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  1. If the first gen MSX doesn't beep at you under hard riding, then there's still torque available. Modify the firmware to deliver more, and it should feel more snappy and responsive. They already have profiles made to deliver x amount of motor torque at x angle of lean. it can all be changed.
  2. i can see that angle, but also, if the older wheels had more power to deliver simply by having more grip and leaning harder, then that could be set as default for the normal riding conditions instead. would'nt you agree ?
  3. isnt this higher output more to do with the firmware than the motor itself? seems to me that they changed the amount of power the motor should deliver with the nikola, thats why it was so much snappier. Theres still more power there still, if the controller was tuned to deliver more, it could even have you fall flat on your back, with the older models, no doubt.
  4. EUC GUY


    3D modeling goto be my favorite hobby when it's about stuff like this. Practical use.
  5. I have provided a link to my google drive to view the content. a few videos. photos as well of the 3d model and what the 3D print looks like. overall, very happy with the results. looks like default. The reason for this is that the chargeport is more robust, i like the industrial feel and look of it. it will also help more with cooling as the Diode i use gets a bit hot during usage. im also changing the cables going to the BMS later on. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Aa6wG_wxsMRMiNSTTbRAnRXS1kHZy7Q8
  6. that works. arduino with a small relay, use it to cross one side of the speaker wires. delay for the time needed, then right when the sound starts, the arduino cuts the path, then reconnects. easy
  7. Speaker_box. Gotway Monster v3. I modeled it for those who need. easier to add stuff that fits inside. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4166639?fbclid=IwAR3nJ1C-NTo5Sr4f1wHD8gH2AYyfQR4fsUtlMnSYSutWWlZtgEfEs0k7X7I
  8. EUC GUY


    I do enjoy this new hobby O:)
  9. I have more msx led controller for those interested: version 2.0 https://www.eucguy.com/product-page/gw-msx-led-controller

  10. EUC GUY


    OH yeah. Very cool now 😊 spent some hours this weekend to learn more
  11. EUC GUY


    Worked more on this lately.
  12. PCB design sure is fun!, but it takes so little to mess it all up. and thats expensive fast :D

  13. It's plenty strong for acceleration, the main issue as standard is grip. Therfore acceleration is limited also. Unless you lean past no return
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