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  1. Electroman

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Tack för länkar, fanken att man var lat och inte hade framförhållning, kunde ha beställt ett nytt däck till MSX'en + dubb i god tid för vintern är ju ingen överraskning direkt. Har man otur och förstör ett däck utan reserv så är man ju rökt den tid det tar att få hem ett nytt, kan iofs vulka (laga) men balans är ju nice på EUC, el avsaknad av obalans så att säga. Jaja får se kanske slår till ändå för idag hände nåt helt sjukt, kan fortfarande inte tro att det hände för rätt vad det var stod hjulet typ 45 grader snett + mycket lutning på det och hjulet spann friskt samtidigt som det bara kanade framåt. Mitt i rusningen efter jobbet så folk överallt på väg till pendeltåget som var roade över mina eskapader, var som nån jäkla film, komedi. Blev några wow när jag inte föll men om dom bara visste vilken bowling käggla som for runt helt utan kontroll hahaha, knappast jag själv som räddade situationen bara hände haha. Jag har fått rätt bra balans på hjulet nu men det här var bara för extremt och ett under att jag inte gick i backen, hade accepterat att jag skulle ner och sekunderna tickade på så 100% tur att jag till slut fick kontroll och rätade ut sig, var bara passagerare och glashalt. Dubbar är nog ingen dålig ide ändå, det + fortsätta med full skyddsmundering även om det tar tid att dra på sig till/från jobbet.
  2. Electroman

    Sverige - Uppsala, Bålsta, Stockholm

    Inga problem än så länge här i S-holm iaf, jag klarar mig längre på batterierna runt nollan än jag gjorde tidigare men beror ju såklart på att allt sker så mycket mjukare nu, annars sittern man på baken rätt snabbt var som såpa på glas idag bitvis. Jäkligt kul dock, mer utmaning och träning av balansinnet helt klart. Full mundering på även fast det går rätt sakta, vill vara på säkra sidan för drutta lär man är ju bara en tidsfråga nu.
  3. Electroman


    Good stuff Dan, great little add on and 6000k seams right as well, not to warm or cold juts about the right temp. Do you happen to know what cob is mounted inside that thing?
  4. Electroman

    Wheel Guard for MSuper X

    Yeah grateful material, heck even carbon fiber if wanting something a bit more special and/or follow it's existing looks is not as expensive these days as it once was although more problematic and how many got vacuum/autoclave capabilities at home, honestly? I played around with a few simple fast to make fenders myself at home cause I realized to be fully dry on wet days that fender need to extended a lot just like that painted full sleeve, that looks like a smart solution by the way and give some options in regards to custom looks overall without messing up the original part even, clever. I did a few in .5 (mm) Alu and .5 Stainless and can be done in 30 min if one have access to any decent machine shop, just make a paper stencil and when happy cut out the piece then bending brake for final shape and slight 90 degree tab for attachment. But surface of the Msuper is not perfectly flat even if almost looking like that (for attachment) and a ever so slight radius might be needed to fully seal the fenders attachment points to the case and picky + I want to play a round and often only got some minutes over when home from work so tried thin plastics and works even better for testing out different solution until I feel happy and want to make a final solution, can also be bent easier to follow the not 100% flat backside of the case. Everyone have got plastics at home right, just attach with double sided tape for testing )or final), plastics, scissors and a carpet knife is all one need and anyone can do it, just allow imagination to flow free. Does not have to complicated or even need a brake to make perfect bends, can also cut ever so slightly in a straight line into the plastic but just at the surface on the opposite side of which you intend to bend it and will come easy and natural, endless possibilities if not limiting ourselves and anything from the simplest 10-15 min fender to works of art taking a lot of time to make? What I do not like about the MSX is these (imho nasty leds), not a lot of surface on the inside to attach to, space is occupied but outside work too a decent double adhesive will keep it in place but can also be removed later, or attach rails if must take it on/off all the time, I got of sick of exactly just that come autumn , early winter here
  5. Think you will feel a bit safer going faster on the MSX + psychologically just knowing it's not real speed on it may play a part too?
  6. Electroman

