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Found 430 results

  1. Hey Guys, Long story short (Does anyone know why my tires keep popping at 30psi??) I've bought 2 wheels before, I bought a inmotion v5f about 4 months ago and just recently bought an inmotion v8. My inmotion v5f tire popped after 2 weeks of having it, I knew nothing about tires so I had it at about 20 psi. (I know my bad) My inmotion v8 popped today after 2 full days of riding it at just above 30 psi. I weigh 140lbs so plus my bags I'm probs 160lbs, someone suggested 30psi would be fine. Im not riding on any off-road but I have a lot of bumpy roads around where I live. Does anyone know why my tires keep popping?
  2. Just a few months old with a little over 1,000 miles. Fully loaded with Gotway seat, mudguard, jump pads, studded Nikola pedals. Prefer local sale. Willing to deliver to LA area for free.
  3. please skip to bottom for potential cause if post is too long for you I. Intro Hi all, thank you creating this community. I'm excited to join you, despite having to ask for EUC help with my very first post here. Hopefully my story can help other people or serve as a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks cutoffs only happen because of speed or overleaning. I was lucky with my fall but it could've been way worse. II. Unexpected first cutoff and fall ~25km/h I bought my MCM4 (HS 680wh) a month and a half ago second hand ( ~970km) and it served me very well for 200km, until it suddenly cut off without warning nor tilt-back while going around 25km/h. Having read a lot of posts here, I assumed it was user error, maybe an uneven spot on the bike lane, maybe 80% battery wasn't enough for my speed. I was just happy I had a helmet and wrist-guards on, and managed to do a roll, so I only ended up with a slightly sprained ankle and a bit of road rash on my lower back. Until then I had ridden 7kms on that journey and had a pause of 2 hours before heading back and having a cutoff on the second minute of riding. The bike lane it happened on was separate from the road and despite that my EUC went on the road during rush hour. Thankfully there was a traffic jam and also it somehow managed to miss all the nearby cars. Yet, I couldn't help but think about the unsecured bike lanes I rode on shortly earlier that day and what could've happened at the wrong time and place - I'd rather stick to sidewalks and slowing down for curbs and pedestrians. I carefully rode the remaining 7kms home without any further issues. III. Weird low-speed tilt-back and cutoffs The following days I had short trips and casually rode around to see if I can trust my EUC after my first no-warning cut-off. Everything seemed normal for a week and just as I had written it off as user error I got some tilt-back while going around 5km/h. It was so unexpected that I thought I'm imagining things but I carefully finished my journey. Yet on the way back, an hour later, after 3 minutes of normal riding it happened again around 10km/h, this time leading to a cut-off after I stepped off, followed by 3 beeps similar to when it has fallen to one side and a 4th beep when it resets. I turned it off for a few seconds and back on and carefully rode home. I think it happened a couple more times for the remaining 2-3kms The next day everything seemed in order, I spent a good hour or so riding back and forth without issue ... until I went out later the same day. I rode 1km and again got the low-speed tilt-back and unstable floaty balancing. Only this time it kept losing it's balance, cutting off and resetting, even without me stepping on it, just by rocking it back and forth with my hand, in fact I couldn't push it with the trolley without it failing to balance. After I left it for a couple of hours I could at least push it with the trolley so I started wondering if it's something to do with the battery, despite it being around 70% Today I decided to go out so I can record videos of it failing, as well as to check current, etc in the EUC World app. I rode cautiously while recording video for 10 minutes without it failing. I turned it off for 5 minutes and tried again and this time it did it immediately. I went home, charged it to 100%, went out again and repeated the experiment, with it initially working OK but then cutting off in less than 5 minutes of slow riding. IV. This doesn't look right?? Since it started consistently failing despite the low speeds and fully-charged battery, I decided to open it up and look for some clues, even though I'm not knowledgeable in electronics. I got the first cover off and immediately saw this. I have no idea which connector is responsible for what, but it looks this one has come undone despite the glue/paste it was covered in. I would be very grateful for some information and advice: Should I just plug it in? Should the batteries be disconnected first? Do I have to unscrew the whole board? Do I have to watch out for something else? V. Edit/Update OK, so turns out this connector is for the USB and should be irrelevant. Still looking for a solution. I haven't checked out the capacitors/etc yet but will look into that. No obvious issues with capacitors, mosfets or wires that I can see, at least.
