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  1. Hey guys ! I wanted to give you my impressions on the Monster V3 100V 2460Wh (green & fashion custom battery packs) after 20 000km / 12 427miles in 1.5 years. I know a few EUCs have above this mileage, but I think it is still rather rare as riders tend to change EUCs before reaching it. This Monster has worked perfectly fine, I've been using it for everything, at speeds up to the 80% alarm (roughly 60kph or 38mph), it has done some offroading, but mostly city streets in all weather conditions. It has been crashed several times but never at top speed. The axle nuts have been
  2. Hello, here are some of the results I got : Monster PRO 100V 3600Wh (black motherboard) Test 1 : 106.1 kph Test 2 : 106.2 kph Test 3 : 106.1 kph Monster V3 100V 2460Wh Test 1 : 92.1 kph Test 2 : 91.8 kph Test 3 : 92.3 kph MSP HS 100V 1800Wh Test 1 : 97.1 kph Test 2 : 97kph Test 3 : 97.1kph MCM5 v1 84V 800Wh (need confirmation on this as the owner is not sure if it was at 100% battery, I'll update results) Test 1 : 56.2 Test 2 : 56.3 Test 3 : 56.4 Note : all results are with 0% correctio
  3. Hi guys ! I've tried some of the most recent EUCs that have come out this year, the sherman is a beast of an EUC for long rides, road trips but for city riding even with it's incredible balance, it's not as convenient as some other EUCs. Do I enjoy riding a sherman ? YES. Would I buy one ? Absolutely NOT. Suspension EUCs great for comfort, the tradeoff is the size and weight. My personal favorit actually is...the Tesla V2. Why ? Just because it fits in my life perfectly, but it's just my life for a friend of mine it would be a trash EUC because of the lack of range. What I need the most
  4. Hello, I owned both EUCs. The KS16X & the Tesla V2 1480Wh. Here is what I got out of my testings. I will put aside the fact that the v1.05 firmware I had was crap and that I experienced a cut off for no reason on the 16X. The KS16X has more range (I would say maybe 15-20% more) because the Tesla 1480Wh has a high safety margin because the motherboard safety is not well calibrated to the 21700 cells voltage and because the KS16X has more battery and has better efficiency when cruising at higher speeds. Custom batteries have no issues so far, I would not worry about it. Someone ha
  5. Little tribute to Kingsong wheels (humor of course )
  6. Hello, I would like to share with you my experience about Kingsong products, local sellers & ali sellers. Me and my friends started to buy our first EUCs either used or in local shops. Most where Ninebots, Solowheels or the older Gotways, with a few Kingsong. Kingsong stated earlier that if we buy from aliexpress we would not save money, the best argument in favor of buying local is that we SHOULD have a much better customer service. The reality at least for us in France is much different. We had several EUC failures over time (mostly burned PCB, BMS issues, broken axle ) and the lo
  7. @Wolverine that is not a bad idea to update after 2 years So here is my update of EUCs I owned and close friends EUCs failure rate with the mileage from May 2016 to July 2020, does not include failures due to pilots mistake or flats. Of course these datas are not accurate and do not represent the global market of EUCs, it's just my personal experience Firewheel F528 : fried board & BMS (500km) failure rate : 100% Gotway MCM4v2 HS 680Wh (2300km) MCM4V2 HT 680Wh (1600km) ACMs+ 1300Wh : BMS issue (2000km) ACMs+ 1600Wh : fried board (15 000km)
  8. @Marty Backe Thanks ! I like riding really slow and enjoying the scenery but I understand that it can be a little slow for some people. Regarding the headlight, it's a verry narrow beamwidth, I thought it looked like the ones on the MCM5/MSX but I am not sure anymore. Woud you be able to look at the headlight itself and compare it to MSP and to your Tesla ? It could also be because I have a different batch and that my headlight is not the same as yours. @I_Must_Bust The shell should still be pretty fragile, unfortunately nothing to do about it. You can indeed add some padding around i
  9. Hi guys ! After owning a Tesla V2 1480Wh for a few months but only starting riding it recently, I think I can finally share my thoughts & hopfully answer some questions about technical specifications regarding the custom battery. Let's start by why I wanted this TS2 and not the 1020Wh. In 2017 I owned a Tesla V1, the first generation, first batch. It was a great EUC, performant and had useful stuff for the city (trolley handle..), it was also at the time the most silent Gotway on the market. After testing and/or owning more recent EUCs, like the Nikola +, MSX, Monster V3, KS16X w
  10. Testing out the Veteran Sherman, with Nikola 2600Wh & V8
  11. Hello, for those wondering about the BMS inside the 1480Wh, here is a pic of it. I am trying to figure out if it does balance cells or not, do you guys have an idea ? It is fitted inside the battery pack on the right side of the Tesla (looking from behind), where the motherboard is. @Marty Backe
  12. Hello, here is how the batteries are inside the TS2 1480Wh :
  13. Gotway TS2 1480Wh, awaiting to be tested when the quaranteen is over ! @Marty Backe has one on the way too !
  14. Hello I get the feeling that what makes EUC riding great, is that you can always learn ! I'm always admire NYC riders who can slalom through traffic at incredible speeds, or some freestyle riders being able to turn their EUC 360° and juming back on it, or some riders like Marty being able to ride on moutain trails ! EUCs improve every year, with now suspensions coming, and also +70kph speeds, I think no EUC rider is really prepared even the most experienced ones, and each year even if they think they've reach the bonderies of peformances, they get pushed even further. I myself have
  15. Hello guys, I need your experts diagnostic ! I'm using a gotway MCM5 that has a very high frequency vibration (felt mostly in my feets) occuring at about 10-12kph (6.2 to 7.5mph) that dissapears above and under, it seems to be mostly at constitant speed and not during deceleration phases. This vibration is not present if I just lift up the EUC and make it free spin at these speeds. It is not unrideable but not very pleasant and makes me avoid this range of speed. Do you think it's just the motor that has this "resonance" speed or can it be something else ? I saw @Duf mentionning somet
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