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  1. Yes, I continue to ride outside of Lausanne without issues. I don’t do tricks or anything. Just ride for certain commutes, practice, and pleasure. While in country, my average rides are between 8-20kms per journey. On occasion I’ll do a 50km journey. Otherwise, I’ll take the SNCF to Paris (3hrs) to really open up, including joining group rides. Never a problem on the train or at the borders with the wheel. I’ve seen that Dijon is half that distance, so might try that sometime. If you ever want to make an excursion, I’m open for it. Any excuse is a good one to ride! 👍🏽
  2. Well, either you bought an expensive piece of equipment you may not use, or there are other alternatives. Although I can’t condone illegal acts..I can say I purchased my 4th wheel (MSX 1600), not for nothing.
  3. As far as I know, euc’s don’t enjoy a legal status at all in this country (Switzerland). They are tolerated in places however. Unfortunately, I know nothing about Zürich policies or practices.
  4. With the specs on this it should do well over 100/150km per charge. So also a good commuter wheel. Looking forward to seeing an honest independent review.
  5. That’s a good interview @winterwheel. Hopefully the national news piece will expand on our rides and the practicality.
  6. Dammit ! That pic can’t be ‘unseen’ ! (puts sunglasses on).
  7. They’re around. If you want to find them, several of them post on YouTube.
  8. Direct the momentum of the news piece to not just filling time/space, and maybe promote our activity more by referring their attention to other extremists (ie: the World Tour of Monsieur Flex), as well as other places and/or outlets of information. Also don’t be shy about trying to get another interview! By using the Mr Flex World Tour will also show examples of other riders in extreme conditions.
  9. Just received the following reply from the owner today (15, Jan 2020): Hi The price is being adjusted. No personal sales at this time. To be sold outside of Amazon in April. Thank you. -----Original Message----- From: "James Kutchera"<coffeecat365@icloud.com> To: <ironkorea100@naver.com>; Cc: Sent: 2020-01-13 (월) 21:48:20 (GMT+09:00) Subject: Iron 100 When is it possible to purchase this new e-wheel ?I also follow the conversations in the forums and YouTube.Thank you.James Kutchera
  10. Just want to say: you sir, are a champion
  11. Looks like fun. Also looks a bit more challenging than the one-wheel. I see few one-wheels in the wild, but never one of these.
  12. As a sort of de-facto EUC ambassador, not to mention an unofficial KingSong rep, I wouldn’t be surprised if the factory provides him with top-line technology under his shell. IMHO, it’s well deserved.
  13. I'm with you Aneta.. I'll drink one for Rockwheel tonight too. I've had my GT16 v2 for a year now (it's not my only wheel) and it's never let me down, so I'd been looking forward to a Rockwheel upgrade for Gotway type performance. Now it looks like my next wheel will likely be a Gotway after all. For now, I'll ride this till it won't go anymore. By the way, considering all our wheels seem to be made in China anyway, it would be a huge help for more Chinese speakers' input (thanks again @Skiboard17). Better yet, more manufacturers' direct input.
  14. Great ambassadorship Marty. I hope she'll be a new member to this forum also.
  15. Maybe it would be helpful to your customers (antberz) if you would include a little pamphlet of your own with certain information your regional customers can appreciate, along with a link to this and/or any euc related forum where they can be further educated. This way it can be given in their own parlance. And it also counts as good customer service. Of course you can't make them read/use any of it. But it still counts. Imho, this method may make it more likely they will at least give it a look.
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