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  1. Stanor

    Mten3 max torque limits...

    the alarm of the 80% of power works well. I have a steep hill. between 80-100% battery, it goes smoothly. on the other hand, below 70-80% of battery, the alarm is triggered if I do not reduce the speed. at 60% of the battery, I climb the coast on foot . on flat ground, I never wanted to exceed 30km / h for safety.
  2. Stanor

    Mten3 max torque limits...

    I confirm what @Marty Backe says. I also have a first batch Mten3 (August 2017). I never blocked my wheel. however, I practically had the same problem as Marty. Where I live, I have steep hills. so I made the decision to strengthen the battery like Marty. since then I have not had a problem like this. however, I had water infiltrations. but I solved the problem by putting silicone between the two shells. water and dust caused a power failure. luckily, I had a motorcycle coat when I fell. a Mosfet and a capacitor suffered a little. but the motherboard is still functional. I also waterproofed the motherboard.
  3. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    there are lubricants that do not attack the rubber and that are hypoalergenic
  4. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    To facilitate the installation of the valve, you will need to grease it. there are products that attack the rubber. food oil can be used.
  5. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    stores in my country sell it for 29 € ... (33,57 $) and I never found this valve on aliexpress (or I was bad in research )
  6. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    or try searching with the words "Minipro valve". As I live in France, google redirects me to french website.
  7. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

  8. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    TR412 versus MiniPro
  9. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    valve for segway MiniPro and Gotway Mten3 tubeless: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tubeless-Micro-Valve-Tire-Stem-Segway-MiniPro-Gotway-mTen3-Electric-Unicycle-/192610853975?_ul=AR for europe : https://fr.more4mini.eu/products/valve-for-mini-pro-tires
  10. Stanor

    I just ruined the tire of my Z10 :-(

    valve mini Pro ?
  11. Stanor

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    It's just the rubber protection he added. he is just bad in symmetry ?
  12. Stanor

    My Z10 Triumphs, Tribulations, and Failures

    I have my theory about your lack of torque in the hills, and not having this problem on your usual walks. I think it's related to temperature management. when you climb a hill, you raise the temperature of the wheel. Since all the electronics are in a confined environment without ventilation, the wheel must probably restrict the energy flow according to the degree of temperature. And if you insist, the wheel cuts the current.. It would have needed a monitoring of the wheel to understand its management of energy.