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  1. @Wolverine that is not a bad idea to update after 2 years So here is my update of EUCs I owned and close friends EUCs failure rate with the mileage from May 2016 to July 2020, does not include failures due to pilots mistake or flats. Of course these datas are not accurate and do not represent the global market of EUCs, it's just my personal experience Firewheel F528 : fried board & BMS (500km) failure rate : 100% Gotway MCM4v2 HS 680Wh (2300km) MCM4V2 HT 680Wh (1600km) ACMs+ 1300Wh : BMS issue (2000km) ACMs+ 1600Wh : fried board (15 000km) Monster 1600Wh : loose nuts (6800km) Tesla 1020Wh (4600km) MCM2s 520Wh (500km) MCM3 340Wh : strange behavior of the EUC when reaching 80% alarm (3800km) Tesla V2 1480Wh (800km) Nikola 84V 2100Wh : oscillation at slow speed / PCB (9200km) Nikola 100V 1845Wh (unkown mileage) MSX 84V 1600Wh (7000km) MSXv2 84V 1600Wh (500km) Monster V3 100V 2460Wh : loose axle nuts (8500km) Monster V3 100V 2460Wh (4300km) MCM5 800Wh (1000km) Msuper3s+ 2000W 1600Wh : loose axle nuts (9800km) Msuper3s+ 1500W 1600Wh : broken inner shell (5500km) failure rate : 44% (Gotway has improved on some models (MSX, MCM5..) but still some recent EUCs like Monster V3 still have issues of the previous generation) Kingsong KS18A 680Wh (200km) KS14C 680Wh : bent axle (3800km) KS16S : BMS (4000km) KS14S (unknown mileage) KS16B 680Wh : broken pedal x2 (3500km) KS16B 840Wh : trolley handle x2 (unknown mileage) KS16X : cut off with no warnings, waterproofing issues (200km) KS18XL : Fried BMS batteries not charging (2500km) KS18XL (5400km) failure rate : 66% (About Kingsong being more reliable than gotway, it is not what we have noticed and most of the kingsong owners I talked to are kingsong fans who were convinced of the reliability of kingsong eucs) Inmotion V3C (4400km) V8 (12 500km) V5F (1500km) V10F (2200km) V10F broken pedal but maybe riders fault ?? (6100km) failure rate : 20% (I would say Inmotion feels very safe overall) Rockwheel GT16 858Wh (2500km) GT16 1036Wh : Water issues -> dead cells + BMS (3400km) GT16 1036Wh : Water issues (+5000km) failure rate : 75% (water resistance of the GT16 is not good at all, not riding in the rain avoids most issues) IPS i5 (1200km) S5 : motors locked (700km) failure rate : 50% (could be because of a bad dissassembly) Ninebot Z6 : BMS + cells(2200km) Z10 : BMS + cells (1000km) E+ : BMS (3500km) S2 (1300km) failure rate : 75% (mostly an issue because of the Z series) Sherman Veteran (3500km) failure rate : 0% (not enough data here)
  2. @Marty Backe Thanks ! I like riding really slow and enjoying the scenery but I understand that it can be a little slow for some people. Regarding the headlight, it's a verry narrow beamwidth, I thought it looked like the ones on the MCM5/MSX but I am not sure anymore. Woud you be able to look at the headlight itself and compare it to MSP and to your Tesla ? It could also be because I have a different batch and that my headlight is not the same as yours. @I_Must_Bust The shell should still be pretty fragile, unfortunately nothing to do about it. You can indeed add some padding around it to protect the EUC, I don't put anything on because I think it destroys the look of the EUC. Regarding the padding, for me it's fine, but maybe you could try MSX/MSP padding on it instead, a little softer @Planemo On mine it's definitely not the Nikola headlight because the Nikola headlight is wider and doesn't look at all like the one on the TS2.
