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  1. Hey somebody has to pay for all the “free” social welfare....
  2. Well if it makes it (or anything resembling it) to production it seems as though it would supplant the Sherman as the ugliest and least maneuverable wheel out there.
  3. @AsHperson I am mere miles away (Mountain View) from you, though @ShanesPlanetoffer sounds pretty good. I’m also a motor guy (my rides are the combustion variant however). Feel free to PM me if you want to meet up. I’m always happy to help and still looking for folks in this area that are interested in riding.
  4. Or move to the States... our shopping carts are all large (maybe not “Costco” large), but ‘nuff for your Nik methinks. Perhaps it’s because we eat too much
  5. I didn’t mean to be unclear. In sum, yes, I would like the headroom of safety afforded by a wheel with the capacity of going faster. Further, I would also like the absolute capability of a wheel that allows for higher maximum speeds. As for my ride; the V10, my first wheel, was what seemed to afford the best intersection of speed, safety and quality at the time of my purchase. While I have never regretted my purchase, I have, like many (note, I did not say “most” or even “like ALL NEW YORKERS”) wanted a faster wheel. I agree that with added features (one of which would be the technol
  6. I think the comment that “no one outside of NYC wants wheels this fast” is laughable. One, it invokes a “black amd white” hyperbolic assertion. I don’t know @mike_bike_kiteand would give him the benefit of the doubt that he’s merely exaggerating for emphasis and doesn’t suffer from the myopic view that the world of EUCs are divided into riders who crave speed (New Yorkers) and those who don’t (everyone else). By definition, anyone not “of” New York who craves “this” speed invalidates his premise as the cross section of “no one” is now populated by “someone” and his premise is a fallacy. Oh...
  7. Ok. Don’t hate me, but as someone who gets paid to ride a motorcycle, I don’t think there is anything that beats the FPM of a motor. I’ll give you a “close second” on the wheel though. And @Stumpy... yes! That was the picture!!!!! I would love to see IM make a better mousetrap, er, Sherman and build it to look akin to this eye candy. Just add hex pedals and lose the suspension and I’ll be waiting in line! (And I know the suspension dis is heresy to some of you... sorry but I also like motorcycles better so you can hate me for that too!)
  8. “And the biggest pipedream would be to see it come with spiked pedals or the hex holes style. Probably won't ever happen, but it would be cool”... I hope not @Jonny727272, the pedal idea is a great one and I’m with you on the kickstand. I’m perfectly willing to sacrifice a kickstand
  9. I think there is at least some evidence that counters this assertion. Mind you I’m not NOT N-O-T bashing suspension wheels. It just seems that the market would support a world where non suspension wheels represent significant share thereof.
  10. To better express what I’m thinking I should’ve added “for me“ after “where it’s at”. I fully agree with everything you said about suspension. It’s still a long way to go for manufacturers to get to a point where suspension would be free from teething issues. I’m so glad you added that. I think MOST of us are actualized enough to understand that we have different interests and desires insofar as an “ideal” wheel. I almost had to cry myself to sleep though when I saw @mrelwood’s suspension advocacy. I almost had to cancel my membership in his fan club.
  11. I think @Mango’s list of wants would inspire a new wheel purchase from me! Only thing I’d alter in his list is the “boxy” design (I do not mind a utilitarian look and think the “roll bar” adds a great aesthetic along with functionality but I really like a “round” wheel). I vaguely recall a fantasy image some time ago (maybe a prelude of wishful thinking of the V11?) that depicted a pretty utilitarian / off road type inmotion concept. It was pretty radical looking. While I have never even ridden, much more own a suspension wheel, I don’t really think it’s something I nee
  12. I call them hover... oh no. Nevermind. Some of you will get that and laugh.
  13. MR BRAD


    @buell47 - worked like a charm! Thank you so much!
  14. MR BRAD


    Thanks @buell47 - I’ll give it a try and report back.
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