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  1. MR BRAD


    @buell47 - worked like a charm! Thank you so much!
  2. MR BRAD


    Thanks @buell47 - I’ll give it a try and report back.
  3. MR BRAD


    Wondering if anyone knew how to apply (inmotion calls it “transfer” in the application) the light effects to the wheel. I can “preview” inmotion’s default light effects but can not get anything to apply (er, transfer) to my V10. I have turned on the light effects elsewhere in the application and the lights work (the spinning red / teal / blue that the wheel defaults to), but that’s it. The DIY effects is also “grayed” out so I can’t even customize my own. I know I’m connected (it finds my wheel, the other features work). When I try to apply any of the six (or so) light effects I get “pop up” telling me to keep the wheel upright and try again. The wheel is upright and I’ve tried the obvious - moving it, holding it, turning it off, resetting the app, connecting the wheel first, manually disconnecting the blue tooth, etc). I know one of you experts will have the trick... thanks in advance!!!! bradley
  4. Hot swappable battery packs? Charge one while riding with the capability to swap?!?
  5. Absolutely the highlights of my wheel saga thus far: 1. Moving more than three feet (ok, hyperbole, one foot!) without falling off 2. Free mounting 3. Being tagged amongst the likes of the crew above! I think a “skills” section with some division by level of talent required (maybe talent isn’t the right word?) to perform the skill.... understanding that just about everyone has relative capabilities but that we can probably agree on certain constructs. A beginner, intermediate and advanced skills breakdown would probably be apropos for most situations and subsets within each would provide further refinement. It has been immensely helpful to cast queries out to the masses and receive input from all you wheel gods. One of the greater epiphanies for me, for instance was a response from either @RockyTop or @Mono (I don’t remember which as I’ve received great advice from both - and many others!) wherein it’s was suggested that my foot position may be too rearward. My free mounting thereafter became (I was gonna say graceful, but that is, even now, probably still optimistic... so, it became, um much better!). Anyway, point is, I was lucky to have the sage responses from others and this forum will probably always provide such an encouraging environment (one thing that really stands out amongst this group and EUC riders In general seems to be a passion to promote and act as great ambassadors for this sport!)... but, having a repository for information to review and discover would (IMHO) make this site and our ambassadorship that much better. I agree with options already discussed and well expressed by @meepmeepmayer, @Daley1 @travsformation and @Unventoras far as a breakdown. @Gasmantle makes some great points too! And I like being in @RockyTop’s subgroup (self assigned) of “everything else”! I was tempted to throw in a hoverwheel (god, I almost can’t type that!) comment but figured that it might be too soon and speak to @travsformation’s derailment nature
  6. In a word... humbling! I’ll get it.... some day!
  7. I like the idea of a learning section and breaking it down (I tried to add tags to my original post to give it a box in which to be defined). Of course once @travsformation derailed it then all bets are off (I hope that sarcasm comes off, I always value your input!). Whatever the mods can do to help streamline the topics is great. And I very much enjoy the advice in the forum as a whole, even if it’s challenging to access. Thanks @Unventor!
  8. Awesome advice! I thought that “free mounting” was impossibly difficult and now (almost) do it without thought (yes, I still think way too much about it...). I became comfortable with the skateboard (push off) start and will try that with the “hopping” along with my “pushing” (as opposed to the foot already on the wheel) foot. I’m hopeful this skill will be just like learning the “impossible” free mount. I’ll channel the practice and fearless approach (with gear!)
  9. Second that! It seems like so much of the graceful moves depend on the ability to make the wheel perform with one leg. It’s a hard hurdle mentally to embrace though!
  10. I didn’t see a thread elsewhere, so I figured I’d start one... I know we all have our reasons and rationale for riding our wheels. Some use them for commuting. Some use them as last mile alternatives. Some use them for lazy Sunday drives. Some carve through trails. And most of us probably combine at least all of these and then some. For me, one of the guilty pleasures that attracted me to this sport, etc was the “ballet” that many in our EUC community perform. Penny spins, backward riding, 180’s, 360’s, multiple 360’s, one leg riding, crossovers, even handstands. It boggles my admittedly pea sized brain. It also humbles, impresses and inspires me. I may not be at all ready to consider graduating to the radical stuff, as I’m just now feeling like I have some degree of competence but also believe that with the basics that I possess, I am ready to at least push my envelope and start extending my comfort zone. With that said, one thing that absolutely defines this community to which anyone reading belongs, is the seemingly innate passion that you all display in helping, guiding and encouraging your fellow enthusiasts. As such I figured that perhaps we could generate a bit of an instructional / advice / do this / don’t do that / recipe for skills thread. Please.... share your experience, your hints, your advice. I don’t know if I’ll ever be the graceful virtuoso I had envisioned while admiringly watching some of you wheel ballerinas, but I’d never forgive myself if I didn’t try... thanks for any sage input or even opinionated banter. Bradley
  11. @travsformation - thanks for the kind words. Made my day! Even a broken clock is right twice a day though!
  12. Well I know the unfortunate zeitgeist is for us to feel some kind of offense for some kind of perceived (or, to be fair, real) wrong, to pit “us against them”, “you against me” and blame it all on the republicans or the democrats or the liberals or the conservatives, to believe that all media is fake or that all cops are thugs... I could go on and I’m sure you all have an opinion. To that end, I respect that you do and I respect your right to express it. I’m guessing that in most, if not every, country represented by members herein, freedom of expression and, by extension, opinion, is protected and celebrated. I’m guessing most here feel the same and stating the above is more of a truism. Not at all put off by the OP and the offense at the term “wife” as marginal or expressing adherence to the female gender would run counter to the way quite a few of my friends use the term. I know that living in the SF Bay Area skews the lexicon for words like “wife” and “husband”, but, at least to the alternate universe here in California, wife and husband are not forgone expressions of gender. Although it’s always more fun when someone gets their nose knocked out of joint and we can draw imaginary lines in the stand, take positions and rattle swords. Guilty! PS... I love my wife!!! Thanks for reminding me @RockyTop
  13. @Unventor are the side covers for the KS wheels easy and cheap (relatively) to swap? I think the idea of getting a second set of side covers and custom painting them would be awesome. (Haven’t gotten my “next” wheel yet, but am inching closer to an 18XL or 16X... not sure which one yet and happy (begging!) to get input.
  14. I thought the intent of this device was more of a mobility device for differently (dis)baled. I don’t know if I get it otherwise. I agree with @erk1024... maybe we have finally jumped the shark as a race. Humans in powered chairs. The height of laziness. On the other hand... maybe it would be a little fun
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