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  1. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    the torque of an electric motor is basically the force/ability to spin the motor (and it's flat/costant ) bigger motor (wider or thicker magnet) has more torque, more autority in our case, in real life = acceleration top speed is related to kv not to the size of the motor nikola,msx and monster has the same motor, the same torque, what you feel different dipends on wheel diameter, leverage, firmware and other parameters, but the torque is exactly the same smaller wheel respond better at lower speed and loose autority at high speed.
  2. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    same for me, i had a toggle on/off, way more convenient
  3. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    100v board are basically the same, nikola, msx, monster ... solid stuff we are riding for a while the battery too, nothing to worry about, specially when it's bigger the real change in this wheel is the motor, it's bigger, so it could draw more amps when pushing
  4. EMA


    classic day in Rome, going to work with big monster :
  5. EMA


    last saturday ride on the beach :
  6. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    there's nothing to dream on this wheel, it's the battery+board already used on nikola in a bigger msx shell, nothing to worry about, you already know what expect and you already know it will be good
  7. EMA

    MSuper Pro?

    seems confirmed from GW right ? a bit wider, but nice
  8. i own the one x and love it, can't wait to see some footage of the new one
  9. EMA

    Gotway MCM4 Spark Noise?

    check the axel nut, sometimes a loose nut makes this sounds
  10. EMA


    recorded saturday in a wonderfull day with around 100km total XD enjoy the silence :
  11. EMA


    it's not bad, but if you want the best from from YT you need to upload a 4k video just edit from pc and export in 4k 40mbit at least and you'll see the difference example:
  12. you can turn it on/off when you want, i sudgest that : if your board support the cut-off switch put it near the handle (like the msx mod) if not, move the power botton near the handle for easy access, powering on/off is pretty fast, not a problem
  13. you need to check the board, it's the same mod we've done to the msx. If your board is capable, is pretty easy to connect a cutoff switch
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