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  1. Sherman has a mudflap accessory for a while now. It seems to be functional and snaps on and off quite well. Sherman does have a updated control panel mold. The buttons are now red colour and at the ewheels they claim the new mold Will have black buttons. Hopefully the new mould means better waterproofing. The most pressing issue to follow up on is the tire falling off the rim.
  2. I was thinking electro magnets in the pedals and a metal plate on a shoe. Electro magnets w 10-20kg holding strength are just $10 on Amazon. For safety, maybe a sensor installed that puts the kill switch on the magnet when the wheel is at a certain angle. To activate the magnet, I was thinking a switch on the power pad a when rider is leaning forward and with a slight squeeze on the body. I was thinking electro magnets in the pedals and a metal plate on a shoe. Electro magnets w 10-20kg holding strength are just $10 on Amazon. For safety, maybe a sensor installed that puts the kill switch o
  3. I try to go on a 10-20km roll through my neighbourhood. I slowly explore paths on free casual days and add it to the potential rides I can go on that suit the timeframe. I think I do this 1-2 times a week. Its winter here so finding a time after work is rare. I think I would like to do a rise every evening if I can. I am considering to ride to work or even finding a job that can be off a bicycle path!
  4. There’s a new China version Monster V3 selling now on AliExpress with “2700wh” M50T battery.
  5. Likely for healthy lifestyle. Yunaan has always been popular for domestic Chinese tourism. It has blue skies and favourable “spring” weather for most of the year. Kunming capital is now a tier 2 city and with it alot of new economic focus that benefits the entire region. With the new airport in Kunming, it interestingly has approved direct flights to YVR (Vancouver) of all places. Kuji obviously has a private life outside EUC. I am kind of curious too why the move and what official work he does for any EUC manufacturers.
  6. From where he is, he could ride to Thailand with that kind of range! Kuji’s riding ability is on another level. His original Sherman video makes the wheel look like it can handle offroad, jumps, speed, agility. But yeah, definitely waiting on a Kuji video thats for sure.
  7. You could just connect the three to each posts. Then turn on the wheel. If anything is abnormal, just swap 2 of the wires and it will operate like normal.
  8. Where do you see info on the new panel?
  9. Weight - the weight also defines its stable ride characteristics. Its actually not bad for a quick lift in traffic. Just not to carry it for distances. Price - it is $800 more than InMotion V11 but with more than double the battery. No suspension - still on the fence about suspension because it adds simplicity. The rim is definitely an issue that needs to be addressed. The light connectors shouldn’t be unplugged if powered on. Only unplug when powered off the machine. I agree, I would be excited to buy Veteran Sherman in 2021 if they update the
  10. This is good stuff. Thanks for sharing this! Just got a V10F and will try this out.
  11. Hmmm, a larger wheel with their existing shell would also solve the ground clearance issue and also the cage coming close to curbs. I definitely would be interested in a Vereran frame on a 22” wheel
  12. Are the honey comb pedals included in the MonsterPro? Seems every online video has them installed already. braking... can firmware fix this? feel of the wheel likely can change dramatically with different tires. a weak rim structure is very concerning. What are rims made of? Are they like bicycle rims or motorcycle? Never paid much attention... but will start to when looking at EUC. Begode should just do a UStride and start making pedal hangers with a detachable attachment point below the pedals for a cage to be outfitted. An accessory market to boost revenue.
  13. Or how about the suspension is in the wheel itself? https://loopwheels.com https://bikerumor.com/2016/05/20/softwheel-fluent-suspends-bike-wheels/
  14. People wanted modular and now they have it. Buy a Monster Pro and get 4x batteries. Get an Empty EXN ... put three packs in for EXN and put 2 packs in for RS. take the rim off the Monster Pro and put the motor in the EX shell for a non suspension EX. Buy the suspension brackets and have a EX. Put them on the Monster and have a suspension Monster i am interested in the EXN and then finding a used Monster 22” motor and picking up a V3 control board for a 2700wh Monster V3 in a EX body.
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