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  1. EX and RS has the same 14' rim, same tire size to be clear, they are listed as 19 and 20 due to the different tire: RS like MSP use the cst 1488 "18x3.0 street tire" who result precisely in a 19.5 overall diameter EX use a kenda k304 who probably is a bit bigger, like the knobby for example cst 186 and kenda k262 are both 20.3 inch MSP use a classic motor with central axle 2500W c38 torque version, 2000W c30 speed version RS will use new generation hollow motor but basically the same size of MSP, we'll have a c38 torque motor (2600W) and a c30 speed motor (not sure 2600W ) MSP-RS lift speed are the same (80 and 98 km/h), and so the performance EX and M24pro use new generation hollow motor with bracket mounting, the same on both wheels 3500W to answer your questions: Why would they not use the same motors for the same size of wheels (EX and RS)? becouse you don't have enought battery to use it, that's also why EX lift speed is 86km/h (2700wh battery) and M24pro is 106km/h (3600wh battery ) Are there three new Gotway motors (RS torque, RS speed, EX/MonsterPro)? yes like i said at the beginning
  2. EMA

    Gotway RS

    the msx and the msp speed share the same c30 magnets, the torque is c38 a lot wider with more torque (10km/h less top speed)
  3. EMA

    Gotway RS

    from my exp the MSP hs has a "tiny bit more" compared to msx 100v RS version will be the same as MSP: c38 for torque version 80 km/h spin and c30 for speed version with 98km/h spin
  4. EMA

    Gotway EX

    full body: pedals+rider+shell+battery moving parts: motor+tire
  5. are you sure you're wheel power on/off with the right button ?
  6. EMA


    110km on last saturday
  7. EMA

    Gotway RS

    Some pic of the new pedals
  8. i've read it somewhere on the rim, if i remember correctly need to check
  9. i was thinking the same, if you look at those charts you'll find that for our 1.85 std rim size the tire is always "80/xx"
  10. i've found this method so easy and 100% working: put tire in put some soap on the rim and the tire, there should be low friction between them inflate to a really low pressure that you can ride, something like 15-20 psi go for a little ride moving your weight around, do lot of 360° left and right and some straight line your tire should be alligned inflate it to correct pressure
  11. agree 110% this is something i've seen a lot of times riding my mten close to the beeps this was recorded yesterday with negative slope and battery around 75%, beeps around 58-59 i think: https://photos.app.goo.gl/k4DSbAmNqoxV5cHC6
  12. EMA

    Gotway Monster Pro

    exactly what i mean
  13. i've put a metzeler on my monster and i can confirm that is stiffer compared to the stock EUC tire .
  14. on the 67v i've hit 32-33km/h several times with beeps (20mph), you can do a couple more for sure
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