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Found 131 results

  1. dismason

    The Flying Finn, Dismason

    Hello My name is Carl Irjala and I live here in the city of Kotka, which is near the Russian border. If you allow, I wish to start writing to you about my experiences as a brand new electric unicyclist. I'm a soaring pilot with several hundred landings behind me. So when I saw a video on YouTube that told that riding an EUC feels like flying I became instantly interested about it. So my first topic is about the experience of buying my first EUC and the learning process. The EUC brand is here in Finland so new that I had to search abroad to get reasonable information about it. My mother tongue is Swedish and Finnish. In those languages there is not enough information that would make me to buy an EUC. Luckily, I found this forum and the members' YouTube videos. Lots of sellers at the Internet do not communicates in English, so I was totaly dependent on the information you provide in this forum. Another matter that affected the choice of my first EUC was transport and tax costs. I have bought a lot of products directly from America and China, but sometimes the goods come with a shipping / duty surcharge that can be up to one hundred percent of the value of the product and sometimes not. So this makes the purchase a little risky. I found only one seller who provided clear information about shipping and taxation charges to Finland. After payment, it only took five days to get home the product from Poland (see image files). So in full, the whole process was quite easy. My next post will be a video about learning to ride the EUC. In that video you will see a whole new method how to do it. So, stay tuned on this topic. Kind regards Carl
  2. Some of the mods I've done. Stickers to cover all the scratches 🙂 A front bumper/stand (3mm aluminium flatbar, bend to shape, double sided tape to hold it on) Larger foot pads/plates/pedals (remove skid pads, remove top plate, 5 screws, screw on 4mm aluminium plate cut to fit and drilled for existing screw holes, add skateboard deck tape). Should make longer trips easier on my feet. Heaps of grip. Folds as original, and I've had no pedal strikes in testing so far. I used the original plates as template for the holes and slot. Used longer screws (10mm). 600km's on the wheel so far, and loving it. What have you done to yours?
  3. Unventor

    Inmotion App for Android

    I hope to encourage @Bobwheel and Inmotion/Solowheel to share more info on the new V10 gen. app for android. Of course, some development updates/ info and expected release date would be nice to know too. As for features, can someone confirm if this app will support any tope of smart watch/wear type to show speed and maybe even a horn/bell option. The last part is high on my interest list due to road legality/ traffic laws.
  4. palachzzz

    WheelLog Android App

    Hi, It started somewhere here, it was just improvement to make WheelLog working with Inmotion. But then I was asked about some improvements for KingSong and Gotway as well. So I think it is time to move it here. Improvements regarding the version from the market (not all, I don't remember all, but you can read previous topic about changes if interested): - Inmotion support, including wheel setting control (tested, work fine with V8, work not bad with others), extended logs - KingSong: negative current, correct start with FW 1.25, wheel setting control (untested) - Gotway: some minor fixes, wheel setting control (partially tested) - Top speed reset from menu - User trip counter (can be reset from menu, not affected to wheel or app shutdown) Known issues: - Xiaomi devices may often lose connection with Inmotion (problem in Xiaomi Bluetooth implementation) All previous versions ahould be removed before installing WheelLog_10092017.apk
  5. InMotion V10F, 35 miles for sale, minor scuffs. Also comes with an InMotion protective cover. Asking $1300.
  6. Paco Gorina


