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  1. i agree with @null the shape it's the biggest factor, if you like gyro go for the stock cst 1488: it's light (good range), soft and really good in off-road too. [ i hope to try the kenda k340 soon (EX tire) seems good ]
  2. EMA


    saturday trail riding :
  3. that was fun but thanks god we have this shell
  4. i was thinking the same...but this is a clear response to the Sherman if they'll put at least the RS torque motor i could be interested and maybe swap the wheel just for the bigger battery... i don't think they'll put the EX motor for marketing purpose, they just need to makes the pillars for this version ...
  5. 2.75-18 tire size - 18 rim - 24 tire monster3 is 2.75-17
  6. yes 84v and 100v share the same motor
  7. EMA

    Gotway RS

    i think this is also related to lower height, on the same tilt a lower pedal shift backward more than the higher one. That's why they are fixing firmware, i suppose they messed up something on the new motors (ex and rs) yes
  8. EMA


    first RS video, 3d printed parts in description:
  9. Tesla will be "upgraded" to version 3 : confirmed: 84v 1500wh battery using 21700 new hollow motor new speakers tire and pedals do not change
  10. EMA

    Gotway RS

    RS hard mode is really awesome, i like it more compared to msp also about RS: finally they upgraded shell to hex screws (not side panel) the fan starts at 40 C, it's not pulsing anymore when you just turn on the wheel, newer version will start at 50 C
  11. EMA

    Gotway RS

    no, they are still "old" at this point, need to swap the board... like they are updating the EX firmware, they have done to the RS too (pedals deep too much in soft and medium mode compared to msp)
  12. EMA

    Gotway RS

    0 C man, damn that's hardcore riding for sure btw i'm using standard battery setting in EUC world and using hard mode right now ( usually medium on MSP ), i don's see difference in range between MSP and RS. comparing range in general is not easy, speeds and accelerations means a lot, i always found 30-35km/h a good spot for speed and range. this tour has some hardcore riding you can compare with, but this was recorded in the summer with like 30 C : https://euc.world/tour/589643455836155 about RS : this thing is crazy smooth, don't know how much is bearings related or firmwar
  13. 2021....that's what we'll get : EX shell with 2700wh RS c30 speed motor but rated 2800W 104km/h - 65mph free spin 33kg - 72lb kenda k340 tire
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