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  1. I tried to pay for the premium version, not because I need any of the premium features, but because I wanted to support @Seba. But when I selected PayPal for payment method, I received a warning that by submitting payment I would be authorizing a third party company "Dotpay.pl" to process my payment and track my personal data and payment history. I do not like this and will not give any authorization to my money other than Paypal and Sebastian.
  2. Initially, the Mten3 came with a tube, then about a year into production they switched to tubeless. Then in mid 2020 it was discovered that the sealant used to mount and maintain pressure in the tubeless tire caused "premature erosion" of the rim, hall sensor and windings, so they switch back to tube type tires now.
  3. Many people said the same about 30mph 6 years ago. In the next ten years improvements in software, battery tech, and suspension will definitely allow for safe seated riding at 65mph.
  4. Here are the facts of my Gotway MSP-HT 2500w Motor/1800wh Battery for sale in the SF Bay Area ($1250) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in May of 2020. In February 2021 the original control board stopped responding to the power button and would randomly turn on/off the wheel's fans and lights and motor (not while moving). This wheel was sent to eWheels to be inspected and repaired. eWheels provided a new control board with the most recent firmware. This wheel is still covered by the eWheels warranty until May 2021. It has approx. 9
  5. Na, it was so long ago. I didn't even understand these wheels very well. I thought that it was somehow my fault that I was just not "saving" the setting correctly so I just ignored rider settings. Gotway does so many weird things with their secret software. Because they include quiet upgrades and changes to each new batch of wheels they produce, I'm not even sure that what would have worked for me a few years ago would work for you now.
  6. I had a Luffy that would never tiltback and never give speed warnings except the final 5 beeps near cut-off, no matter the setting or app I used. Also, I had a Gen.1 Mten3 that would never keep the "strong" setting in ride mode, it always defaulted to "weak/easy" every time I turned the wheel on, again no if I used Gotway's app, Darknessbot, or Wheelog.
  7. All of the Gotway fire problems can be discovered right here on this forum. Over this past year, there have been many (a lot), especially compared to all the KingSong and Inmotion fires. Fire emergency planning should definitely be considered for all wheels, and not just for wheels that have known higher risk. High wattage lithium-ion batteries present a special risk regardless of the type of device they are in.
  8. Thanks very much for your offer @Jpd, however I already have many offers on this wheel.
  9. Here are the facts of my Gotway MCM5v1 84V/800wh for sale in the SF Bay Area for ($550) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in March of 2019. It has 603 miles on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's and buzzer work correctly. Comes with original box, original sidepads, neoprene ankle pads, original charger and user
  10. Hi Chris, I have an MCM5 V1 that I will be posting for sale or trade tomorrow. I haven't checked the odometer but I think my wheel has around 200 miles on it and like all my wheels it has never been in a crash. I have the original box and charger and I can post photos tomorrow. Did you purchase your KS16S from eWheels?
  11. Thank you to everyone interested in my Gotway MTen3 for sale, it has now been sold.
  12. Thank you very much for your interest and fast offer Shane, but I have several local offers that came before yours. Thank you again!!!
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