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    faceplant protection
  2. just watched a guy on a minibike review the skydio 2. and this other guy was saying that the 1st and 2nd batch is sold out and working on the third batch orders for 2nd qtr of 2020. it does actually look like a drone i would use.
  3. Ur not very convincing. i like that it’s an American company.
  4. I put $100 down. i mean, what’s another drone I don’t use. maybe @Rehab1 will talk some sense into me. but, if it can follow me and Bob around the ranch without hitting all these trees, I gotta see that.
  5. Not sure about all the new tires like the new 3” ones, but the 9bz10 is the only tire rated to carry a 200 pound man, idk maybe the monster tire is. If the tire is rated at say 175 pounds at 50 psi, that’s what it means. My s2 is max pressure 50 and I’ve got 55 in it right now, and if I was trying to whoa Bob on a leash, thereby adding weight by my braking action on the wheel, the sidewalls crumple and the wheel will wobble out from under me. ask me how I know that. I’m no expert rider or tire expert, but I do know if u overload a tire, u will get sidewall deflection, that can create a very dangerous situation, I know, I used to put in vault doors for living, they could really squash my big trailers tires.
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    I padded my z10 for pasture riding finally. i tried it on and it feels very comfy. don’t get bogged down in my workmanship, what i’m promoting is, it would be so easy for euc companies to provide adequate protection for their device, the rider, bystanders(especially Bob) and property. i’m no electronics whiz, but i’ll trust this wrapped wheel more after it’s been dropped a few times more than a dropped naked wheel. i mean just give me a pattern and I’ll cut my own yoga mat and stick it on with 2” double sided masking tape. I find the foam acts like a steering damper on motorcycles. I don’t grip the wheel much with my legs but it’s a nice soft touch everywhere. oh yeah, I was gonna clean up and expose the handle more but my old diebold training likes the hidden slits better. Nobody is gonna bear hug zed, or know what it is.
  7. thanks for the invite, but my answer is posted above. so no thanks. i sold @RayRay my ks-16s last year and i know he rides around tampa. if either of u decide to go longer range, i might sell my 18s locally.
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    Makes u wonder if amazon’s drone’s will be like that? do u think skydio does better obstacle avoidance than say a mavic pro?
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    Pretty cool. At 25mph top speed, idk how it keeps up with u? this is a great forum to find more junk to waste money on. Thanks. and for $2k it shouldn’t hit anything imho.
  10. Watching the local news with all the accidents and fatalities is not good for my already self induced paranoia using cannabis oil to keep cancer from killing me. I woke up to a phone call from a deputy sheriff Friday saying one of my cows was out on the road and between some helpful lady and the ag deputy and dot not maintaining their fences, manage to run her out on the interstate. That was fun at 830 am. I got her back in and nobody got hurt although she did try to gore me and one of the deputies twice. Pretty funny. Bob had fun.
  11. Bob says hi back! Bob might be more of a cancer cure than cannabis oil, I know I sure do love him and he keeps me laughing. He is beautiful. Kinda getting plump. Hard to believe he’ll be 3 on 10-8. Still as sweet as can be. Might be getting close to 150 now.
  12. Thanks for asking. Just did a lab wed and my psa was 0.5, same as Jan, and one tenth lower than the 0.6 I got in sept last year. Long ways from my first psa reading April 2014 of 35.4. Yeah, I was fucked! I’m good. Full extract cannabis oil does kill cancer or at least it didn’t let cancer kill me in 90 days like my doctors told me it would April 2014. I read the forum quite a bit (self preservation), but i’m more of a curious person about euc and the personalities that ride them as opposed to being an enthusiast. While I admire the skills it takes to use an euc for regular travel, after spending 30k miles on motorcycles, between 2007 and 2010, ha ha, I would never leave the ranch on a euc, in Tampa, I wouldn’t ride a motorcycle. DOT I found out could care less about keeping the roads safe for motorcycles, much less an euc. I used to inline skate a lot too. Like 20 miles a night. When u see all the land mines that the government leaves in the road, oh my, the last time I skated on new roads, almost hit a spot where the government had done about a 4” core boring that they half assed patched that would bring down probably any euc made or rider, but hey, doesn’t give the cars and trucks problems. God bless everybody that does ride an euc as an personal conveyance around cars and concrete. If I had to ride street on a euc, I would wear every protective garment and device I could find and drink three Red Bull’s before venturing out. That concrete, curbs, sidewalks etc is so hard and now with all the car drivers texting, fuck that. I don’t have the skills needed imho to venture out in public. I can stop fine, I hate starting without a crutch. I guess I should work on that but my ankles say no. and I rarely leave the ranch. My vw Touareg I bought last March has 1000 miles on it. I had to drive it on the interstate because the diesel particulate filter was clogged from non driving
  13. I know we have alarms, beeps, and tilt back but like on my little cordless 56v chainsaw battery pack, it has a little light that flashes yellow when ur straining it. If u keep it up, it will flash red for a few seconds before cutting off. Seems like s strobe mounted on top of our eucs when in cut off or burned up territory.
  14. Weird the sidewall doesn’t show the maximum load for the tire?
  15. @houseofjob could u please take a picture of the sidewall showing the tire size and max load and tire pressures?
  16. y’all made me look. mine says 1832 but the sticker on the box says 1808 below the sn, so maybe 8th month 2018 or 32nd week? who knows, haven’t been riding but no issues with mine yet.
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    obviously if u are afraid u might be drug tested at work or can’t for whatever reason, it does work and u can probably buy it legally in dc.
  18. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/life/health-and-fitness/concussion-experts-took-your-questions-do-helmets-keep-you-safe/article576812/
  19. no, mine does creep but i figured out how to set the pedals level and the creep is almost gone.
  20. ok yaay, i figured out how to calibrate my pedals to level. when it asks to lock the wheel and then goes limp, put the front up a full bubble on ur level and then press ok. took me three tries but it finally works and i turned it off and on 3 times and it went back to dead level. and i was wrong or my floor isn’t level, mine does seem to wanna creep forward, like he’s anxious to go. before and after calibration, although when set to level as opposed to frontpedal down, the creep is hardly noticeable.
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  22. pretty sure there’s no creep on mine. how did u hurt yourself?
  23. yup, just checked it and that’s the way mine works. u have to plug the charger into the wall first and then u plug the charger into the wheel. do it the other way and nothing happens. no light on the charger, nothing.
  24. maybe i missed it in this topic but what exactly are the 12% failures? are they all charging problems? big difference between those kind of failures as opposed to a cut off for me. i always plug the charger into the wheel first and then i plug the charger into the wall socket, thinking i don’t want the connector that i plug into the wheel energized. at least twice with only this wheel, after connecting the charger to the wheel, when i plugged it into the wall, the little light that turns red while charging and green when charged didn’t illuminate and the wheel didn’t start charging. for some reason, my wheel’s charger has to be plugged into the wall first and then the wheel and it fires right up and acts normal. i doubt if i have 50km on mine yet so it could be showing charging symptoms or the wheel’s charging sequence on connecting is funky.
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