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Found 5 results

  1. So... I’m having a hellacious time with my IM V10 and the penchant the wheel seems to have for wanting to throw me off the back thereof. Some basics - it’s a brand new (well it now has a few miles) wheel (my first) and I purchased it from the awesome folks at ewheels. I am getting comfortable with my wheel - actually tightening up my turning and practicing free mounting (a big deal for me, but definitely getting it!). I went out for a long (for me) ride today of about two miles. I purposely challenged myself with right and left turns, hilly road (about two hundred feet of 5-6 percen
  2. Hi everyone, I've been having this issue for quite a while now and have really just been avoiding riding the wheel for any significant distance. With the Discord chat slowing down lately, I figured I'd post here to maybe get some ideas. Basically the V8 is sounding the "Be prepared" warning, flashing red, and doing the forced tilt back till stopped at really high charge. Looking at the official app it will read 85-90% charge some of the time. Watching the temperatures in the official app or in Wheellog don't seem to show anything out of the ordinary. It's been cold enough wher
  3. Does anyone know if it's OK to hit "tilt back" a lot when riding? My son is riding an Inmotion V5F and I have him set to a lower speed (12mph), but he keeps hitting the tilt back. Ideally, I'd just increase the speed threshold so that he doesn't hit tilt back so often, but I (obviously) like the idea of regulating his speed a bit. However, if the wheel is going to fail in some way due to hitting this threshold too often, then maybe it's safer to increase the speed threshold? He seems to handle the tilt back action of the wheel just fine, he just finds it annoying ... Thanks in advan
  4. After leaving my wheel on charge too long (again) last night, today it starts tilting back and forth as described in my other gremlins post. Having learned from the responses that overcharging is the problem (Although how this is possible with the factory charger, is anyone's guess), and the solution is just to jump on and ride, that's what I did. So far so good. But then I notice... THE PROBLEM: when I slow down, the pedals tilt back to a degree that I have never felt before. Additionally, once I am at or near a full stop, the pedals continue to fall in the rear, as if I am comp
  5. I have a ninebot. When you are near speed limit, the ninebot do a slight tilt back. Usually this is enough to advertise you are near the limit. If you do not aware of this ( because you are in a very irregular road, with rises and drops, or whatever....) and you continue to increase speed, then the abrupt tilt back appears. It is very annoying for me. Every time makes me loose balance. I never fell because that, but every time I was about to fall. And a very hugh scare. Last day, in a downhill, the ninebot did a abrupt tilt back, and I was not able no lean back, because the pedals tilt back ma
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