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Found 308 results

  1. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

    Hi, It started somewhere here, it was just improvement to make WheelLog working with Inmotion. But then I was asked about some improvements for KingSong and Gotway as well. So I think it is time to move it here. Improvements regarding the version from the market (not all, I don't remember all, but you can read previous topic about changes if interested): - Inmotion support, including wheel setting control (tested, work fine with V8, work not bad with others), extended logs - KingSong: negative current, correct start with FW 1.25, wheel setting control (untested) - Gotway: some minor fixes, wheel setting control (partially tested) - Top speed reset from menu - User trip counter (can be reset from menu, not affected to wheel or app shutdown) Known issues: - Xiaomi devices may often lose connection with Inmotion (problem in Xiaomi Bluetooth implementation) All previous versions ahould be removed before installing WheelLog_10092017.apk
  2. noze02

    Gotway MCM5 84V 420Wh advice

    I have been occasionally riding a Ninebot C (with a battery of 320Wh) for the last 2 years (2000km approx.) and I have planned for an upgrade nearly since then (the limited speed of the C make it quite unpractical in most of the scenarios) but for one reason or another I never did it. My initial replacement idea was the V8 (I put the deposit for one, before the release) and late on the KS16S (I just read good reviews about it), but from some time on and because of this forum I have been quite tempted to go for a Gotway. Finally I get a good excuse for a change (6km + 55km train +10km commuting every day in each direction) and have been quite impressed from the reviews/videos of the MCM5. It seems is my perfect commuting weapon (not too big or too heavy), fast and fun to ride. The "problem" comes when it comes to the pricing, I can get the 420Wh (also 84v, same specs except the smaller battery) for 570USD brand new but if I want to go for the 650Wh I need to pay 835USD (yes I live in China). I think with the 420Wh I should get a real range of around 20km in flat surface keeping a good speed, that is over what I will normally do.... From the other side if I go for the MCM5 650Wh I can get a Tesla 850Wh for less than 100USD more than the MCM5 and should be also not a bad commuter. I would like some advice as I'm quite lost (as usual), important points for the decision: - I'm a mean person 🙂 - Commuter (6km at less than 30km/h in downtown Shanghai with traffic on bike lanes + 10km of straight lines in the middle of nowhere with flat surface and no traffic (top speed) - Easy to handle/carry ( I live in a 5th floor with no elevator and plan to carry it to the train every day (trains stations are quite big over here and unfortunately cannot ride inside them 😞) What do you think?? Thanks in advance for the advice, this forum is really the best place to get to know about the different wheels!
  3. Jpd

    Msx durability

    I have had my msx now for a few weeks now , and must say that I am very pleased with it. My first impression of the wheel was that it looked cheaply made, almost flimsy. Don’t be fooled, this wheel is not flimsy. A few days ago I had a fellow euc friend come over and try out the msx. He is a fairly new rider (around 4 months) his wheel is an inmotion v5f, so not very fast. Turns out my friend is a bit of a speed freak when on a powerful wheel. We headed over to the local high school and rode around for a bit, around 15mph. All of a sudden I see my friend leaning into it, and he takes off. I followed on my v10f but could not catch up, and then it happened I see the wobbles from hell start at around 25mph. In a split second my friend was on the pavement and the msx was bouncing,smacking, flopping and then swimming in a mud puddle, control board side down. I was sure my new msx was dead, and in pieces. Since I was sure of this I didn’t rush over to the wheel, I stopped to check on my friend first. Luckily he was ok, although the thought ran through my head that maybe I should hurt him I made my way over to the msx to find it covered in mud and half submerged in the puddle. I pulled it out cleaned it up, and to my surprise the shell looked as if nothing had happened at all. The wheel bounced several times on the pavement at least 4 or 5 feet in the air. The only damage was a broken trolley handle and a bent pedal, thank god! I opened up the wheel and saw that water did get inside but did not reach the board. Seems to just have got the battery pack wet. The week point in keeping the water out seems to be in the trolley handle chamber, as it is not sealed off from the inside of the wheel. I think gotway has definitely made some improvements in the durability of this shell, I have seen several other gotways that have not faired nearly as well. After all this I can say that i am very impressed with the msx and will definitely purchase gotway in the future.
  4. Jack Frost

