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  1. Hello, I have designed these footplates last year and was successfully using them so why not to share with you guys. I would never go back to original rubber / grip tape. It is not a thing of comfort but the thing of safety. Had a few falls directly because of not having enough grip. Now the foot wont move even in heavy riding and some mild snow / mud on shoes. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5446843 Happy and safe riding!
  2. Hello readers and riders! I apologize for my English, if it has any errors. First of all, let me introduce myself: My name is Ilya, I'm the iOS Developer since 2009. Also I have Ninebot One E since April 2015. Then I decided to combine these skills into my new app - DarknessBot. The application is available only for iOS 10.0 and higher. Ninebot haven't presented any official APIs yet, so I cooperated with the GyroMetrics developer - Paco Gorina (special thanks for helping with Ninebot BLE protocol) The application from the active EUC owners! It supports the following models: ► Ninebot (One C/C+/E/E+/P/A1/S2/Z6/Z8/Z10, Segway C/E/P/R/T, Mini, Mini Pro, Mini Plus, KickScooter) ► Inmotion (V3, V3C, V3S, V3Pro, V5, V5+, V5F, V8, V8F, V10, V10F, R1, R2, L6, L8) ▶ Solowheel (Glide 3) ► Gotway (MTen2, MTen3, MCM4, MCM5, ACM, MSuper V3/X, Monster, Tesla, Nikola). ► KingSong (14, 14S, 16, 16S, 16X, 18, 18L, 18S, 18XL, N8, N10). ► Rockwheel (GT14, GT16) ► Xiaomi (M365, M365 Pro) (BLE version 0.9.1 or prior) Features: Application for free, but it has a few paid functions. So I provide 40 promocodes for this forum. Promocodes Download from Appstore Telegram chat
  3. Hello, there are some rumors about V8/V8F/V8S not having balancing, also heard something about V10 not having it. That looks not plausible to me for V10. About V8 I heard some cases where the range dropped significantly and it was found the cells were not in balance. Mr Wrong Way warns people about it in his videos. So I would be glad if someone could solve this mystery. Is there someone who had teardown their V8 pack and inspected the BMS?
  4. Welcome to join our survey of new product. Let us know your ideas by filling in the form from below link: https://forms.gle/a7b29gW9FCDXfZGa8
  5. Hey guys! I'm looking to sell my wife's V8F which she only used once to learn on but gave up immediately, unfortunately. Now I'm trying to sell this wheel to get her an Mten3 to hopefully get her back into it with a less "intimidating" learning wheel for her. I'm looking for $1K and will include the original charger, EUC stand, and shipping via eWheels label. Jason told me he can provide me with a discounted label. Please feel free to message me for inquiries. J.
  6. Curious if anyone else has a V12 with an inoperative automatic headlight. I've been enjoying an otherwise perfect V12 for about two weeks now. Loving it so far, but the headlight only works in manual mode. I can operate the headlight at all intensities (off, low beam, high beam, both) but in automatic mode it never illuminates regardless of the ambient light level--even in pitch black conditions. I've tried adjusting the threshold values in the app as well. ...no luck. Upgrading the firmware to V1.4.5 made no difference either. I carefully dissected the case and traced the connections from the photo resistor to the contact PCB in the top cover. Measuring the resistance across the contacts seemed to show a normal operating range ( ~200 ohms -> 380k ohms) from light to dark. I assume the problem is deeper in the control circuitry, but have not pulled the main controller yet. Since everything else is fine, I'm reluctant to start scraping off the Silastic and disconnecting harnesses. And unless there's something brutally obvious (like a smoked component) I'm not sure I have the expertise to diagnose the issue any further. Does anyone else's V12 suffer from the same defect? I've been in contact with Jason and team at EWheels and they have been extraordinarily responsive, as usual. A big shout-out to them! Given there are many other new V12 owners with far more serious issues to resolve, I suspect this will take quite a while to prioritize and fix. Nevertheless, It could be helpful to know if this is just a one-off failure, or a more prevalent problem with the V12 design or implementation. Has anyone else seen this problem? Any other insights or ideas to share?
  7. For Sale: Inmotion V10F (w/ Hex Pedals, Cover, + Stand) (good condition, like-new) (about 190 miles on it.) Can meet in or around Great Neck, Long Island/Queens area for pickup. Selling since I've outgrown the speed limit and don't ride it anymore. Great as a first wheel or secondary mid-size wheel. Wheel is in great condition, rides like-new. Only has about 190 miles on it. Used for only a few months in the summer. Bought from EUCO.com (May 2021) Always rode with the EUCO protective sleeve on. Upgraded the pedals to the Inmotion brand honeycomb hex pedals (as seen in pictures). Added several strips of velcro to the sides for power pads placement. Added several strips of reflective tape for visibility safety. Comes with original box, charger, EUCO protective sleeve, and EUC Stand by EUCArmy.com . Cash and Carry. Priced to sell. Sorry not willing to ship it. Message me to arrange meetup or if you have any questions. Thanks for reading Have Fun & Ride Safe!
