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  1. Best if it's UL2272 certified for safety of batteries.
  2. For me, 17 inch wheel seems like the perfect all-arounder for a crowded place like mine with narrow sidewalks (& no roads coz illegal to ride on roads). With the type of cracks and undulations of our walkways, 14 inch is scary at speeds, but 16 is still harsh while 18 would be combersome for a lightweight (59 kg) like me. I'm hoping Nikola or future wheels comes UL-2272 (battery safety) certified coz by next year, it'd be illegal to sell anything non-certified (coz quite a few houses caught fire from mobility devices already).
  3. Same goes for any significant hump or unforseen rise in height. Going over it unsuspected will lift one's feet off the pedals in an unbalanced manner - a potential recipe for being thrown off. I've had my fair share of such near misses. So far, I've been lucky to catch it back last minute. But someday my luck will run out. All I can do is try to be slow on unfamiliar routes and leave the heroic "DDDDD" speed blasts only on routes that have been done to death.
  4. Maybe ride an electric bicycle alongside you? They're safe and fast afterall.
  5. Gotway's "V10F++" with 16"x3" wheel for a Final Alarm at 60 kph on road?
  6. Similarly, I've also gone over a few unseen humps (due to lack of color differentiation) at around 20 kph. Luckily, while my feet were lifted slightly off the footrests and body pitched slightly forward, I've been able to catch the wheel back after that. Hasn't fallen off for past 2 years since getting my V8 & Tesla. So far so lucky. Keeping fingers crossed. Well, I guess the key is (i) to have eyes on tarmac on unfamiliar routes, (ii) to dress sensibly, (iii) to control speed over unfamiliar routes and (iv) to keep oneself agile, fit & strong (through exercise and games) so that if one falls, the injuries can be minimized. For example, in rugby, we get our falling-over drills done right first before going into other skills and full-tackle game. For EUC, tumble drills should help, over and above weight and fitness.
  7. Another question: Am I to understand that you meant that the FULL Braking Power is available Regardless of Speed? That means I can brake as hard at 5 km/h or 50 km/h? Yet another question: At 10% battery level, why did my Airwheel X3 suffer a cutoff, even though I braked less heavily than normal? Does it mean I can't brake as hard at lower battery level compared to higher battery levels? I don't understand coz you mentioned braking power is available at all speeds (& speeds and battery levels are correlated).
  8. Why not? While I understand we can accelerate harder at low speeds compared to high speeds, I don't understand why we can brake as hard as we want be it low or high speeds. Care to explain?
  9. Guess Marty has already answered this question. As for me, I don't usually ride around in the wet. However, there were occasions where I rode through drizzles and puddles of water for about 5 km. No problem.
  10. I also find the Power Button too sensitive. Sometimes, I only wanted to hold the top handle of the V8 to carry it or to move it around before riding it. I was shocked a couple of times when I started standing on the pedals and there's no power at all, nearly falling down. I don't know why, but I guess its coz my finger or thumb must have accidentally touched the Power Button and turned it off without me even realizing it. Thus, I'm dead against the idea of TOUCH Power ON/OFF - convenient but not safe at all! I much prefer LONG HOLD to power on/off. V8 is quite a quiet wheel. Tesla is quieter though. KS is the noisiest. Silence is the best! Yes. V-series it TOO SLOW! No kick. Our on-foot sprinting speed is already about 30 kph, so a motor-aided device should be at least 50 kph-capable to be useful.
  11. I've used my Tesla for over a year. No issues. While I do not have the confidence to accelerate as hard as I want (for fear of cutout), I brake as hard as I want at lower speeds (at higher speeds, I brake more gently, fearing power demand may spike more than the motor can handle). Come to think of it, I should be able to accelerate as hard as I can since I'm able to brake as hard as I can without problem ... well, guess its a confidence thing. My top speed was 53 kph, and whenever I travel, I always cruise along at the Final Alarm i.e. + - 3 kph to 48 kph at higher battery levels. So far so good. My max. usable tire pressure is 40 psi. I've used my V8 for over 2 years now. No issues. With less power, I don't accelerate and brake as hard as I can. I moderate my effort with the speed the wheel is going at. InMotion has an alarm + tiltback system that tells me when I have should taper my effort. I always travel at the top speed of 30 kph. My max. usable tire pressure is 50 psi. I've used my Imitation China-made Airwheel X3 for nearly 3 years now. No issues. However, there was a memorable cutout, though it was rider's fault - with ~10% battery left, I did a series of hard pendulums before braking hard (& it cutout!). As this was my "learning wheel", this kind of mistake was to be expected. From using this wheel, I learn how to ride as hard as possible within the power limitations of each wheel at various battery levels.
  12. OBTW, like a front white light, the integrated speaker should have its diaphragm facing the front as well. This will help project the sound in front of the rider, and not to the sides.
  13. Hi, The least you could do is to allow me the satisfaction of "dreaming", right? SPEED While I'm having no illusions whatsoever that InMotion's next (or even next, next ...) wheel will be anywhere 60 kph-capable, I will continue to "dream" of an InMotion wheel with that capability. Why? Coz V8 is my first real EUC. Despite Tesla, V8 is still my favorite all-rounder wheel. V8 is just a well-balanced quality wheel. Since my V8, I've been looking for a 50 kph InMotion 2nd wheel. As that never happened, I got my Tesla. While it's true 60-70 kph is too dangerous, I still feel, given a good wheel, I can handle speeds in that range. Why? Tesla has shown me that 50+ kph is safe, stable and highly usable. The highest speed tested so far is 53 kph. Its 80% load (5 beeps/sec alarm - 48 kph at high batt. level) provided me with around 2+ hours of cruising fun at the limit, safely. No issue so far. While I won't speed on unfamiliar routes, on flat and familiar routes, my Tesla is very stable at top speeds. Thus, I know I want to cruise at even higher speeds. Looks like Gotway is the only way to go for my next wheel. [fyi, my top speed on a motorbike is 270 kph, and my top speed on a bicycle is 90 kph] In conclusion, I'm pretty sure the next InMotion flagship will likely have a 50 kph top speed max. Still, I continue to dream of a 60+ kph-capable InMotion wheel someday. If InMotion, King Song and Gotway all produced such a wheel, I will definitely choose InMotion over the other brands. NOISE (or lack of) For me, I prefer an EUC motor to be dead silent. For noise, motorbike's the way to go. Akrapovic all the way!
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