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  1. @xiiijojjo tnx man, really appreciate your words. of course i've uploaded the RS spacer becouse the motor is way more popular but i can share also the same spacers for the EX
  2. not easy to answer, i usually ride with other 1800wh wheels and i can say i'll end usually with more or less 30% more i've corrected the speed with -8% on EUC, now is accurate this is a group ride : https://euc.world/tour/594380264419212 85km - around 46% battery left
  3. EMA


    100km saturday group ride in Rome :
  4. the only thing should be done for sure is sealing the back of the board from the outside, if you don't touch your board your fine but if you change it ( like me or WrongWay ) you need to be sure you seal the back properly becouse stock ring is not so good most people are scared by the hole in the center but i never see water trace coming from that, i've checked mine several times after wet or mud riding. Water is moved by the tire and it's pushed outside the wheel not in the center, that's why i advice to seal the back of the board properly
  5. EX trolley works better than you think, do the job with no issue
  6. i found that EX motor has less kv than the c38 for example. lift speed is related to what they have configured in the firmware and on 20' inch wheels speed is inflate by a lot
  7. i know it's not a pleasure to open the wheel and the motor, but the knock is not a bearing failure and it's not related to rains, snow, moisture ecc ecc. if you can open and align it with spacers, i have fix 3 motors and they are still running fine after this :fingercrossed:
  8. EMA

    Gotway RS

    this is a "standard dead bearing" , constant grinding, you need to repleace the bearing: this is a knock issue sample : https://photos.app.goo.gl/QkLxQ2QoLP7ZHyNCA this is a misaligned problem, bearing are usually fine, need to open the motor and fix their position, this is what i've done in my case: i've fix 2 EX motors and they are running fine right now, i've also send 3d printed spacer to another friend of mine with an RS, he has fix his motor, still testing but seems fine.
  9. EMA

    Gotway RS

    knock issue or bearing failure noise ?
  10. EX is probably one of the most understimated wheels of all time, the more you ride more you love it maybe i should do a recap of pros/cons/problem
  11. this numbers has no sense, people should think before write something so unreal pls... let's wait for something confirmed and measured not random numbers
  12. where is the obstruction ? in the hanger ? did you try to swap pedals ? you'll find if the problem is on the pedals or the hanger
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