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  1. My store and products will be unavailable for some time now. Not feeling like it atm and other things I want to do instead. When I do get back to it again, I'll make some improvements where they are needed. 

  2. EUC GUY

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    What happend to your video on the pads ?
  3. EUC GUY

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    Simple. I was curious.
  4. EUC GUY

    MSX 100v VS MSX 84v

    From what i saw, the pcb and components dont give out. only consern is heat. and not heat from the mosfets, but the cables. I will make an alarm myself that triggers before the insulation melts, but i also talked to Lukas about adding this as a feature going forward. he said he would take it further. i hope he does. With this added, you could not kill this wheel
  5. EUC GUY

    MSuper X Mountain Stress Test

    And as soon as I have it fixed, more "less brutal" testing ?
  6. This weekend begins my adventure with programming. 1st thing to make is a temp alarm that will be mounted to the motor-cable on my msx when its fixed. As the temp is only thing to worry about now, i can have something to sound an alarm way before the insulation melts. Should be safe no matter what then. 

    Also i want to make some more testvideos now that i know the board and mosfets dont give... :) 

  7. New MSX Mudflap soon ready on my store. You can already have a look at it.
    Making stock now before opening for orders.

    New Monster mudflap also soon ready. Making the final tweaks now. Longer and much better designed.

  8. I just made a new style flap. See more photos on my site. ? Also, glad to hear that you went through the adaptation phase before you shared the option on them. https://www.eucguy.com/product-page/msx-wide-mudflap
  9. EUC GUY


    Is pebble the best watch for this app or can i use any android watch?
  10. EUC GUY


    No matter how you look at it. pushing a car around is pretty badass. joke aside, if you know for a fact that the other brands dont allow you to draw more current than the cables can withstand, id love to see some example. push something heavy and see if any alarm is triggered. if only for a few seconds. Im not saying that allowing the unit to draw more than its buildt for over a long time is good, but at short moments, no problem and it is best to prevent a shutdown if the rider hits a pothole or something like that. . i would like some safety feature as well, as mentioned higher up and on other plattforms. Simple temp sensor inside the sleve of the motor cable or have it done with code. this aside. i have high doubts anyone will experience this type of meltdown with this wheel from normal use my test was of the abusive type, my goal was to push intil something gave. Would i ever ride this hard normally? never.
  11. EUC GUY


    I told them it was a test. i did pay for new parts
  12. EUC GUY


    It proves that the msx is a beast and i love it so much . haha I would like for gotway to change the firmware. current sensoring and alarm when "whatever amount" is exceded. Cables are rated for a fixed amount before they start to melt, have that as the limit and warn the rider. that would be more than enough to prevent this type of failure in the future. easy fix. right? anyway. talked to gotway, new motor being sent 25 september, so next weekend i will have it up and running again
  13. I did a very hard test on my msx today. melted wires and blown board. video uploading now