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  1. I (and maybe others) don’t have an account. Is it possible to post the text (if convenient)?
  2. IMO, this type of EUC should give people a ‘taste’ of the unique floating sensation. It should then get them hooked, and thereby making them want more. I’d say if you can add one to your stock, then why not. Disclosure: it’s what I started with, and have since progressed to other awesome higher end single wheel EUC’s
  3. ...and if you haven’t logged your tours @Chaindrop, but you have “actual” miles/kilometers way beyond that suggested minimum?
  4. I may do so. I like experimenting with different ways and materials. Thanks for your encouragement @Meserias
  5. Made from an aluminum food container. Measure down then cut; then cut in half (down); Fit one half to inside and add hot glue to inside lip; repeat with other half.; dab some hot glue along inside of center; flare bottom...anndd done! No mess nor damage to the wheel. And 0$ additional cost! Don’t like it, want/need to remove or change it for any reason? Easy. Safe, durable-to-purpose, recycled material ! Also great reflective/visibility material. I also used aluminum to surround the front light to increase reflectivity. Added similar mod around only the lighting areas on my RW gt16, and it easily and greatly increases illumination.
  6. It would be better if they can post at least a video of a working prototype (to be more convincing).
  7. “Exemplary” DC Glydiators ! I’d give more ‘likes’ if it were possible. Instead, I subbed to your channel !
  8. You have a wish list, as many here do. Not at all unreasonable. But if you’re going to wait out your frustrations, then methinks you won’t have any wheel, at least not for a long time. If you want/need..get. There are a few new ones out now with good offerings. Nothing seems perfect, but I believe once you have, you will cherish your investment more than chide it. Live in the moment, it’s better imho.
  9. Wow Mike S., I’ve never seen e-boarding like this! Thanks for the vid., and much respect to all the e-riders ! You can carve something wicked @Mrd777 !
  10. I’m also surprised there are no takers in your area. I would also be happily interested, but am also too far from you (Switzerland). It could also be the pandemic scare that has people mute.
  11. Don’t worry people our governments will protect us as usual ! ....”open ended”. Sounds awfully familiar. (ie: patriot act). But this scenario appears to put everyone close to, what, martial law? We are living an apocalyptic scenario ‘now’. Stay tuned for..after. Apologies for the thread hijack.
  12. Still ride when I want/can. No people, no threat. Isn’t that the point?
  13. That photo got me @atdlzpae
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