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  1. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Agreed, I feel the same it's not too technical and can be done unless totally lacking technical interest. Yes that name is it, maybe this is first time I hear of them in general but feedback at least seams pretty ok and UPS (but is it UPS last bit through the EU?) is what I prefer, working so much and in different places so delivery is hard, I know from experience and once the wheel arrive you do not want to wait, even for a day or 2 extra hehe. Ok cool, I never even ridden other wheels so have no idea what to expect really, pros and cons going up in size from info I gather so far which makes perfect sense, just hope the bump in power is enough to make even a 19" wheel accelerate hard enough for me to be happy vs already existing ACM 67v? I could go for ACM2 or Tesla too and for sure I would be happy but later I think and must take the chance or I will never know right? Ok I see, you need a higher seat then? 😆
  2. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Understand, US buyers probably do best just waiting a little bit longer but for us within the expensive EU borders..? Would be interesting to follow your shipping but suspect I do not have the time pushing the button on Friday already, green fashion imho is not really expensive either but perhaps not as prepared to to offer a even better price still? Then I suppose some members really appreciate the free saddle, I think I could live without it but who knows I'll try and learn riding sitting and maybe I like it? 😃
  3. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Thank you, appreciate this. Did it take long time even to New Zealand, may I ask how long you waited and what shipping option was used?
  4. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    fbhb, thanks a lot, appreciate the information you provide. It's a good thing, cause everytime I see a new seller, perfect feedback I see as a good thing except for when it's not if you know what I mean, repetitive, seeing these buyer accounts list 100% feedback over an over, very few "reviews" in the feedback at all just a name and 5 stars, yeah I'm sorry but but just awake some suspicion inside me. So you confirming this making it real, tangible is great news for me and sometimes a seller just is great but also too new for a superb reputation yet. Do you happen to have name or a link to their Ebay shop by any chance, don't get any results from Google in regards to Wheel tech Store except for the Ali page, I wish to further look into him/them and really appreciated the very fast responses I got via messages, but not just the time and answering these questions directly but repetitive questions and no avoiding or dropping the ball for any of them + I got pictures of what we talked about too just as confirmation and I can truly appreciate these things even if nothing big. Just caring for all details and taking that extra minute is not costing him a lot but to me it makes the world of difference, perhaps I am wrong but feels like confidence boosters, besides I love to find a shop I can return to and do business again and again it's win/win for both parties.
  5. Electroman

    New Inmotion V10 (V8 Fast)

    I am in a bit similar situation and recently been spending time trying to wrap my head around if something has happen to my wheel, or if my also too fat arse is doing the same and asking too much from the wheel and simply cannot deliver? I am even above 200lbs atm, ok only by a few lbs but still so very similar. To me it feels a bit like my wheels slowed down honestly and acceleration most def is not as hard anymore (within reason of course it's not half a RR1000), but I gain a bit weight and I do ride harder, perhaps plenty more aggressive even? To me is actually quite hard to tell I know myself and I have always been the one who push my equipment whatever it may be and the whole reason I even was put in a dirt bike club but a different story, I get used to a vehicle whatever it may be and push it immediately soon as getting used to it and behavior is so deep in me that I think not of it actively and hence hard to tell? I'm on a Gotway so I don't get any slow down warnings, I get a couple of beeps (all else off in app) which I always heed fully aware, yet sometimes I had a cut out right off the bat leaning hard forward at quite a bit of angle and no beep just try to run and find the balance or eat dirt/asphalt/concrete, hard to separate what is is right after turning EUC on and accelerate away (before what some call not charging capacitors up), although a couple of times EUC was "warmed up" so to speak yet cut out so? I think you are in good hands if bought from Jason, a luxury I don't really have here in Sweden, well maybe I do but you get it. I strongly suspect the over 10kg/22lbs I gained after my injury in combination with the sometimes even more aggressive starts is the reason but I do wish to measure both big electrolytic capacitors anyway on the ACM board, for some peace of mind.
  6. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Nnovazeus, no tricks here either, being able to stand on a non moving wheel without holding something thought and backwards I want to invest time in. Marcglider, yeah thanks for taking the time to comment on this. Absolutely agree, Paypal I use normally and like overall (yes I heard the horror stories too), the one thing I do not like about it is converting or currencies that never seam to match values I look up online first, not even after fees? Must be some hidden or weird conversions and putting down $1900 will a bit of a difference all things considered. Mostly I do not even notice it but soon as dropping hundreds of $ I do notice this so my first thought was using a card, Mastercard is what I have and would prefer, but unless I get more info about the seller first I would likely use one of the older and more known Ali sellers even if feedback is a bit lower. We will see still have some days to gain data, read what I can about things, wheels. Thanks again, to all you who take the time and contribute here, give us new guys valuable information.
  7. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    I can only dream... 😆 Weather resistant green clothes, overprices funny hats, binocular's, monocular's, fine tripods with marked Manfrotto or similar, nice shiny new DSLR's and last but not least a backpack full of very pricey lens there is. Although on a serious note, anyone who bought from here yet? https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Msuper-X-seat-Gotway-Newest-Msuper-X-19inch-electric-unicycle-self-balancing-scooter-one-wheel/32865991297.html A pretty new seller I know, new store but feedback is very good, perhaps even too good for Ali I have very little experience with Ali so not 100% on what to look for in specific? I want to assume the best though so until proven otherwise...
  8. Electroman

