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  1. The Monster Pro: SoCal's perfect cruiser I rode the Monster Pro today for a whopping three miles up and down Production Avenue just outside of EUCO, a San Diego based electric unicycle (EUC) dealer. EUCO employee Nicholas McCutcheon promptly met me at the store front at 11:00 a.m. on his newly restored Veteran Sherman. He had lent it to Adam Christensen (Flyboy) for one of Marty Backe's Sherman only rides and unfortunately Adam crashed it going 35 mph on his way home from work. Marty and Adam talk about the crash here at minute 4:43. I waited a few minutes while Nick went inside to
  2. Kuji has the Monster Pro. I’ll be very interested to see him ride it and what his thoughts are about it.
  3. Rokin Wheels. He's on the East Coast.
  4. Well Monster Pro production appears to be happening now. I was told by my dealer that my wheel was on the production line and would ship next week. With a projected 35 day shipping time, I may get my wheel between Feb. 15-19. Hopefully there won't be any port delays.
  5. I know of at least 7 production Monster Pros. Six of which are in the States and another in the UK.
  6. A little understatement. Super excited. More and more content getting released. Thanks.
  7. This is not particularly new information for those who have been following this thread, but there is a little bit more information now regarding Gotway's long distance ride on the Monster Pro we were discussing earlier: Gotway puts the Monster Pro to the test on long distance ride I would love to test preproduction electric unicycles (EUC), but I don't live in China or work for any of the EUC companies there, so I have to live vicariously through those who do. Three weeks ago, Gotway sales representative Millie Zhao posted on Facebook that her colleague Han Bing would be taking the n
  8. I experienced an unsettling and slightly scary situation while on a long ride in Goldendale, Washington, this past summer. I was probably 4 miles away from my destination with only 10 percent battery left on a King Song 18XL. I was rounding a bend on a country road going about 10 mph, trying to milk the battery. There was a house next to the road on my right, and as I was getting close to it a huge Saint Bernard charged me. I couldn't believe my luck. A huge dog is on an interception path with me and I can barely go 15 mph. I slowly sped up and just maintained speed. Thankfully the dog was not
  9. I can't think of a good reason to get the Monster V1. A 1600Wh battery can be found in a King Song 18XL and you'll likely find that more comfortable and agile due to its size. Are you just wondering because you saw that particular wheel for sale? Here is an article I wrote about the Monster Pro, but the relevant information you may find interesting is the history of the Monster. I go into the various iterations and some of the issues that were common.
  10. Just so we're all clear. Shane Chen's patent does not prevent anyone from manufacturing an EUC in the states or reselling as long as long as the patent is licensed. Patent's are licensed all the time. It's not a big deal. Only one company has approached Shane about licensing for EUC manufacturing in the US and that was Razor. And they didn't want to do it because it wasn't toy enough for them, according to him.
  11. It's Veteran's opinion that if they win the paten will be essentially useless in China.
  12. It would appear they didn't patent it. As the patent they sued over doesn't include pedal hanger design as I recall.
  13. UPDATE 12/2/2020: This article has been updated to reflect Veteran's response to Gotway's acquisition of Shane Chen's Chinese Solowheel patent. New information will be in italics: https://www.eucaddict.com/2020/12/chinese-solowheel-patent-may-spell.html
  14. I don't think you will be. Lots of the guys here have one, but most of the guys ride with in the OC area are getting Pro's.
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