  4. Hey everyone! I'm currently trying to gather a few people for an European group buy of 5x Gotway Nikola Plus (100V 1800wh - 21700 cells) with a 3 amp charger. The price will be roughly 1,400 USD (8.700 DKK) shipped to me in Denmark, and then add about 100 USD (650 DKK) to have it shipped to you. That will make your total roughly 1,500 USD shipped (9.350 DKK). Please contact me to have the exact cost checked As I'm unfortunately not able to pay for all the wheels prior, I'm looking for 3 other people that would like to pre-order one (2 spots already taken). I'm hoping/expecting to have the order placed sometime in the upcoming week, if everything goes smoothly. When the needed people have been found, the timeline will look something like this: 1. I receive all of the money. 2. I place the order at Gotway. There will be a process time of about 7 days, and then 30-40 days delivery time to me. 3. I'll receive all the wheels and do a quick inspection to make sure they are all working properly. 4. I'll ship your wheel to you via UPS. Usually shipping time is about 4 days. I unfortunately believe the only kind of warranty included is 14 days on manufacturing defects... Will have that confirmed once the total amount is reached Quickly just want to add though, that throughout the 5000 km I've ridden on my 84V version, I've never had anything fail on me that wasn't my own fault. And in case you'll be unfortunate to have any issues, I'll be able to help with basically any repairs for a cost though. I'll also be able to help, in case somebody wants to have any modifications done to their wheel. That could be getting the bearings and motor sealed, so you can ride in water and salt without any worries (TESTED). It could also be getting the griptape on your pedals replaced with spikes, which gives a noticeably better grip. Basically just your imagination that sets the limit. After now having owned the 84V version for about a year, I actually have surprisingly little negative to say about it. It has handled off-road, hills, jumps, curbs, pavement and whatever else I've thrown at it, without issues. It has great torque and also brakes very well. The shell and overall construction is very good, better than the MSP, and it has handled minor crashes very well. The headlight is all you need in a completely dark forest. Rear light could be better though, due to the GW logo. Luckily it can be removed, and then you actually have a pretty decent rear light. It also has side lights, which are great for being seen by cars. It has a trolley handle that has worked great for me. After a year of use, the lift switch is struggling a lot though, since It's just 2 small micro switches that has to carry 25+ kg. They can't carry that much... The inner construction (wiring, foam etc.) and shell design is pretty good, however I still think there are room for improvement, such as more foam protecting the battery. I've never heard of anyone having problems with it though, just me that would like some more peace in mind I'd say that it's one of the better built wheels in terms of water resistance, however it still needs a few modifications for me to be able to ride in heavy rain and have total peace in mind. It also has 2 speakers. Lastly but not least, here are just some practical informations about the payment: - All payments will be done in DKK (Danish Kroner) via PayPal Friends & Family. Goods and Services is also an option, however you will need to cover the fees. Hope I caught someones interest In case you'd be interested in participating, please write below so everyone will be able to follow along. In case you've come up with any questions, feel more than free to let me know! Wish all of you an amazing day and ride safe! PS. Please let me know if I posted this in the wrong category...
  5. Last updated: 17 January 2020 Dear fellow riders, as some of you may already know, I'm the guy responsible for EUC World application and online service Whole story began at the beginning of 2019 when I forked WheelLog sources and decided to add some features I missed. One of such features was possibility to track my rides in similar way Strava, Endomondo or Wikiloc works, but with complete wheel telemetry. You know, I wanted to cross my country from northern to southern border, allow my friends to watch me live on the map and show the rest of world that EUCs are not toys Of course even vastly improved WheelLog was not enough, as I needed some online service to save and share my tours with others. I created it and named "World of electric unicycles" and in fact it soon became a real world of electric unicycles - just take a look at the main map I have chosen WheelLog sources as a foundation and initially I just wanted to add features that were useful during my riding. In particular voice announcements and alarms. Really, you should try speed alerts with Bluetooth earphones or helmet comm set! Wind noise will no longer be an issue to hear that you exceeded your preset speed, EUC is near to overheating or just overloaded and faceplant may be iminent. If you love long rides, you'll benefit from periodical speech reports about battery state, mainboard temperature, distance already travelled, time of your ride, average speed etc. I also added other languages thanks to @koto, @ArqFG, @andress, @George Iliev, @Lefteris, @fabio70mi, @travsformation, @Hansolo, @Tazarinho, @DjPanJan and other contributors. Now EUC World has been almost completely rewritten, becoming a completely independent application. Currently EUC World supports following languages: English Catalan Czech French Polish Russian Spanish Bulgarian, Brazilian Portugese, Dutch, Greek, Italian are partially supported (would you like to make updates?) Supported wheels: Gotway (all current models) Inmotion (all current models) King Song (all current models) Ninebot One E+, One S2, Z6, Z8 and Z10 Rockwheel GT16 Solowheel Glide 2 and Glide 3 Supported watches: Android Wear 1.4 and later Wear OS Pebble (using WheelLog watch app) SELECTED EUC WORLD APPLICATION FEATURES NEW IN 1.0.9 Full Gotway support, including calibration, side LED control and tiltback setting up to 75 km/h (may be limited by the wheel). NEW IN 1.0.9 Enforce regulatory compliance action, allowing for simple and quick limiting wheel speed to 20 km/h to be compliant with local regulations. This action, as with other custom actions, can be assiged to Flic button, smartwatch button/screen tap or phone screen tap (works with King Song, Gotway and Inmotion wheels). NEW IN 1.0.9 New custom actions, allowing for easy start/stop/pause/resume tour tracking, start/stop CSV logging, lock/unlock wheel, turn off wheel etc. NEW IN 1.0.9 Speed prealarm, allowing to change low priority speed alarm to prealarm. In this mode there is only repeating beep, there is no "Slow down!" voice warning and when listening to the music, volume is not lowered. NEW IN 1.0.9 Persistent headlamp mode, allowing to remember headlamp mode and restore it on subsequent application start (works with King Song and Gotway wheels). Full King Song support, including speed unlocking, calibration and firmware