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  1. It looks like the "B'safe" best may be adaptable to euc's. So far, no price.
  2. Keep going. Stay strong, and be safe. Seems you're picking up "followers" on your journey also. Me included.
  3. @Planemo you sound like a fairly experienced and responsible rider. If perchance "you" ever get hit by a car in all those pedestrian paths, cycleways and parks, I couldn't imagine that "you'd" be the object of fingerpointing. The idiot-driver shouldn't be in the place(s) you seem to go through. My opinion is that your transgression, being the lesser of the evils, would be overlooked, and the 'euc' part left out of the report. (speaking from experience, but unrelated to euc's).
  4. It bugs me how these hearings, rules, laws (oh my) have us on the defensive. I'm not seeing too many counters, or comparisons (is: auto's built and enabled to go way faster than the law allows). I'm sure there are valiant battles going on though. For now, many of us are outlaws regardless. Let's embrace it untill... Also have to admit, it's a "rush" completing a successful ride and not getting burned for it. My 2¢
  5. It may also be because it has a relatively weak lobby to target (of the e-vehicles).. certainly at the behest of the auto industry lobby.
  6. Wow! If that number is more or less accurate, I'm not sure that's considered anywhere near market saturation. It seems to reflect something more like core users.
  7. Not bad. It may be a way to sneak in EUC technology in the form of a 'trojan bike'.
  8. Hi energy, great vibes, outstanding riding! Respect!
  9. Wow Marty ! Sam seems fearless ! Must be totally awesome riding with him !
  10. @nrvfromcnr I see you are from Nantes. I think I've seen that there is a riding group there. Do you ride with them, alone, or elsewhere?
  11. @Mono imho, French riders will still get a pass. I was just in Paris for a group ride..No probs. Even while wheeling around solo on my euc, I was everywhere : streets, sidewalks, wrong ways, right ways: it didn't make the public 'or' Police bat an eye of disdain or contempt in the least. From what I've seen, and I hope I'm correct, all electric PEV's are becoming part of common culture there. I truly hope this is, and stays true.
  12. Hey Lutalo, fyi: if the wheel isn't unloaded by tomorrow evening , there's a group ride going on in Paris which your son is welcome to participate in. I'll be there as well. All the info can be gotten from the espritroue.fr forum. It could be a nice introduction for him into "la vie Parisienne", versus a controlled environment of a campus setting. It'll be Tuesday evening beginning at 17h30 5:30pm at Port d'Italie. Everything's totally optional of course.
  13. So my question becomes; will there be momentum behind this to push EUC's into a positive light? C'mon NY, be like Paris !
  14. Merci beaucoup @FULspeed pour le video!! C'est Super Génial ! Top ! Quand c'est les prochaines e-randos SVP ?
  15. History has shown us not to underestimate the French people. There is a storied history of what they do to their (s)elected officials. It's evident, even in these times to see what happens when the population gets pissed off. Workers/people's rights are a national treasure there. (Vivre là France!)
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