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  1. Often, Jason at eWheels stocks many things not listed on the website. Just ask in an email to sales@ewheels.com.
  2. Tina from KS wrote that she "asked their engineers and they said 10A max charge rated". Although I agree with you that 10A is too much. I recently took apart some of my wheels and charging ports and while the battery packs and Mainboard are well built, the back of the charging ports have weak soldering and thin wires. Best to play it safe when charging...5A max at 84V. FYI to everyone: Amps x Volts equals Watts. Higher watts equals higher heat. Standard charger has 1.5 Amps x 84V equals 125 watts through the charging port and back wires. Two standard chargers puts 250 watts through. A Fast charger will put 420 watts though...careful now. At 6.5amps thats 545 watts. The power and heat is very high, so high two chargers are safer than one, yet the back of the charging ports are combined before they go to mainboard or BMS for power routing. Don't leave unattended.
  3. Also, if your wheel as a diode installed to prevent charging port shock (eWheels does this), the resistance added causes the charger to turn off a little earlier. None of my Gotway EUCs charge to 84.2V or 100.8V, even when I use my fancy Cycle Satiator battery charger.
  4. There're definitely toys. Complex 21st century toys with spinning rainbow lights that are impressive to ride and hard to master. I am undecided which direction I want legal labeling. On the one hand full legal vehicle status could lead the way for licensing, insurance, road respect, and faster wheels with no police avoidance. But on the other hand the "toy" status they enjoy now as a personal electric device in a legal grey area allows them to be ridden everywhere...everywhere you cannot operate a motorcycle or moped! The "toy" status allows all the trail and park riding most closely mimicking the social acceptance of e-bikes. Riding around in wearing capes, playing blaring loud music, using the rainbow LEDs, and wearing skateboarding helmets, wristguards, and pads adds to the social perception of "toy". Right now I enjoy the legal grey area of this "toy" that allows police in my area to simply look at me with puzzlement and move on without writing me a ticket or impounding my wheel.
  5. But a larger capacity battery will allow the wheel to ride longer at its higher speed without slowdown or tiltback.
  6. Wow! Is that paint, or did it burn your hand?
  7. Were you riding with the LED ring lights on. I have found, for some reason, ALL of my negative interactions with people have been on devices that have the LEDs on; Ninebot One E+, Mten3, KS18XL, Monster. The moment I cover-up or turn them off, I never again have any bad interactions with people. I guess the lights make people think you're a trouble maker or on some silly toy. Kids love the lights, but not adults.
  8. ...says the guy with a cape!
  9. I like all these new electric devices. E-Bikes, scooters, EUCs, E-Skateboards,One Wheel...all are great fun. When I was a new EUC rider, I only rode in empty parking lots for weeks, then only when and where cars were not. I think riding with or near traffic is expert level, and should be done only after months of learning and riding on empty streets. The Nikola is not a starter wheel; the weight, power, price, shell design and electrical problems are all characteristics of an expert wheel for someone with expert skill and knowledge of these devices. I started with a Ninebot One E+, $600 on eBay brand new. It's cheap, safe, light, maneuverable, durable, and will not let you go break neck speed before your ready. Its side-walk friendly, backyard party toy friendly and 7-eleven friendly too. It makes for a good learner and hand-me-down to other learners. Whether your learning to drive, ride a motorcycle, or learning an EUC, beginners should never start with an expensive, high-end device!
  10. It's meant for two standard chargers, 1.5A each (3 amp) total. Although Tina from KingSong quoted 10A total okay to charge. Why chance fire just to save time. Many weak links in the charging chain. Tiny wires in BMS and backside of charging port is susceptible to weak solder. 10A is just theoretically safe under perfect brand new conditions.
  11. Big MOSFETs, Big thermal pad. Looks great! Does the fan spin?
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