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Michelin City Pro - Tire. For Gotway Monster V3


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nice write up.  been eyeing the Monster V3 as my next wheel.  are you riding an 84 or 100V?  I am leaning towards the 84 because it is a better value proposition for the amount of battery included.  I can't seem to find much information about the performance comparing the 84 vs 100V or ride characteristics.  My thinking is they should be similar with the 100V having more top speed. There is a thread suggesting the 100V having a more robust control board but then it suggests the 84V is updated with it as well. 

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Nice job :) Looks really good, and far better than the stock tyre which to me always looked like it came off a 1915 Ford Model T. The square profile doesn't look like it has any place on a vehicle that leans! 

edit: @EUC GUY, does the City Pro have 'tubed' or 'tubeless' stamped anywhere on it? I have heard it is tubed, which may be why it feels quite plush. Most of the MC derived tyres are tubeless which is why they are pretty stiff. If the City Pro is meant to be run tubed it may be better for EUC use (although I do prefer the slick look of the Pilot Sport - but they are tubed...)

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