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  1. Electroman

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    Great idea, only thing I am worried about with the wireless is signal drops or anything sending me into a full on dive at very high speed, grr just get the shills thinking about it. That trust is so important but on the other hand the MSX is a Gotway, still I feel trust with this machine where with the old ACM I did not, progress. It will only get better but should try your variant, if coming through well for a long period perhaps trust is building up over time? Personally I have looking for the V10/V10F variant whatever Inmotion use to send out audio signals cause that one I thick did cut through noise quite well compared the Gotway beeper.
  2. Electroman

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    Yeah makes sense, I run into the beeps all the time too. When I received the 84v/1600Wh I was 90kg, just adding a couple of kilos + the backpack on adding a total of between 10 and 15kg extra the warnings come a few km/h earlier so anything over 90kg to me seams to have some effect. I still get the warnings often now but cause being very aggressive, just backing off slightly and it is possible to not have them and cruise a bit above 50km/h but like you say also depend on wind etc. I want a 100v with more cells, 6p.
  3. Electroman


    No wonder I cannot make anything of it, I cannot even speak the language at all.
  4. Electroman


    Haha that was funny, I cannot make out what the person is saying though? Yeah happen sometime, sometimes it's no ones direct fault but I have to say some people also have no clue where they are standing and no idea what is going on around them, I meet people all the time in the smack middle of the bike lanes (even though pedestrian lanes available just next to it) looking down into their phones or in a different world all together?
  5. Electroman

    Can´t ride my MSuper 3s+

  6. Electroman

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    I have to agree, while there are wheels I have yet to ride they most certainly do not have the speed I want and hence not in the competition, for me that is I do admit I am a speed freak and suspect you too looking at the screen hehehe. I have seen pictures/screens (one a friend showing his friends wheel that is not even riding himself so weird) and it is so obvious lift speeds recorded, this is also the reason I am not going to plaster up my latest adventures cause I have no witness to that but I know for a fact myself depending on conditions the wheel is capable of this speed at least for very short bursts. I do not think this is usable speed in any long run not to mention how the heck are we supposed to hear the signals, I for one hear nothing at this kind of speed so after a top like this I let go of some forward pressure right away just in case it did want me to and heard nothing? The wheel is dangerously fast and even I at some 90kg on it, I do however have 2 witnesses (forum members) at 59.6km/h and that road is not leaning downwards, if anything rather 1 or 2 degree upwards + I have gone very temporary at these kind of Weellog speeds and even 1 recorded above it but I am alone and surface is not perfectly flat, actually leaning down a bit so I will not count that myself as any record attempt but it's enough as confirmation to me that your speed is genuine and not cheating. Right conditions and the wheel is capable I know this. I am probably blind and just missed it, but can anyone direct me to any 100v riders that recorded speed attempt's at their wheels? I have the 84v variant and I just love how powerful this thing is and for the longest time was so surprised how the heck it could drag my fat ass up such relatively steep hills at such high speeds? I mean it's not extreme Marty Backe hill pushing for that steep and long time periods but still quite steep and faster than some top end wheels on a flat surface going up a bit of angle, is that not crazy thinking about it? I hope otherwise some 100v riders will post speeds here cause me too find it very interesting comparing + so many in the situation of choosing which one and for what reason? I suspect probably Chooch would have some nice screens if only seeing this, he is that kind too riding fast and aggressive and if not wrong got th 100v variant right? I for one am not very convinced the top end lift speed is a good indicator to be honest, not sure what the 100v can do under life but my 84v shut off at 77.2km/h just now checking it, can differ slightly though, surely? The wheel is not requiring the same A free rolling right, must be quite the difference under load I suspect. The 100v could probably do almost 10km/h more under lift conditions but I doubt very much under real conditions, hey I don't know I'm speculating but show me a single trusted source of 100v variant going that much faster in real life conditions and with some weight on it I might just have to bite now and not wait for next model haha?
  7. Electroman

    Can´t ride my MSuper 3s+

    Hope it's something simple as suggested you try
  8. Electroman

    Shoulder Braces

    Hahaha, to thin wiring for that kind of power Rehab, perhaps try superconductor wire ?
  9. Electroman