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    No arguments from me there, but I will not consider the 125cc on my back up the stairs after each ride, that's just too much to ask! Regarding batteries yes they are expensive, but me as a private person can buy the Pana GA cell for €4.25 each here in EU if choosing a respected known seller like NKON and I suspect that translates to about the same as the $? However if I buy 30 of them it's already at €3.90, if I want to rebuild my battery packs sitting on GW 1600Wh and buy min 180 of them price will land at €3.75, a lot of cells for just me but should I instead choose 540 pieces I am already at €3.50 but do not list other options I must call NKON and ask if thinking of some mega order, but we establish that even for a DIY enthusiast prices start to move down if looking for more. I still don't know how many wheels GW put together/months but I strongly suspect they get crates and crates of GA's and a huge rebate per cell compared to what I can get here in the EU, I honestly do not know if they use the Sanyo or Panasonic GA cell, the one still made in Japan or the one made in China now? If they get the China manufactured NCR18650GA cell they probably get it even cheaper still, either one looks like a very strong competitor: https://endless-sphere.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=91821 I would not at all be surprised if GW are able to get cells for just a couple (or less?) $/each buying so many of them, indeed I think manufacturing a of GW wheel is a lot cheaper than most are ready to believe, we have heard about fees, taxes and so on that bring up the cost for the end user/customers but still is King Song for ex much larger and more efficient at making them than GW? Segway/Ninebot may be better organized but you also get a bit different quality and better engineered wheel and still not costing a lot more than for ex MSX, last I checked you could get a Z10 cheaper. I am absolutely convinced there is room for a company like Gotway to even lower them some without risking anything but hey I am speculating, some perhaps do not even want to believe that but i do cause approximate developments costs, materials etc I cannot see why a wheel would need to be at even $2k, but if there would be any opportunity to sell wheels for say $2.5k or even higher there is no doubt in my whatsoever the ruling interests would make it happen. It's capitalism and in there interest to have us think they are more expensive then they are to manufacture, to have as much profit as can get, sometimes on tech forum you see for ex Intel/AMD/Nvidia fans argue about HW and some even seams to think the favorite company is their friend or somehow care about them personally, that's a big mistake imho! Don't think they hate us either, it just is..
  7. Electroman

    New Inmotion V10 / V10F

    Oh sad to hear, sucks.. Buying new bits or repairing yourself? Ohh no doubt it is possible to drift on a EUC, well at least semi drift or whatever, to me a drift is a powerful act truly using power to violently spin up the wheel and controlling the process in a very refined way, finger tip control while keeping your tongue right in mouth so to speak. On these it's more of a sliding at an angle, possible a bit over (or even under) rotation of the tire going on, but hey I am being picky man and sorry about that, lovely photo of a wonderful EUC drift. Thanks for sharing, I love stuff like this. I am in Sweden myself so know full well what you talking about, still riding even 5 clock in the morning here to work now where this time of year the streets can be like soap on a mirror, the better and more perfect the surface the more slippery when that fine lay of frosty ice lay on it. Had a few really interesting sessions so far and one of then at high speed when suddenly loosing the grip but starting to slow down now and letting out more and more air from the tire every weak hahaha. Dislike it cause love me a hard tire for maximum power efficiency but just must do it now, at first did not want to put in the work but now considering if worth it, could I only find a tire for studs locally fast enough?
  8. Electroman

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Cool. Absolutely agree on all points, I am also in the camp that prefer, ruggedness, every drop of performance/battery and flat out functionality in a package improved upon generation by generation, year by year over the disco/boombox looking like a terrible mess after first flip over (which might not even be the case here.) I absolutely can see the appeal for design and features, me personally would not be caught dead using, flashing/blinking lights or even riding around playing music out loud but we all different and maybe I feel ashamed standing out hehe, ok I may be an exception but again I do not use plugs in my ears either, I consider that a danger in traffic and to be avoided at all cost but at same time would not feel comfortable about playing music out loud for others but this is not the full real reason I admit. It's like people why have ideas about why spinning lights in all colors make you visible in traffic and that I can understand. Yes indeed 40+ Z10 to me is proof why a stylish but still not too complex of a form will work with a lot of people, make it rugged and tough, functionality must not exclude form, style. Can skip the following, but in term of safety/rules..
  9. Electroman

