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  1. Ha! I just ride there, I live in an apartment at the bottom of the hills with everyone else.
  2. When I first got my KS18L (my first performance wheel), I really liked the sound. First batch KS18L is louder than current KS18XL's. I thought the sound was futuristic and gave me a sense of going faster than I really am. But now after 10 wheels (including my 100v dead silent Monster), I find the loud whine a bit gimmicky and needless. Much like these lame BMW's and Benz's around my neighborhood who tune their cars with loud mufflers and added back-fire pops because they want the attention. Many Teslas (cars) around here zip around at higher speeds and get away with it because they're quiet. I ride exclusively at night and often in the quiet affluent hills of Silicon Valley. Sometimes I like to sail though the winding paved mountain roads with no lights and no sound. Just the moon light, wild life, and wind! It was 80 degrees (F) here yesterday at midnight in the mountains. The high whine gives me a bit of anxiety if I am just creeping along starring at the stars at 10MPH. Peaceful sunset rides with the least amount of distractions is where my mind is at these days.
  3. I just got back from a night ride with my KS18XL. I've been riding my Gotways a lot recently. The 18L/XL is much more sensitive to accelerate (less leaning force required) than Gotways. This sensitive acceleration makes the slowing of acceleration more apparent. These stupid KingSongs are sooooo loud. That high pitch whine is maddening on a quiet still night. Really looking forward to them addressing this loud issue on the 16X...that will be the main reason I buy one and sell my KS18XL.
  4. Yeah, I thought his account got hacked!
  5. The issue is not top speed reduction, but a noticeable drop in acceleration at any speed, even from stopped.
  6. Yes, definitely not as responsive near the 50% range for the KS18L. I haven't detected this behavior in the XL yet, although I haven't ridden nearly as much as the 18L. I also have yet to experience the sharp tilt-back on the XL like I did on the 18L.
  7. FINALLY someone else acknowledges that the KS18L handles better than the KS18XL. I sold my KS18L to buy an XL and I noticed right away that although it had many improvements, it was not balanced like the KS18L, which is a masterpiece and absolutely becomes an extension of your body. You know the problem with waiting for testers' opinions is that you never really know how a wheel feels until you own one for yourself. I would have never known about the handling difference between the 18L and 18XL until I bought them both. The 16X could perform like an 18XL, but handle like an 18L. There's only one way to tell about the 16X...buy it and compare!
  8. I have found that the tire is the single biggest contributor to ride quality on an EUCs and e-Scooters, in large part because of the shock absorbing characteristics. This became most notable to me when I switched from a KS18L (Kenda Gator Tire) to KS18XL (CST or Chao Yang Tire). The Kenda was very stiff and rough pavement vibrations were unpleasant and unseen road dips/bumps were jarring. The CST/Chao Yang alleviated the rough pavement vibrations and surprise dips/bumps were not as sharp. The KS18L was like a dirt bike and the KS18XL was like an SUV. I liked both of these riding experiences depending on my mood. Tire chemistry, height of tire wall and tire width play a large noticeable role in passive ride suspension and I would expect advancements in the tire to be the fastest and cheapest solution for EUCs instead of expensive, clunky active forms. Suspension whether active or passive still has to be managed by the rider by leg control or you could be trampolined off any thing with suspension. If you stand in the middle of a longboard and jump up and down like on a trampoline, you can see and feel the effects of that type of suspension. Yet when you ride that board at speed you manage the board by leg control and foot placement to take advantage of the suspension and not become victim to it. In general most wheeled devices that move fast do better with some form of suspension, passive or active.
  9. Oh, I just meant different wheels, not necessarily a single adjusting one, although that does sound intriguing. Suspension could take some of the challenge of riding away and become boring like a bicycle. It could also be the key break-though to freeway speeds and road legal EUCs.
  10. I could use both wheels with suspension and without. Sometimes I want the heavy battlecruiser, and other times I want tight, stiff manual response. EUC's have so much room for improvement.
  11. Those twilight hours are magic!
  12. When I get a Nikola I will unplug the BT speaker. I don't like the chime and I don't listen to music while riding. Maybe this chime while only be on this early shipment.
  13. How is the headlight? And is there a loud chime sound when the wheel is turned off as well? Sorry for all the questions. Your input (time/effort/opinions) is highly valued and appreciated!!!
  14. Is the responsiveness (Stiffness) of the Nikola as stiff as the MSX?
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