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  1. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3694766 Trolley you need for this: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Women-handbags-Circle-shoulder-bags-vintage-purses-messenger-bags-Round-clock-bags-bolsa-clutch-feminina-bag/32470381929.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5f2f4c4d3jpm1B Enjoy, used mine for 1 month now, no signs of stresses or problems in general. just a solid print, and i used PLA only.
  2. does the paper when remoing often rip and leave some parts behind? whats the color of the paper?
  3. perhaps just the thermal mat that melted. btw, i would like to mention that the powerfull blowerfan most likely are messing with the temperature readings. If it shorted as seen here, they also got hotter, no doubt more than 50c,
  4. im not sure about height, but perhaps the photosi showed in video is of any indication. took a long time to get back down.perhaps you could do this road on it as well. would be fun go get more on it or others like it.
  5. A few days ago i had the clever idea of crossing the woods on a private road without any extra tools or bacup, from Oslo city to hønefoss capital. Quite the stretch, but my 2400wh monster charged to 99% was able to do it. beginning of video shows the distance with google earth. Private road where motorized vehicles are not allowed, but here in Norway, EUC's are classed as bikes, so that was no issue. I dont expect anyone to watch it all as its mostly me riding at high speed, talking and looking around, but for anyone with 40 min to spare, put me up on the big tv of yours and have it as backgroun noise
  6. not only that, but theres also a design flaw where the internal support on sidecover will over time cut into the blue plastic over battery. a local friend had his battery short the pcb after a wash due to that. very old wheel now and betters to be bought.
  7. very good video! btw, the sound on startup would drive me crazy, forced me to come up with a solution the seconds you talked about it. haha id be glad to make a small module for you that shares the BT power and that controls a small relay for the power to the BT speaker itself. just have it delayed until after the sound is played, then connect wires. just install and forget about it.
  8. Pads turned out looking hella good 😍


  9. The custom GW Monster project.


  10. To think i designed this myself. feels great, even better when i see how good it looks and works :D


  11. Monster powerpad, laser shape and design. Cutting tomorrow if according to plan. 



  12. Batteries connect together in paralell and then into the pcb. i find the best way is to be super quick and slighly touch the contact from pcb to battery, always a spark when the capasitors are empty.
  13. GW Monster powerpads, production started, bought a load of new material today, picking up tomorrow. 
    i have used them for a month now and they are fantastic, not just something im saying to sell, but for real, climbing hills requires no effort, close legs and lean, also the added safety it brings. im really happy with them. 

    Had a few different versions in order to dial in the angle and distance, now its just right. 
    I will add a few colors as options on the site soon, end of week perhaps. the price is mostly there now, added on the site, but perhaps it will change a tiny bit as i can no longer get the foam cut in-house, too big. 

    one thing is for sure, its very good pads and made from the same foam as msx powerpads, but these requires less effort to use, so the comfort should be better. :) 


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