update. Flic 2 button support - Flic app is no longer needed. Flic 2 has better range, battery longevity and is more reliable that older Flic. CSV logs synchronization with euc.world account, allowing you to safely backup your logs on euc.world server. It also allows you to create tours offline and use data analysis tools. Heart rate monitoring, allowing you to display/hear your current heart rate and also include it during tour tracking or CSV logging. Tour tracking with complete telemetry Speech alarms and prompts - now you can pair your built-in BT speakers, earphones or helmet comm set with your phone and get instant voice alerts, prompts and reports. Wind noise will no longer be a problem and you won't any beep when going over predefined speed. Beeps and voice messages will let you know that you're approaching your wheel limits. User friendly interface - completely reworked and much more friendly user interface, giving more valuable invormations and with better contrast to improve visibility and save your phone battery. Flic button to easy activation of custom actions - now you can pair a small, wireless button with your phone and use it to activate horn, toggle lights in your EUC or get voice message with current riding parameters. You can get your Flic button here. Both Flic and Flic 2 are supported. Motherboard/MOSFET/motor load monitoring - load gauge lets you instantly check how much current is drawn from or put into the battery. If you're agressive rider this feature will let you know when you're near or over predefined load limits of your wheel. Improved overcurrent alarms - now you can have two independent alarms. One for peak value that will let you detect short, large current spikes (eg. during rapid acceleration). Another alarm is for "filtered", sustained current value. This way you can avoid situations when elevated current values may cause mainboard or wiring failure. Overvoltage/overcharge alarm - we all know that during braking or riding downhill our wheels enter regeneration mode. In some cases this may lead to battery overcharging resulting in cutout or battery failure if occurs too often and unnoticed. Now you can get alarm when your battery voltage approaches goes beyond safe limit. Extensive statistics - detailed ride statistics will let you know more about how your wheel rides, how your riding style affects energy efficiency, what power is needed etc. Wear OS (Android Wear) watch support - now you can get almost the same information just on your wrist with Wear OS watch companion app. You can also activate custom actions from your watch, just like when tapping your phone main screen or pressing Flic button. You can also start, pause, resume or finish tour tracking. Watch will also vibrate when any of the alarms is active. Custom horn sounds - you can select any sound from your phone to be used as a horn sound. More, you can have different sounds for Wear OS watch, Pebble watch (yes, they can work in paralell!), main screen tap and Flic button. Picture-in-picture and split-screen support - with Android 8 and newer you can benefit from "piecture-in-picture" and "split-screen" mode. Even if EUC World is in background and you have to switch to desktop or another application, small gauge with most important informations will still be displayed in small window. In split-screen you can display two apps simultaneously. WORLD OF ELECTRIC UNICYCLES - TRACK, ANALYZE AND SHARE YOUR RIDES EUC World allows you to record your rides including your wheel telemetry data. By default, saved routes are not visible to others. You can share them with others (friends, family etc.) by sending them a link. You can also make some routes available to everyone, so they will be visible on the main page and from your signature image. You tour can be live during your epic rides! Euc.world is a great and free alternative to Endomondo or Strava, as it allows you to document your rides along with detailed wheel telemetry (wheel speed, battery charge, voltage, current, power etc.). You don't need to be connected with your wheel to record your rides. Even if your wheel is not supported by EUC World yet, app may still act as a normal GPS tracker. In this case wheel data won't be recorded along your track - that's the only limitation. You can also add photos to your ride. Euc.world online service will be significantly extended withing next weeks. Users will be able to store their CSV logs under their account and will be able to download them or view with my http://wheellogviewer.net/ tool that will be improved and integrated with euc.world. Also some extended statistics will be available for users. HOW TO START USING EUC WORLD APPLICATION AND ONLINE SERVICE? Get your application from Google Play or visit https://euc.world/getapplication Sing up with https://euc.world to create free account. Sign up in EUC World app with credentials used to sign up in previous step. Setup your EUC World according to your preferences. Start riding and enjoy you new app! Last, but not least - don't forget to give me some feedback so I can push this project in right direction. I'd kindly ask you for one thing... If you are going on an interesting route, think about making it visible to everyone. The idea that guided me when I created euc.world online service was to show other people interesting places where you can get on an electric unicycle. So if it doesn't affect your privacy, think about recording some routes in public mode. Add interesting photos, let others see the beauty of the places where you ride on one wheel. This is one of ways we can popularize EUCs. We can show that EUC riders are everywhere! And remember - you can also change visibility. Just log to your account, enter the tour you would like to edit and from "Tour" menu select desired visibility. This way you can make the tour hidden or reverse - one of your beatutiful private tours make visible to everyone!
  6. Hello readers and riders! I apologize for my English, if it has any errors. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Ilya, I'm the iOS Developer since 2009. Also I have Ninebot One E since April 2015. Then I decided to combine these skills into my new app - DarknessBot. The application is available only for iOS 10.0 and higher. Ninebot haven't presented any official APIs yet, so I cooperated with the GyroMetrics developer - Paco Gorina (special thanks for helping with Ninebot BLE protocol) The application from the active EUC owners! It supports the following models: ► Ninebot (One C/C+/E/E+/P/A1/S2/Z6/Z8/Z10, Segway C/E/P/R/T, Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Plus, KickScooter) ► Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, V8F, V10, V10F, R1, R2, L6, L8) ▶ Solowheel (Glide 3) ► Gotway (MTen2, MTen3, MCM4, MCM5, ACM, MSuper V3/X, Monster, Tesla, Nikola). ► KingSong (14, 14S, 16, 16S, 16X, 18, 18L, 18S, 18XL, N8, N10). ► Rockwheel (GT14, GT16) ► Xiaomi (M365, M365 Pro) (BLE version 0.9.1 or prior) Features: Application for free, but it has a few paid functions. So I provide 40 promocodes for this forum. Promocodes Download from Appstore Telegram chat