  3. Hi guys ! After owning a Tesla V2 1480Wh for a few months but only starting riding it recently, I think I can finally share my thoughts & hopfully answer some questions about technical specifications regarding the custom battery. Let's start by why I wanted this TS2 and not the 1020Wh. In 2017 I owned a Tesla V1, the first generation, first batch. It was a great EUC, performant and had useful stuff for the city (trolley handle..), it was also at the time the most silent Gotway on the market. After testing and/or owning more recent EUCs, like the Nikola +, MSX, Monster V3, KS16X which are fantastic EUCs to ride bringing a comfort level not possible with older generations, I wanted something more "old school" regarding the handling, something agile, not too heavy but that still had a great range. The ACM 1600Wh that I owned was like that, but it's an old EUC and it's no longer produced, so this TS2 1480Wh was a no brainer if I wanted something that could be almost as portable as my V8 but with much longer range. Before talking about how it handles, how it performs, I need to talk about the battery. I of course heard about some bad custom batteries that could in some conditions take fire, I also heard about some sellers maybe using used cells in their custom battery. Of course I asked the seller how is the BMS & cells, he said they were new & BMS had balance like any other BMS, bit I wanted to make sure. I had some people look after it, and also @LaserEdge , and my conclusions are that despite being a different design from gotway BMS, it's as good as gotways. It has a balance function, it protects the cells from over & under voltage. Regarding the cells themselves, they seem to be fine and not used, the references are li-ion NCA 21700T 18.5Wh, there are 80 in total (40 in each pack). My conclusion about the custom batteries is that they should last long and there shouldn't be more issues than with traditional gotway batteries, but I would still be very carful where I store the EUC and when it charges in order to prevent damage to you or your goods in case a fire would occur. Now about the Tesla itself. It's not exactly the same as the other TS V2 I have seen so far. Why ? Because the speaker is different. It seems to be the same speaker as the ones on the MSP, it is not facing outwards through the speaker hole on the right side but it's facing inwards, to the motor. So far no issues but. Also the speaker hole on the shell on the left side could let water through so you need to at least put some tape on it, it's a little design flaw in my opinion. The speaker itself produces some "OK" sound, it could be a little louder because it's hard to hear if you go above 18mph. I don't use it much but it's good to know it's here if I need it. The cut-off switch works perfectly, some riders said to me it's a little loose but it does it's job. The front light is the same as the ones on the MSX, I would have liked the same as on the MSP or the Nikola. Still no rear light, I personaly added a rear light that is wired to the board so I don't have to think about charging an external light. Even if the light rings on the side can be seen from behind, I think that during night time this isn't enough for safety and I would have liked to see an improvement here. The trolley is still the same as on the V1, I like it. It may be a little short for tall people but for me it's fine. Pedals are now colored in black like any other gotways, they are 13cm above the ground, so a little higher than on the MCM5 for example but still you will probably scrap them in sharp turns. Now for the best part : how it rides ! This is where I love gotways, where they shine, and this TS2 is no different. Acceleration is powerful & smooth. The acceleration I got on the Tesla V1 is a little less than on the V2 but maybe I improved my skills. It does feel a little more powerful, control board is supposed to give a 30% increase in power, I can definitely feel it. Something new is that it beeps around 43kph/27mph when the V1 beeped at 47kph/29mph, but from what I've seen is seems that the safety margin is just bigger and that the top speed is around 54kph/33.5mph (but not recommended at all). I don't ride above 30kph in general so it doesn't matter to me. For comparaison, the Nikola + I had accelerates to 25mph in 3.59s, MSX 84V in 3.81s and this TS2 in 3.51s. The main difference is that I don't have to lean as much with the TS2 because it has a smaller wheel diameter and it's lighter. The motor is very silent (as much as a Nikola), it has no vibrations at any speed (I had some on my MCM5 & MS3) it's a 1900W not 2000W, but it's more than enough for most riders who need a great city commuter. The best thing about this TS is that it handles like a charm. It is very easy to turn, almost no effort is needed unlike on bigger EUCs with "3" inch diameter wheels. The added weight compared to the V1 (about 2kg) is not noticable at all, it seems to be very balanced. The lower pedals have the advantage to give better stability at very slow speeds, making it easy to travel at walking speed, very convenient when you are in a flow of pedestrians. The range is...excellent. With my testings as was able to get, at about 20kph/12.4mph speed 120km/74.5miles with 11% battery. I had a little headwind. Of course for long rides this EUC is not as comfortable as bigger EUCs with big wheels, or with suspensions or both, but it's not meant to be. I think that this is an EUC you get to have a great city commuter, that you can take with you in any store, in a car or a train, conveniently. You get a good speed, good breaking & acceleration performances with a very agile machine and you can still occasionaly go on longer rides. I would not recommend this TS for someone who want to do 50+ miles rides all the time, it can do it but it's not as comfortable. To summerize, this TS2 1480Wh is an EUC that is meant to be ridden in the city. It is great for those who want an EUC that you can bring with you everywhere with ease. It can be a great upgrade for a KS16S, KS14S, ACM, Ninebot E+...for those who want good range out of a city wheel with the traditional 16x2.125 tire. It has all the things you want from a city EUC (speaker, cut-off, trolley, usb port) and it's minor design flaws are easy fixes. The custom batteries seems to be well made (don't take my word for it however and still be very careful especially during recharge) and should be long lasting. I love this EUC after more than 500km, it's my go-to EUC, but of course no EUC is perfect and like I said, it's not meant for long journeys despite being able to, it's your pocket all-in-one EUC !