  8. Hey everybody! I usually wear a full-face helmet when going on the street, but this was supposed to be a camera test. Video link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BeyLVGRRtrQ A bit of context, this is my 5th session and so far I feel it’s going well. I have already done some 2km commuting and a bit of exploration. Fatigue is definitely an issue, but it keeps improving as well as turns. However, the main issue as you can imagine are wobbles. I am currently riding a V10 and I have reached up to 25km/h which I am happy for now, but every now and then (around 18 seconds in the video) I experienced a very scary wobble. Is there anything besides practice that could help me to reduce them? Thanks!
  9. Quick question for you guys, do the Inmotion V11 honeycomb pedals work on a Veteran Sherman? If so, would you guys recommend them over the stock sherman Pedals?
  10. Electronics design problem with the V12 The 2nd batch of Inmotion V12 100.8V wheel highlighted the inherent fragility of its board design due to the choice of Infineon IPP023N10N5 100V-rated MOSFET. 12x IPP023N10N5, source: Wrong Way InMotion V12 Quality Check - Teardown video published Nov 4, 2021 As indicated in the specsheet listed, the figure of 100V is called "Drain-source breakdown voltage" The definition and an explanation of this term can be read here: Then the IPP023N10N5 maximum "Avalanche energy, single pulse" is specified in mJ. Anything beyond that introduce immediate permanent damage. Above the breakdown voltage, we know that drain current can't be limited anymore which will increase the energy dissipated and permanently damage (short) the MOSFET. For a wheel, a single shorted MOFET leads to a cut-out, and likely unavoidable crash. This is what happened to a number of owners tracked in this thread, as the supply for these MOSFET was not as high as earlier and Inmotion didn't test the components or the final result. Some exceptions in this pattern appeared,with 13% of cutouts not destroying the component despite throwing the rider off, since a MOSFET will behave unpredictably before failing. A stress test has been improvised for owners and distributors to test the wheel, and now customers are trying to figure out if their wheel is safe or not even if it passed the test, since the design itself violates the main motor control component specifications. The uncertainty is fueled by the the fact that although MOSFETs might not completely fail when used above their specification, which is the V12 normal state of things, the components will experience accelerated degradation. How fast the degradation of a wheel passing the proposed stress test will lead to failure is anyone's guess, and there is no way to determine this than sacrificial long-term testing. It depend on the capacity of each individual MOSFET to operate beyond capacity without failing, varying from one unit to the other. Introducing the V12 HT Following the beginning of cut-out reports, Inmotion announced a new wheel, a High Torque variant of the High Speed original V12, on December 25. All that looks good, however I would like to point your attention to this part of the brochure in particular: Yep: More duable MOS Meanwhile Ecodrift alerted Inmotion in June 2021 Narrator voice: "Inmotion did not" Cutouts were reported to Inmotion by customers from December 3 or earlier. In short, Inmotion was warned 6 months ago about using the wrong MOSFETs. In December, a pattern of cutouts and crashes emerged, with some riders experiencing severe injury and hefty financial cost. Before acknowledging officially the ongoing crisis on December 31 with a post from @Cecily Inmotion, knew about the design problem and its dire consequences on the reliability of their product. Hence, they decided to upgrade the component for the V12 HT already as seen in Chinese social media for a couple weeks before its announcement. While writing the V12 HT brochure, marketing teams asked in the company "So how is it different from the current V12?" To that, engineering must have replied: "Well the MOSFETs are more durable" Also meaning: because they're not durable on the V12, a few of them burning up and we know they won't last. What Inmotion is expected to do onwards Inmotion knows that V12 boards are not durable. Even if the wheels pass a synthetic stress test today, their main component will fail early because used beyond its specifications. It is easy to predict that all V12 models, High Speed & High Torque will use the board revision introduced for the HT version, which allows to deliver 23% more power, therefore has at least as much more margin before failing under stress. Recall and upgrade Some distributors, like eWheels mentioned a potential recall before the stress test became the recommendation. Given all V12 built so far shipped with the wrong components to drive the motor reliably - now or over time, the clear approach to remedy this harmful blunder is to replace all V12 boards with V12 HT board hardware and its upgraded "More durable MOS" Without this guarantee, there's a significant risk that all V12 would die when ridden, unless they becomes obsolete before that. Wether it'll be when you ride it, your friend, your loved one, or its next owner is hard to tell.