  7. Is it possible to change a gotway mcm5 67.2v motherboard to a msuper v3 67.2v?
  8. Hi Fellow EUC friends , I just received by Nikola+ from AliExpress and it sounds like it's got problems... Here you can here a kind of weird whirring sound: https://youtu.be/EHsPA3ftR6U Here you can here that the wheel doesn't sound right when I move it back and forth: https://youtu.be/Fovvbf5MQgs I'd rather try fix it if possible... any ideas before I open it up? Thanks!
  9. Excitement: (backstory) My MCM5 arrives today and I am beyond excited! I saw my first EUC about a year and a half ago at a flow arts festival in Georgia. It seemed awesome, but I was too distracted by my sweet new LED juggling clubs to pay much attention to it. About a year ago, a few of my circus friends in Denver got themselves V8s and it reminded me of how awesome a wheel would be for Denver commuting. I started doing a bit of research and decided that a 16S would be a perfect wheel to get me started. I started saving everything I could for the 16S and about a week away from having enough, I unexpectedly lost my job. I was pretty bummed since I was so close, and the next job I found barely paid the bills, so saving for a wheel was put on hold for the summer. I finally found a better job at the beginning of September, and saving resumed. By this point, the 16X had been released and definitely caught my attention. While Kingsong works out the waterproofing issues with the 16X, I decided it might be best to start with a 14S instead. That way when I eventually upgrade to the 16X, I'll have a nice small wheel for tricks and for my girlfriend to ride as well. I was pretty sold on the 14S until I started talking to Photorph who recommended the MCM5. I hadn't really considered a Gotway wheel since most of my friends ride Kingsongs, but after a bit of looking, I realized the MCM5 would be the perfect starter wheel for me. It has plenty of torque for trail riding in the Rocky Mtns, plenty of range for my daily commute (6.5 miles each way), higher top speed than a 14S which means when I get a 16X, it will be able to keep up when my girlfriend and I ride together, and I've heard several accounts from people saying the MCM5 feels more like a 16 inch wheel than a 14, which was my biggest concern since I have a decent commute. Anyways, I'm super excited to finally have my first wheel (of many!). I'll update this post with first impressions and a review after I spend some time on it. Thanks to everyone that shared their MCM5 experiences on here as those testimonials definitely helped in the decision making process. I'm so grateful that there is an active forum for EUC enthusiasts. Forums are infinitely better than Facebook groups for special interests. Edit 1 - First Impressions: This wheel is amazing! I've ridden a few Ninebots before, as well as a V8, but I'm definitely still in the beginner stage. I don't know if it was the wheel, or not being afraid of messing up someone else's wheel, but I felt way more in control on the MCM5. It goes wherever I want it to. Super nimble, and plenty of power. I imagine it will take a bit of time before I'm maxing this thing out. I got in a couple hours of doing figure 8s in the parking lot of my apartment complex followed by some runs up and down the alley. At the end of the night, my buddy John came by on his Ninebot and we went for a lap around the nearby park. I fell quite a bit. Nothing substantial, but by that point, I think my stabilizer muscles were starting to give out which caused me to randomly lose control here and there. Definitely thankful for wrist guards. The MCM5 held up great. Only a couple of scratches that I really don't mind. I intend to trail ride with this wheel and let people learn on it so it's nice to get rid of the pressure of keeping it pristine. I was also very pleased about a couple of small things too. In several reviews that I watched on the MCM5, they mentioned that the trolley handle was a bit too stiff. This wasn't the case on mine at all. It slides out with ease, but it's still stiff enough that there are no worries of it flying out unexpectedly. My MCM5 also came with black vents. I didn't necessarily hate the grey ones, but the black vents look 100x better. Completely unnecessary, but I'm definitely stoked about it. We now have 8+ inches of snow and all I want to do is ride. I may take it out for some snow play a bit later. Will update again with a proper review when I get some more miles in. Edit 2 - 292 Mile Review! I absolutely love this MCM5. It was definitely the perfect choice for a first wheel. It's incredibly responsive and effortless to maneuver. It has been really great for teaching my girlfriend on. She is now doing laps around the tennis court like a champ. We'll be riding trails together in no time! It has suffered a bit of cosmetic damage on the shell (scratches), but functions perfectly after several drops and crashes. This thing is definitely resilient. The day after I received it, we got around a foot of snow here in Denver, but the MCM5 pushed through like a champ. I was a bit surprised with how well it handled the snow considering it's only a 14 inch wheel. There were definitely trouble spots such as the slushy parts of the road, but overall it did great. Better than my bike for sure! At first I was a bit bummed about the snow, but now I'm a bit thankful. I feel like it gave me a harder training mode for the final stages of learning and I definitely benefited from it. Now that the snow is gone, cruising around Denver is like a dream. I've been exploring all of the wonderful bike paths that there are around here. It's really fun when I find a spot from one of Chooch's videos and get to ride it myself. It has also made my commute to work infinitely better. Before hand, I was riding my mountain bike everywhere and it is definitely not geared for city riding. The MCM5 has been such a pleasure to ride, I've started taking a longer route to work to enjoy some of the bike trails that run through the nearby park. I even found a little skatepark on the longer route that is perfect for EUCs. I successfully dropped in the bowl today! Now I just need to add some pads on the side to help hop it out. I'm incredibly thankful that Photorph on the reddit sub recommended the MCM5 over the 14S. I would have outgrown the 18mph speed limit very quickly. I generally like to cruise at 18-20 on the MCM5, and riding those beeps would have definitely been a struggle. Can't wait to get a 16X so my girlfriend and I can cruise together. Then I can get an Insta360 and start making some videos to share this awesome passion.
