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  1. I like all these new electric devices. E-Bikes, scooters, EUCs, E-Skateboards,One Wheel...all are great fun. When I was a new EUC rider, I only rode in empty parking lots for weeks, then only when and where cars were not. I think riding with or near traffic is expert level, and should be done only after months of learning and riding on empty streets. The Nikola is not a starter wheel; the weight, power, price, shell design and electrical problems are all characteristics of an expert wheel for someone with expert skill and knowledge of these devices. I started with a Ninebot One E+, $600 on eBay brand new. It's cheap, safe, light, maneuverable, durable, and will not let you go break neck speed before your ready. Its side-walk friendly, backyard party toy friendly and 7-eleven friendly too. It makes for a good learner and hand-me-down to other learners. Whether your learning to drive, ride a motorcycle, or learning an EUC, beginners should never start with an expensive, high-end device!
  2. It's meant for two standard chargers, 1.5A each (3 amp) total. Although Tina from KingSong quoted 10A total okay to charge. Why chance fire just to save time. Many weak links in the charging chain. Tiny wires in BMS and backside of charging port is susceptible to weak solder. 10A is just theoretically safe under perfect brand new conditions.
  3. Big MOSFETs, Big thermal pad. Looks great! Does the fan spin?
  4. Given this particular situation right now with the Nikolas, it is not a beginners wheel. Too much risk and technicalities to check and test for a brand new rider. The KS18XL is great beginners wheel! So is the KS16S. Remember, your first wheel always gets thrashed...a $1000 wheel is better than a $2000 in the beginning.
  5. It's like looking down the barrel of a loaded gun!
  6. It depends, if the board is old stock from the old 84V Monster, it has the old small MOSFETs. Many people have blown these old boards on camera.
  7. @Marty Backe and @Dzlchef a joint ride up those same hills would be killer!!!!! Before and after photos of the board would be great. And monitoring temperatures and amps too. Although rider weight differences and ride style will diminish the scientific nature of this experiment a little. ONLY DO THIS FOR FUN, NO COMMUNITY PRESSURE. Even if the "old" board survives, I wouldn't ever trust it, especially if I knew better boards were available.
  8. This is the only sensible outcome. You are the highest profile North American Gotway rider with a very big forum and YouTube presence. For their newest high performance wheel to fail spectacularly on camera by their biggest cheerleader and to discover the glue and small 2017 MOSFETs was a serious gut punch to their marketing. Many of us explicitly wait for your tests and thoughts to influence our purchase decisions. Of course, now if you truly love Gotway and this Nicola, you have to run it up those hills again and give us the all-clear to purchase!
  9. Have you opened-up your replacement board and looked for glue?!!!
  10. Management of unskilled labor is difficult in industries that are time and cost sensitive. Rushed work that needs to be completed by a deadline at low cost often leads to scary unsafe workmanship in construction (SF Transit Center closure), automotive (gas pedal/ airbag recalls), and even aerospace (Boeing 737-MAX software). Even top notch companies like Apple have their "BendGate" manufacturing moments. Proper management, training and quality control is far too expensive for this hobby. If you want aerospace grade products, you must pay aerospace grade prices....how about a flawless wheel for $20,000! Remember we pay western retail prices plus tariffs, real "cost/value" of these wheels built and sold in China is a few hundred USD. Compared to the thousands we pay, we expect a lot, and compared to all the problems manufacturers produce, we might want to look at the bigger picture and lower our trust and jubilation of new products without a track record. I think it would be most helpful for consumers to put more trust in an individual model of wheel, rather than a particular manufacturer. Comparing a KS14b to a KS18L is night and day difference, even though they are both built by the same company.
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