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Inmotion v13 useful information


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Examples help me... is below the sort of thing you're envisioning for this thread? 

Keeping post 1 updated will be the mission, and it's in your hands only. Enjoy the challenge! 

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2 hours ago, RagingGrandpa said:

Keeping post 1 updated will be the mission, and it's in your hands only

well, TBH i kind of envisioned the rest of the community as well as myself when i finally get one, posting information they found useful in reference to the v13.

I hadn't envisioned a sticky or anything but to consolidate some of what we have learned from the original thread.  There are many other things from the other thread that i think are pertinent, but it was a work in progress. I'm happy to devote some time to go through and post again what i think would be helpful but was hoping for more of everyone as a whole helping. i think people know what would help others in a reference thread.

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V13 axle bolt size

M6x20mm (90°) flat head

head diameter no more than 11mm

Torque spec 18Nm

Replacement video:https://youtu.be/9W4MI1iS17w

Not included in the video is removal of the shock and damper tubes from the assembly BEFORE any attempt to

remove the axle bolts! Failure to do this can result in damage to the tubes. Also they are very fine threaded so be super careful upon re-assembly that you do not cross thread them. Make sure that the threaded spacers are tightened all the way tight to the shock on the fill valve before installation.


Tool list:

- Philips screwdriver: for the panels

- Metric M3 bit: trolley handle, damper cover screws, top-cover side bolts, damper bolts 

- Metric M4 bit: front/rear handle, motor phase wires

- Metric M5 bit, for the replacement motor bolts. If you have a torque wrench, these need to be tightened down to 18Nm/13.3ft-lb for force

- 21mm socket: for the bottom end suspension caps 



Additional notes:

1) Please ensure that the motor orientation is reinstalled in this position: blue wire & hall cables on the left side. 




2) There are 2x lock washers that need to be reinstalled on the suspension shocks, left-rear & front-right




3) The M3 damper bolts have small washers on them as well, see below




Additionally, Inmotion recommends *not* using a screwdriver for adjusting the rebound screw, owing to the risk of breaking the thin metal shaft.


 IM V13 Rebound Shock Adjustment.mp4

Courtesy of Jason @ Ewheels for the detailed information,thank you

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fixed info
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On 1/24/2023 at 7:33 PM, Hsiang said:

Here's a small Easter egg, hold down the lift cutoff button while hitting power botton to turn the ring light on and off. 

Thanks, a very nice addition. May i assume that this is the one and only Hsiang who's reviews i very much enjoy?

30 minutes ago, Zopper said:

That combination for switching DLR works since V11

Assuming you don't mean Daytime Lunning Rights..:lol: . I did not know this and i have the v11. This is good information as well. Thanks

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On 1/21/2023 at 6:55 AM, Punxatawneyjoe said:

Tire Dimension: 3.00-16

I’m not familiar with tire sizes.  Is the 16 describing the wheel size that the tire mounts to?

so 16” wheel 

stock tire 16” Inside Diameter 22” outside diameter? 

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4 minutes ago, Josiah said:

Is the 16 describing the wheel size that the tire mounts to?

yes, 16" is the rim diameter... we've moved from bicycle terminology to scooter/motorcycle (and it's got its own quirks)

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This is what i have done to ensure the tail light and charge port board are more waterproofed than they were originally. I put hot glue around the base of the white plug and filled the sockets with dielectric grease. also filed the gap in the leading edge and the silicone gasket with hot glue. A bit more glue on the caps since one side of each cap legs weren't immersed in the glue. I also put dielectric grease in both charge plugs since they are at the top of that board and may be exposed to water. As you can see from the other picture. The front is already waterproofed properly in my opinion.



I also hot glued the plug wires and connection into the plug as you can see here.



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