    Gotway MSuper X Mega Thread

    Exciting summer as a lot of us are getting new wheels, some of us are getting the Kingsong 18L, Ninebot Z10, and for the rest of us perhaps the MSX. I wanted to create this for anyone that has had any problems with their MSX since receiving the unicycle. Please post here and share with your fellow riders! Please keep reviews CONCISE with both Positives and Negatives Include any: manufacturers defect, poor design etc
  5. So recently I took ownership of an ACM V2(which i didnt pay for) that had issues where it cut out randomly. After opening it up we found this: Two of the cables had so much going through them it melted together and also melted itself onto the casing. With the help of @Marty Backe, @houseofjob @IvSusand @Tishawn Fahie and ing my referral program from eWheels, @Jason McNeil kindly sent me a left over motherboard which had about just under 2000km on it. The capacitor had a minor dent but the board seemed to operate fine. I mounted the board then went out for a ride and as I felt confident on the wheel and had no had any issues I went riding home and thats when it cut out on me. Coming to the conclusion it was because I didnt krimp two of the three newly soldered cables I did the wiring again this time cutting off the gold metal tubing originally attached to the cable from the motherboard side and went ahead with a cable to cable connection. I soldered, krimped and heat sinked. However now the machine vibrates and jerks especially when changing direction here are the videos: and https://www.flickr.com/gp/158169862@N07/f056bJ I am about to do a complete tear apart of the wheel and check the wiring. Any ideas on what it could be? Thank you for all the people who have helped me so far and who will continue to help me! Jack
  6. Nevin@Tec-toyz.com

    Used and New EUC for sale

    Gotway MSuper V2 Used, 330 miles. Color: Carbon Battery options: 680Wh Range: up to 30miles Wheel size: 18 Max speed: 22mph Motor: 1000W Max:2000W $700/obo Shipping available at buyers expense. Please contact me with address so i can give you an accurate shipping cost. Gotway MCM2S New, some blemishes and scuff marksColor: WhiteBattery options: 520WhRange: up to 20milesWheel size: 14Max speed: 14mphMotor: 500W Max:1200WPlus at $400, it's a great wheel for beginners
  7. Just a stupid survey by RockyTop. If this survey is helpful to anyone in any way I have failed my mission. I messed up and made the wrong question multiple answer possible. Marty, Just tell me if I get on your nerves.
  8. dismason

    The Flying Finn, Dismason

    Hello My name is Carl Irjala and I live here in the city of Kotka, which is near the Russian border. If you allow, I wish to start writing to you about my experiences as a brand new electric unicyclist. I'm a soaring pilot with several hundred landings behind me. So when I saw a video on YouTube that told that riding an EUC feels like flying I became instantly interested about it. So my first topic is about the experience of buying my first EUC and the learning process. The EUC brand is here in Finland so new that I had to search abroad to get reasonable information about it. My mother tongue is Swedish and Finnish. In those languages there is not enough information that would make me to buy an EUC. Luckily, I found this forum and the members' YouTube videos. Lots of sellers at the Internet do not communicates in English, so I was totaly dependent on the information you provide in this forum. Another matter that affected the choice of my first EUC was transport and tax costs. I have bought a lot of products directly from America and China, but sometimes the goods come with a shipping / duty surcharge that can be up to one hundred percent of the value of the product and sometimes not. So this makes the purchase a little risky. I found only one seller who provided clear information about shipping and taxation charges to Finland. After payment, it only took five days to get home the product from Poland (see image files). So in full, the whole process was quite easy. My next post will be a video about learning to ride the EUC. In that video you will see a whole new method how to do it. So, stay tuned on this topic. Kind regards Carl
  9. We think we know what brands are most popular. Let’s see. Feel free to explain your answer below. Poll ends Sunday.
  10. Ewald Fauser

    about "alleuc.com"

