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  1. EUC GUY


    A Gotway Monster with tilt-activated turnsignals and more. Follow my series for more.
  2. EUC GUY


    It will be great once completed. The full plan is here. https://www.eucguy.com/blog/custom-electronics-and-new-wheel
  3. i have the latest monster 84v. Directly from Gotway. "Photos on flikr
  4. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    I understand, I'll try with this width first then extend if I see the urgent need.. More info tomorrow 😊👍
  5. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    I can only do so much testing inside, but Lars Heeneman will help me test it. sending him the first version im happy with.
  6. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    Today i started working on the GW Monster powerpads. Got a working model and will put it on during the night to test tomorrow.. Got more info on this blog section here. https://www.eucguy.com/blog/gotway-monster-powerpads
  7. Now started on the Gotway Monster powerpads.
    Follow the dev here.https://www.eucguy.com/blog/gotway-monster-powerpads

  8. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    It's nixie tube clock you want to search for. That was done early when I started riding the acm.
  9. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    lots, used on the marked. my dad used finn.no or found at work.
  10. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    haha. thats a custom clock i made a long time ago. case is from an old radio brand. dad had one spare. very simple. the clock is a set from russia. old stock since the 60s or something, i forget. but one guy have learned the art again and is making new
  11. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    Range and that i can ride fast for longer. ofc im modding it tho
  12. EUC GUY

    The Photo Thread

    Gotway Monster 22" 2nd gen with new pcb and motor. A look inside. High res photos. https://www.flickr.com/photos/143090194@N03/?
  13. first week of 2019, i get my gotway monster :D 
    2019 will be filled with long rides, thats for sure.

  14. EUC GUY

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    perhaps a softer pedal setting would make it easier to climb hills on bigger wheels? As that allows you to fall further forward before the wheel accelerates, you would have more mass in front of centre.
  15. EUC GUY

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    exactly. And with a simple script to look at the avg amps or just a temp-sensor on the motorcable, that would be all needed and they would "never" fail going forward. edit: Im now very interested to see what my Monster 2400wh will be made with. big or small mosfets.. i ordered 2 weeks ago. getting it this week. also, im working on a "simple" arduino program to monitor the temps for me and warn with led strip and alarm. starting with a youtube series to cover this next week, perhaps something others should do as well