do the quality control aspect of these wheels as well.  I really want them to compete with KS and GW in terms of sales volume.  They certainly have an eye for sleek, sporty design.  They just need to take it up to Honda/Kawasaki/Yamaha levels, and then they will surely have a winner.  Maybe they need to get a KS16S and a Tesla to tear down to see how the competition is doing things.  I think companies like Lexus and Infiniti examined BMW models, and learned / expanded from tried and true engineering.  There's no shame at peeking at what other wheel manufacturers are doing and improving upon it.

Just imagine Gotway performance exceeding King Song/Ninebot quality with zero reported failures.  What dealer wouldn't jump to sell them at that point?

QC seems to be the nemesis of all "up and coming" EUC mfgs... I can't say the QC of the parts I've gotten for my GT16 are either good or bad, the controller was flawless, the new motor is flawless, but the pedal arms I received last time differed in width with about 2mm... Doesn't sound like much until you try to mount the pedal and realise you have to dremel some material off to get it to fit.

So basically as far as mechanical reliability in V2 is concerned, I have had no issues. But the small issues I've had seem so stupid, as it would have taken less than five seconds to make sure the things were up to snuff.

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On 1/6/2018 at 10:36 AM, Pingouin said:

Who thinks this is a GT16 92V prototype ? :D

looks cool, but no way you could comfortably ride that

the one in the back looks like GT22 .')

I love how the Rockwheel guys keep experimenting. Where did you find those photos btw?

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