  10. I've been looking around and only seem to find good solid info on the 84v version. I have the 67v Mten3 and want to know if anybody out there has found a reliable top speed. I'm 150 pounds riding and usually get around 18mph before it starts beeping like crazy, but the wheel feels like it has more to give. Has anybody experienced a "high speed" related cutoff on this wheel? Lastly does anybody have recommended app settings for their 67v version? The gotway app as of this post doesn't work AT ALL, and frankly trying to adjust alarms on EUC world and Wheel log apps don't seem to do anything at all for the 18mph beeps. Thanks in advance for any help or insight!
  11. For sale used Gotway Luffy 10 inch 130wh super portable wheel. The baby brother of mten3. Super lightweight at 16lbs vs 22lbs mten3. My learner wheel (Yes I learned riding EUC on this wheel). Not the easiest but it's the cheapest if you want to try the taste of EUC. Still my primary and funnest wheel to pickup mails and cruising from overflow parking area to class (Yes it fits in my backpack). - Included for free: battle damages throughout the body and botched right ankle pad (see more pictures below). - Internals are working as new. Nothing wrong with the motor, tire, and battery. - Total mileage: ~ 400 km / 242 miles. More specs information: https://www.speedyfeet.co.uk/products/gotway-luffy-10-inch-super-portable-wheel?variant=36192938567 Local pickup preferred. Comes with charger, the original box (box missing), and some road dusts. More pics:
  12. charger with digital display + currrent adjustable + partial charge function 100.8V 5A-7A-9A Current adjustable
  13. Ever cutout on a Gotway wheel because you couldn't hear the beeps? It's not uncommon to hear from people who love to ride fast. I've been struggling with the beeper placement ever since I purchased a Gotway. After many months and a cutout, I finally came up with the FlyBeeper. This mod positions the beeper straight up unobstructed by anything on your wheel. It's been tested and works great. For those wanting to do this on your own, the first 10 or so minutes are the steps necessary to split the shell and install it. I'm not positive if the stock buzzer wire length is long enough so soldering may be required. The other 15 minutes is me explaining my additional beeper switch. Just swapping the top panel is pretty easy and should only take an hour or two, adding the switch will add a couple more hours and require some soldering. See my motor switch video description for details on tools needed to install a switch. https://youtu.be/7TxPBVzqYDQ The FlyBeeper is available for personal use and can be downloaded at https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:458... Please note that the file isn't the most 3D printer friendly since it was designed for injection molding. I've since modified the file to be more printer friendly and have not tested it yet. Visit http://euco.us/flybeeper to purchase the panel and the entire assembly if you want so all you have to do is remove the original top panel and plug in the new one. I've received many comments about the water prevention and this mod is not very water proof just like the original panel. From what I understand the beeper itself is pretty waterproof but could oxidize quicker if water gets in. I recommend using hot glue or silicone to create a seal around the components if you ride in rain often. There are also 29mm rubber caps available on amazon and other ways to quickly prevent water intrusion, but know that if you cover the beeper, the sound will be quieter.
  14. Hello! I have designed this for anyone who would like to update the look of the wheel. https://www.eucguy.com/front-panel-module-help what are your thoughts ? i have 18 modules ready to send out, but it’s hard to find the right people.
  15. Selling my sweet 100V Gotway Nikola +, 1800wh. Whether this is your first or you are upgrading, this is the EUC for you! Take it from experience....I started EUC's in March and have already gone through 4 models; Inmotion V8, Kingsong ks18L, MSX 84v, and MSX 100v. For me, I would say, its best to get an EUC that you can grow into, instead of buying, selling, losing a few bucks selling after mastering a particular model, ect. The 100v Gotway Nikola + is all the wheel you need! Bought brand spanking new from Ewheels. In my opinion, I personally would only buy from Ewheels or first owner who bought through eWheels. I have sold a few wheels on this forum. Always ask for proof of purchase. I cruise around 30-35 mph easily. You can even reach 39-40 easily, but not recommended. Around 400 miles. No crashes. Just a few pedal scrapes, and some scratches from leaning against walls. Tread is excellent. Even though no problems with the fan or overheating, i drilled some holes in the shell around the fan to test if it would lower the temperature while riding. It improved the temperature to around 10-20 degrees cooler! I've been riding in 100 degree weather and the wheel is cool as a cucumber! Some other riders also did the same thing after i posted the holes in the shell with fancy variations. Dont want the holes? Put gorilla tape over. Asking 1700. Comes with Power Pads, original charger, and original box. Shipping from Spokane, Washington.