    Shoulder Braces

    Hahaha, I wish. But just to be sure I will try Google, thinking about removing the battery packs and hot wire the reactor, told you so I do like my speed!
  10. Electroman


    Thank you. I constantly reassess my needs in terms of safety gear and believe the time has come to maybe go full face with visir, as long as I can hear well through it and not fog up and obviously light weight I think I need to make the switch, appreciate it.
  11. Electroman

    Shoulder Braces

    Nice one, thanks for posting it. While I am using Acerbis myself atm it lead me to Demon website and they have got a few nice protective wests/jackets, even saw one that looked mainly black and zipper centered at the front which I prefer for faster on/off. Most def will have a closer look at the Demon line.
  12. Electroman


    Absolutely I am noticing this too, quite a big difference too. Also the side winds when strong enough can fight you a bit in regards to stability so easy to see why this would be.
  13. Electroman


    Well said, could not agree more and put some wight on exactly that, fast is fine if wheel and me both prepared for it. It is indeed different than cruising slowly along, everything in slow mo giving you lots of time to see and react, senses need to be in a different mode moving along fast and of course no one sane will go 50km/h on bike/pedestrian lanes when occupied with lots of people. I am not perfect and I do go too fast at times, even at the lanes that is trafficked but only with good visibility far ahead + to the sides of course, periphery and soon as I see people ahead I respect them and know full well how angry I would be if unexpected someone blew past me close at 40-50 or 30km/h. Very cool, it's amazing how cameras moved forward technologically last few years and the software handling them, still some way to go but I bet it will happen fast and prices high in the beginning will come down or so I hope.
  14. Electroman


    This is the helmet threat so I suppose I have a go here. I just cannot go through the whole thread as well other stuff in the forums, I do not follow it closely at all and don't have the time, work so much I basically fight just to stay awake few hours when coming home after a 10-12h/day and often no chance to catch up on the weekends either, it's a loop of never rest properly it seams so sorry if asking what's already been asked and replied about? Want a new helmet, the cross styled one I have atm was a test to see how it feels on the head cause catching angles out in the periphery is very important to me, in fact I repeat it again to me it is more important to prevent the accident than it is to gear up for it once it happen, of course I am not stupid I understand I need the gear when the accident is there and I could not avoid it but I see no problem in being smart about it all and look at all angles first before start to dress up like the Michelin man expecting to get run over by a truck and can barely see anything around me or move properly, hence likely the reason I got run down to begin with even though I later with time will adapt my story to "I did look properly before crossing the road, it came out of nowhere". No must be smart about it and a balanced approach looking at all aspects before start gearing up imho and not get caught in the commercial machinery in the process, or let's say I take my moms word over company A, B or C, one loved me since day 1, the other want what's in my wallet or rather on cyber space these days I suppose and totally made up by a banker somewhere and created out of thin air to represent value lol. Some research must be done, but others view on it also greatly appreciated. TSG Pass Pro Carbon, Unventor or anyone else.., is it the same as the other TSG Pass models on here and just the graphics applied and charged for or is it different and especially in terms of weight? Light weight is very important to me I am not laying over the tank now but rather standing up, of course I am like all else and human, therefor some degree of vanity, full matte black looks much better to me. For ex Predator DH6 X Matter Carbon looks sweet, but why put the darn "Predator" on it, I don't want my helmet to yell "Pr3DAr0R" whatever at people, neither to scream EXTERMINATIOR, Dominator or anything of the sort! I can absolutely appreciate a slick space alien looking design if functionality is there and a solid helmet fitting my needs, named what it wants to just don't announce it graphically kind of deal, unless very small and hidden somewhere. What I really want is a tiny LCD or HUD on visor to provide me with speed and possibly the last warning a'la Gotway to come through clearly, wrapping a closed helmet around my head and wind noises etc will totally drown out the Gotway yelling at me to respect it's warning, not hard to solve if prepared to go wire hooking into the Gotways already existing system but worried about covering my ears too. On a bike (motor) everything moves faster, everything yell at you louder it's a very different environment and my senses are engaged according to that environment. To cover my ears on the EUC worries me, the signals from the EUC is much weaker and riding bicycle trains all those strong impressions from a motorbike in real traffic is gone or greatly reduced here among bicycles, pedestrians.. My senses I need, all of them cannot just ignore the hearing and hope for the best or I will soon end up where I do not wish to be, no one sane will believe for ex sight can make up for lost hearing. Yes over time those who loose it can strengthen other senses but this is very different from just temporarily removing one and expecting adjustments on the fly. Yes I go full A4 again and very sorry about it, it's all on me I really cannot explain or even understand why I end up here? Sorry guys, what I want is ideas, to know first if anything like hud/lcd/audio out there for speed, warnings, even acting as rear mirror but do not want a full bike helmet with all that weight on my neck standing up on a EUC. If not available yet or any known hack to be made for DIY solutions, well then I suppose the direction is like the TSG Pass styled helmet (must not be exactly that one) is the way to go and fight my worries about covering the ears. Some may say don't worry, if you ride a V10/V10F for ex I can understand the no worries thingy, I have tried it too and know how well the audio cut through vs the Gotway that is barely audible at the speeds I ride at. Heck I even checked for the Inmotion beeper online and want to know if can be fit in the Gotway haha. But yeah, ideas? Ohh I am not in the US, cannot have the cheap stuff and free shipping you have access to, live in the EU and it's a bit worse here in that regard.
  15. Electroman