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Agree, and can absolutely see why they are solid alternative to a wheel in Thailand, the things so sweet about about a wheel here in Stockholm though is the ability to just grab it like a bag on the bus, train and ride to/from the public transportation, we have these rules on the commuter trains here where you are not even allow a bicycle in there for most of the time (with some hours where exception apply.) + Can take up to apartment when home, very different environments though so can see the appeal where you live and if transportation is the main reason.
  10. Electroman

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Gotway Achtung. Why not, heck "Quantum" is pretty cool in it's on right but perhaps better suited for next GW model containing a speed upgrade, new board, hub motor, possibly even thicker axle to fit lower gauge wires, it seams as if forum members is all GW need naming a new model, competition coming up, and the winner gets a...?
  11. Electroman

    Kingsong 18XL First Impressions Video

    Never seen that word, though that naturally being Fahie on a wheel it will mean something like "waving arms around while standing in positin hanging over", "personalized cool style" or possibly some "zig zagging frenetically around stuff", this however was my first results searching. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Swervy Swervydrugs A modern affliction that affects users of alcohol and other recreational drugs. I feel mad swervy after all them beers. Number 2 is too funny: Swervy adj. very fluent in the language of sex Dat bitch so swervy. Pop a molly. Ok then.
  12. Electroman

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Regarding the shell I honestly do not think it is that expensive these days and smaller series I know can run in Alu molds and even other lower cost solutions + looking at quality, like someone else told us earlier it's still not at any western quality standard, mold wise at least. Just open any Makita tool and look inside and compare with a Gotway shell, regarding higher quality molding like used for tools like that... Reading here and here to just give a few examples but these are proper US companies and a certain quality can be demanded, the Rex plastics one is also written in 2013 for consideration. Relatively these are not complicated molds either and been told Gotway add 300% of shells sold and would explain why so darn expensive even for existing models. 1 of these examples land at $0.09 per piece but we talk about .5 million of parts then. Regarding designing the shell, the programs available today are so powerful it's a very low cost and speedy deal, virtual design changed so much in manufacturing industry's and even Joe Schmoe at home in front of Fusion360 can make wonders with just some basics understanding and little bit of experience designing in it. Not just design been simplified a lot but even material fatigue etc can be run virtually which is a huge step forward in manufacturing. Perhaps not correct of me to even say things like this openly, but I speculate so.. I honesty do not believe Gotway do a lot of real world stress testing of components, if even at all for a casings? Heard some say we are beta testers on our wheels so I excuse myself with that. To know for certain Gotway must provide us with some information on details, something inside me think this will never happen, at least prices will go down after been on the market just a lil while but it would be truly interesting to see some smart young up starters here in (east) EU get some capital and start producing in Poland, Ukraine, Romania or similar cheaper to produce in country and start competing for real. Competition not just among the Chinese manufacturers but pressure on all ends on these guys, force the tech forwards, options and improving each other in a cut throat environment, steel sharpen steel kind of deal.
  13. Electroman