  16. I purchased a used GW Msuper X and it came with a standard charger. Product is a YZPower-450 100.8 v charger. The EUC is 90% charged and I really have no need to charge it yet, but neither of the two lights on the charger come on when I plug it in to the wall. I have also plugged it into the MSX and still no lights. Should the lights come on even when it is not plugged into the EUC. I have checked the voltage from the charger and it reads 100.8. Why no lights?
  17. Jpd

    Msx leds not working

    My leds seem to have stopped working on the right side of the wheel. They were working when I left the house for a short ride and by the time I got back they were not. I have opened the wheel to check for loose connections, but can’t find any. Any ideas? https://photos.app.goo.gl/zFLw99rMSAN4xJby9
  18. Am I the only one that thinks wheels shouldn't have people names (like cats and dogs)? Anyhoo.... thanks to @Hsiang and indirectly eWheels for the brief poke-prod-ride today of the Sherpa (I refuse to call this wheel by it's official name). While you're all waiting for the Hsiang-ster (call him Sean, he'll love that!) to drop his Spongebob video, thought I'd offer my brief and unbiased thoughts for you insatiable bastards EUC folk. Thoughts in No Order: This wheels reminds me a LOT of my now dead Rockwheel GT16, from the layout (2 permanently wired longitudinal battery pairs down each leg, board on top, exposed wheel), to the long hex pedal shape, to the similar hex column trolley (albeit the GT16 one was an external add-on). The gyro-pedal resistance even feels reminiscent (but not identical) to the GT16, with the GT16 being more a hard rubber sponginess, to the Veteran's medium rubber sponginess (ie. not like the Gotway brick hard or glide-y/air-y soft mode swing, although local guys tipped me to the fact that the newer MSP boards now also feel spongy, unlike previous MPS FW boards. The natural comparison is to the MSX/MSP, but the ride feel to me is not that. First, the ergonomics are waaay better than the MSX series, as there is more side shell area support height, from pedal to top-of-shell, which the MSX series never had, due to it being just an MSV3 case with the pedals moved up higher, so less resulting side shell area height support. The benefit of the batteries being perfectly balanced on each side flanking the center axle, is that there is no top-heaviness that wheels with extra top batteries suffer. Same goes for the MSX series, since those batteries are held above the center axle with no lower battery to balance it out. On ride, Shermona felt plenty balanced, albeit with some girth, even with pretty high-feeling pedals (whatever that means anymore). Neither me nor @Hsiang nor @Ben Kim were willing to bust 40+, but it's my theory that this wheel will perform similar or slightly higher max compared to the 100V MSX, esp seeing in the stress torque test below that this wheel is not tuned for torque like the MSP is (but no other wheel is basically). This isn't to be confused that Slovenia doesn't feel easy to push accelerate, because it does feel nice and robust in that realm, but the ppl seem to confuse real torque power with what they are feeling pedal pressure-wise, which IMHO is more how the response is tuned v acceleration. Rough feel/eyeballing it, I'd say the She-man feels more responsive to acceleration than a 100V MSX simply due to the fact that the 100V MSX is a brick hard shelf on all modes and will fight you the more acceleration you try to summon (yes contrary to what guys on here think, but I'm adamant about this point often on these forums). I say this because the internal components (battery, board, BT module, etc.) all look like the same supplier stuff as Gotways, because it IS coming from the same place! So I don't think they're reinventing anything here, just variations on a theme. If anyone cares (I think only me @Tishawn Fahie, @chulander, and maybe a couple more guys would), this Veteran Shellfish's soft mode is super interesting IMHO, and is ACTUALLY REAL SOFT MODE! (which is why I'm even entertaining/contemplating getting this wheel). Like I said above, it's definitely not Gotway soft mode, due to the rubbery sponginess, but has proper front pedal push swing/travel, like an OG Gotway soft mode, but unlike OG Gotway soft, the backswing brake has some significant swing/travel to it, which threw me off (as Gotway OG soft backswing is harder with less travel). Due to the short time I was on it, I'm not totally sure what to make of that, but it does intrigue me into wanting to master that feel. Construction/build quality was on my checklist, and this Veteran is definitely a notch above the cram-and-jam bees nest that is the MSX series. The shell plastic when grabbed and pinched on both sides feels noticeably thicker than the usual Gotway shells, as I tried to tug and warp the inner shell as I can do on my Monster inner shell, but this Shamama inner shell was stiffer and didn't flex nearly as much, especially at the seam where the pedal arms contact the inner shell rectangular column, so there's some hope the usual Gotway cracking at that juncture doesn't happen with the Veteran. And all the board