  4. Testing out the Veteran Sherman, with Nikola 2600Wh & V8
  5. Hello, for those wondering about the BMS inside the 1480Wh, here is a pic of it. I am trying to figure out if it does balance cells or not, do you guys have an idea ? It is fitted inside the battery pack on the right side of the Tesla (looking from behind), where the motherboard is. @Marty Backe
  6. Hello, here is how the batteries are inside the TS2 1480Wh :
  7. Gotway TS2 1480Wh, awaiting to be tested when the quaranteen is over ! @Marty Backe has one on the way too !
  8. Hello I get the feeling that what makes EUC riding great, is that you can always learn ! I'm always admire NYC riders who can slalom through traffic at incredible speeds, or some freestyle riders being able to turn their EUC 360° and juming back on it, or some riders like Marty being able to ride on moutain trails ! EUCs improve every year, with now suspensions coming, and also +70kph speeds, I think no EUC rider is really prepared even the most experienced ones, and each year even if they think they've reach the bonderies of peformances, they get pushed even further. I myself have around 30 000km (18 600 miles) on multiple EUCs, and each EUC is different like some riders said above, you have to adjust to a new EUC. Riding every day is an every day joy, and you learn every day about traffic challenge, or some puthole that scares you on the road. I don't consider myself to me a perfect beginner but I would never include myself as a "pro" rider, just a casual rider who loves to ride. I really believe we always stay a "rookie" when we ride EUCs, we just have different levels of rookies and its what makes EUC riding so incredible
  9. Hello guys, I need your experts diagnostic ! I'm using a gotway MCM5 that has a very high frequency vibration (felt mostly in my feets) occuring at about 10-12kph (6.2 to 7.5mph) that dissapears above and under, it seems to be mostly at constitant speed and not during deceleration phases. This vibration is not present if I just lift up the EUC and make it free spin at these speeds. It is not unrideable but not very pleasant and makes me avoid this range of speed. Do you think it's just the motor that has this "resonance" speed or can it be something else ? I saw @Duf mentionning something that could be similar with his 16X but I'm not sure it's the same here. Thanks all for your precious help !
  10. Thanks @mrelwood The actual tire is a CST C-1773
  11. Hi guys, I got the chance to test out a Gotway Nikola + 84V 2100Wh with To247 mosfets. I have been using quite a during the last month (31 miles/day at least) with a total of 680 miles of riding. The tire has been changed recently from the original one with gyro effect, to a more conventional one. What I can say about this EUC, is that like @Marty Backe I love it ! Really ! With its 27kg it's on the heavy side, it feels as heavy as my old Monster 1600Wh. The original tire gave a "Z10" feeling to it. I got used to it, but I much prefer the feeling, the agility of the more conventional actual CST tire. If I compare the agility of the Nikola with actual tire to the MSX 1600Wh, it's about the same, although the MSX is much lighter in weight. Changing the tire on the Nikola takes some time, it's not as easy as on other EUCs, lots of screws need to be removed, it takes up to 2h. After 4000km (2485 miles) no dust or sign of water getting inside, that's a good news. All is in good shape, exept for a small dent on the rim. The shell got scratches and dents, if fell a few times but no major damage to report. I love the headlight, bright and wide enough to be able to see about 8m in front of you. I love how it decreases its brightness at standsill ! Side leds are cool during nightime, but I wish they were more visible because of the shell being smoked. The tailight with the "GW" can be seen at night but it's not sufficient imo to be seen from the distance. The pedals are good, I think they should move on to the same grip that can be found on the 16X because in wet conditions I can still find myself sliding with these. There size is good for me, I still prefer the ones on the V10/F and 16X, maybe because they are less angled ? I find the trolley to be very practical. I was doubtful about the design and the fact that it doesn't "lock" in place when in upward position, but its fine. I use it often in stores and it is very usable, easy to lift up unlike the more conventional ones (MSX, Tesla, 16X, 18l/XL..) and it doesn't need any lubricant over time to slide well. I don't really like the handle, very wide and because of the weight unlike the MCM5 its very hard to lift it with one hand, but I can see the benefits from a designs perspective. The speakers are fine but I don't use them. A swith has been added for the speaker, so that there is no longer the "boot up" sound when turning the Nikola on (must have). I found that if you ride a certain speed in wet or muddy conditions, dust and water get on the back of the Nikola and on your trousers. A little mudguard has been added, there still are projections but it's much better. I think Gotway should have added a mudguard like on the MSX. Most important is the feeling of the EUC, how it rides ! I really like the "glide" feeling, the softness in the acceleration in comfort mode. With CST tire, it's agile enough to be able to avoid obstacles quickly an urban environment. The max speed of the EUC is around 51kph or 31.7mph (final beep) with full battery, it decreases to about 40kph or 24.8mph at 20% battery which I feel is plenty of speed. I'm no longer a speed demon and I'm used to the V8 which is quite slow in comparaison. Acceleration is very good but I really need to lean so much that I'm not very confident anymore. Testing showed that it can hold up with the acceleration of the Dualtron Thunder for the first 20m ! Acceleration from 0 to 25mph takes 3.59s from my testing (I got 3.81s for MSX 1600Wh, and 3.85s for KS18XL) which is perfect. Regarding the range, with actuel temperature conditions (0-10°C) I get about 100km with a safe margin with an average speed of 19mph (riding between 16mph and 25mph most of the time) which is more than enough for me ! I guess that riding @15mph constantly would give be about 140km range (that would mean 180km during summer). Overall, a very good EUC, I really like its design even more than the KS16X, I think gotway made some progress in reliability over the past generations and I hope they'll continue to improve !
