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  1. Outstanding! A simple solution to a big problem for some. Thanks for sharing your skills! Edit: Sorry to be a pain but I can't get the Crydom or Amazon relays in the UK. Would you be kind enough to select the correct relay from this page please? The filters really help but I have no idea where to start! https://www.mouser.co.uk/Search/Refine?N=18383526
  2. No problem my friend, thanks! Just wondered if I had missed an update
  3. Hi Seba did you manage to correct the Tizen mileage issue yet?
  4. Only just uploaded this vid I did a couple of weeks back. Not a patch on the usual quality/content you find in this thread and perhaps a little monotonous but I am so excited I had to share. Eucs have created a wonderful and massively fun pastime that I can share with my daughter and we are enjoying our time together immensely, exploring and having new experiences in a way that we would never have done before the wheels. God bless the euc! She is really getting confident now, using her knees more and is gaining speed to the point that since this vid we are now armoured up and she uses a full face helmet. Lots for both of us to learn still but it has been amazing seeing her progress from those first hops in the kitchen a few months ago to where she is now. I have a feeling that this summer is going to be awesome My thanks also to all on this forum, you have helped get a new and exciting relationship to a father and daughter
  5. Follows ruts/grooves/raised edges in the road. The Z is particularly bad imo because of the wide tyre having a greater contact patch with anything that touches either side of the centreline. The wheel wants to steer into whatever contacts the edge of the tyre. You can feel tramlining on the Z even over painted white lines in the road. I dont get this at all with the V5. You get used to it to an extent but it never goes away. Sometimes it can be quite violent. Pumping the tyre up to maximum (or even over) reduces it but the ride is then rock hard. Its the only thing on the Z I dont like (but love the rest of it).
  6. Hi Lukasz, I sent you an email a few days ago to order some Z pedal openers. I didn't get a reply yet so thought I would post here. Hopefully we can get an order arranged. Thanks.
  7. I'd be up for changing the voices. The one that really annoys me is when hooking up music. "the Bluetooth is connected successfully' is in such a bad accent and so loud that it drives me crazy!
  8. Anyone have good knowledge of the Z battery setups? I believe that all the Z's use the same motherboard and power board. Certainly, the power board on my Z6 visibly appears to be the same as the Z10, and I also have the 2x power plugs which exit on the battery side, one of which is not used on my Z6 battery which only has one output plug. So the question is, could I make a straight swop of my Z6 battery for a Z10 one? I see no reason why not, but thought I would ask. Possibly I would need to run Z10 firmware so that the motherboard can 'see' the dual plugged Z10 battery? If all else fails it wouldn't be hard to splice the two Z10 batteries together in parallel and run them into the single plug currently used. Voltage would remain the same, the only issue with this is that the app/firmware wouldn't pick up the doubling of available Wh which would reflect in the remaining shown battery percentage. I could work with this though. And yes I could just buy a complete Z10 but I really don't need the speed nor the rest of the wheel except the battery
  9. Pretty much as I suspected. 99.9% true, but don't forget that the dude who had his wheel seized a while back (a Gotway I think?) presented a mobility insurance certificate to the police and managed, by an utter stroke of luck, to get his wheel back because of it. So in his eyes, probably the best £70 he has ever spent.
  10. I'm around 90kg and I get 15 miles from my 530Wh Z6 so you should be good for 30 miles from the 995Wh Z10
  11. I thought that these type of capacitors had a sort of fibrous material inside them, not fluid? I believe the board is also plasti-dipped (mine looks like it is) so it's unfortunate that any non-pressurized surface fluid would get itself into any electrical connections.
  12. I cant help feeling that the underwriters have made a faux pas of sorts. I would love to be wrong on this however, as my wallet would be ready.
  13. I'm still trying to work out how 10+ people have this insurance yet its still not a done deal and of those 10+ people we still cant clarify exactly what is and isnt covered and under what riding conditions (the small print)
  14. Ah OK mate I thought it was already a done deal. Be good to see what the final outcome is. If, and this is a big If, the company are indeed prepared to honour any 3rd party claims whilst the wheel is being used on a road, it still doesnt negate the requirement for a driving licence in accordance with the vehicle. Not to mention that without SVA or some sort of roadworthiness approval there will be numerous Construction and Use offences. Easily a ban on your licence for that lot. Being insured is, as you know, the biggie though so if we can at least get that it would certainly ease the pain if involved in an rtc.
  15. Ok I will hit this from a different angle. All mech prop vehicles need to be registered, bar certain exceptions stated in law (which an EUC isnt). If its not registered then any insurance you have obtained for said vehicle isnt valid. Neither is the vehicle traceable which is quite pertinent in the event of a serious rtc make-off. What have the insurers got to identify it as your vehicle? Its a bit like building a kit car, not SVA'ing or registering it and giving the insurers some random index (this is hypothetical as insurers have index databases) and obtaining insurance. The certificate may well have your index on it but the paper wont be worth a light. Im not knocking anyone here at all, and anything that might fool plod at the roadside and show that you have at least made an effort to get imsurance is all good, but it wont fool a traffic cop and certainly not a court.