  11. The existing topic was closed for further replies so I figured I'd start another one. My pre-order from EUCO is being held until April 2022. According to their reply they will fulfill all V12 orders when they receive and install the new MOSFETS. Hope this helps with anyone's future purchasing decisions.
  12. Hello everyone! I'm selling my Inmotion V11 in great condition with LOTS of awesome accessories. This is a 2021 4th batch model with 573 miles on it. It runs perfectly and has no structural or mechanical damage, just some scrapes and scratches from regular use. It's running the latest firmware and has been cleaned and maintained thoroughly. Not sure how to add pictures so I'll provide them upon request. Below I've listed the accessories included with the wheel. Each accessory is removable and in great condition. -2.85 inch TICWRIS Digital Display (Touchscreen mounted right above battery indicator, provides a large, bright display for helpful info including speedometer/range/music/gps right on the wheel!) -Official Inmotion Spiked Pedals (also including stock set) -Official Inmotion Power Pads (one full set) -Digital Display mount/front-upper protective bumper -Rear-upper hardshell protective bumper -Lower protective hardshell bumpers (4 total) -Custom-molded "flight fins" (for grip and stability, adjustable) -Custom-molded air valve extension holder -Kickstand extender (allows for the kickstand to be left in the "down" position at all times for quick park/go) -Inmotion 2.5a charger Lastly, here's a few specs. You can find the full spec sheet on the Inmotion website. Top Speed: 34 mph Max Range: 60 miles 2200w motor 1500wh battery Air Suspension Bright headlight/taillight/brakelight/day-time running light Dual charging capable I'm hoping to sell before I move so I've dropped the price to $1950 for this wheel, shipping, and all accessories (all of which would total over $2700 if purchased new). Please leave any questions or offers here or in a personal message, thank you!
  13. My DIY solution what I missed on V11: bluetooth speakers, android terminal (with powerbank for long ussage) for navigation, eWheel apps, turn signal lights / winkers, action camera etc. I have considered a solution that does not require any destructive changes on the unicycle.
  14. The first tutorial is in! I hope you like it. It took much longer than I expected.
  15. I have a battery pack for the V10F. I bought it by mistake and need to sell it. I never used it. But i bought it used from a retailer on ebay. $450 obo
  16. I got the V10F as my first and so far only wheel. I figured I would throw up a few comments as I think if you are unsure what to get as your first wheel it's a solid choice. Sorry I couldn't help showing off for the camera ^^^. Ha! It seems like there are 3 schools of thought for first wheel: One and done! Buy the fanciest/$$ wheel you can afford and one you'll keep forever. [ie. folks buying Shermans as their first wheel] Middle of the Road. Buy something capable, but not crazy so you won't grow out of it fast. [ie. V10F] Go small. Buy a small/cheap wheel just for learning and plan to upgrade fairly soon. [ie. Mten3/V5F] I can see the pros/cons for each option and the right answer depends on you. I went with #2 because I figured the wheel was light enough to learn on without making life too hard and once I was past the newb stage it would still be useful as a commuter/cruiser wheel and as a wheel to teach my GF/friends should they show some interest. InMotion has a reputation for quality and the V10F is not a bleeding edge wheel so how it performs is well understood. It was also in stock so no waiting for a new wheel to be released and a padded optional cover was available. The fact it was reputed to handle wet weather well appealed to me since I live in the PNWet North. I liked the big flat foot plates and I thought it was a good looking wheel. The 2.5" tire seemed a good compromise in width for general urban riding. The ~50km range seemed to hit a sweet spot for doing stuff locally and the price was not so high I was worried I'd wish I had not spent it. As a well established wheel I also figured I could sell it fast if I didn't love it. Buying new for my first wheel was risky. Both in terms of damaging the wheel when learning and also $$ lost in resale if I didn't want to keep it. With not much of an EUC community where I lived buying a used wheel long distance wasn't super appealing so I decided it was better to buy new. I got the optional padded cover as I figured that would be useful to protect it. I'm 5'11" tall & 185lbs +/- 5lbs depending on tacos/beer. The V10F fit me well in terms of size/weight and foot plate height. It wasn't so small/light that it felt unstable and it wasn't so big/heavy that it was hard to control. I learned fast on the wheel with only a few drops and no real damage other than the bottom of the foot plates. So being worried about trashing a new wheel wasn't a real concern. Since I got the hang of riding in a day or so I was into chill cruise mode right away. Had I bought a tiny starter wheel I would probably have been shopping for wheel #2 by the end of the first week. As it was the V10F was perfect for post-newb, but not quite intermediate stage. Fast enough to be engaging without getting out of hand and powerful enough that cut outs are not a worry for reasonable riding. It's agile enough I can ride at walking speed if I need to wait to pass and fast enough to get away from people I don't want to deal with. Stopping and starting are drama free. A few months later I've made it to what I'd call solid new