wiring is clean, what with no speaker / LEDs (thank God!), all self contained up top. The rail on touch wasn't super high quality, but not super cheap to the touch either, so better than I thought going in. The rails seem to be in 2 parts, where they adjoin to holed anchoring fixtures on the pedal arm itself, beneath the L support. The rail measures at ~ 0.8" for guys who are looking for mounting solutions. The new longer pedals I thought I would hate, but eh, they seemed fine on trial. Since the normal hotshot YouTubers have no interest in divulging, but I do: Veteran is using the same pedal arm angle and width (minus the need for spacers), so you can swap in any Gotway pedal into this Shamgod you want! (below with my MCM5 pedal on) Water infiltration on this wheel might suffer a bit, but not major I think. None of the seams on the shell covers are gasketed, but that's an easy fix. However, the trolley column holes are also not gasketed, albeit the seams are very tiny, but this would be one possible are of infiltration (not MSX trolley handle level tho). Also, the front and back cooling vent holes, while I like for obvious cooling design, are 2 other areas of possible water penetration, but less trivial, as those vent holes are below the actual board level (board is raised by the heasink), pointed at the heatsink cavities below. But also on the above rain tip, the LCD panel unfortunately isn't the waterproof gel+plastic button deal, it's plastic cover over a mechanical plastic button, and the LCD panel was peeling at 1 edge from the start, so this thing is possibly vulnerable in rain. I would invest in a good XL shower cap or garbage bag cover for rain Another useless (or useful(?)) thing no YouTuber would cover is the fact that, yes, the headlight and taillight are easily removable, and the plugs are 3.5mm pins. Which is awesome because you can technically easily swap in your own headlight of choice! In fact, @Ben Kim already found the generic frontlight they're using here. . Portability-wise, it's just as ppl probably think here: this thing, while not impossible, is DAMN HEAVY! (ie. heaviest in the market) And you can only really lift it awkwardly like a heavy gaming PC by the far front and back railing. This is really the major hiccup that has me wavering over pressing the buy button. Oh! and for the seated riding fans, this thing is definitely too low to just sit. It's not MSX squatty-potty bad, but you still have to straddle the back edge with your twig-and-berries. What a shame! All they needed to do is make this thing a few inches taller for seatless proper seated riding. Oh well. Some guys are trying to herald this as the next Messiah, one wheel-to-vanquish all, but IMHO it's more like this is what the 100V MSX should have been: an actual improved re-design. If you don't care about build quality or want a lighter, cheaper wheel with similar performance, definitely the MSX is still that. But M Night Shamalan to me is the MSX speed performance, wrapped in a much better and cleaner shell, but she also gained like 30+ lbs and can't be lifted up and across the room in a civil manner (oh yeah, I flaked and forgot to bring my spare power button to test, but I spied a few empty 2-pin spots on the board that might be hiding as a live handle disengage port, dunno). Argh, if the soft mode wasn't so intriguing, I would so easily be able to cross this wheel off my list. Decisions, decisions...... EDIT: FML, pre-ordered
  19. I just purchased and received my first wheel: a Gotway Tesla v2. It arrived in New York from China in 1 week. First Impressions: Riding it is great. I feel like I'm gliding on a cloud. I find myself questioning why I ever walked anywhere. I'm very comfortable riding, both fast and slow, but still take wide turns. (On a sharper turn, I ended up scraping my pedals). Going slow (walking speed) is manageable with a lot of hand and core balance. The bluetooth speakers do not have great sound quality (as I had expected from prior reviews), but are great for navigation or ambient noise to set the atmosphere. The wheel itself looks sleek and well-finished, albeit a bit clunky and oddly-shaped. The black pedals are a really nice touch as the previous iteration had unpainted pedals and looked like it had been hobbled together. Pictures The bumpers haven't been installed yet, but I've already taken my first mini-spill. Going slow is harder than going fast. Potential Issues: As this is my first wheel, I am not sure what is and what isn't normal. These are items that stood out to me, so please help me as others may have a better frame of reference. The box it arrived in was slightly wet. Box Pictures. The manual was wet, but there was no water on the wheel (perhaps it had evaporated since then). I'm not sure how to check for water damage. When stationary, the wheel periodically rumbles, growling to take on the open streets again. Also there is an electrical whirring at times (sounds like a vacuum cleaner). Also when riding, it makes a whirring noise as if it's an electric car (this isn't constant, but rather comes on and off at certain speeds). Please let me know if everything is a-ok! Riding is still great though.
