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  1. as the sidepanels for monster 3 are dark translucent, the logo will be visible. i am now coding the automatic lights that changes with light outside. hope to show off later this week. i did post a short demo on my instagram for those following tho
  2. Got fully working Gotway MSX led controller with temperature guard. so happy

  3. Ordered new laser, ad says it can cut 3mm of pluwood in one pass... lets see. 

    also. solved sn issue that has been bugging me for months, so now im much closer to finishing the euc project of mine. eletronic wise

  4. perhaps a bad bean. on the flip side, i have now designed a temperature guard. demo to be recorded today. hill test. Takes control over leds and sound alarm. 2 modes. "hot" = beep and red flash every 2 sec. "too hot" = non stop blink and alarm.
  5. New design change to be added. as an update, the laser i ordered wasnt as powerfull as i was hoping for, and this is causing issues for me. i think i can still cut pads, but its not much faster than before. this is something i have been working on entire weekend. specs say 15W, but not any more powerful than old 2.5W when the beam must be 100% strength. so it might just be in bursts... im waiting for reply by seller.
  6. I don't know. The monster I have is the upgraded one before new shell was introduced. It's 2000w motor. Same as msx
  7. Thank you for letting others know about the video
  8. Probably not, a lot of time to design new for different wheel. Includes a ton of testing and such. I already have many other things I want to finish and offer as well..
  9. I will have many colors for the outer rings. Black, red, blue.. Etc. All colors I can buy.
  10. Update: Im now working on the new laser machine, setting it up for production. end of week, perhaps ready to sell again.
  11. Shouldnt be long now before i'll start selling again.  im waiting on a new much more powerfull laser, and its bigger, so i can do more at once and also make for mosnter.  Im using this time now to go over everything, make profiles better, faster to print, stronger, and just tweak stuff in general.

    Im also working on the custom eucproject again at 100%, adding more functions and going over issues ive had, solving those, and killing a few arduinos in the process. 

  12. Go faster. 5 beeps a second is max.
  13. yes, well. haha. you can find some ready made controllers and connect it. just draw the 5v power from the LED port on the gotway pcb.
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