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  1. Coffee guy

    Rockwheel gt16 v3 1036wh

    Please let us know if you find out concretely what the improvement (s) are , besides the obvious accents and tire. My understanding was that (should there be a GT16 V3), the major improvements were to be better waterproofing, and pedals (width/length).
  2. Coffee guy

    how to secure my wheels against thieves?

    Which version and/or for which model(s)? (I have the 16B 680wh)
  3. Coffee guy

    My GT16 V2 does not start (water problem)

    Sorry to hear about your wheel @LEO_LEO keep us posted on things. I hope this issue gets resolved, and I'd be interested in knowing how you solved it.
  4. Coffee guy

    how to secure my wheels against thieves?

    I don't know any that do. Maybe there are people with those that can chime in? I'd very much like to know.
  5. Coffee guy

    how to secure my wheels against thieves?

    I guess I'm too overprotective. Till now (always) I take it in the stores with me, unless it's in my car. To date, I've never been turned away. But in terms of electronic deterrents, the early models of Inmotion's, with their apps, came with a "lock" feature. I wonder why they, or no other euc manufacturer or app developer does this anymore?
  6. Coffee guy

    Dual weels vs single weel

    As a current dual-wheel owner for 2 yrs (as well as 2 single wheel euc's), I have to agree that it is great to learn on, but once you experience a single wheel, the differences couldn't be clearer..In variety, speed, distance, and power. I'm on the fence about selling my dual wheel (Inmotion V3S) because I have had occasion to get people to try it in my commune. I wouldn't be so sure they'd have had the confidence to try a single wheeled euc though. And when I casually roll around at a school I work at, the comments are priceless.. from teachers and students both. But this is about the only place I use it now. I suppose I'd take an opportunity to sell it if presented to allow someone else to enter, enjoy, and grow in this sport. Admittedly, any proceeds would likely go towards replacing it with another single wheel euc anyway. Just my 2¢. 😀
  7. Coffee guy

    Issues with Inmotion V3 pro

    I agree. Definitely doesn't sound like it's operating normally at all. By the way, maybe not a good idea to let it charge all night. You will also risk a problem with the batteries.
  8. Coffee guy

    RW GT16 V2 - my brief assessment

    So, I finally settled on this euc to be my 3rd wheel (854wh). (my other 2 are: Inmotion V3S, and KS 16B 680wh). Picked it up about 1 month ago. The weather hasn't been the best for riding lately, so I waited until today to take it out for a respectable spin. The weather was a decent 9°c, and the ground was wet, but manageable. I find the stock pedals a bit undersized and not very grippy, so I wore nice flat boating shoes in hopes that would help size-wise. Otherwise wearing more grippy work shoes or hiking shoes could've been as good an option. It's incredibly nimble for a 16" wheel, so I took an assist from a fence to mount up so the wheel wouldn't spin away from me (by the way, I'm approx 92kilos). The app showed to be in "walking" mode, but it felt like it was in "play" mode (where I set it last). It glides quickly on its way without much effort. I started out on a flat surface for approx 200m, before going uphill. No problem for this wheel. The terrain was concrete, except for 1 deviation to see how it handled a softer surface. It did fine. But after returning to the concrete the wheel slid a little. It was quite controlled until I made a nervous twitch which resulted in a spill. My speed at that time was within the 20kph range. I was properly geared up for the ride, and managed a controlled side-roll. No injuries resulted. The euc sustained a scratch or 2, otherwise no other damage. I continued the ride without further mishap. Altogether the ride was nearly 20km. My opinion is that this wheel is a new style mini suv, especially compared with my KS16B. It feels and rides great, is solid, and very agile. My top speed on this ride was 36kph. Battery status from the wheel started out (approx: )in the 80% range, ending (approx) in the 60% range. Any tiltback I may have received was gentle. Surely not as agressive as my other 2 wheels. Nice wheel, and I like it alot.
  9. Coffee guy

    Repairs and mods on my GT16

    You are awesome and inspirational !
  10. Coffee guy

    It's Snowing hard. I'm going for a ride

    You're a real trooper my friend..taking it for'the team!
  11. Coffee guy

    Yearly EUC meet convention.

    I believe the Guinness recordholder currently belongs to the group in Paris, France. But hey, records can be broken.
  12. Coffee guy

    Custom Built to Spec Electric Unicycles Now Available

    Do you think it's possible that when he said "not cheap" he could've meant "qualitatively"? (hope so) Maybe he needs to clarify what he meant so we can have a better perspective.
  13. Coffee guy

    What's the biggest thing you've carried around on an EUC?

    Similiar to @The Fat Unicyclist, I carried 1 or 2 cases of very expensive wine directly from Chateau de Pommard back to where we were staying 2km away. The risk was worth it since I made a successful transport. My wife carried a shopping bag.
  14. Coffee guy

    Rocwheel GT16 92V coming soon (2018)

    Agree with the comments on the RW GT16. But does anyone know"when" the V3 will come out?