  20. After doing it a few times, i found a way to split it open and remove tyre and tube in about 20minutes. Here goes. NOTE! DO NOT Drop screws down in battery compartment in step 1. 1. Snap of outer skirt, start at the top with the overlying part. Remove batteries (first covers, 2 screws beneath top foam and 2 beneath plastic piece at pedal height...2 snaps and a center pin to remove plastic piece) on both sides. Mark up corresponding battery and BMS CONNECTORS (i use a permanent marker with 1,2,3 aso dots on connecting cables/connectors but it rubs of easy so tape is better) PRESS POWER BUTTON (a few times) WHEN BATTERIES ARE DISCONNECTED TO DISCHARGE CAPACITORS. WHEEL WILL BEEP. WHEN IT DOESN'T BEEP, YOU ARE FINE. NO RESIDUAL VOLTAGE. 2. Remove pedal on non motor cable side (keep other one on for stability) 3. Loosen 3-4 screws for trolley handle on one side and remove all screws holding the alu extender on same side. Remove alu from handle by opening up and move away from pin. Then remove the alu extender Push the" half handle" back down in shell to stay out of the way NOTE!!! If its the first time you split the shell, remove the adhesive tape located right under the control board ( i guess it's there to prevent water from spraying on control board as shell is not very water proof) 4. Remove the screw that was covered by the trolley extender + same screw one opposite side. Screws from here on are LONGER, KEEP THEM SEPARATE (easier to assemble without thinking) 5. Remove four screws on motor cable side holding shell together 6. Remove NON motor cable side screws holding shell to pedal-holders. (crappy construction with fastening so close to each other, look for cracks and drill end of crack with 1-1.5mm drill bit to prevent further cracks. Fill drill hole with i.e. silicone). If wanted make bigger washers or at least replace the super thin non stainless ones with proper washers and screws with hex head) 7. NOW Remove 4 screws holding shell together on other side. 8. Carefully splt shell (lift straight up as control board partially slide into this half) part on non motor cable side and DISCONNECT the connector for that sides LED strip BEFORE removing cover 9. Ready to change tyre or tube 10. I find it easier to use one tyre lever to make first lift and lock it under pedal hanger making sure not to pinch tube when inserting lever (tubes are hard as f... To find and delivery from China 3-4Weeks so go slow) Then using hand to push down tyre to center of rim on opposite side or all around (where rim is deepest), using 2nd lever to bend up enough tyre to be able to lift the rest of by hand....or use another lever to pry tyre off. 3 levers = friend helps, but 2 levers worked for me all times. Then remove tube and the rest is a breeze (other side of tyre bead comes off easy) Change tube tyre or whatever and assemble in reverse order :-) I USE silicone to seal the shell halves back together to make sure water cant reach control board. It requires some slow bending when prying shell halves apart at next disassembly, but to me its worth the 1-2 minutes of slow prying (listening to the silicone crack open) to feel safe(r) in case of water splashes. If you want tape instead (or as well) remove control board after seatimg the two halves together and fixing them with screws. I also added some electric tape on edges of control board to prevent rattle as its quite loosely fitted. Don't forget to loctite screws at pedal hangers and screws holding pedal pins hopefully it helps, most YT videos remove entire shell and control board and DISCONNECT motor cables, totally unnecessary. Waste of time, where you can be riding
  21. Has anyone got one of these yet? I have just ordered one. I know the battery is only 170wh and 67v and 900w motor. Apart from the battery it has same specs as MCM4 from what I can see. The battery is ok with me as I can build my own additional batteries using 20a 18650's or maybe even 20700's if they will fit. There should be room in the shell if you can fit 60 x 18650's in there for the 87v 1500w version. I think I can add another 170wh of 20a cells for about $100 or 340wh for $200. So as a minimum for $550 I will have 340wh of cells capable of 30 amps and 30km/h max speed or for $650 510wh capable of 50 amps. Should be better cells than the In-motion I5, faster and cheaper. There is also a 340wh version available from https://www.flash-ecom.com/products/gotway-mcm5-electric-unicycle-black-340wh-67-2v-420wh-84v-800wh-84v?variant=13732898701367&currency=USD I ordered one of these first however he couldn't ship to Canada. Web site says in California but actually currently in China.
  22. For sale : like new Gotway MSuperX 84V 1600wh bought around March from Ewheels and currently only have 186km/115miles never crashed but does have few minor scratches from leaning in the wall. Run smooth and perfectly used it to commute from home to work from time to time and never ridden on a dirt (asphalt only) comes with the following - seat with light mod (Shanren Raz Pro) - rear fender/stand - charger -original box - wrist guard Bonus if i get what i am asking or very close to it - New Bilt Amped Jacket (Large) - New Knee Guard (Large) asking $1600 pick up/meet up around Hayward/Union City
  23. Hello! New to EUC in general and I'm still waiting on my Gotway Tesla V2 to come in the mail. However, while I wait, I'm trying to figure out if there are any creative DIY instructions to create a seat. I saw this video by "U-Stride" and thought it was a great idea, but curious to see if there are other ways to do this for the wheel.
  24. Hey Guys, Been riding my Tesla v2 for about 9 months, about 3 months ago the LED and Bluetooth would go out if I went off-road, but eventually come back. Now they won't come back at all. I was fine to just keep riding, but after going out on one of these really hot days I must have drained the battery good because I couldn't do more than 6 mph with severe tilt-back. Now I'm stuck because I can't re-calibrate the wheel without bluetooth on. Does anyone have any troubleshooting I can do to isolate the problem? It could just be a bad connection, but I've wiggled the wires and I'm afraid to do more without knowing what I'm looking for. I tried jumping two pins to reroute the power, but that only enabled the BT speaker and not the main wheel connection. Picture with speaker working briefly.
  25. MTen3 10'', 'The Pocket Rocket', 420Wh/67v/800W Motor I want to sell this slightly used MTen3 because I originally purchased it for my kids (7 & 9) to learn on. I purchased it from ewheels.com on 6/29/2020. I now have a King Song 16X and the MTen3 is not being used. Our kids like their electric scooters better. Party poopers! The MTen3 only has 4.55 miles on it and some scrapes from learning. The scratches, which are completely unavoidable, are from when we started training on the road and sidewalks. It’s a little tank though, wow! You Get: - - Original Boxing - - Transferrable eWheels Warranty (good until 06/29/2021) - - Charger - - MTen3 Info (I found and printed most of it off) - - Bonus: Upgraded ACM black pedals (fitted) - - Atmospheric LEDs - - 420Wh/67v/800W Motor - - Tire Stem Attachment - - Ships via FedEx Pricing… I will look at serious offers, but please don’t try to low-ball me as this little wheel is brand-new with only some cosmetic scratches, which everyone will get. I am looking for $600.00, which includes shipping.
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