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  1. Depending on the manufacturing date of the board, some of the smaller plugs (led/front light/usb etc) moved positions on the board so you may need to extend one or two of them. I think I had to do one. Not a big deal. Overall battery/charging/motor wiring layout is the same. If you are using MSP battery packs (21700?) you would also need the wider MSP side panels no?
  2. If people are cracking the bolt holes around the hanger areas on their MSX (I'm not btw) I would have thought a 4 or 5mm steel rectangle plate covering the area would do wonders. All edges and corners would ideally need to be rounded to avoid localised stress points and maybe longer hanger bolts to suit but it would massively reinforce the bolt hole areas.
  3. Yeah that's pretty poor. On the MSX the motors wires go directly from the motor to the board - no connections at all. Any other connection on the wheel (that's carries any importance) is either XT60 or XT30.
  4. If true, this is and always has been my concern with harvested cells and I said as much many months ago when the rumours went around that some suppliers were using used Tesla cells. My issue is not even so much that they are used, it's more to do with the fact that I don't imagine (and call me sceptical) that the Chinese would spend any real time making sure the used cells are matched. At least with new cells, they come out batched which means they are pretty well matched without even being tested. Theres every chance that the Tesla cells have been taken from different cars, having done completely different mileages/uses and then thrown into a wheel with no checking of individual cell performance.
  5. Not sure I understand. So you have a full 100v MSP battery setup to fit into what was an 84v msx? If so the only other thing you need to do is fit a 5 pin charge port. Well, you dont need to, but its doing the job properly.
  6. I did about 300 miles on my MSX before using 6ox of SLIME and I have to say, I noticed zero difference. I do throw the wheel around quite a bit as well. That's not a lot of weight to spread around the circumference of a tyre, pretty surprised you noticed a big difference.
  7. Planemo