    I wrote this post to "clean-up" some remarks about alleuc in France some people are very afraid about them ... for me now - there is now reason !!! "Voilà" - Finally SHE (my wheee) arrived - "just in time" 14 days after my order - following via UPS "step-by-step" - professional packaging - pricing : more than honest A big THANKS to Eddine Wheeler and the team from alleuc Ça y est « ELLE » est arrivée- ponctuelle (14 jours) après commande chez alleuc.com- emballage très soignée et intacte - suivie UPS escale par escale- prix : imbattable !!! Un grand MERCI à Eddine Wheeler, et tout l’équipe de AllEUC
  11. Long time no post, hope this one won't disappoint you! We at EUC.NYC just got 3 out of the total of 15 units produced so far of 100V GotWay Monster (22" for those who aren't in the know). We didn't waste any time and the Unboxing and Review videos are up on our YouTube channel (please support us by liking and subscribing). SPOILER ALERT: Free spin test speed has turned out to be 52.9 mph (with battery half-empty).
  12. 5 reported accidents so far. my friend included. 20 ish kmh on flat road and the wheel just cut power after a few seconds with on and off. his face is not pretty right now. Could everyone with the same batchnumber report in and also if you had a problem. thanks Moderator notice, June 24th 2017: Apparently motorcode is not a reliable way to know if your wheel is affected, the motors might have numbers going back to 2016 (like 1608) and still be affected. Basically if you've bought an MSuper, ACM (and/or maybe Monster) since sometime in start of May 2017, your wheel might be affected. You need some other way to establish when the wheel was built, apparently there's another code somewhere, maybe on the box it was shipped with. 1705 (2017 05, 2017 May) seems to be the magic number, basically any way to make sure that your wheel was or wasn't built after beginning of May. So far it appears that the software goes haywire after riding over a bump. For some riders, this has happened at low speeds, but others report it only occurring at high speed. The wheel is reported to start oscillating back and forth and cut out soon after (maybe in a matter of <0.5 seconds), leading either to crash or the rider jumping off. There seems to be no warning before it happens. Gotway claimed the problem was solved and sent out new replacement boards that should have been OK. That was not the case, the problems still seems to remain, only maybe with higher speed now? At the time of this writing, apparently even brand new wheels still have the issue. Suggesting everyone with the affected wheels to stay off them until Gotway has fixed the firmware for sure, and your dealer gets the equipment and the binaries required to flash a fixed firmware to the board (or new boards with new firmware). This video was shot by @Marty Backe with a board that was supposed to be fixed:
  13. Roo Williams

    Gotway Tesla Issue - Diagnosis Requested

    Hey guys, Noticed some friction vibration on my Tesla when leaning to one side and moving slowly. It’s the side I usually get on to mount. I’m thinking a bit of play in the axle, (699 miles on the ‘clock’) but any takers for a diagnosis before I crack it open this evening?
  14. Scott Henley

    Mten3 arrived. What an experience!

    The mten3 I purchased from @Evel_Knievel arrived on Wednesday of this week. Due to a recent medical issue with my son I haven’t had a ton of time to ride it but my overall impression so far is that I’m gonna love it . It really is like a tiny rocket ship. It climbs like a champ, turns on a dime and the braking is pretty impressive too. I commuted to and from work on it yesterday and my only issue so far is that it does feel a bit unstable at speeds above 15mph. I pushed it to 35kph on the way home and on dead level, smooth asphalt it reached and held this speed with no issue . No excess motor noise , seemed like the motor handled the speed very well. I think that it really shines around 8-12mph though . The maneuverability is insane ! It performs 360 degree turns on the spot. Jump 180’s? ...piece of cake on this thing . If you’re on the fence about buying this little guy like I was ....just do it . It brought an instant smile to my face that hasn’t gone away since . ill write a more comprehensive review once I put more miles on it
  15. Paco Gorina


    GyroMetrics is a free application for logging data and controlling an EUC in a device independent way. See for an introduction. 9BMetrics worked with Ninebot and now it works with Ninebot, Gotway, Kingsong and InMotion. As I don't have all the wheels some support is better than others and all feedback is welcome. The application also uses the AppleWatch if available for showing information, starting/stopping recording and locking/unlocking the wheel or sounding the horn (in Kingsong), @Chriull has devloppend some GNUPLOT scripts for presenting the information which are vailable here. Also some Python generic scripts are available at following posts. First Gyrometrics version is 2.5 which has the following differences with 9BMetrics 2.4: - For Ninebot Users You may enable or disable speed limit from settings while connected You may lock / unlock wheel when connected From the watch you may lock / unlock the weel by doing hard press and selectiong the option in the menu - For KingSong Users Now horn works from the watch. Just a double tap in the center field and should play it - For InMotion Users (all beta features, sorry my accesibility is rare) Disabled serial number checking. Should connect with V8 Lock / Unlock may or may not work as explained for Ninebot Users - For everybody Python Scripts that work in Pythonista and in normal desktop environments (They work in the iPhone ) for plotting data directly from new .9bz archives. Will put them in the GyroMetrics topic Working in new features : Current visible in the watch, color shows direction Battery color will change to orange in phone and watch if battery level > 90% and current is < 0 Other features : Incremental saving - So if application crashes ypu don't loose all data Autocalibration of distance and speed
  16. Scott Henley

