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So... I’m having a hellacious time with my IM V10 and the penchant the wheel seems to have for wanting to throw me off the back thereof. Some basics - it’s a brand new (well it now has a few miles) wheel (my first) and I purchased it from the awesome folks at ewheels. 
I am getting comfortable with my wheel - actually tightening up my turning and practicing free mounting (a big deal for me, but definitely getting it!). I went out for a long (for me) ride today of about two miles. I purposely challenged myself with right and left turns, hilly road (about two hundred feet of 5-6 percent grade. I am quite sure I must look drunk and a bit silly (think arms flapping about and a panicked look, albeit with a smile). So yes, I’m very much a rookie, but I’m making progress and definitely understanding the dynamics of riding. 
My issue though - I am VERY frustrated with the feeling that my wheel keeps pushing back against me. I have read enough posts to understand the imposed tilt back of the wheel from speed (I had mine limited at the default 16MPH but upped it based on suggestions from a few of the veterans in this forum for diagnosis). 
i also understand  that the wheel will throttle me if it’s stressed (battery, steep grade or hitting a top speed) but I keep getting tilted back without any real reason.
In other words, I’m not hitting my max (limited) even or close to it speed, I’m near 100 percent charged, and I’m riding on level (or at least no perceptible) grade. This is seriously frustrating me and totally undermining my confidence in the wheel. 
The tilt is sometimes pretty severe (like, “oh crap my calves hurt pushing back and I’m scared that I’m gonna get knocked on my ass”) and sometimes relatively gentle (like a beep first and then a tilt back - which I can understand when I hit the speed limit). Buuuuuuut..... again, this happens at speeds that are WAY BELOW the limit. Sometimes I get the warning beep (like if I do hit the max speed) and sometimes I don’t. I just can’t establish a consistent association with the tilt back and my riding dynamics or the established reasons for tiliting me (speed, grade, battery reserve). 
As I said, I am very much a beginner and definitely don’t mean to fault the wheel for something I am doing wrong or overlooking. A few people have suggested recalibration of the wheel and another suggestion was a possible bad board.
For me, graduating to a more comfortable, confident and stable style feels really elusive with the wheel arguing with me. I’m hopeful that you pros out there can offer insight and help me diagnose this. 
Is it possible that something is wrong with the wheel? I have poured over the inmotion app (IT REALLY REALLY SUCKS!!!!) but haven’t discovered anything that makes a difference from a settings standpoint.
One other thing I noticed... the wheel already had a “username” associated thereto when I registered the serial number through the application (and I haven’t been able to change it). Almost like someone else owned or at least registered the wheel before I did???? Again, I bought the wheel brand new (ewheels) and don’t suspect that it was anything but virgin, but it is weird, right? Figured that would be meaningful for you to know... or someone else has experienced the same application issue? Maybe Inmotion gives them names from the factory????
Everything  else feels pretty good to me (I can free mount, not gracefully, but I’m getting there; I can turn left and right, I can navigate crappy surfaces - though grass and dirt still confound me, I can go up and down grades... I’m playing with turning radius stuff and trying to tighten stuff up, etc). Just getting my proverbial hind quarters kicked by this inconsistent tilt back stuff. Help!!!!! 😃 
PS - I am not too proud to be told I’m doing it wrong - I just want to open this wheel stuff up (as in become a great rider and advocate for this amazing thing!) and feel really stifled by the issue. Any insight would be
Oh - I have about five total miles (the horrid app say 25.553 miles - NO WAY!!!), one full charge cycle, three hours total on the wheel. I’ve dropped it a few times but nothing noteworthy. I haven’t ridden it off road (just parking lots and side streets and a very humbly attempt at grass / dirt). I weigh 170 pounds and have 35-38. PSI  in the tire. The prevailing temperatures during all my riding has been in the 50-65F range (no rain). Not sure if you need any more info, but, of course I’m happy to provide. Sorry for the long post! 
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9 hours ago, MR BRAD said:

Is it possible that something is wrong with the wheel?

Yes, possible, but before to conclude this I would first

  1. run the diagnostics in the app and
  2. re-calibrate the wheel from the app (not sure for the button name, car body forward something), for which the wheel has to stand on its back fender, at least that's how it works for the V8
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10 hours ago, MR BRAD said:
I am getting comfortable with my wheel - actually tightening up my turning and practicing

Man now listend me and do what i say.

1. Is normal you pedals tilt if you go up or down hill/incline. Totaly normal natural thing because whell keep you pedal in flat (against hill/incline)


3.I personaly calibrate everytime (in home) before  ride start (because i have slime in v10f) . https://www.inmotionworld.com/blog/what-is-zero-offset-calibration-of-inmotion-unicycle  

front light to ground or backlight to ground paradoxly no difference both variants is ok.(calibrate with open pedals)

4. what is you QC stamp (my is 5/19) or firmware? If is or more you alredy have newer better mainboard. V10F is now in solid state with good assembly quality. I no expect you have something faulty.

5 just details here: you PSI is perfect.

if you select max 20Kmh V10F start slowly tilting you around 15 kmh maybe is this what trigger you.

100% batery(84V) is not good if you live in hilly place like me  recuperation not work and braking is "strange" (my perosnal feel) i use my V10F between 20%-85%. Sometime i charge to 100%84V only for ballance cell capacity.

Try max speed and sensitivity and write me feedback i thing all you problems disapear just changing ride settings. 


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I see you are in the Bay Area.  Perhaps we can find another rider to give an opinion by riding the wheel.  Despite my 4 wheels I haven't been riding long, but I do know what it's like to be pushed off the back (and front) of a wheel because my 16X has the v1.4 control board bt/gyro hardware issue.  And my MCM5 pedals tend to wander a little bit cornering, so I'm probably familiar with the difference between "not quite rock solid" and "that's crazy tilt".  I'm around Mt View / Santa Clara if you're in the area.

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If possible, I would suggest going to one of the group rides nearby to have someone test ride your wheel. Most people could tell if something was wrong in under 100 feet. 

I remember getting my MSv3. I did not know anything about setup. I got it out of the box, jumped on and got tilted at about 10 MPH. I got out the GW app and made some changes but to no affect. I switched to the Darkessbot app and set the top speed to 50kph. Now it was tilting me at 3 MPH. Come to find out the GW app was not working at all and the Darknessbot let me set the speed too high resulting in a 5kph tilt. I had to set it to 48kph or lower with the Darknessbot app. 

Many of us have similar problems in the beginning. It helps to have someone experienced nearby. 

I know that Not being calibrated properly can cause all kinds of problems.  My wheel dips badly in the turns when not calibrated 

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