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  1. I do enjoy this new hobby O:)
  2. I have more msx led controller for those interested: version 2.0 https://www.eucguy.com/product-page/gw-msx-led-controller

  3. OH yeah. Very cool now 😊 spent some hours this weekend to learn more
  4. Worked more on this lately.
  5. PCB design sure is fun!, but it takes so little to mess it all up. and thats expensive fast :D

  6. It's plenty strong for acceleration, the main issue as standard is grip. Therfore acceleration is limited also. Unless you lean past no return
  7. From experience, usually never any unintended inputs. Used it on my monster also. Warm water when washing it can trigger it
  8. The monster is a bit on the heavy side as a daily wheel for hard trail riding. Ive used mine daily up until the first snow fell here in Norway. I started to get some pain in my knees as i was riding it hard in turns on a daily basis. This wheel in my option might be best as a long distance wheel, as if you have longer trips planned. if to be used daily, dont ride it like other wheels, be more relaxed and softly lean into it 90% of the time. Its very comfy to use for sure, and you feel more powerfull riding it, but as an example, the msx 100v for me is much more fun as it allows me to accelerate and move about faster. This is not to say that i will not ride the monster next year, i will for sure as much as possible, but i have to do some more carefully.
  9. Last few weeks before winter came, i had my wheels outside at work for 7 hours in 0 / 4C temps. The issue is the voltage sag. 50% changed pack isnt enough when that cold as any hard leaning will trigger the low voltage warning. happened multiple times. Id say for safety, keeping batteries warm is best.
  10. I believe the motor itself with all that metal will radiate the coldness into the batteries more than that pad can heat it. Some insulation as a barrier around the packs or heated foil directly with insulation on the outside. That would require less energy to maintain a set temperature. 😊
  11. For all with the msx led controller. I have now updated the firmware for both the old gen msx, as well as v2 msx. https://www.eucguy.com/rgb-controller

    Instructions on installing, as well as firmware's are on the site for download.

  12. It is designed to not rely on the screws for sideways movement, but rather the clamps themself. I have used mine daily since making it, only PLA material. no issues at all.
  13. For my old msuper v3, i sprayed the capasitor legs with sealant for electrical contacts. it would be smart for anyone who rider where its a lot of moisture.
  14. yup. this is the most important part, the small resistors between the caps dont drain them fast enough
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