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  1. EMA


    short hardcore trail
  2. and we still don't know for sure weight and battery size...this is not promising
  3. are you sure you are not referring to the sound of the motor when demanding power at low speed ?
  4. yes, you can swap batteries with no issue, connectors are the same
  5. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    you can try and see how it goes, don't forget the motor cable on the other side
  6. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    if you want to do this mod on a tesla you need to change the pillars and raise the shell, russians have made some custom version for this
  7. finally mounted Heidenau k66 on my wheel, really love this tire, solid structure and nice grip.
  8. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    it has some knobs that help offroad, the cyt is almost slick on mine CYT the label is 14x3.0 76-254 , if you can find this measure on the CST you'll have a real clue
  9. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    i think it's the stock tire in 3' inch version, probably is better than the CYT you should try
  10. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    do you know the exact model/number ? probably it will fit, those tires are all similar and skinny
  11. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    You only need to slide out the motor and cut 👍
  12. EMA

    MCM5 v2 3-inch tire?

    you need to cut the shell to fit the 3inch, attached photos will help some difference from v2 and 2.5 tire: way more comfortable increase cornering radius, gyro effect and overall stability pedals are higher ( same as EXN ! ) , sometimes tend to wobble super easy light wheel , insane agility (remind mten) received a CYT H-5192 from this link: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32756888603.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5ed04c4dmOMMJp good on streets and bad offroad
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