    GyroMetrics is a free application for logging data and controlling an EUC in a device independent way. See for an introduction. 9BMetrics worked with Ninebot and now it works with Ninebot, Gotway, Kingsong and InMotion. As I don't have all the wheels some support is better than others and all feedback is welcome. The application also uses the AppleWatch if available for showing information, starting/stopping recording and locking/unlocking the wheel or sounding the horn (in Kingsong), @Chriull has devloppend some GNUPLOT scripts for presenting the information which are vailable here. Also some Python generic scripts are available at following posts. First Gyrometrics version is 2.5 which has the following differences with 9BMetrics 2.4: - For Ninebot Users You may enable or disable speed limit from settings while connected You may lock / unlock wheel when connected From the watch you may lock / unlock the weel by doing hard press and selectiong the option in the menu - For KingSong Users Now horn works from the watch. Just a double tap in the center field and should play it - For InMotion Users (all beta features, sorry my accesibility is rare) Disabled serial number checking. Should connect with V8 Lock / Unlock may or may not work as explained for Ninebot Users - For everybody Python Scripts that work in Pythonista and in normal desktop environments (They work in the iPhone ) for plotting data directly from new .9bz archives. Will put them in the GyroMetrics topic Working in new features : Current visible in the watch, color shows direction Battery color will change to orange in phone and watch if battery level > 90% and current is < 0 Other features : Incremental saving - So if application crashes ypu don't loose all data Autocalibration of distance and speed
  7. I've overheated or overloaded it twice doing things I believe it should handle easily (because other wheels do), and opened a question with InMotion on their forum here (without so far getting feedback): https://www.myinmotion.com/pages/forum?p=post%2Fv10f-cutting-out-and-asking-me-to-get-off-when-it-shouldnt-9759363%3Fpid%3D1304432531 So I'm hoping for some help from the hive mind.
  8. Yesterday when I was practicing driving backwards (so many forward/backward) I got a voice from my Inmotion V5F: overweight, step off - and then it powered down instantly (good this was not happening outside training area). This continued to happen several times. Battery level: red bar plus yellow bar. Inmotion ios app showed 41%, and DarknessBot ios app showed 35%. my weight including clothes & gear is approx 85 kg. I assume this “feature” is correct if the weight combined with low battery happens. But.... I had over 1/3 left. Btw, this v5f is 1-2 weeks old.
  9. Hi everyone! I wonder wheter there is possibility to get some new led lights patterns for the V8. In my app, there are only 6-8 recommended patterns (I dislike most of them) and then I can do my own. I tried to do my own, but Im not patient and creative enough to do them. Is there a way to download more patterns, maybe what other people created? I didn't find one. Thanks.
  10. Spring is coming, and here is a great deal especially if you'd like group riding with your close friends or family member who has got a wheel yet! Now buy Glide 3(InMotion V8) you have a chance to get a Glide 2 Lite(InMotion V5) for $150, check out here: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/solowheel-glide-3
  11. We shared some story behind InMotion and Solowheel, please check it out here: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/the-story-behind-inmotion-and-solowheel.
  12. Spring is coming, and here is a great deal especially if you'd like group riding with your close friends or family member who has got a wheel yet! Now buy Glide 3(InMotion V8) you have a chance to get a Glide 2 Lite(InMotion V5) for $150, check out here: https://www.myinmotion.com/products/solowheel-glide-3
  13. Today I was riding my V8 on my daily commute like I've been doing it for 2 months. I was around 15mph on asphalt flat terrain, when suddenly the inmotion v8 gave up and I went body against pavement. It didn't play any different warning sound it just suddenly didn't do anything. As I've had a couple events where the wheel slowly titled completely and now gave up totally, is there a data logger where I can retrieve the wheel facts of the issue ?? I really want to know if something failed, overheat, frozen, over-speed. I can't really trust it, this thing might be trying to kill me. Maybe it has a buggy firmware, this device must have a log memory that logs every event and then later be retrieved, just like a tesla car. Facts: As I dragged myself to grab it out of the road I noticed the blue lights were still on. Temperature this morning 30 degrees Fahrenheit. About -2 celsius. Battery was probably around 92%. I do full charge at home and I had only ridden about 1.5 miles. I've set its max speed to be 19mph so the wheel beeps at 16mph and start tilting back. Not sure if it's even possible to go to 19mph as it plays the warning sound and tilts back. Yes, lots of cuts, lacerations and pain. Lucky is winter and I was riding with a big jacket. Not sure if I had any major complication as I'm still waiting for the pain to go away. Please let me know how do you guys troubleshoot falls, if I can retrieve logs it will be very useful.
  14. Hi guys, We have finished the contest in Feb and thanks for all of your participations! We’d like to bring more fun and communication for our riders in this community, no matter which brand you are riding now. We’d like to start the March contest now, and welcome to join in this one if you missed the Feb one. The prize for this month will be: A free Glide 2 Lite or 50% off for the upcoming model of InMotion V10. BTW, congrats again to our winner of Feb @stan onymous, welcome to join our SD group riding this weekend and pick up your award in our office. Basic Rules: 1. Attendance: Anyone with any brand wheel above 18 years old living in United States 2. Apply procedure: Comment under this thread with “I read the waiver thoroughly and I agree all the terms and want to participate this contest, and my start mileage is xxx miles” , and attach the screenshot of App showing the current mileage of your wheel. Screenshot must be dated the day of posting and contain the same mileage stated in your post. At the end of March, post in this thread to mark your progress. First quote your original entry post, then show us your ending mileage with a screenshot dated no later than 03/31/2018 , then calculate the mileage you rode within this whole month. 3. Winner: The champion is the one who has the most mileage! 4. Award: A free Glide 2 Lite or 50% off for the upcoming model of InMotion V10. 5. Date: The award will be sent out before 04/10/2018 6. Waiver: I am of full legal age. I have carefully read this release and fully understand its contents. I execute it voluntarily and with full knowledge of its significance. I understand there may be dangers in participation in this contest. I expressly assume all risks, including personal injury, property damage and all other loss relating to my participation in this contest, and I expressly waive and release the Solowheel Inc from all claims resulting from any such risks. I verify that I have no impairment that might inhibit or make unsafe my participation in this contest. I will abide by all applicable safety rules, guidance and regulations governing my participation in this contest. 7.Note: There is a same contest on InMotion official website(https://goo.gl/tVMHn2), please keep in mind that you can only join one of these two, the awards will not be overlapping for a same participant.
  15. Tjtripp

