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  1. TBH bearing issue is gone and lack of waterproofing can be done in 1h. To me the ride feeling is way more important than 1h of work to fix those stupid things jm2c
  2. usually you need to /3 those values on a gotway wheel
  3. i think the position for a tall guy is a bit better on the monster (i'm 175cm for reference, but you can always mod the cushion) in terms of riding the the suspension makes a huge difference when seated (more than standing), i've ridden seated on trails and cobblestone, something i never done on my monster v3
  4. most of the review online are not so accurate, btw to waterproof EX/EXN there are some things that need to be done: seal the back of the board seal the holes under the backlight seal the motor cable hole after that you are ready to go everywhere
  5. EMA

    Gotway RS

    comparing temperature between different wheels is impossible but keep in mind that torque motors run way cooler than speed one, you'll not have any issue with it
  6. EMA


    tech trail in Rome :
  7. be carefull with stock buzzer, old style buzzer are not so loud at high speeds
  8. EMA


    it's always magic...
  9. EMA


    this was recorded 1 year ago, had the chance to ride during covid lockdown on empty streets, it was amazing:
  10. EX is awesome, have fun
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