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  1. The Nikola is just a wide wheel overall, even though it may taper slightly at the top. If you really enjoy the float feeling and are feeling brave, you can NOT install any side pads on the Nikola. Its shell is very smooth and the wheel is very heavy so you have to really understand the balance of the wheel to operate it with just your feet. Also, at high speed with a heavy wheel and small diameter wheel, leg stability and a "locked-in" feel is very important. Of corse there is always some wheel wizard that can do the seemingly impossible, so the gyro-effect and wild ride of 40mph on a 16 inch wheel with no pads for grip may only SEEM impossible.
  2. In the KS Softuner iOS app you can adjust the degree for cut-off all the way up to 70deg and all the way off on the KS16S and the KS16X.
  3. Truly incredible work @Chronic...BRAVO!!!
  4. Great photos!!! I just pre-orded the C30! Those RGB LEDs look pretty cool and the internal wiring looks clean. I hope you can post good photos of the EX when you get that too!
  5. Early combinations of board versions and certain FW versions lacked sufficient torque in both accel/decel situations. Also all the other factors are relevant as well, like: temperature, your riding weight, age and history of the wheel, etc... Don't ride around cars until you figure out what happened.
  6. Yeah, LA normal... were some times the old guys wear capes and carry 10 foot lances upon their one-wheeled steed along the beach.
  7. Hey @Marty Backe, you once said the tire that comes with the Nikola/MSP is your favorite ( mine too), do you think the MSP's tire would be good on the Sherman?
  8. Can't use heatpipes because of vibration, curbs/stairs and crashes.
  9. On high performance computer motherboards the temperature is taken from several sensors located in strategic places across the whole board, I wish they took that approach. And I wish for a wire temperature sensor like Eddie Moy did with his MSX, although it turned out that normal aggressive riding did not strain the wires in the MSX.
  10. Dude, this photo of the saddle off makes this contraption look like the worst ball-busting torture device ever!
  11. Why is "boring" a bad word. I felt my KS18L/XL wheels were very exciting when I first started wheeling 2 years ago. Now they feel boring and too easy with no personality. My Monster also became too boring. The XL and Monster were super reliable and safe, both amazing wheels. But I want excitement and challenge. 35mph on the Monster was boring, 35mph on the Nikola is wild. Sidewalk cruzing with the XL in tight spaces was big and boring too, a switch to KS16X is super fun in the same setting. Boring is personal and changes over time. The V11 may be boring, but if it can provide a calm seated ride and painless trolling experience, it can still have a place in an advance rider's stable.
  12. Thank you everyone who was interested in my wheel, but it has now been sold.
  13. Here are the facts of my Gotway Nikola 100V 1845wh (18650 cells) for sale in SF Bay Area for $1250 (SOLD): I am the original owner and I purchased this EUC from eWheels.com in February of 2020. It has 1424 miles (2292km) on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash or ridden in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's, speakers, buzzer and trolley handle work correctly. Comes with original box, charger, user manual and pads. This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.
  14. I use the stock charger on FW2.02 and my wheel beeps all the time when charging, mostly when full or near full. But also hours after charging too.
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