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  1. Electroman


    Np, just happy if anyone could avoid my sorrows, but since already experienced it you know, great move Mike take care of the wrists and strap on a pair.
  2. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Absolutely, as for pads and such things though I do take my business elsewhere and I hope others do to leaving Gotway still sitting with their old stock 10 years from now, it is outrageous what they are doing in this regards it's just flat out insane greed. I cannot claim I know really but I can approximate the cost for Gotway to make pads it's not that hard really and the more the cheaper + they are in China after all, no they can keep them business will go to EUC GUY or if any other make some nice pads (or even DIY)
  3. Electroman


    Please Mike, do get some wrist guards, I used to ride without them in the beginning but it was me who underestimated the forced on your hands/wrists when falling and it's so instinctive to stretch out the hands when falling it's an automated process more or less (if nothing else to protect your face/head.) I though I had a sprain when I fell and perhaps a bit too stubborn to try to work just taping it up but a month later I could not lie to myself anymore so I went, a Scapoid was broken and cost me 3 month on the bench. Ok I was in my 40's + 90kg so that sure will not help, a kid at 55kg could have made it but I did not + it's is by no means a warranty for fractures but have been falling a couple times after that with the guards on and still no new fracture, I am certain they do work they really do. It's also not just the initial time off work, pains etc but also the wrist is so incredibly complicated and some small loose bones like the Scaphoid have got limited blood supply hence can take a long time to heal, sometimes it does not heal and can get very complicated, also there is the chance your wrist will never be the same again in terms of movement and constant pains. I still experience problems, it's just not worth it, they do not have to cost very much and get used to them in no time.
  4. Electroman

    Msuper X - First "Impressions"

    Thanks for posting, nice to hear other peoples view on the specific wheel. Had mine for a couple of weeks now and also went from a 16" wheel, of course I am likely bigger and heavier than you (I strongly suspect anyway) and in combination of me on a slower 16" (had the old 67v 820Wh ACM) it is of course not the same but the agility of a 16" is at lest similar, absolutely and I do recognize and agree with what you describe. This wheel is smooth for sure, I think it's a Mercedes S class at higher speeds and so comfy, barely react on the road where my 16" gave me a scare over potholes, irregularities, the 16" is easier to turn yes but it took me literally 1 or 2 days to think it's almost as easy to turn which is amazing considering the size of the wheel. Straight over curbs etc without even needing to help the wheel up by squeezing and "lifting" it with the knees, I love that part of the wheel and the high side wall of the tire sure a huge + or what I think anyway, like a built in suspension and giving the wheel such comfort. It really is smooth even though it also feels hard, hard to explain and like I said before I hate car analogies but a modern new S class can also be driven quite hard and reactive for such a big, heavy car while still in full of comfort, I love this wheel more and more for each day. Hard to believe I was a bit worried at first over slow response and sluggishness before it arrived.
  5. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Nice, did you happen to to get a price for side pads?
  6. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Yeah and seems a bit better these days too or am I just imagining that perhaps? Either way weird things can and do occur but it's true considering how many sold and first we hear about this..?
  7. Electroman

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I like woman from different regions and cultures though, as long as I can them all! We'll see hehe, could become expensive but we'll see, for now I have no choice but to stay away cause no samples available
  8. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Ok so that's how it would feel then? If a mosfet and a brand new wheel, wonder if could be just a solder issue, for ex Gotway infamous QC happen once again and they "forgot" to solder a leg on the board? I am of course speculating wildly but perhaps worth a check if opening up anyway, should have new board either way imho if this is it, but while waiting for it why not have a look around? Maybe they are no longer hand soldered though, I have not looked at mine just know how the ACM board looked and went online for check and up came terrible after terrible example. Some part of me hope that's improved a lot and I think it could potentially improved at least some, I will not look inside my MSX til I have to hahaha
  9. Electroman

