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  1. The practical "fun" speed is around 10 to 13 mph sustained. Above 15mph sustained starts to get stressful and fatiguing. Also it takes a lot more concentration on the ground's condition. I ride my MCM5 (14") fast and recklessly in low or no light, transitioning from street to sidewalk many times at 20 to 24 mph with little regard to the ground's condition. The MCM5's tire profile and composition is magical in that regard. The MTen3 however, requires careful observation and decision making every inch of the ride when traveling above 8mph. Also it looses some of its zippiness when the battery gets below 50%. Definite learning curve. Super fun. I bought mine as a toy and use it on family neighborhood walks. If you're up for the challenge, it can be used as a regular commuter though.
  2. I'm definitely interested in this wheel. It's weird and ugly but looks like it performs sharply. That rear light is great too! Also I would wait for U.S. riders to test and beta this thing for a few months before I would consider buying. I would hope for a thousand dollar price tag.
  3. In Wheelog App, set the battery range to 100v, not 84v or 67v.
  4. For United States customers, this wheel may be a good deal as it is hopefully made in and ships from Korea and therefore bypasses the current 25% Chinese tariffs in place.
  5. KS14X PLEASE! Same styling as KS16X just mini.
  6. 84V please! Higher voltage seems to have better responsiveness with Gotway wheels, not just higher top end. Also this endeavor seems a bit sketchy as the only change to reach 325wh is a different battery cell (perhaps of lower quality) to reach nearly half price. If the goal is to keep the factory working, a discount on the 512wh's would be preferable. The MTen3 already had a quality control problem with their battery packs...see @Marty Backe's MTen3 burned out video. That cut-off switch is a requirement on any new Gotway wheel, even the new 70lb monster has it!!!!
  7. The photo of the pedal is a rectangle shape (Nikola) pedal. But the shell of the MSX is cut out for the trapazoid/rombus shape of the MSX pedal. @stephen showed that using a Nikola pedal on an MSX will not lay flat against the cut out of the MSX shell. Does anyone have a photo of the new 100V 1860wh MSX shell? Perhaps it's cut to fit the Nikola pedals.
  8. Often, Jason at eWheels stocks many things not listed on the website. Just ask in an email to sales@ewheels.com.
  9. Tina from KS wrote that she "asked their engineers and they said 10A max charge rated". Although I agree with you that 10A is too much. I recently took apart some of my wheels and charging ports and while the battery packs and Mainboard are well built, the back of the charging ports have weak soldering and thin wires. Best to play it safe when charging...5A max at 84V. FYI to everyone: Amps x Volts equals Watts. Higher watts equals higher heat. Standard charger has 1.5 Amps x 84V equals 125 watts through the charging port and back wires. Two standard chargers puts 250 watts through. A Fast charger will put 420 watts though...careful now. At 6.5amps thats 545 watts. The power and heat is very high, so high two chargers are safer than one, yet the back of the charging ports are combined before they go to mainboard or BMS for power routing. Don't leave unattended.
  10. Also, if your wheel as a diode installed to prevent charging port shock (eWheels does this), the resistance added causes the charger to turn off a little earlier. None of my Gotway EUCs charge to 84.2V or 100.8V, even when I use my fancy Cycle Satiator battery charger.
  11. There're definitely toys. Complex 21st century toys with spinning rainbow lights that are impressive to ride and hard to master. I am undecided which direction I want legal labeling. On the one hand full legal vehicle status could lead the way for licensing, insurance, road respect, and faster wheels with no police avoidance. But on the other hand the "toy" status they enjoy now as a personal electric device in a legal grey area allows them to be ridden everywhere...everywhere you cannot operate a motorcycle or moped! The "toy" status allows all the trail and park riding most closely mimicking the social acceptance of e-bikes. Riding around in wearing capes, playing blaring loud music, using the rainbow LEDs, and wearing skateboarding helmets, wristguards, and pads adds to the social perception of "toy". Right now I enjoy the legal grey area of this "toy" that allows police in my area to simply look at me with puzzlement and move on without writing me a ticket or impounding my wheel.
  12. But a larger capacity battery will allow the wheel to ride longer at its higher speed without slowdown or tiltback.
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