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  1. classic day in Rome, going to work with big monster :
  2. last saturday ride on the beach :
  3. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    there's nothing to dream on this wheel, it's the battery+board already used on nikola in a bigger msx shell, nothing to worry about, you already know what expect and you already know it will be good
  4. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    seems confirmed from GW right ? a bit wider, but nice
  5. i own the one x and love it, can't wait to see some footage of the new one
  6. EMA

    Gotway MCM4 Spark Noise?

    check the axel nut, sometimes a loose nut makes this sounds
  7. recorded saturday in a wonderfull day with around 100km total XD enjoy the silence :
  8. it's not bad, but if you want the best from from YT you need to upload a 4k video just edit from pc and export in 4k 40mbit at least and you'll see the difference example:
  9. you can turn it on/off when you want, i sudgest that : if your board support the cut-off switch put it near the handle (like the msx mod) if not, move the power botton near the handle for easy access, powering on/off is pretty fast, not a problem
  10. you need to check the board, it's the same mod we've done to the msx. If your board is capable, is pretty easy to connect a cutoff switch
  11. a nice little ring of 9km near Rome :
  12. maybe the system could be improved, but a lot of brand use it and it works, for sure. the giant tire of the monster needs more accurate check, starting from factory to end users
  13. try a free spin and see what happens
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