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Yeah at this point I bet they are and can imagine, build quality looks great too which always make me smile and can study small little detail for a whole evening if looking at something of quality. That is what I miss about the MSX, of course I knew this buying it but it does give me the speed I wanted and lots and lots of battery backing it all up, different flavors I suppose but I can se what you mean considering they are priced similarly or at least in China where I bought mine. At some point I will probably have the chance to try one, hoping for a Swede close to me buy one and interested of trying the MSX so we can hook up, have a ride and try each others wheels.
  10. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    AI suggest asking Mart Backe or any of the other well read in guys on the forum, should know the beep codes a lot better than at least I do, that's for sure hehe
  11. Electroman

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    Well thanks, yeah I suspected and I suppose just don't want to something to the effect of: "Darn I know things and a fact" hahaha, I felt the Z is great partly cause of how I feel my MSX is great like that, due to that weight, like you describe the wind advantages and other things.. I never was blown off, but I absolutely can relate to the wind that can be felt so much on these wheels, heck I even notice my speed going down by quite a bit from no wind to riding towards the wind especially when blowing hard outside, really dos make a noticeable difference. My ACM is no light weight and smaller wheel of course, but even though not that many kilos between them those kilos do make a difference for sure. Too bad I am not exactly rich and the money I do earn I mostly prioritize on other things, I want a new powerful 16" but I also am very interested in the Z10 after all things I hear, sounds like a beauty of a wheel in more ways than just the looks.
  12. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Ok now I am with you, yeah true that's the bit I did not connect the dots on although I do forget too even sober so...? Yeah this is true, I drink so rarely though that when I do drink I do it properly so no promises, anything can happen, my fiends a bit skeptic to drink with me. Not aggressive or anything, just mad and a bit dumb hehe. With my new toy no need to drink again until maybe Christmas, new year to forget the winter or snowy and ice and cannot ride my wheels?
  13. Electroman

    Ninebot One Z : Z6-Z8-Z10

    I have no clue, but I imagine the weight of my MSX is not necessarily a bad thing outside carrying it around and of course it is more top heavy than Z I believe, mine is mostly on when outside though and if not riding it and if for ex a store I have the trolly to roll it so on.. Therefor I do not notice any top heavy behavior really, although the very large diameter of the tire, high tire wall and also quite wide tire I suspect it all add up and helping that amazing feeling. I can speak only for me and in general not specifically to Z, but I think it's not a negative at all, could be wrong though others feel free to express any wrongs.
  14. Electroman

    Gotway MSuper X arrived

    Yes my friend that's what I meant, sorry if unclear. Ok good info, in that case I might just buy a second as back up should the unthinkable happen hehe, I been the ability to remove it, or rather snap it on when rain come and have it in the backpack always with me. For several reasons really but main one is it will not go into my locker at work otherwise cause it's about 500mm and this is the exact dept of the locker, door just about touch the tire when closing the locker, even if not sticking outside from the tires radius my backpack on top of the wheel could slip down over the wheel it happen every other day or so but also do not want something sticking out as soon as dry I ride without it. Thanks. Glad to hear Marty, looking forward to it now with autumn here and rainy days ahead. My temporary piece of plastics I cut out and taped in place, a 2 min job just to not get sprayed did work but lower legs did get a little bit so very good news, thanks. "Does anyone have any good advice for a GotWay virgin like me? Big or small, all very welcome.. I might be going for that mai" Good info, thanks. Although I cannot remember saying this at least not recently. Sure I did though if you quote it like that, perhaps I was just drunk or got a brain fire of sort? I did remove my pads after first few short rides, want to be able to attach them later should I want or need to do so and in mint condition then, I just put my own DIY black pads there and also over the edge itself that dig in to the calf, so thin it made no big difference but I will order better neoprene later and cut my own, unless EUC GUY have his for sale by then I suppose?
  15. Electroman

    The Flying Finn, Dismason

    Cool, good information.