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  1. Apologies if you think this article is too specific, but I thought it interesting and relevent from a tech P.O.V. This article is found in a French magazine "Ça M'intéresse, Histoire" in the July-August 2019 edition So, technically, maybe these pre-date the euc? Intéressent, n'est pas ?
  2. Find another gym. I'm sure a more "down to earth" place would reflect more equality in their attitude. Just my 2cents
  3. .. Reference please ?
  4. No doubt, Budapest, Hungary is PEV-friendly
  5. Even if we use fingerprint/iris ID, face/voice recognition, etc., we're engaging in "voluntary compliance" ahead of any possible future "compulsory compliance", hack, or hostile takeover of our account/data. We're already there, and history shows us this. One extreme example is: Hitler was legally elected before implementing his extreme policies & practices. Many people forget 'that' aspect of his reign. There are others also.
  6. "We squander health in search of wealth, we scheme we toil and save, We squander wealth in search of health, and all we get's a grave.". - Anonymous
  7. Is Denver hardup for money? Poor Chooch and others. 😥
  8. Wow, that seems weird. If you like, there's also another "fan made" app someone made for the RW (Android). It works better (for me) than the standard app. It is (his) version 4.1.2 GT-16 AP fix v1.b He lists his fixes and corrections that are different from the original. I think it can be found here: https://vk.com/rockwheel Hope this helps.
  9. @hyperair looks very nice though
  10. I heard that they're strict about not allowing them. Then again, also heard it about Lausanne, but I've seen a couple of brave riders there. I'm out in the countryside ( Romainmôtier, Orbe, Yverdon ). Much more relaxed riding.
  11. The scene here reminds me of Liberty Island , NY, or Washington Square in DC.
  12. Hi all. My wife and I are taking a train, and therefore our wheels, to Budapest, Hungary in 1 - 2 weeks from now. I've searched in the past, and tried getting a response regarding the policy and practice of EUC's from within the group/meetup section of the forum, but till now no success. Any assistance would be grateful.
  13. It's the EUC God ! ( C'mon, we all knew one existed ! )
  14. I'm sure some of us have thought about this and what it would be like. Now, someone is really going to do this. A popular french euc enthusiast and promotor of our cause is taking this world-wide. He's well known for his long promotional trips in Europe. "Mister Flex" is as he's called. Enough English sub-titles are given so that (we) English speakers can understand his itinerary. In short, he will begin this August 2019; travel west to east; and finish back in Paris. He's a real champion for our community, and as such, deserves our support whenever and however we can.
  15. ...aaand still waiting on the GT16S model. (I'm following this)
  16. It looks like the "B'safe" best may be adaptable to euc's. So far, no price.
  17. Keep going. Stay strong, and be safe. Seems you're picking up "followers" on your journey also. Me included.
  18. @Planemo you sound like a fairly experienced and responsible rider. If perchance "you" ever get hit by a car in all those pedestrian paths, cycleways and parks, I couldn't imagine that "you'd" be the object of fingerpointing. The idiot-driver shouldn't be in the place(s) you seem to go through. My opinion is that your transgression, being the lesser of the evils, would be overlooked, and the 'euc' part left out of the report. (speaking from experience, but unrelated to euc's).
  19. It bugs me how these hearings, rules, laws (oh my) have us on the defensive. I'm not seeing too many counters, or comparisons (is: auto's built and enabled to go way faster than the law allows). I'm sure there are valiant battles going on though. For now, many of us are outlaws regardless. Let's embrace it untill... Also have to admit, it's a "rush" completing a successful ride and not getting burned for it. My 2¢
  20. It may also be because it has a relatively weak lobby to target (of the e-vehicles).. certainly at the behest of the auto industry lobby.
  21. Wow! If that number is more or less accurate, I'm not sure that's considered anywhere near market saturation. It seems to reflect something more like core users.
  22. Not bad. It may be a way to sneak in EUC technology in the form of a 'trojan bike'.
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