  16. From what I can work out, the wheel isnt being insured correctly for 3rd party cover though? Are you saying its a 'Z10 mobility scooter'? And if not, whats it actually insured as? The certificate might well say Z10 but mobility scooter it isnt so the certificate is null and void umder road traffic law. So the driving w/o insurance and possible 6 points still applies.
  17. I get what you are saying Stephen, and IMO this could only be good news (3rd party liability insurance), I am just amazed that any insurer would offer it for a vehicle taking part in an illegal activity. I hope to be proved wrong
  18. It's exactly for this reason that I don't think we will get insurance in the first place. I believe insurers have to abide by rules that prevent selling insurance to a vehicle that is essentially un-insurable. It would effectively be selling 'snake oil'. Fraud if you like.
  19. I totally get what you are saying Artur...living ones dreams. The problem is that living ones dreams can put others at risk....your venomous pets....my EUC without insurance....which makes me selfish. I don't like being selfish. It makes me uncomfortable because it's not my nature to only think of myself and only what I want to do. We live in a world with others. If I had my own island I wouldn't be having these thoughts! Still, selfishness can be based on a sliding scale as with a lot of things. I have decided that using my EUC is very low on that scale compared to say drinking and driving. Doesn't make what I am doing right though.
  20. It is indeed a concern for me too Artur. Aside from any 3rd party injury liability, I would be gutted to lose £2k worth of wheel/s and I have to say, is one thing I have considered when/if it comes to getting another wheel. That's a lot of money for me. I am not sure what the answer is. The easiest thing to do is create a law to allow ALL electric motorized transport on the highway up to say 15.5mph, irrespective of power. The issue then is, do they put a minimum wheel size on it? an electric skateboard or roller skates at that speed would be risky for sure on UK roads. So if minimum wheel size is going to be written into law, how do we decide on a size? What would be considered 'acceptable as safe'? There are probably numerous other considerations. Laws are not easy to write because people will always try and find loopholes. They need to be specific, to the point and clear. This is why the current one was so well written despite the fact I hate it. It's a catch-all law that covers EVERYTHING that is mechanically propelled.
  21. True, the motoring laws simply apply to anything that can't be entirely powered by a human. As soon as you go motorized you are into the murky depths of motor vehicle law. Electric bikes are right in the middle of all this. They are motorized, but MUST be able to be peddled, and the motor must not activate without peddling. If I am honest, given our nancy state, I am surprised we are allowed ebikes. I think the only reason we got them was because most (if not all?) of the EU accepted them so we were under a bit of pressure. Plus theres quite a large number of cyclists in the UK to help lobby for them. This is why, although skateboards/roller skates/roller blades are also banned from our pavements, no one can be prosecuted under vehicle law because they are not motorized. You can still be issued a Sec59 warning though if using them anti-socially, which gives the police to seize should you be caught again. I suspect that this is what the average bobby would do with an EUC on the first occasion you get stopped (thereby using discretion), despite the fact they have every right to prosecute for no insurance/driving licence/tax (which is more likely if riding on the road, the bobby is having a bad day AND you are annoying people).
  22. I too found the app angle did not match the true angle on my V5F. I didn't worry about it too much. I just set the angle using a bubble app on my phone. I usually go for dead level or slightly tilted back. On my Z6 I like it at 2.5 deg but the V5 felt nice at around 1.5 deg.
  23. I have been gradually raising the speed limit on my Z as I get used to it. I wanted to be careful due to the well documented totally different handling requirements as speed increases on the Z and I didn't want to get caught out! Started at 13mph, gradually increased it 1mph at a time and I am now on 17mph. Went out last night and was hitting the speed warning bongs quite a lot. I have been really trying to carve wherever I go to give me practice for the higher speed handling. I might go to 19mph next (30kmh) so still under the 35kmh you warn of. Thanks for the heads up though! That said I think my Z6 maxes out at 35kmh anyway Ooops guys I think we have totally hijacked this thread maybe better take it somewhere else...!
  24. I would be interested, although I would be amazed if they would provide cover for an illegal vehicle. I guess it might cover off-highway/private spaces. It may be that their clauses simply state cover is 'only provided for areas where the EUC is legally allowed to be used'. Which isn't many. Pavements and roads would likely be off limits although your Lister Park may be OK in terms of protecting you from road traffic law. Whether the insurance would still cover you is another matter (most parks prohibit motorized vehicles).
  25. A great shame. Wont be the last either. A few more and I can imagine that EUC's will become more widespread to the public knowledge, just like Segways did. And we all know where that ended - every man and his dog knows that they shouldnt be used anywhere in the UK. At the moment I feel we get grace on euc's as most peeps have no idea what they are or what the law is, and respond favourably as a result. Once wheels have risen to the dizzy heights of 'one wheeled killing machines' the public wont be so accomodating. I forsee getting shouted at by oap's and women with kids when we get to that stage. Not to mention the police being more pro-active. All very sad really. Maybe we should keep the forum viewable to members only, and boycott the amount of wheels allowed to be sold in the uk so we can keep it all a bit hush hush lol
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