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  1. Hello, Glad you made it out of this fall in one piece ! Like @Marty Backe said, I also think there was nothing wrong with your MCM5. I guess you either didn't have time to or didn't hear the 80% alarm beeps at all. I think on gotways because the tilt back can only be set a a specific speed, it is not a good idea to trust in with your life, because if you set it at 23mph, it'll be good for the first 30% battery, then the limit motor power output speed might be close or under that tilt back speed. Also as many EUC riders said, the tilt back demands power to lift your pedals so it can also be dangerous in some rare situations. I rode my MCM5 to 26.8mph full battery and perfect conditions (flat road, nobody around, 20°C T°..), while being very cautious and immediatly decelerating when hearing the beeps. For my weight the safe speed is the speed where I don't hear the beeping, but mostly under 20mph, max 22mph up to 50% battery. I agree with you @maltocs that the MCM5 is a great EUC, love it too, plus now it's full black in its newer versions ! All EUCs have their limits, on more powerful EUCs it's just a higher limite.
  2. Hi, The V8 is a great beginner EUC, it is also great for small to moderate commuting distances. The advantages it has is a good reliability, it's versatility, it's not very heavy and even though it is 3 years old it has everything a rider needs (except a real rear light). I have one with 10 100km still working great, never had an issue. I guess it will depend on your needs (mostly speed and range). The power it has is not the best but it is still ok if you are not a heavy rider. Having experience as a skateboearder really helps, a taught a friend who is into skateboards, took him 5 minutes to fly off ! But still be carful because the first hundred miles are the hardest because you sometimes have to gain experience the hard way. The MCM5 is a much pricier and heavier EUC, but you can easily add pads (making in touch your legs), I can't see why it wouldn't be a good EUC for beginner, it is quite tough and reliable. The single carry side is a little downside even if you can get used to it, some have cut through the other side. Regarding the new V8, I bet it will be heavier, and more pricy. I don't think that the price of the V8 will come down (from past experiences). I think that whatever EUC you go for, each one will have adv/disadv. but that you will be happy with either of them.
  3. Yeah 60kg ! I checked the axle it's not bent at all. 10 150km now Yes you read me correctly, there is only a little piece of grip that came off after having something scratching it, it's been there since 5500km. Here is a pic of the pedal.
  4. Hello guys, After owning dozens of EUCs (19), after almost 4 years of riding, I wanted to give you a feedback of the EUC I used the most as a daily commuter, my trusty inmotion V8 ! There is not much to say about this EUC, it's performance are "ok" compared to todays EUC's, but when it came out in 2016 the performance of the V8 were great at that time. However, the V8 has something "special", a "just right" feeling when I take it. It has a cut off switch that doesn't make any sound, same for the power on button. It has NEVER failed once during the 10 000km (6214 miles), I have been using it in extreme weather, storm, heavy rain, extreme heat, snow, mud...I took it to the moutains, offroad, jumped it, used it to learn some tricks....and it still looks good ! The grip is still the original one, I think it'll last until the battery is dead ! The shell is no longer brand new, it has multiple scratches, but no rift, nothing broken. I really like how easy it is to dissassemble the V8 to change the tire for example. The performance I get of course has diminished along the years, it only has 380Wh left out of the original 480Wh. I had two flats, and changed the tire once. The speed is still the same, I can still get about 25km riding normaly, up to 40km riding really slow. I don't really need more speed, or more range for a daily use, of course having more range is great, but it comes at a cost : weight. The weight of the V8 is just right, I can bring it up with me almost anywhere ! I feel like Inmotion managed to build an EUC that is perfectly balanced. I just can't think of any EUC that could fit me needs better, only the MCM5 comes close, but it came out 2 years later, and it's much heavier. After owning several "big" machines (MSX, Monster, KS18, 16X...) I think the V8 has something that the other EUC's don't have, it's like an extension of yourself, can't really describe it. For those who want a daily commuter that is not the fastest, nor does it have the longest range, but something that will become your best friend, that you can trust in every situations, then the V8 us for you. Now I hope to take it to the 15 000km mark, I'm sure it'll do fine, because it still works great ! See you for the 15k mark !
  5. Hello guys, Another idea for those of you who own recent gotways (Monster V3, Tesla V1, Nikola) A simple modification made on my friends Nikola : just put a on/off switch between the bluetooth module and it's power supply, fix the switch somewhere accessible (my friend has put it on the side of the handle but it can't be easily seen). It's very convenient, cost nothing, doesn't require to be an expert at soldering or programming. You still get the bluetooth sound when you turn on the module, but not anymore when you turn the Nikola on
  6. @Micheal Shen I agree with you about safety, however there a few things about 1.06 firmware I've noted. If you compare it to 1.13 firmware of the KS18XL, the safety buffer starts around 25% battery which is already much more acceptable. Why is it that this safety buffer starts at 50-70% on KS16X now ? Is the KS16X so much less capable than the KS18XL ? I would think not. Another thing is you say that this safety will activate only if you accelerate roughtly, but I've tried to reach the max speed as slowly as I could (maybe going from 30 to 38 in more than 10s) and this safety would still activate, I really think you should listen to your customers and make a less agressive buffer or review the algorithm of the 1.06 firmware because for now, from my testing, it doesn't matter how slowly you accelerate, it's like a speed limiting however you ride it. I would recommend you giving the KS16X the same safety as the KS18XL which has already proven to be very safe (ask those who tested it, @Marty Backe @eddiemoy .. ) @Planemo I don't know what the app uses but it demandes to activate GPS. I can't really tell if the results I obtained are accurate, but nevertheless I think it's better than nothing.
