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  1. Imagine if future motorcycle can have the EUc wheel built into its front tire Quick release and go. Braking regen the battery. Removal of wheel prevents theft. BMW needs to patent!
  2. Custom tube rack. Have the euc so it rests on the pedal hangers. Notches so it doesn’t move forward backwards. Maybe a stud on the hanger to mechanically fasten and then no need for straps. Would look pro!
  3. I think customized Gotway wheels … documented battery upgrades. Candy shells, bespoke parts, and waterproofing upgrades. i read that Gotway boards aren’t fussy with having a data signal to a proprietary BMS. This means it’s easier to connect batteries and have the wheel working in 10 years time… good luck getting V11 batteries made. say someone put EX suspension onto a Monster Pro and had a cage on it. $$$$$ Kuji Rolls signed RS Torque with a pair of his sneakers.
  4. The culture of a scooter rider and EUC rider is more similar than dissimilar. Major news topics like the actor getting hit and run by a escooter is relevant to EUC riders as we occupy the same physical space and commercial space and judged by the same public opinion… an opinion which eventually can influence policy makers. My opinion is if the city were to clamp down on PEV users …. That it would be EUC users getting axed before escooters even though its escooters causing accidents! Escooters have larger lobbying power. They are safer by design. If there’s pressure to limit the stre
  5. They get all those items as a first batch or just one of the items?
  6. In the topic of public opinion and future safety regulations, these are in the same category. Electric motorized vehicle that the public is using more and more on public spaces. The same shops sell the EUC and Scooters! Youtubers will often market EUC and escooters. Group rides will often have both types of users riding similar routes. The only difference is that there’s more escooters on the roads. The speeds and momentum is also very similar.
  7. Ninebot Max for me was one year ago in June 2020. I am now on my third EUC and first ebike. Max has few hundred kms. EUC combined 4000km. Few hundred on the ebike. I feel ebike is good for performance and safety. EUC just wins for convenience and fun riding. It is more dangerous cause of bumps, reliance on self balance electronics. It takes a while to develop ability to ride tight lines. Observation is similar to bicycle but less ability to react to sudden emergency maneuvers like braking. For me, EUC requires a happy mood and not being rushed. EUC on a vetted path with good weathe
  8. Just under 2 months owning this agile beast. Its at 1300km. I really like it alot and was really hoping it would be a wheel I can still cheat on sidewalks with. Go slow on. I found it can do the slow stuff and the street cruising and the gravel trails. Yup, lifting it into the car is somewhat cumbersome but manageable with some planning and practice.
  9. 22mm or 7/8” diameter. At the bends it’s not very consistent in diameter. the finish is ok. My anodized aluminum fittings do scuff up the finish as I twist them around the tubes. It was holding up but now there are scratches down to bare metal. Lots of ways to dress it up. Grip tapes, vinyl wraps, sand and paint, or shrink wrap comes in many sizes and colours.
  10. Maybe when doing periodic xray inspection of the pedals/pedal hangers…. Scan the rim at the same time.
  11. V10F is pretty easy once get a good experience of removing the side covers. Can also easily mod the side covers and not have to remove pedals. 1. take pedals off 2. remove side covers 3. Open the controller cover, unplug motor wire which is in a harness so just one connector! 4. Remove bolts holding pedal hangers to shell. thats it, the shell lifts off in one piece to reveal the motor/wheel. No snaking of wires.
  12. Ordered a Sherman in January and arrived in April. Ordered a V10F in August and Arrived in October. No taxes or duties even though they didn’t promise anything except that most don’t get dinged. China to Vancouver. Tracking was non existent except the last days and then it just gets left at the door both times. No signature. That felt risky.
  13. I ordered these cause they are 22mm. Will be here soon and hopefully they work out. C$ 20.99 16% Off | Universal Adjustable Tube Bull Bar Roll Bar Tube Cage Mount Brackets Clamps for Off Road Offroad Led Light Bar Work Driving Lamp https://a.aliexpress.com/_mNYg897
  14. Comparing V8F 2.125” wide tire and the V10F 2.5” tire ... made a huge difference in stability feel. Now Sherman at 3” wide and 20” diameter, is on another level yet. but they are still unicycle on a small contact patch so relatively nimble. Hard to explain but I feel the Sherman is quite capable. V10F is still nice but when it’s a tighter space. The V12 being 3” wide is likely morestable than the V10F. Not exactly sure if the diameter will add to it in stability but the diameter helps with dampening bumps for sure.
  15. Tube bending is an art! Love it
  16. The device he used has a voltage regulator inside. It’s converting the 12v of the Sherman front port to 5v for the USB :
  17. It has to be patent legal issues preventing more companies to make these devices. Self balancing robotics is like first year level stuff in college. There are kids who given the resources, can scale up their lego projects to EUC levels. we are likely biased as EUC riders. Car owners already have a means of transportation. Cyclists are getting fit. Skateboarding has a lifestyle. Scooters got government support and taking up global manufacturing. So how big of a market is adult incomes who can have time to roam around the streets and not for health reasons? parents don’t want their kid
  18. Less than 9 months w 3000kms. Find a hill and drill it. Like spend hour just start stop start stop.
  19. I like having a cushion near the top of the wheel. Otherwise I like accelerating from leaning. The small Sherman pads are perfect for me. The bumps only as reference points. Braking has been ok maybe a bit more of a bump for e braking but I like having nothing impeding the front and just a bit of grip from the cushion.
  20. I ordered from AliExpress in Jan 20, 2021. Hard to say when it shipped out since tracking was iffy. I received it about 2 weeks ago in April 2021. I put some calipers on the rim and it shows 60mm wide. It is a red button model.
  21. I weigh 205 lbs. first charge got me 117 kms till one bar beeping and experienced the tilt. Second charge 120 kms.
  22. Done a transit safety course and the craziness on escalators is unbelievable. Probably best to turn the Sherman off.
  23. Still prevention if the perp is getting notified that something near him is being tracked. Also if the airtag ecosystem works as advertised, Will be able to ping it and at least see its location.
  24. Will there be a hidden compartment for an Apple airtag to be installed? Nows the time to add that. also, no gopro mount yet? Come on!
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