intermediate level of skills as an urban EUC rider. Think bicycle commuter, but on an EUC. I'm not doing tricks/jumps and I am not doing Kuji style accelerations/weaving, but I can get around town without being a danger to myself or others and have fun. The V10F is still a great wheel for me. Being realistic the speed/range is all I need. It can go everywhere I need to and doesn't have any obvious weaknesses. I watch the new EUC review videos like everyone else, but I have not had a real itch to spend any money on a new wheel. If I did get a new wheel at some point I'd keep the V10F as it is a great wheel to teach someone else and then let them use to ride with me as it's capable enough to really explore the town. Since I do a lot of errands on this wheel I like that it's got a slim/refined form factor that doesn't put people off when I want to roll it into a building/office. It looks more cute than HALF-ELECTRIC-DIRT-BIKE!!!! I don't need extra attention. So what are some negatives? Well it's not an exciting wheel. It feels like a Honda Civic not a Jeep or Ferrari. It rides/trolleys so light/easy that it's always shocking when I pick it up and have to move 50lbs around. I'm strong enough to carry it as needed, but ya it's not light. The lights are adequate as "be seen" lights in chill conditions, but I add a red flasher to my pack and hold a small/powerful LED flashlight in my hands for riding when things are getting dark. The warning sounds are really loud if you are trying to be stealthy. I think I'd prefer a 3" tire, but I'm just guessing as I haven't tried an EUC with a bigger tire. The optional cover is very functional and it's not bad looking, but the graphic design isn't amazing either. Plus the cover obscures the side lights so you don't get to enjoy them. I like the way the trolley handle works, but it has some play in it that's a touch annoying. That's about it. There isn't much to complain about. I haven't played music on my V10F's speakers as I ride so I can't comment on that feature. If I had to start again I would happily get another V10F. It's been a really good experience from newb to now. EUC technology is changing so fast I don't think spending a year or two on this wheel will be something I'll regret because when/if I do decide to spend a bunch of $$ on a bigger/fancier wheel it will be so much better than what's available today. Plus the V10F will remain capable enough to keep around. So if you are wondering what to get for your first wheel and can't decide I wouldn't hesitate to recommend buying a V10F.
  17. I recently had my InMotion V8 with a full battery, a few minutes into a ride start tilting back then slowing down to a stop with all of the LEDs flashing red. I tried turning it off but was not able to for a minute or two, but eventually it went off. I was able to immediately turn it back on and it seemed fine. I rode it another minute or so at a medium speed and less than a minute later the same thing happens. It has now happened maybe 10 or so times. If I ride really slow, it rarely triggers the kickback. But if I go up a hill or more than like 10 miles an hour it's not too long before the severe tiltback occurs. Any thoughts? Oh, my machine is probably 3-4 years old but InMotion in San Diego replaced the motherboard for me less than 2 years ago because it had failed on me. But since that replacement it was perfect until just now.
  18. Hello, I bought an Inmotion v5+ about two months ago. Now It has already 500km. I'm writing here because I'd like to increase the speed of my wheel but I don't know what is the procedure. Please, someone can help me? I heared that exist an apk to do that, but I would not be able to figure out how it works.. Thank you
  19. I have a V3 INMOTION for 2 years. Trying to patch a tube from one of the tyres, in the process of opening the scooter, I accidentaly touched the motherboard with a screwdriver and burned the electronic moterboard. I took the battery and the motherboard out from the carcase in the hope to find out a way to repair it, but in the meantime, the battery exploded in my garage and there was nothing left to attempt any repair!!! I am trying to order one from INMOTION for more than on year, but I get no answer. I come here in this forum with the hope to find somebody that has a damaged V3 and has the battery and the motherboard still intact. Thank you in advance for your answers!!!
  20. Hey all🙂 Just wondering what new wheels everyone is excited for and why? What will you be ordering? Will you buy first run? Or wait for the second batches? Am I missing any? Thanks! I look fwd to hearing your opinions!
  21. Inmotion V10f for sale. I've loved riding/learning on this wheel, but I'm feeling the upgrade itch, and I've preordered a V12. While I wait, I've decided to see if anyone wants to help me out by buying my current wheel. It's in great condition, and there are photos in the linked craigslist posting, along with more details about the wheel. Link to detailed, local craigslist posting: Inmotion V10f Electric Unicycle - electronics - by owner - sale (craigslist.org) I will consider shipping to forum members with enough post/activity history to prove they aren't a scam- I did not mention this in the craigslist posting because as a general rule I don't sell things that need to be shipped. I'll throw in the custom wooden charging stand I built for $75 dollars if that appeals to you. That price proooobably doesn't even cover my time/labor, but it's custom to the v10f and charger, so I won't have a use for it after I sell the wheel.
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