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Sorry Marty, I should have been more clear and now see why you would think that re reading the first sentence again. 😆 No I have yet to pull the trigger, plan was and I suppose still is Friday unless something unexpected occurs between now and then? Thank you for all the help, it's the next best thing reading your texts, watching the videos trying to figure things out, on top of that I don't have any experience with other wheels no matter what diameter so nothing to relate to even? Yes that wait will be looooooong indeed, will try to learn from other members experiences though and not be paranoid about receiving the wheel, some uncertainty in regards to untested warranty, service is enough to bare but should be ok I think and a few others bought there before me so..
  9. Electroman

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Thanks Marty, appreciate! Yes I think that of course you are correct, if all goes according to plan I should experience it for myself within a month or so? Only every time I get to hear how other riders explain the ACM2 you talked about or the big biggest battery option Tesla for that matter I do become uncertain, again.. But I must start somewhere and I do have my excising 16" if I ride it a bit softer (and maybe I should anyway), loose 10kg + ride not to work but on my free time only and any wheel should start feeling better, I am a bit surprised how such a relatively small weight gain affect the wheel so try to imagine what a great time many in China must experience.
  10. Electroman

    The Flying Finn, Dismason

    😂🤣 Sorry about somewhat late reply. must have missed it somehow but got your comment below it and found my way here again. Absolutely amazing Carl, hahaha, that made my day, measuring the walls. 😅 Yes I hear you, I have the 820Wh version of Gotway ACM and for sure I would like more battery, it's not that I must have more range (although does not hurt either) but the way I change my wheel now is not good in the long run and even force me to not ride too much less than I want to. I charged at 45-50% earlier, then at 50-55%, now today I think I charge at 60% already or even closer to full, but also I charge it to 100% which I don't want to keep doing over and over again cause i want batteries in tip top shape, best possible and should I decide to sell my ACM of course I also want to sell a product in truly good shape. Riding at lower battery levels is not enjoyable to me and only create irritation but try to extend it if I can and of course get further per chagre if I'm riding softer. I will buy a new one anytime now so ok, possibly even Friday already if I can push economy hard enough to cover what I want. But charging to 90% or even 80% is preferable for long time battery health if I understand it correctly, dedicated charger for this, charge doctor or even a timer and math could accomplish this just need more battery to play with. Also the 84v variants should be more powerful, a harder pedal mode, better... In the beginning I had no problems but now I ride more aggressively. Sorry to hear, are you sure it is the tire, have you checked the rim itself that it is straight? I assume you have, just double check. Yeah while a few wheels in Stockholm it is not a everyday sight where I am located in the outskirts of the city, nice T shirt I like it! Yes you will get better in no time, progression went much faster than I anticipated and become like some extended part of your anatomy, no longer a bi pedal creature, you evolved hehe.
  11. Electroman

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Me neither, but I assume (if I can?) that he is saying that his wheels is shaking at speed, like balancing problem?
  12. Electroman

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Perhaps you are correct, if so seams like a bit premature to me considering the others listing at normal price and available in the US at even a couple of $ less if prepared to wait a lil bit? I would surely take the frustration being impatience if I could buy from Jason at his prices, service, feeling of safety and a seller who care. Yes Marty good tip, I did. 😃 Prices listed are now down to what they where before and I am on the train again, ok always reservations perhaps other seller suddenly offer equivalent wheel, second batch, pedal attachment variant aso at truly competitive price? I mean hard to imagine but should someone also good offer at $1800 that would be hard to resist all other things equal, like I said before I'm so envy of you US guys you truly do have access to something special there and even loose, perhaps not directly sale directed questions are answered right away and he is even prepared to def go the extra mile and that is worth so much to me. Where I rich I would from him in the US anyways and just pay the extra premium known as the Swedish take on fair, decent tax/customs fees. Regarding price green fashion is about the same as Jason so for you this choice is easy I take it, for me even if were to take down price printed on the shipping label to say half'ish..., that would still rack up to some serious extra premium $ I must pay here, unfortunately.
  13. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Yeah I give up on green fashion immediately if this is correct, I am probably wrong and memory like a gold fish but though I read somewhere Jason would have a very competitive price, $1900'ish but please don't take my work for it could be a different wheel and me mixing them up?
  14. Electroman

    KS18L and MSuper X

    Hehe, so true. Good stuff we have Jason, will know sooner or later I'm sure. If I get the MSX I want to keep the ACM too, 16 and 19 inch. 😃 Green fashion just re-listed price @ $2500 though, kind of make the decision much easier for me personally since I am simply not going to pay him that kind of money for it, must back off or choice is simple. Yeah he got the $30 coupon sure, just not much of a consolation when my consideration price was at $1925. Suspect it is not a mistake other wheels gone up too, heck even ACM2 I looked at now at $2000 which also happen to be a $500 bump just like that. The other 2 still list at approximately $2000 though, anyone with knowledge that could tell if all Ali sellers listing it are good, trustworthy sources that ship first to EU then re ship again to other EU country?
  15. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    He told me the same, second batch and stronger pedal support/attachment, only now his site list it for $2500, I most certainly will not pay that for it especially from China.