  7. Riding the Nikola plus & MSX, both excellent wheels, very capable !
  8. Hi guys, @chrisjunlee I've tested a friends Nikola plus to compare with KS16X (fw1.06), I used "dragracer" app to see how fast both EUCs reaches different set speeds, here are my personal results : Nikola Plus : 20kph = 1.9s / 30kph = 2.8s / 40 kph = 4.2s / 50 kph = 5.7s KS16X : 20kph = 1.7s / 30kph = 2.5s / 40 kph = 4.1s / 50 kph = 6.1s My feeling on both EUC's is that KS accelerates faster, but I am having more trouble reaching top speed on the KS16X because of tilt back, I don't feel as comfortable around 50kph with the KS while the Nikola can pass it with ease ! Actually I've put more miles on the Nikola, I am a little less used to the 16X. I accelerated on flat surface with 90-100% battery as fast as I could. Both are very powerful EUCs and I think they are both excellent, Nikola has a more "smooth" initial feeling like riding on a magic carpet, the Kingsong is a little more "rough" but still very smooth. I feel that at low and medium speeds (from 0 to 30kph) 16X is more nimble, at higher speeds it's very similar. Of course Nikola has a much higher top speed. Regarding the 1.06 firmware of the KS16X, I changed my mind on it, it's awful because I only get about 40kph at 74V now. I hope they will fix it in 1.07 firmware.
  9. Hi, it's like the 80% power output alarm of the Gotways, it's to let you know that you're reaching max power, however it can be confused with the 3rd speed alarm as the beeping is the same. Compared to Nikola & MSX, I would say it depends. If you're looking for speed and reliability, MSX is the way to go because it has been out for a while, KS16X is still new we don't really know how it's going to hold. Some people are having issues also, I think it's not only firmware issues but maybe some 16X have other issues that can't be fixed by firmware, but not sure. Regarding it's behavior, I do love this EUC, mine has been flawless and I love the way it handles and accelerates, plus it's super silent, even more than the MSX & Nikola from what I've tested ! Overall I would say it still has some flaws to it, but yes I can recommend it, but it depends what you're looking for. Yes there is, I disabled all lights, only the rear red lights do come on when I break. In the app you can close the led lights, however by default the headlight is in "auto" mode, that means that if the light sensor detects that it's dark, it's going to go on, you can disable it by pressing several times on the power button. You will be able to toggle it back by pressing the power button again ! (1.06 fw has different light mods : auto/full/low beam/high beam/off ) @eddiemoy I still use the original CX321 tire, I feel the gyro effect at high speed but at the same time it's still very agile, does the CYT tire really improve agility or does it simply make it feel like conventional EUCs ? I have a question : do you know if the KS16X has SMART BMS ? Are the batteries the same as the KS18XL ?
  10. Hi guys, I've tested out the 1.06 firmware for you ! I was very worried after reading some posts about bugs in firmware updating, someone reported that the 1.06 made the pedals dip back & forth...I'm not sure if he calibrated the EUC again, but you MUST do it after every update, I tried to ride without calibrating after updating from 1.01 to 1.05 and it did dip forwards and backwards randomly. I've tried low & high speeds (up to 45kph). It behaves no different than with the 1.05 firmware, I report that there is no oscillation or back & forth movement at high speeds, not even a little ! Besides that it did add some useful features, such as the possibility to select "low beam" light rather than "high beam" that used to blind upcoming trafic. Also in "auto light mode" it's by default in low beam. Regarding the "25kph under 74v" that worried a buch of riders (me included), I'm happy to report that I've ridden it at 73.2V and top speed was more than 34kph ! I understand that the 25kph is just the minimal speed before the low battery tiltback, so don't worry about it. The most important feature to me was the 88% power output alarm, that sounds just like the 3rd speed alarm (4 beeps). I think I may have heard it but not sure ! It also stopped the back red lights from blinking while charging (I must say that I disabled the leds while riding so not sure if it'll work if you keep them enabled, but before the update even when disabled, these lights still blinked while charging). From my testing, it seems like the 1.06 is the 1.05 with new features and fixed some small bugs left (high speed oscillation, light bug).
  11. I'm the only "kid" so far, 24
  12. Hi @TremF, I understand your limitations, I myself am limited physically due to my handicap (multiple sclerosis) making me unable to walk for long or do any physical activity, I've been through most transportation solutions, pedal assist electric bikes, electric unicycles, electric scooter, segway... For now, I would put a full E-bike on top of the list if you have physical limitations, I mean with a throttle, fully suspended, with a special seat, I think it would be the most appropriate for your situation regarding your limitations, even more so than EUC even though they might be illegal, but they are hard to recognize from a regular E-bike plus I think the police would be tolerant. But for your arms I don't know, I would't go for a powerful e-scooter, because all of the acceleration force goes through your armes. I'm sorry I don't have any real solutions to offer.. @Hunka Hunka Burning Love electric scooters like the dualtron are theoritcally illegal, but the police & people here don't care.
  13. Hi guys, todays meeting in Colmar, home of the conceptor of the Statue of the liberty (France)
  14. Hi guys, a little night riding with 2 DT ultra (one used and one brand new)
  15. Hi guys, Here are a few pics from todays trip in the moutains, over 800m climb overall, and a 55km ride, very fun ! 450km total with the DT ultra for now, I'm starting to really enjoy this machine, it's definitely meant for moutain riding (road & offroad), capable of incredible +75kph speeds climbing on steep roads, the torque is insane ! I would never bring an EUC on such long trips (overheating) in the moutains, but the DT is a champ !
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