    Green and fashion

    So I ordered the same msuper that @Charles McLean just got from Chen a green and fashion . It’s been 7 days now and no word . I initially went to cancel the order but was the wheel was “just about to ship “ so I decided not to cancel thinking he had shipping in process and didn’t wanna be a dick . Anyway. I just had a conversation with another Chinese reseller and he informed me that Chen and Green and fashion were “fired by gotway” and can no longer get product. So this leaves me very worried . Does anyone know of a contact at gotway that can tell me what is and isn’t true ? I was told they were fired in March of this year . And they have a very bad standing in China ..someone please help ! Hoping maybe @Jane Mo might be on and see this or @Jason McNeil, maybe you know ?
  17. Not sure how legit this is but just saw this on EU Guy FB Group:
  18. Delivery time will be scheduled before May 20 sorry prices changed $1900/ 1557 euros For order it's here
  19. Coffee guy

    Tesla V2 ?? (rumor alert)

    Last week my wife phoned Tec&Way in Genève, Switzerland to make an appointment for me to bring her wheel to have her tire repaired/replaced. Meanwhile, she asked if they carry the Tesla. This because I'm keen to get one in the coming months. She was told they don't, and won't until a/the Tesla V2 is released. Does anyone here know, or has heard anything about this? As I plan on going there this Wednesday (22nd Nov). I will try my best to confirm/deny this.
  20. Scott Henley

    Mten3 512wh so much fun

    I’ve been neglecting my Mten3 for while now . Didn’t really like it the first few times I took it out . So for the past few weeks I’ve just been riding around the house and using one of my larger wheels to commute and go out and ride . I took the Mten3 to work to today . I the way there I was reminded why it stayed at home . Don’t get me wrong ...it’s crazy fun . But didn’t handle high speed well. So on the Home I adjusted my feet a bit . Moved them more forward than I normally ride . It made a world of difference!! I held 30-34kph the entire way Home . That’s faster than my 14D can cruise !!! 🚀Now , turns at this high of a speed on such a small wheel are not recommended but it killed the straights. That speed wobble that I kept getting completely disappeared. It was a blast. Not to mention the fact that you can 360 in place. This wheel is really growing on me now .
  21. MTen3 Recall Notice from Green Fashion (Google Translated) (original Baidu post):
  22. theNight

    What to buy? Tesla or ACM2

    Hi guys, I’ve joined Electric Unicycle community around a year and a half ago. So basically, the first wheel that I learnt to ride on was INMOTION V5F. Now I got to the point where I feel like I really want some crazy speed, because V5F can only do 23 km/h without reaching to tilt-back. I was looking for a new wheel and decided to buy Gotway. I don’t really like the new INMOTION V10F. So thought that I could ask your advice. So here are some questions: 1) How fast you can safely ride Tesla or ACM2? 2) Is there a significant difference between riding a wheel at 25km/h and for example 40km/h? What I mean is the overall feeling you experience. 3) I weight at around 58 kg, what range could I get from Tesla (1020wh) and ACM2 (1300wh)? 4) What wheel would be more comfortable to ride? I know they both 16inch, but ACM2 looks like a tank compared to Tesla. 5) What’s approximate weight of both wheels? 6) And the last, is Green Fashion shop at Ali a reliable place to buy those wheels? No unexpected customs on Arrival? Thank you in advance for your answers.
  23. Gustesta

    MCM5 GOTWAY First ride

    I've just received my Gotway MCM5 and went for a short ride. So far it's an excellent EUC!
  24. Got tired of carrying around the bulky charger to charge on the go on trips. So I had an idea to wire the charger internally, charging with the same 4-pin plug but off a 110v into the charger. Also solving the problem with battery power at the charging port .
  25. RickyBobby

    Battery Specs on Tesla, & Mten3

    Hi guys, Do any of you know the Continuous Current, and the Peak Discharge on the Tesla & Mten 3 batteries? It's my understanding that for each unit there are two batteries and they have a 84.7 Voltage. Thanks everyone!