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  1. One of the most amazed people out there goto be the small kids who are in the act of learning how to ride a bike. Seeing someone just stand there on a single wheel. Most of them stare with there mouth open, id do the same if i where them. haha
  2. With the officer on your side, sweet
  3. Its a more stable and pleasant ride. The only thing to be aware of is that its more curved, so at low speeds, its possible to spin around when doing a quick turn, should the tire ride over some gravel. I used it for about 1 week before i put it away for the season, but here is the info you might be interested in. x More stable than stock tire x More dampening than stock tire, the texture of the road is more or less gone x Rides more upright than stock tire, easier to ride on tilted sidewalks x with stiffer sidewalls, it can handle lower pressures without the downside of feeling lo
  4. Its easy, just use the 3v signal that drives the buzzer, to activate the gate of a mosfet.
  5. This is the Michelin City Pro tire. I bought it after i ran a flat for the 2nd time, might as well try something new. Wow! what a facelift What i noticed right away was that the rubber and sidewalls where much stiffer, this makes it possible for me to ride with even lower PSI and get the same dampening, while keeping the same control as with the stock tire. So by default, i use around 30/35 psi, now i could get away with just 20 psi. 1st thought from the first few meters of rolling, "damn this is smooth" Almost no sound from the tire at all, and it felt planted solid to the g
  6. I have gone without a fan in my GW Monster the entire summer, it doesn't matter much, the max heat reported stays around the same. The only difference is how quickly it cools down again. A fan internally could never remove the heat generated by its own, that's why the entire backplate is aluminium and have rills on it, on the outside. Could be that some of the other components generate heat tho, like the psu for the low voltages, the components would also last longer if kept cooler, so there's that as well
  7. Please take some photos of the internals also. i really need to see whats changed. new pcb layout perhaps, better cooling.. anything O:)
  8. Only 4 more in stock. Micro RGB Controller for the GW MSX wheels.

  9. Not gonna lie. that look is growing on me. suspension seems to work really good also. do you have any section of cobblestone to test on?
  10. A New module ive designed. feel free to ask me anything

  11. Hello! I have designed this for anyone who would like to update the look of the wheel. https://www.eucguy.com/front-panel-module-help what are your thoughts ? i have 18 modules ready to send out, but it’s hard to find the right people.
  12. Cant wait to lift this wheel up the stairs! Hope they offer will less batteries also, they get so expensive when packed full..
  13. EUCGUY


    What do you guys think?
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