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  1. Maybe we are misunderstanding. It seems like you agree that the S18's suspension is a bit better, but your previous statement was that the V11 suspension is better. In that case, it would appear that we are all in agreement to that the S18's linkage suspension does appear to be more responsive! I think both will be a much smoother ride, though. 😊
  2. That's an interesting conclusion, especially considering that Kuji said the S18's suspension is superior to the V11? Both are quite tall. I think the V11's range would be adequate for almost all of my rides, and the S18 would be cutting it awfully close for my usual weekend rides. But the light on the V11, wow! I'm seriously tempted to get both, V11 for street cruising/commuting, and S18 for adventure! But I'd probably have to sell my Nikola. Might have to pry the Monster from my dead hands tho.
  3. It looks so nice! My poor wallet, I kinda want both the V11 and the S18 for different uses 😭
  4. The throttling sounds not too shabby, nice! And a seat, the V11 could be winning me over. Sounds like a super fun cruiser for sure. I still really like the adjustability of the S18's shock, but hey, maybe I wouldn't change it much in practice. The higher pedal clearance is nice, too. Looking forward to reviews from those receiving production samples!!
  5. Disappointing, but I understand, given the rather small set of interested users. I'm still going to be getting an EyeRide, so I'll probably end up using some GPS speed app and more of EUC World's audible alerts. If you ever have time to pick this idea back up in the future, even a super minimal telemetry readout display, I'm sure a few of us would be more than happy to help with testing. =] That's a great question @Boogieman... This one just happened to work. Although, I am indeed a young... "techie," as some would say, but I work more on hardware and embedded systems. 😉
  6. Ha! Maybe that's the production sample being sent to Kuji... Exciting times!
  7. Unfortunately, Intel actually stopped development on Vaunt, not long after that video was released. =/ I'm still very interested in EyeRide support, tho. Navigation and stuff would be really nice, and I'm sure I'll use it for that, but all my ride telemetry at a glance would be fantastic. 😁
  8. Now that's a light!
  9. It should certainly be noted that Kuji rides at rim-bendingly low PSI, but yeah, this looks great! I did notice from different videos that the unsprung side of the V11 does seem to bounce more on bigger drops, but it doesn't transfer the bouncing much to the rider. The S18 lost some contact with the ground at times too, from what I remember in Kuji's street video. It's of course gonna happen when you're going fast enough over a big enough bump. I do think the S18 will have a slight edge in terms of maintaining tire contact, but I think the V11 will do a great job. This isn't a, one is bad and the other is good situation. I am sure both wheels will make riding on bad roads much more comfortable, and safer 🙂 Looking forward to more footage and reviews!
  10. I've backed the campaign - I think it would be an awesome option for ride stats. Also, I do occasionally use GPS navigation when I ride, and the HUD would be much safer when I need to check for a turn in case I didn't hear the instruction well. I regularly check my speed, and periodically check my battery and wheel temperature when I ride. Especially as I get closer to the end of a charge! So I would be thrilled if there was support for the EyeRide in EUC World! Yep, there is a lens that effectively projects the focus much further away.
  11. It's adorable! Very tempting indeed, ha! I'm super eager to see reviews on these new suspension wheels soon. Scary encounters with potholes in the city are no fun, man. I really like the way the standard shock can be locked out when you want it stiff, and the dial for adjusting the response is super cool, so you don't need to be adjusting the air pressure when you want to change the feel/response. My most common use is my ~16-17 mile commute (round trip, but hella hills), so I think the smaller battery would be fine. But I really like doing 30-40 mile rides on the weekends. And even more unfortunately, much of my rides are on hilly areas. We usually do a charging stop tho. It's a very interesting trade off indeed. The lighter weight of the S18 would be really nice, since I live upstairs 😛 Perhaps fun for small adventures, which I suppose is what they intended. The spring-assisted jumps look super fun!
  12. Thanks to @Seba for the notes on the sound engine! I'm pretty happy with this sound pack now, so here is a link for anyone that wants to play with it, too: Mobile Suit AVAS sound pack 1!. I've included another set of alternate sounds for the turn on/off sounds, so there's MobileSuitG_xxxx.wav and MobileSuitZ_xxxx.wav files in there. The idling and speed-dependent sounds are the same for both. Here's how the Z sounds... sound! Looking forward to playing around with even more sound packs!!
  13. Having a little fun messing around with Mobile Suit Gundam inspired sounds! I think I still want to fiddle with this, not quiiiiite there yet for me (Video game SFX can be a pretty solid source for AVAS sounds )
  14. Ah, great to hear! I'll have make a little video of my sound/idea soon... But for now, back to work 🤫
  15. I'm working on some fun sounds for my setup here, but I am encountering an issue where I have to re-select the new sounds every time I restart EUC World. If I don't, I just don't get any AVAS sounds at all... I apply the sounds and stop/start AVAS, and my sounds work, but it won't persist through app restarts. Anybody else have this issue?
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