  12. Hello, Glad you made it out of this fall in one piece ! Like @Marty Backe said, I also think there was nothing wrong with your MCM5. I guess you either didn't have time to or didn't hear the 80% alarm beeps at all. I think on gotways because the tilt back can only be set a a specific speed, it is not a good idea to trust in with your life, because if you set it at 23mph, it'll be good for the first 30% battery, then the limit motor power output speed might be close or under that tilt back speed. Also as many EUC riders said, the tilt back demands power to lift your pedals so it can also be dangerous in some rare situations. I rode my MCM5 to 26.8mph full battery and perfect conditions (flat road, nobody around, 20°C T°..), while being very cautious and immediatly decelerating when hearing the beeps. For my weight the safe speed is the speed where I don't hear the beeping, but mostly under 20mph, max 22mph up to 50% battery. I agree with you @maltocs that the MCM5 is a great EUC, love it too, plus now it's full black in its newer versions ! All EUCs have their limits, on more powerful EUCs it's just a higher limite.
  13. Hi, The V8 is a great beginner EUC, it is also great for small to moderate commuting distances. The advantages it has is a good reliability, it's versatility, it's not very heavy and even though it is 3 years old it has everything a rider needs (except a real rear light). I have one with 10 100km still working great, never had an issue. I guess it will depend on your needs (mostly speed and range). The power it has is not the best but it is still ok if you are not a heavy rider. Having experience as a skateboearder really helps, a taught a friend who is into skateboards, took him 5 minutes to fly off ! But still be carful because the first hundred miles are the hardest because you sometimes have to gain experience the hard way. The MCM5 is a much pricier and heavier EUC, but you can easily add pads (making in touch your legs), I can't see why it wouldn't be a good EUC for beginner, it is quite tough and reliable. The single carry side is a little downside even if you can get used to it, some have cut through the other side. Regarding the new V8, I bet it will be heavier, and more pricy. I don't think that the price of the V8 will come down (from past experiences). I think that whatever EUC you go for, each one will have adv/disadv. but that you will be happy with either of them.
  14. Yeah 60kg ! I checked the axle it's not bent at all. 10 150km now Yes you read me correctly, there is only a little piece of grip that came off after having something scratching it, it's been there since 5500km. Here is a pic of the pedal.
  15. Hello guys, After owning dozens of EUCs (19), after almost 4 years of riding, I wanted to give you a feedback of the EUC I used the most as a daily commuter, my trusty inmotion V8 ! There is not much to say about this EUC, it's performance are "ok" compared to todays EUC's, but when it came out in 2016 the performance of the V8 were great at that time. However, the V8 has something "special", a "just right" feeling when I take it. It has a cut off switch that doesn't make any sound, same for the power on button. It has NEVER failed once during the 10 000km (6214 miles), I have been using it in extreme weather, storm, heavy rain, extreme heat, snow, mud...I took it to the moutains, offroad, jumped it, used it to learn some tricks....and it still looks good ! The grip is still the original one, I think it'll last until the battery is dead ! The shell is no longer brand new, it has multiple scratches, but no rift, nothing broken. I really like how easy it is to dissassemble the V8 to change the tire for example. The performance I get of course has diminished along the years, it only has 380Wh left out of the original 480Wh. I had two flats, and changed the tire once. The speed is still the same, I can still get about 25km riding normaly, up to 40km riding really slow. I don't really need more speed, or more range for a daily use, of course having more range is great, but it comes at a cost : weight. The weight of the V8 is just right, I can bring it up with me almost anywhere ! I feel like Inmotion managed to build an EUC that is perfectly balanced. I just can't think of any EUC that could fit me needs better, only the MCM5 comes close, but it came out 2 years later, and it's much heavier. After owning several "big" machines (MSX, Monster, KS18, 16X...) I think the V8 has something that the other EUC's don't have, it's like an extension of yourself, can't really describe it. For those who want a daily commuter that is not the fastest, nor does it have the longest range, but something that will become your best friend, that you can trust in every situations, then the V8 us for you. Now I hope to take it to the 15 000km mark, I'm sure it'll do fine, because it still works great ! See you for the 15k mark !
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