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  1. Why is "boring" a bad word. I felt my KS18L/XL wheels were very exciting when I first started wheeling 2 years ago. Now they feel boring and too easy with no personality. My Monster also became too boring. The XL and Monster were super reliable and safe, both amazing wheels. But I want excitement and challenge. 35mph on the Monster was boring, 35mph on the Nikola is wild. Sidewalk cruzing with the XL in tight spaces was big and boring too, a switch to KS16X is super fun in the same setting. Boring is personal and changes over time. The V11 may be boring, but if it can provide a calm seated ride and painless trolling experience, it can still have a place in an advance rider's stable.
  2. Thank you everyone who was interested in my wheel, but it has now been sold.
  3. Here are the facts of my Gotway Nikola 100V 1845wh (18650 cells) for sale in SF Bay Area for $1250 (SOLD): I am the original owner and I purchased this EUC from eWheels.com in February of 2020. It has 1424 miles (2292km) on it and the battery charges to 100%. It has never been dropped, in a crash or ridden in the rain. It has never needed a tire change, maintenance or repair. There are no abnormal creaks, rubbing sounds or vibrations. All of the LED's, speakers, buzzer and trolley handle work correctly. Comes with original box, charger, user manual and pads. This sale will be for local pick-up/drop-off only and payment will be through PayPal only.
  4. I use the stock charger on FW2.02 and my wheel beeps all the time when charging, mostly when full or near full. But also hours after charging too.
  5. I ride fast and aggressive in paved mountain terrain where standing is preferred, but getting to the mountains can sometimes require long straight riding where seated gets you better milage. I think suspension could be nice for seated long rides. I might even lock-out the suspension once I get into the mountains if I don't get the right feedback. I recently got an MSP and it came with a newer and more stiff seat made of foam. I also have an old MSX seat with older softer foam. The difference in ride experience over rough pavement is very noticeable when seated and I think it would be even better with suspension.
  6. The new Veteran is on eWheels for $1000 less than this Monster Pro quote, but it has the same battery. What will Gotway offer that is worth $1000? Lights? Speaker? Seat? Mudguard?....Extra glue on MOSFETS!? Who will buy a $4000 first batch wheel with the most silly build quality flaws like misaligned tires, or spare pieces of wood for shims, random sized screws holding the board or fan, pedals with mismatched angles, used 21700 batteries, oscillation in firmware, fires!? It would be no surprise if the next reviewer opened the New Monster Pro for inspection and found a dead rat used to hold the batteries from bouncing around. The performance had better be epic to compete with the Sherman...but I fear it will be just a little bit better, then I'll have to decide if the law of diminishing returns is worth the pursuit of Gotway's performance lead.
  7. WOOOOOOOOOW!!!!!! I'm really looking forward to this wheel. But for nearly $4000 it has to have amazing performance and build quality. Like 55mph with suspension and moto headlights and indicators. From the current photos it looks like a boring rehash and will probably have Gotway quality on the inside. The Sherman has a more fresh look and take on what riders want with a much more acceptable price.
  8. Why is it so hard to actually have soft for the "OG" swingers, medium for noobs, and hard for brickwall lovers. Simple. This is definitely my single issue for this wheel. I need those pedals flat at all times. The MSP is king in that regard! That new Monster Pro video shows perfectly flat pedals going up an incline, then immediately down stairs with zero effect to angle...can't wait!!!
  9. Yeah, me too. FedEx misses by a day or a week. I always redirect to local FedEx office and pick-up in person.
  10. eWheels.com carries 3 versions: 67V at 420wh with disengage motor button and top speed of 19mph 84V at 325wh with disengage motor button and top speed of 23mph 84V at 512wh without disengage motor button and top speed of 23mph
  11. A "Google Search" is not any sort of scientific measure (of nicheness). Using any Google product will yield highly targeted results by design as it synthesizes what you "want to see" based on which web browser your using, past searches, your geographical location, your G-mail content, your social media activity (including this forum) and a mix of advertisers' paid content and data tracking activity monitor partners (like your internet provider).
  12. Everything negative said about EUC riders can be said about scooter riders, e-bike riders, bicyclists, car drivers and motorcyclists. I drive a minivan with my family on the freeway in the slow lane at 5mph below the speed limit. The amount of cars and SUVs who speed around me or shoot across 3 lanes of traffic at 80mph to exit are too many to count. Who is banning any car that can travel above the speed limit. I walk the beautiful trails along the bay with rude cyclists moving at 22 mph next to my 1 year old. Who is banning these reckless people. Who's enforcing laws nowadays anyways?!
  13. With one wheel, we balance on cheap Chinese toys with enough lithium to level an apartment building at 40mph next to cars, trucks and buses that can crush us in the blink of an eye....yeah, EUC riders all batsh1t crazy. I personally try to avoid any type of confrontation at all. I am so identifiable as I am one of just a few riders in a 25 mile radius of my house. Today there was a large vehicle accident in-front of my condo and police were directing traffic. My city is so small only 3 police vehicle remain on-duty at any one time and all 3 were at this accident and they all saw me wheel right up to my building. Pretty simple...if there's a problem with a "guy on one wheel" they know were to find me. I feel like an ambassador and obey all traffic laws as to not draw any negative attention or questions. I find it very easy to be anti-social with a full face helmet in residential and urban environments and at night in the mountains all my confrontations are with animals!
  14. That new Veteran wheel is cuttin' off everywhere!!!!
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