    Inmotion V8 cover wanted

    I just recently put a deposit down on a new inmotion V8 from ewheels.com. Thanks Jason! I came to find out that inmotion no longer makes the protective cover. I was wondering if anyone has one they're willing to sell me.
  16. David Belliotti

    Issues with Inmotion V3 pro

    Hi guys, Yesterday I went to work with my brand new inmotion v3 pro. Have ride it for an hour the day before just to get used to it and everything was good, except for the fact that in the end, while riding it looked like I was running over bumps even if the road was flat so today before to take it to the road I had the wheels inflated at the maximum (also the battery was above 90%). It looked like the bumps were ALMOST gone and the driving was more difficult because of the wobbling (i was also very tired). The main problem appeared on my way back home, I was often reaching the maximum speed so it would tilt back on the balance position to slow me down but after a bit it would definitively tilt back and start to run the wheels at maximum speed so I had to turn the power off. I restarted it and run a diagnose with the app. Everything seemed ok with the app teling me "the scv has reached its maximum output" which I dont know what it means but all the field of the diagnostic were in green so I jumped on and kept going. After 5 minutes it happened again and then happened a third time after which it wouldn't switch on anymore. The touchscreen is still sensitive but the wheel doesnt turn on. Im going to sleep now and I'll put it in charge. I hope to wake up tomorrow and find some helpful answers. Thank you very much. David
  17. Post-Crowdfunding You may have seen our Kickstarter campaign for Solowheel Brush at the beginning of 2018. We knew it was a long shot considering the size of the electric unicycle market, and sadly, we didn't reach our funding goal. So while the company may not be taking it into mass production, we feel for those who supported us because it’s a truly useful tool for overcoming the steeper learning curve for those learning to ride their electric unicycle for the first time, and we'd hate to see such a great idea go to waste. Since the brush was designed to be compatible with pedals on most other models out there in the market - not just InMotion or Solowheel - there might be an opportunity for someone else to pick up where we left off. Here's What We Can Offer We can provide the technical documents and vendor info at no cost, and we can also assist in placing production orders from anyone that decides to take the idea further into production. Because the brush concept works well for multiple brands and models, it's more realistic to bring the cost down in manufacturing compared to developing for a single brand or model. Contact us for more information! More info here: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/taking-solowheel-brush-into-mass-production
  18. Bobwheel

    Insights: InMotion V10

    I've wrote some interesting insights during the development of V10 here: https://www.myinmotion.com/blogs/news/insights-inmotion-v10
  19. FineOne (a very good Aliexpress seller) is selling all originals spare parts & accessories for Inmotion V8 it's here http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/jm6qbUZ You can use Paypal, no problemo
  20. We are kicking off our V10 Launch with a beachside ride along the beaches of Los Angeles. Jeff will be answering your questions and showing the wheel! Tune in here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1722170464534633&id=1574797049271976
  21. **DUE TO RAIN, THE GROUP DEMO RIDE HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED TO SATURDAY THE 14TH, SAME MEET LOCATION. InMotion V10F NYC Demo Group Ride Saturday April 14th 12PM meet @ Tavern on the Green / Central Park West For anyone in the NYC area, please come & join us to demo the new InMotion V10F, sponsored by the good folks at InMotion US! Bring rider friends! RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/518830188510627/
  22. Jeffrey Scott Will

    NYC: InMotion V10F Test Drive

    Saturday April 14th @ Tavern On The Green, 12:00pm InMotion USA is sending up a pre-production V10F for lucky residents in NYC! This is your first chance to test drive the most advanced electric unicycle yet: https://www.facebook.com/events/518830188510627/
  23. Jeffrey Scott Will

    Seattle: InMotion V10F Test Drive

    Saturday April 14th @ Volunteer Park 11:00am InMotion USA is sending up a pre-production V10F for lucky residents in the PNW! This is your first chance to test drive the most advanced electric unicycle yet: https://www.facebook.com/events/1852176475080566/
  24. We are working on some plans for V10F demo ride soon, the first cities probably would be New York and Seattle at around April 15th. If you'd like to help to bring the V10F to your local group ride event for people to test it out, please let us know to see if we can send a sample out to you! We don't have too many samples for now, but we'll get more soon! Stay tuned!
  25. We need to air ship a limited quantity of V10s for media and reviews, so we are thinking of also air shipping some extra units for our first batch of pre-orders. The first shipment will probably depart around April 10th, and it should take about 10 days to arrive in San Diego, which means arrival will be around April 20th. We haven't got an exact number of how many we can get from the factory for the first batch, but we'll ship out to customers according to our pre-order sequence, which means the earliest birds have a chance to be the first to receive the V10, the most powerful model that InMotion ever made, by April 20th. Want to be the first to receive your V10? Reserve now! https://www.ridev10.com