    Absolutely. The cop that stopped Steve and busted him for no licence or insurance would have been rubbing his hands together.
  8. I must admit I never comment on whether other riders decide to gear up or not, but I cant help saying how nervous I am watching Moniker. Maybe its because shes female, maybe because shes relatively inexperienced, maybe its still the fall out from Anthony Edwards' crash in my head. Its totally not my place to say anything but it does make me twitchy Mike! Never felt the need to say something before but the last 2 rides I have watched seem to show Moniker pushing harder than the previous gentle rides I have seen you guys doing. Not preaching though bud, I know you are all fully aware of the risks. Would just hate to see her risk losing her looks (I'm not bothered about yours, you are ugly enough as it is
  9. Painful to watch. All I see is someone who refers to themselves as an 'influencer' badger a manufacturer for a free wheel (which was quite rightfully denied - Chooch or Kuji Madpack aint) but still ended up managing to get a discounted wheel, probably to get him off their back. Wheel turns up with a problem, 'influencer' decides that he wants it sorted, moans about the length of time the item takes to arrive (that's what happens when you are in the UK and buy from China) then goes on to slag off the manufacturer. I'm not surprised he was blocked. Not to prevent him venting his spleen to the general public but more likely just to get rid of his endless rants and demands. The same ranting went on with his previous Z10, which brings me on to it being somewhat comical when he mentioned how he 'fixed' Afeez' Z10 (to try and insinuate that he knows all about euc's) but failed to mention that the method of repair was not only extremely simple but known worldwide, having been posted on forums and YouTube for some time previously. I wanted to like this, I really did. Not only because he is a UK guy but also because he is a fellow rider and enthusiast. All I came away with was a feeling of his self-entitlement and that he would be your best mate when he wants something but your worst if the slightest thing goes wrong. Pay full money for a wheel from a local retailer if you want minimum fuss. It's always been the way with anything. Which is kinda what I think he is trying to say, so why did he not do so? Oh thats right because he was trying to blag it on the cheap, to fund his hugely expensive studio setup Of course I might have taken this all the wrong way. If that's the case, revising the method of presentation might be in order.
  10. Hahaha, clearly you have bigger kahunas than I No, 7 miles with 40% left on a 1230wh MSX doesn't sound right. 40 miles with 'normal' use does, although a buddy of mine with the same wheel gets around 30 miles on average at medium speeds if that helps. Sounds like your batteries are really struggling at high amp draw, but OK when cruising.
  11. Good effort. Worst I have done so far on an 1860wh wheel is around 30% per 10 miles. I did 20.5 miles and had 42% left although that was after I had stopped. Euc world logs showed it was dipping to around 20% when riding which is about as low as I would like usually. This is why I chuckle sometimes when people say we dont need big batteries. A 20 mile ride is nothing for my uses. Yes I could have got a good few miles more if I had dropped my speed but the point is, if you use a quick wheel at the speeds it is capable of you dont get long out of it
  12. Its a buzzer I got off the bay, different part number (SFM27W as opposed to original HYT3015A) but I have gone through loads of buzzers and the SFM is the only one that sounds identical to original. Yes I did cut the legs off it to get it a bit neater. Plus it was black. I do have another if I decide to bolt one on somewhere though. I couldnt find a black HYT anywhere, in fact I wouldnt be surprised if it has been replaced by the SFM. I have looked through more buzzer spec sheets than I can remember but never managed to confirm it. Frustratingly, there are various versions of SFM, and different suffixes mean different things such as intermittant etc. Thats why I have ended up with so many buzzers lol. I need to do more testing in general, and also like you say try different mounting options to see how different it is. Do you have a pic of the back side of how yours is mounted? I appreciate that you must have shaved down the legs to mount it far enough out to clear the slots. Yes, how I have mine done is plenty loud enough at 30, its at 40 where it still lacks a little.
  13. Did you check dB with the buzzer stuck down with thin (1mm) double sided tape onto the case or with the buzzer in 'free air'? There really doesnt seem much in it to me, but I grant you there is a massive difference if the buzzer isnt mounted to anything.
  14. Well all I can say is its a lot better than the stock position! To be 100% sure whether it makes much difference whether bolted or not I would need to buy a dB meter and try it both taped and bolted. I'm not convinced there is a massive difference, and far less than the direction issue which can be massively dampened by just being a few degrees off line of sight. I even thought about sending the feed to a bluetooth transmitter and having a small beeper in my helmet but then my life is at risk from a somewhat fallible bluetooth connection!
  15. Ah, got you. Yes, you need to keep those buzzer lower slots clear. This is my temporary setup, I am very reluctant to drill any holes in the case/side panels until I am 100% happy. Its far better here but the wire is causing havoc with my ocd. At least I managed to get a black one off the bay. And its also only double sided taped at the mo which I know isnt ideal as these buzzers do like a solid mount. But to do that I gotta drill holes....aargh! If I do keep it here, I also need to find a rubber cap I can plop over it if I am caught in the rain (highly unlikely).
  16. Yeah the stock buzzer is around 20mA. I wouldnt want to draw much more than that for fear of blowing the board. So we have to use an external power source and given theres a bloody big one (the main batteries) nearby it was my reckoning that utilising it was the best move. I did receive my 100v buzzer and drove it straight off the battery but to my dismay it wasnt much louder than the stock one so its back to the drawing board. The board outputs around 12v to the buzzer so I dont see much point in running a lower (9v) voltage. The easy (and most hidden) solution is to run a 12v car/motorcycle horn within the wheel, powered by a step down buck from 100>12v and switched by the stock feed using a relay or mosfet. This would be more than loud enough, but a bit of a pain on startup/shutdown unless also rigging in a delay like the guys have done with the Nikola. I need to do some more top speed testing with my current solution (stock buzzer atop the wheel) before I can definately say its not loud enough, as going to the next step is obviously a fair bit of work.
  17. Cant see the pics on that link, is it possible to host them elsewhere? Thanks
  18. Unbelieveable! A rebate on buying an euc, it doesnt get much better than that. We are light years behind in the uk and it makes me so angry how backward our government is.
  19. So you're powering an extra buzzer from a 9v battery? The original buzzer uses a higher 12v feed from the board does it not? I have been looking into a 100v buzzer, powered by the main battery and switched via the stock feed and mosfets. Good to hear you got a dB increase though. For the moment I am running the stock buzzer on top of the wheel which is a lot better and I have heard it up until now (even with a non-airy ff helmet) but I would still like it louder.
  20. Use the Gotway app to diasble as much as you can, certainly the 1st and 2nd speed alarms (done by 'turn all alarms off'). Then go into eucw, set low and medium speed alarms to 0, then the 3rd alarm to 32. Make sure the wheel is storing the settings (it will beep). Then make sure you have speed correction set to zero (found in general settings, at the bottom). Tell us what you get.
  21. Planemo


    That Po-Po car stopped in the middle of the road just after you passed! I reckon they were deffo eyeing you up. At least you seem to have a warren of paths and roads to evade if necessary!
  22. Playing with sag will have zero effect on reducing the effects of unsprung weight. You might, just might be able to take away a bit of the thump (in the ebike example) by zeroing compression and rebound damping but then you are removing a crucial aspect of why the suspension is there in the first place and it would seriously affect tracking during general riding. When I said 'you cant dial it out' I specifically meant you cant dial it out to any noticeable extent without it being so detrimental to the rest of the handling that you may as well not bother. Anyway it seems we need to take this matter to another thread
  23. Then take your bloomin' Z10 out for a good hiding then!
  24. I must admit it's not the best. I will re-iterate however that *all* the wheels behave identically with regards to charging/riding/power/range etc and it would be impossible to tell the difference from these aspects. I just wanted to provide some examples of how differently these wheels can be implemented, even from the same battery builder. As a result, I can fully appreciate how there will always be people who would not want to risk anything that isn't built by the wheel manufacturer, but it is also fair to say that there are others who are techie/savvy enough to look at whats being offered and make an educated decision as to whether it suits them. In the case of the wheel above, even that can be tidied up and will probably give years of service, as the crucial items (battery choice and BMS functionality) are, we believe, OK. That said, we haven't stripped the packs to check spot-welding quality etc so....you pays yer money and makes yer choice.
  25. Planemo


    Holy smoke. If ever there was an argument for wearing a helmet, this is it. Thanks for sharing.
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