    You and me both my friend, even if if he/they did know the general pattern or I prefer to say "rhythm" I see potentials all the time where some stressed out driver looking down on his screen, divert his attention to something totally different even or a split second or any of the gazillion scenarios and they could be run down before even realizing what happen no matter if he/they where twice the rider he is. Certainly not implying he is a bad rider at all or even medium range for that matter, but even the by far best in the world and way ahead of the rest of us, true naturals could come to see the exact same outcome materialize in the exact same way or any of the other endless scenarios just waiting to happen, in particular I am no fan of the carving, hanging "cool style" dangling his hand behind his back/behind (everyone seemingly must have a very own specific cool style these days for some reason?) That crazy traffic with so many mad drivers in it and people stressed out of their minds demand our absolute full attention in every way, shape and form, ponder all the cars smacking into each other, now ponder you are in a tight space boxed in and suddenly without any warning and perhaps even at a blind angle from your point of view.., suddenly someone just turn into the next car at 25mph and you don't even have a open space to to sneak out if you saw it to begin with? People can ride however they want and God knows I can be very aggressive and some would likely say idiot! They may be absolutely correct, but when I do that I do so when certain I am alone and free space around me, if anyone end up hurt it must be me, I don't even want another driver being careless for even 1 sec (if empathy is there that is) to feel bad for the rest of his/her life if I can avoid it, that kind of traffic demand a lot of attention and more so still if totally unprotected and that breastplate, helmet may not help you at speed if 2 ton smash into 2 ton and you end up in between the the 2 steel buckets. I also think at least some might take a slight different view when talking about a larger YouTube profile, someone known in the community vs Joe Schmo, but this is let's say speculation so enough of this morally superior attitude now, I feel I am becoming what I dislike hahaha. Although on a serious note the last thing we all want is to see someone hurt, I really do think that is the case and as long as not going on for too long or too hard like I have tendency to do myself it's just great to have this little psychological mirroring session and help each other point out potential mistakes, better ourselves and improve. I know a least me personally do need them at times, help me grow and become better which I feel is a goo thing. Just bring it out in a respectful way and I think a lot of us are willing to listen, right?
  14. Electroman

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    Yes indeed, I had a race with a moped just a months and some weeks ago, a tuned moped and with 2 small teens on it so got me on the flat straights and downwards but not by much, did however loosing ground fast as soon as leaning a couple degrees up so give and take over several kilometers and a motorcycle coming up from behind slowed down to follow us all the way and even open the visor with a big smile on his face giving the thumbs up. The crazy thing is that despite the lack of suspension I really do feel like the MSX is stable and feels very solid even touching upon the 60km/h mark and every now and then under perfect conditions even a couple over, even if just for a few seconds, so see no reason why it could not also reach the 70km/h for shorter bits and still feel like it's not yet a gamble and while I do love my speed I could not even begin to imagine something like that on say the old ACM, that would be flat out scary. That stiffest mode, peddle angle literally holding me in place at all time and that tire do so much for the sensation of stability and safety at higher speeds, but sure if I want to cruise at 80+ perhaps a rethink is needed and suspension would be wise? Could just keep bumping the tire too at least to a point but somewhere that will just become inefficient instead and I think we are already at that point and found the sweet spots for a fast cruiser in the 18" class, more mass to rotate could be beneficial from certain points of view only but that's it and the punishment from other points will be so unbearable it's not worth it, imagine double Z10 mass or just x1.5, or should I say mess cause that would be too high of a price to pay when not trying to in a straight line imho. The old solder trick of graphics card back when overclock was mainly done via hardware mods and CPU's multiplier, de shunt whatever..? Why not, prepare a much more powerful wheel but kind of held back at level of today's top wheels, then "fix that bridge" and suddenly all pony's are unlocked, cocked and loaded, ready to go. Will be interesting to see where GW will go from here on, this Nicola model I must admit is not what I expected next from this company, interesting move but not interesting enough on a personal level.
  15. Electroman

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    No idea about these Ninebots, but form a mechanical point of view talking like that I just think bearings, shims and anything mechanical that can create a play like that. I would not ride a single more meter if I where you until someone who do know about them Z Ninebots can confirm and help you locate the problem, kind of a standard safety measure imho, at least til you know and can take a new stance again. With cars to at times you can hear it slowly, at some speeds it can go away or seemingly go away at least, but does not mean it's advisable to keep going cause you cannot hear it at certain frequencies, min locate the problem is my advice at least. With the Gotway shims we know what it is and perhaps not likely to create a big accident right away even if feeling some play, someone who own and/or know the model will come help you out with ideas soon no doubt.