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  1. The Chargery balances just fine. I use it all the time. However, for the Sherman it can't balance the battery due to the BMS. So only power supply mode works on the Sherman. That works fine for out on the ride, but you couldn't use it to balance your Sherman's batteries.
  2. I have to correct myself because I miscommunicated what he said, which was "I chose to go with a 84v system with a programmable 100v VESC because I felt it was important to create a higher ceiling with the vital electronics instead of expecting a daily function that borderlines on max performance of the major current handlers (ESC,BMS, and connections)."
  3. I don't see how it cools anything, but his rationale is use a higher voltage controller to prevent mosfets from burning up. I don't know enough how that works to know if that's true.
  4. He's doing this for cooling purposes. However, I'm not sure that's really necessary. All I know is an 84v battery goes fast at higher speeds. I rode with a modded Monster v1 that had a 4000Wh battery and it could barely hang with the Monster Pro.
  5. I don't think it expires till around 2035. I'm too lazy to look it up right now.
  6. Meet the new kid on the block If successfully brought to market, the EVO will be the first American made electric unicycle. Bryan Crumrine talks to EUC Addict and shares some interesting new details about his new EUC. (Read more)
  7. The aftermath of a 300 mile ride The time was 4:33 am Monday, April 5th, and Jeff and I were standing along Main St. just off the Santa Ana Trail, waiting for an Uber to pick us up. After four months of planning, I was unfortunately 6 miles shy of completing my 300 miles. Chris had to bail 4 miles behind us, but Dave, Louie, Sam, and Theo were able to complete the trip. So why did three out of seven riders not make it, and why were we still riding nearly 3 hours after our planned arrival time? (Read More)
  8. @KurtosisSmall world. I'm from Washington and lived for a short time in Kirkland. My grandparents lived there 20+ years.
  9. Four and half months ago, I began planning a 300 mile ride. Nineteen days ago my Monster Pro arrived, and since then I’ve ridden 425 miles in preparation for this long distance ride. I will not being doing this ride solo. No, I’ve found six other crazy riders with Monster Pro’s that will be accompanying me on this 22.5 hour ride. (Read more) I will be posting updates of our trip on my Facebook page EUC Addict. Our ride begins this Sunday, April 4, at 4:00 am PST. I pray nothing catastrophic happens during our trip and that all will go smoothly. If you’re interested in doing a ride similar
  10. eWheels is being mum on the nitty gritties right now, but I did hear they are currently testing the batteries and plan to test the rest of this month, which is why EX and Monster Pro shipments are being pushed till May. For Begode's part they did add a 150A fuse between the battery packs and control board on the Monster Pro. They also added a fuse to the control board and cover to help protect from dust etc. These updates are on the 3rd gen of the control board. This 3rd gen also releases more power in the Monster Pro.
  11. Not that I'm aware of at the moment. My opinion is that there really isn't a battery issue at all. There are reasonable explanations for how those wheels caught fire that have nothing to do with the batteries and more to due with water ingress issues and poor packing/wheel transport. Fear is real though and it affects sales and when you're sitting on a $400,000 order you have the weight to throw around to do something to alleviate your customers' fears.
  12. This is eWheels' response to the Monster Pro that burst into flames in the back of someone's Subaru and eWheels' cargo container fire. These custom batteries appear to be only for the Monster Pro and EX and they don't use 18650 packs as you probably already know.
  13. Electric unicycle online communities have been vigorously discussing best practices for EUC storage in light of recent reports of wheels bursting into flames. Fire blankets being the most widely discussed method of protection. Begode even issued a letter to help alleviate public fear. YouTubers sponsored by eWheels began making calls to temporarily boycott Begode until the company addressed its quality control issues. However, Begode’s efforts weren’t satisfactory to eWheels owner Jason McNeil. According to Marty Backe, who runs the fourth most viewed YouTube channel about EUC’s in the U.
  14. Marty's first attempt at the range test was aborted. He redid it on Saturday and Sunday.
  15. Monster Pro firmware update surprises The firmware update was discovered by accident during Marty Backe’s Monster Pro range test. For the first 57 miles the Monster Pro (56.6 miles; 87.8v) was performing nearly the same as the Sherman (57 miles; 87.4v). Marty was hoping to hit 100 miles, but by all appearances the Monster Pro looked like it was going to be bested by the Sherman’s smaller battery. Things took an unexpected turn though on day two. About 20 miles into the ride, Marty noticed the Monster Pro (80.6 miles; 84v) was beginning to pull ahead of the Sherman (79 miles; 81.
  16. I'm aware of at least 20+ riders on the West Coast that are excited about receiving their Monster Pro. In addition, Marty said he was planning to buy one after riding EUCO's demo Monster Pro. I'm not alone.
  17. A quality control checklist for your Monster Pro You’re anticipating the arrival of your new Monster Pro. However, you’re aware Begode’s quality control is lacking and have heard there were a number of issues with the pre-production/early batch of Monster Pro’s. Will your wheel have these issues and what can you do to improve upon Begode’s quality check? In this article, I tell you about five new updates to the Monster Pro and give you a checklist of things to inspect and do to your wheel when it arrives. (Read more)
  18. You won't be disappointed with your choice. I wrote about my experience with the Sherman and found it to be an incredible wheel.
  19. I take no issues with people comparing wheels out of class, I do it myself. Specifically went a ride last week to ride the Monster Pro and Sherman side by side because I wanted to see how they compared; however, I wouldn't use the Veteran as a benchmark for the Monster Pro. The Sherman is not, and cannot be, a standard for wheel that is much larger. I think it would be allowable for the Veteran to be the standard in QC if that were the case. Things that would have universal application to all wheels. If you haven't had the opportunity to ride both, then I recommend taking the first chance
  20. An opinion from across the pond Dear Ian, I watched your review of the Monster Pro with anticipation, and despite your poor opinion of the wheel, I still appreciated hearing what you had to say. I didn’t disagree with much of what you said about the wheel. However, I did take issue with two things. So instead of leaving a comment below your video as you suggested, I published my thoughts here for your consideration as it would not be conducive to respond with such length in a YouTube comment. The first issue I had with your review was the comparison between the Veteran Sherman an
  21. There is no work around. You won't be able to balance your battery on the Sherman with this charger. All the guys I know who use this charger with the Sherman use power supply mode for fast charging at home or on the road. Stock charger used for balancing.
  22. While my trip to EUCO was primarily to test the Monster Pro, I thought I’d try the EX and EX.N. The first wheel I tried was the EX—my first time on a suspension wheel. (Read More)
  23. October 2020 I published an article about using a J1772 adapter to charge your electric unicycle (EUC) at EV charging stations. In that article I included a demonstration video of how to use the adapter. Despite its niche use within an already niche sport the video and article were relatively popular. The adapter has been a game changer for riders in SoCal and elsewhere, but while planning a couple of future rides I discovered that there are unique situations where EV chargers aren’t available and neither are regular 5-15 outlets. (Read More)
  24. The Monster Pro: SoCal's perfect cruiser I rode the Monster Pro today for a whopping three miles up and down Production Avenue just outside of EUCO, a San Diego based electric unicycle (EUC) dealer. EUCO employee Nicholas McCutcheon promptly met me at the store front at 11:00 a.m. on his newly restored Veteran Sherman. He had lent it to Adam Christensen (Flyboy) for one of Marty Backe's Sherman only rides and unfortunately Adam crashed it going 35 mph on his way home from work. Marty and Adam talk about the crash here at minute 4:43. I waited a few minutes while Nick went inside to
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