    Göteborg med omnejd, Sweden

    Incident = tillbud, händelse, olycka etc.. Väldigt generellt, absolut att ramla är en incident. Precis, ingen olycka den andra lik, på gott och ont. Jag låg på sjukhus med nacken fixerad i ställning som ung efter en motorcykelolycka i väldigt hög fart, C3 och C7 krosskador samt fraktur på spinalutskott (C7, bröstryggen), tro det el ej men hade en simpel störtkruka att tillgå och testade polars nya hoj, rakt fram i en lång svepande 20-30 graders vänster och uppfär en slänt och mejade ner en brandpost skylt på vägen men nuddade bara skon och hojens fotpinne tog det värsta, Sen genom 2 tum 4 in på parkeringen och stopp i fronten på en bil, iaf för motorcykeln jag fick käka taklinjen på en 740 och slungades vidare över bilen och in i en vägg i ett hyreshus bakom, men färden tog inte slut där utan träffade en port (alumuniumprofil med dubbelt glad, uppe + nere) som jag gick rakt igenom och landade inne i byggnaden. Störtkrukan låg utspridd länge vägen i 3 stora delar samt småflisor, tur, tur, tur hela vägen från första hindret till sista och låter som tecknad film vid återberättandet är väl medveten om det, vet att folk just ofte drar till lite värre genom åren, medvetet el inte just därför skippar jag egna vaga minnen och går efter rapporten istället. Poängen är att hade jag haft på mig nån av mina egna hoj hjälmar tror dom (polis och färsäkringsbolag som senare utredde olyckan) att jag hade fastnat vid taklinjen och därmed ev brutit av hela nacken direkt och dött på studs, men den ultratunna störtkrukan gick precis förbi och smekte taklinjen och tryckte ner den en bit för all slunga mig runt 180 grader i luften och fraktur på bröstrygg och fler skador men inte livshotande iaf, finns oändliga scenarion här, ingen olycka den andra lik och allt vi kan göra är att skydda oss bäst vi kan samt ännu viktigare i min mening alltid vara extremt uppmärksamma och bli riktigt bra på att förutsäga och läsa situationer, trafiken och förebygga först och främst, skydden vi bär är sista utvägen och enbart sista utvägen! Jag tänker om hela tiden, kasne finns situationer där även en lättare cykelhjälm kan hjälpa bättre än en tung MC hjälm, är ju trots allt levande bevis för att dessa "one in a million" olyckor trots allt sker, vad vägen 300 gram jämfört med 1.5 kilo i 35km/h om det smäller och vad kan den vikten göra för nacken? Dessa frågot är vad jag brottas med personligen, men med det sagt tror att att det är dags att ta steget till en ännu rejälare hjälm själv och bättre material kommer hela tiden, appen sa 55km/h idag igen och märkte inte ens av fater käns som kanske35 el max 40 för hjulet är så mjukt och komfortabelt i höga farter att det bara händer, men absolut dags för uppgradering igen snart. Edit, jag vet av stav/grammatik missarna men för lat för att korrigera.