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  1. Not gonna lie. that look is growing on me. suspension seems to work really good also. do you have any section of cobblestone to test on?
  2. A New module ive designed. feel free to ask me anything

  3. Hello! I have designed this for anyone who would like to update the look of the wheel. https://www.eucguy.com/front-panel-module-help what are your thoughts ? i have 18 modules ready to send out, but it’s hard to find the right people.
  4. EUC GUY

    Gotway EX

    Cant wait to lift this wheel up the stairs! Hope they offer will less batteries also, they get so expensive when packed full..
  5. EUC GUY


    What do you guys think?
  6. Sharing some files. i no longer need them myself.

    All Gotway Msuper V3 mudguards - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4564620
    Gotway Monster Mudflap. OLD GEN - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4564621

  7. they for sure went all in on production here. so many small plastic parts to cover things up with. must have been expensive to make all the molds, but im sure this will be the wheel to lift them forward. looks very premium. I like the open motor design also, now they have room to make the cable upto specs for the high currents.
  8. Euc's have to use both a gyro and accelerometer and have a properly tuned algorithm to always know it's orientation. Gyro to know it's orientation to earth's gravity, and the accelerometer to know in what direction it's moving. Do some clever math on top of it, and you can filter out any noise and always have a solid model to work with.
  9. EUC GUY


    So, i wanted to show you all a bit of what ive been working on, now that im finally starting to understand more of electronics and this coding stuff, i thought i should give the rgb controller a go again. I'll add more modes as the days go by, but suggestions would also help
  10. Hello everyone. Im currently working on a mini RGB controller for the GW MSX wheels. i want to add the different versions to it, but i need someone to help clarify a few things for me. Latest msx wheels: How many leds are placed on the tail-panel ? In what direction does the animation move when the wheel rolls forward ? Is it still a single cable for all the leds, as before? Total number of leds? I know about the 1st gen, its what i have myself. Thank you
  11. For this, you normally add a start script that primes the extruder. gets rid of the first few cm of plastic before it starts. Personally, i have a line extruded on the far left side, half the buildt-plate, then once done, retraction and quickly moves to startpoint for printing
  12. 3 to begin with, more made from beginning of next week. https://www.eucguy.com/monster-22-powerpads

  13. Updated the store, now started selling Monster mudflaps again. this is the latest version. 

    Also, soon able to sell udapted MSX powerpads

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