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  1. Coffee guy

    Electric wheel on carnival cruise ship

    Hey @Daniel Short About 2yrs ago my wife and I both brought our wheels on board an MSC cruise ship..with permission, and used them at the places we were visiting. We boarded in Venice, Italy, and some of our stops included: Croatia and the Greek islands ( Olympia & Athens). We never had any problems, and we had a blast! I hope you can get permission. It's worth it.
  2. Coffee guy

    In the news...

    I have no words for how awful this deliberate action is
  3. @seage malheureusement (sadly) I have no Utube channel. Ironically ive had an honorable mention for my "dancing" last summer (but that's another story ). I'm not the only person with my type skillsets on this forum, if I recall reading correctly in the past. Yes, it was the Inmotion V3S two-wheeled euc when it was new. It's actually great for smooth surfaces, and beginners. After a year, you get hungry for something more versatile. (Honorable mention to: @Scatcat In any case, welcome to another level of ton bon vie ! (Your good life)
  4. @Steven D Wheeler You present a perfect poster board photo for "bad-ass" !
  5. My "click" moment came when I arrived home one day to hear my wife tell me she would show me how to mount the thing. All this after my overt, and her covert, practicing for 2 weeks in the snow. It was intimidating enough to know there were one wheelers available, and this was a dual wheel. That was winter 2015. Fast forward today and I'm loving my 2 one wheeled euc's to no end! Last summer I tried teaching her to ride the one wheel, but alas, it was not to be (I still have hope). I'd also like to say, as a former roller-skating champ; motorcycle rider; helicopter and airplane pilot, I find that balance of an euc is similar to flying in a helicopter. Lastly I'll say it does my heart good to read your posts, knowing that we share similar/same passions !
  6. It's indeed sad about the elderly woman in Spain, but who was at fault? (not that it matters to Politicians)
  7. Although I don't frequent that section of the forum, this is for all of us concerned about our beloved euc's getting a bad rep. This recent article is about yet "another" hoverboard catching fire..on Christmas day, while under the tree as a gift. It's written in French, so if you want to read it, you may need a translator (is: google translate, or Bing). This is all fyi.
  8. Coffee guy

    How friendly do you feel when riding an EUC?

    I smile most of the time..until that gets tiring. Otherwise, it's a straight face.
  9. Coffee guy

    Bupadest, Hungary

    Hi @r00t I hope your riding is safe and happy. I've been to Budapest several times in the last several years, but have never seen an EUC rider. I hope that changes next time I return. Please let me/us know here on the forum if/when more riders join you!
  10. When I began looking into a fun source of transportation, I started looking at fire...er, hoverboards (in 2015/6). I already decided to buy until I was introduced to a dealer who also happened to sell EUC's. He explained them to me and let me try one. I was initially intimidated until he let me try a two-wheel version ( an InMotion V3S ), and even let me take it home for two weeks! During this "trial" period (even in snow) I got familiar enough with it to know that it was indeed the beter choice. After buying the wheel, mynwife took an interest in this "thing", and a few months later I bought her one also. My collection has now grown to include a KS16B and more recently a RW GT16 v2. The value of EUC's are inherent in many ways, and I'm proud to be among the ambassadors of this unique vehicle.
  11. Coffee guy

    Rockwheel GT16 App

    @parepko Excellent work, and thank you !!!
  12. Coffee guy

    World map of EUC riders

    Added, Croy, Switzerland
  13. Coffee guy


    Ouch! That was painful to watch for the euc, but glad you are both alright! ?
  14. Coffee guy

    Help me choose my first EUC

    Hi meep. No, not euc related, but it sure affects everything in my life. Believe it or not, heart failure. I'm now transferred into a réadaptation clinique (fancy word for Recovery Center), and wearing a portable heart monitor/defibrillator. Looks like it'll be awhile before I can ride again. But I "will" ride again!