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  1. There has been some focus on the negative chamber's reduction/dampening of top-out, but its other primary purpose is to assist compression of the shock, which can make the it feel more supple/plush through the first portion fo the shock's travel. I like the analogy of a spotter initially helping you bench press when you've got a little too much weight on the bar. They help to get the bar moving at first, and then their help trails off. You want your positive chamber to have enough pressure to keep you from bottoming out the suspension during your normal use, but if that makes the shock feel
  2. redfoxdude

    EyeRide HUD

    They actually had a full color display. I have one around here somewhere... The hardware is reaalllyyy slow, and the battery life isn't anything to write home about, either. It is really neat though, and notifications and messaging are really cool with it. It looks like they still go for several hundred on eBay, though much less than when they were new! Although Google is still developing for their Enterprise edition, I don't believe there are currently any plans to revive a consumer version.
  3. They don't look like a good fit to me:
  4. You can certainly choose to not wear one if you want. I'm used to wearing my helmet - I too almost feel naked without it and my other gear, ha! A lot of the horrible accidents I've seen have been from mundane activities - familiar route, short distance. The risk of not wearing a helmet is not worth it to me. You just never know what might happen. Especially with the terrible roads and drivers around here. I can't help but remember that Russian(?) guy that was doing some routine riding without a helmet, along with some backwards riding, and ended up falling, hitting his head and dying, leavin
  5. Could be that the motor mounting surfaces on the sliders aren't perfectly square. Mine was pretty close out of the box, but it wasn't perfect so I used some shim stock (you could cut up an aluminum can) to get it even closer. Looks like yours is leaning the same way mine was. I added a shim on top of each side of the axle, but little square ones, such that they don't span the full surface, like in this totally pro-quality render: If it's not actually leaning, but the inner fender is just distorting so that one side comes close to the tire, you can put a shim on the side where the fender is
  6. Correct, that's a suspension pump, which is intended for the high pressure of suspension air chambers. It will not work well for tires - it has such a small volume piston that each stroke only puts out a tiny bit of air. It will take absolutely ages to fill up the large volume of a tire.
  7. Hi @Lukasz, I emailed a couple weeks ago. Still interested, though I imagine you are quite busy! Just wanted to make sure my email didn't get caught in your spam folder or something. My username at gmail. Regards!
  8. A quick little video from a fun perspective:
  9. You have to unlock it with an easter egg-like feature in the app, because they allowed 34mph for the enthusiasts, but don't want inexperienced riders hurting themselves:
  10. Have you tried completely new strips? This does look like a signal issue. Possibly on the strip, in the connectors or cables, but it looks like there's a flaky connection on the signal line somewhere. I'm guessing the LEDs are WS2812 or similar (aka Neopixels), so they work by propagating the signal down the line, essentially each taking their color/brightness assignment off of the signal before passing the rest to the next in line. So if the signal goes bad somewhere, everything down stream is affected. If new strips don't resolve the issue, then maybe the connectors or cables are d
  11. 12 hours? 1-2 hours, maybe. I understand your frustration though. While I personally am okay with taking on a task like this, it would be better for many folks to have this done by a technician. It's really unfortunate that Inmotion didn't design it for a simpler motor/tire change. An inline connector outside of the control board box would have drastically simplified the process. Did you buy the wheel straight from Inmotion, or is your dealer requesting that you pay shipping costs? That would suck, for sure.
  12. Unfortunately Chao Yang discontinued the 18x3.0 H666, so they are very hard to come by now.
  13. Been running this tire for a few months on my Monster too, it's a real treat for sure! Folks that have tried my Monster all remark on how nimble it feels.
  14. Hello, I sent you an email to that address a few days ago as well, just checking you got it. Regards!
  15. It appears the image is attached to an email, and since we aren't signed into your email, we can't see it.
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