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Found 10 results

  1. TremF

    Monster mudguard?

    After getting covered in dust from riding along the canal (much more so than I do when riding my ACM) I was wondering if anyone know's if there's been a mudguard made the the monster yet? Though with the size of it and the mess it makes it could probably do with something front and back. Maybe stick some from a moto-x bike on!
  2. Speaker_box. Gotway Monster v3. I modeled it for those who need. easier to add stuff that fits inside. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4166639?fbclid=IwAR3nJ1C-NTo5Sr4f1wHD8gH2AYyfQR4fsUtlMnSYSutWWlZtgEfEs0k7X7I
  3. So here's a question for you all... I am currently testing a new model EUC Bodyguard on a (new to me) model wheel. Today we were trying some hill climbing - to ensure the Bodyguard remains secure, enhances grip, looks cool, et cetera. And it performed really well, as you can see here; BUT, the telemetry that I grabbed for a part of the ride could be considered a little disturbing; As mentioned above, the Monster I was riding is new to me, so I have no knowledge of what I should be expecting... What I can say is that with the EUC Bodyguard fitted, it was very easy to get to about 30 mph (50 km/h) while riding up a significant hill. Remember too, that this is a 22" wheel. I was a little surprised at just how easy it was. And then I saw the graph above... I need to run more tests before I can make an informed comment on how the EUC Bodyguard contributes, but from what I do see, it is very easy (too easy) to "coax" some very high current out of this (84 v) wheel. So it would be great to get some feedback from other Monster riders (@Jrkline "Wheel Whisperer" / @Marty Backe and others)... Are these "normal" current values? What is the magic number at which I should start to be concerned? And what is the best way to continue and validate my testing (preferably without dying)?
  4. TLDR: 1. Don't be lazy on maintenance 2. Axle nut and gyroscope are somehow dependent on each other Wheel History I've been riding the Monster 100v ever weekend since late May of 2019 with about 800 miles clocked. There were no major accidents other than the wheel tipping over onto its heavy side two/three times. Event: Today as I was leaving a NYC Kickstarter PEV demo event, I powered on the wheel in disbelief as it took on a life of its own and bolted toward the the bench it was previously leaning against. The wheel did a cool backflip onto its handle bar, breaking it, then cartwheeled a few times before cutting off. This video demonstrated what happened minus the backflipping WTF??? 4 Gotway wheels in 2 years and what did I just see? Diagnosis As my EUC world crumbles, I resort to crying to @Jason McNeil for parts and messaging @houseofjob on how to fix it and what tools are required. Luckily, I went to the event with Chris so really only had to cry to Jason. Chris inspected the wheel's right side where all the electronics are and said appears fine, no burnt smell and the wiring was not only secure but isolated. To make matters worse, the 6/8 screws holding the pedal arms was also tight and the axle nut was a-okay. As Chris proceeded towards the left side, I wondered what could possible be there that's related to the gyroscope? Isn't it just batteries on that side? Demoralized, as I heard there was nothing new and that the wires and 6 (or 8?) screws holding the pedal arms were secured but this time Chris suddenly blurted out "the axle is loose" in a surprised tone. He turns it and says "1 rotation?", "2 rotation??", 3 rotation???" in an escalating alarmed tone. Success I didn't think much of it but here's @houseofjob holding up the wheel (securely) and powering on the wheel Lesson to those that are really lazy and uninformed (like me) Lesson be learned, I didn't think I needed to tighten the axle because "that can't happen to me, it's still new right?". Wrong!!! If you are torquing the Monster and riding it hard (because you can!), save yourself the money and learn from my costly ignorance It's still my personal favorite wheel despite not fully understanding how an axle nut can make the wheel possessed. Even better, after a 6 mile ride ,albeit cautiously for the first 0.5 miles, the wheel rides more responsively now that both axles are equally tighten. Nothing beats balance..... and that will include maintenance from now on.
  5. In great condition just found it too much for me to handle, has three batteries in it, 2400 watts, 84 volts great condition, Plastics were replaced with purple used to be red. Has selectable fast charger. Wheel has about 788 miles on it mostly from previous owner I personally have only put on about 7 miles, I am used to a lighter easier to maneuver wheel like the in-motion V8. No issues with this wheel, rides perfect and smooth. Like anybody would like to get as much as I could for it to buy another wheel, send me your offer must at least be over $2,000, may also consider cash and possible trade me for what you have
  6. Getting to a driving range is a matter of choice......hitting the golf ball correctly takes some practice.....I haven't picked up a golf club for a few years. My Gotway Monster went about 12 miles to get me to the driving range. It was fun.
  7. I was wondering if anyone had managed to design & make/print a mudguard for the Gotway Monster yet please? I'm looking to buy one, if possible, as I don't know where I could get one printed locally. I can't get my ACM fixed for a while so, when the weather permits, I am using my Monster for my work commute and at the moment it's pretty much either raining or wet so at the end of the journey I'm having to wash/wipe everything down due to the spray from the Monster. I wasn't bothered about rain/wet on my ACM as it was less mess. In 2018 I'm going to look at trying to get my ACM fixed so I can sell that & my Monster & go for the Ninebot One Z10 &/or, depending on the price, I might sell the Microsoft Hololens I bought from a very nice IT friend. I absolutely love it but my transportation needs/wants are greater than my gadget ones.
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