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  1. Thank you to everyone interested in my Gotway MTen3 for sale, it has now been sold.
  2. Thank you very much for your interest and fast offer Shane, but I have several local offers that came before yours. Thank you again!!!
  3. Here are the facts of my Gotway Mten3 84V/512whr for sale in the SF Bay Area for ($450) *SOLD*: I am the original owner and I purchased this wheel from eWheels in January of 2020. It has 363 miles on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash, ridden off-road or in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's and buzzer work correctly. Comes with original box, original charger and user manual. This sale will be for lo
  4. This is where EUCs are superior to any other device. I do 35mph for 30 minutes with traffic with my helmet on until I get to the beautiful oak tree lined hills on a single lane road. Then I slow to 12mph and hold my helmet. No rumble of a motor, no windshield, I can just stop to observe the deer or turkeys. I don't even have to look forward. That instant connection to nature is pure bliss!
  5. Hey @AtlasP, no disrespect intended, I'm just thinking of some ideas here. If you are providing access to your aggregated information free of charge, are you collecting any ad revenue. If not, perhaps @Jimmy Changcan offer you some of his website ad revenue. Some money is better than no money. Or perhaps if you have another goal, like subscribers or email lists, perhaps he can offer his patrons's contact info in exchange. Does he state that he created or maintains the list? Again no disrespect, I'm just an average EUC rider giving my own perspective of the described situation. Information
  6. I do the same (stroller for 16 month old), but just on city streets so far. The stroller I use is a Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle (3 wheel). I use my KS16X. I started with Mten3 and stroller, but had a brown-out trying to go over a crease in the sidewalk from a stand-still. I then tried my KS16S and that was much better but that wheel makes a high-pitch whine that bothered me and the tire is a little paltry for me and the stroller. The KS16X is perfect. Very maneuverable at low speed (I only go between 8 and 10 mph on the sidewalk), dead silent, big planted tire, and the firmware is incredible w
  7. I went from an MSX 84V to a Nikola 100V to an MSP-HT over a one year period. The difference in paved mountain road and paved long flat roads and paved fast stop and go city traffic is definitely noticeable in each wheel. The MSX 84V gave me beeps at 30 mph at 50% battery and became sluggish in stop and go traffic and I could do paved mountain roads at 25mph on 100% battery before the pedals became unresponsive. Noticeable pedal dips on extreme turns with inclines. The Nikola 100V never felt slow in stop and go traffic even at 30% and I never got beeps from it even at 35mph at 50%. I
  8. I want the EX as being produced right now just without the suspension. I ride in the Santa Cruz Mountain Range and lower foothills where the slopes can be short and choppy with lots of tight turns and also long straight aways and long steep inclines. The MSP-HT is amazingly up to the challenge! It is one thing to experience its acceleration on flat ground in the city (which is its own thrill), but the high torque motor's strength is instantly apparent in the mountains where I can easily ride wildly fast for 2 hours and still come back home at 45% under load. In the mountains it's better to mea
  9. It seem Veteran isn't just a regular competitor to Gotway, perhaps they represent the silver bullet that slays the performance king. It's one thing to pursue former employees who go rogue, but to spend the time and money on patent legal fights shows just how much of a threat Veteran is. I guess Gotway's route to go to the courtroom instead of the engineering lab to beat Veteran shows in their resent product quality and design choices. I wonder how Jason at eWheels fits into this puzzle?
  10. Thats an interesting business arrangement for a retailer to pay a direct fee to a patent holder. Imagine if BestBuy or Amazon had to pay every patent holder they retailed! WOW!
  11. How does it handle at top speed compared to the stock tire?
  12. @Eucnewbie, amazing story and turn of fate. Thanks for posting! Good luck with your next wheel.
  13. @EMA, can you give us your personal opinion on how the RS19-HT compares to MSP-HT in terms of torque, smoothness, motor sound and range?
  14. Thank you @TheMasterSword for considering my KS16S offer, however it has now been sold!
  15. Hi @Ralph Furman, welcome to this EUC Forum! Is there a specific day and time this week that is good for you to take a look at my KS16S for sale? Have you ridden an EUC before?
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