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  1. But it already is. It’s also looking 24/7 for Apple devices around without internet connection (since iOS 13). Don’t imagine it as something power hungry and active - most of those devices already have bluetooth running and listening, waiting for a connection from iWatch, speakers, car, etc. So recording a short ping from nearby devices costs nothing, and forwarding those pings to apple once in a while shouldn’t eat much of your data limit either. Even e-mail synchronization probably eats far more data…
  2. Unless I misheard him or he corrected himself in a later video, he said that he got close, but not to 70, because of the tiltback. I agree wholeheartedly with the rest of your post, though.
  3. There are some, e.g. Tile. But Apple has an enormous advantage in the size of the network - any relatively recent iPhone (with up to date iOS 14.5) can connect to an AirTag and forward its location. With 3rd party Android options, you depend on enough of people using the same solution and app being around. So, things like Tile will help you with misplaced keys at home, but won’t be useful as a poor man’s thief tracker. Maybe except some tech hotspots like SF Bay area. Also, AirTags will notify the thief that someone is tracking them if the thief has iPhone. I have to see how easy it is to
  4. I got them for about 130€ ($160) which was probably the lowest price I've seen on Ali at the moment. LEM-T can be found cheaper. And if LEM-T doesn't have that issue with vibrations for absolutely everything, it's definitely better than S999 if all you want to do with it is EUC.World.
  5. You are right, it really looks like the watch is playing sounds and vibrating even on low priority notifications that should be silent. Sadly, I didn't find a way how to change it. (And I almost bricked it in the process. :D) If I find a way, I will post an update, but for now, I've decided to go with disabled vibrations and a small BT speaker to hear the warnings. Not what I wanted, but it's probably the best option now.
  6. Look up Bublik. And I’ve seen some pics of other attempts. But the thing is, if you make a mistake when building a custom CNC, you most likely just lost the money. On the other hand, an error with a custom EUC might mean a dangerous crash. It’s also far heavier than the factory stuff, at least at the low power end of spectrum, and thus limiting the usefulness. And I think (correct me if I’m wrong) that a custom CNC includes a lot of off-the-shelf electronics. Not much of developing a custom heavy duty PCB for kilowatts of power like you need for EUC. And don’t forget that w
  7. I've done some more experiments and it seems that the watch vibrates to plenty of things. For example, when downloading some offline maps, it vibrates every time the progress bar moves. Enabling/disabling a search for an EUC (the circle button next to logging) vibrates as well. OTH, the no-connection beep from EUCW does not vibrate. Does EUC.World emit any kind of notification on a GPS status change? Even if it is not apparent to the user? And I made sure that all alarms are disabled, so it can't come from this direction. Unfortunately, in the watch settings, there is nothing to change ab
  8. After some deliberating, I decided to make an experiment and rather than buying LEM-T I've seen multiple people use on this forum, I went for S999. It's in the same category of cheap China smartwatches with a "full" Android, but it is newer - it has more computing power and Android 9.0. Some technical parameters are here: https://www.chinesesmartwatches.com/s999-4g-smartwatch/, I will focus more on how it feels and EUC.World compatibility. The overall build quality is pretty much what I expected. Nothing to be in the awe from, but it looks solid enough to not shatter when it falls on the
  9. I have the opposite experience. My best braking is with the softest setting and the harder mode is set, the longer distance I need. So I think it’s the same as with acceleration - you have to learn to trust the mode and find out how to use it. The basic difference I’ve noticed is that hard pedals require Kuji leans, while soft modes are more more about just pressing on the tip/heel without moving your body that much. But pads definitely help with emergency braking, because you need every little bit of advantage then.
  10. Blasting out music is ugly, but I like to have an AVAS to notify people to my otherwise silent movement. If that has been built in, that would be nice.
  11. It is not deleted, only the link doesn't work. You have to search for the group in Telegram: Inmotion Official Electric Unicycle Group
  12. Hmm, it looks that after Liam left IM, they are in kinda limbo state with regards to community reach. The channel still works, but I don't know how to share an invite with the link defunct. Anyway, you can download the app directly from IM website: https://www.inmotionworld.com/app Edit: the channel can be found if you search for it in Telegram: Inmotion Official Electric Unicycle Group
  13. Happened to me to. Full power off (30sec push) was what I wanted to suggest you, but I see you already resolved that. :-) No one knows for sure, but most likely, they app didn't conform to some Google Play Store updates and got removed. It will re-appear eventually, but in the meanwhile, download it from somewhere. Some links can be found on Inmotion Telegram channel or maybe somewhere on this forum.
  14. I crossed 400 km today, on a nice trail. Well, nice... it was nice to look at. Not so nice to ride on. With roots and rocks crossing the narrow path at exactly the worst places, sometimes forming nasty, uneven stairs. And I somehow managed to chip a small bit of a pedal (about 3x3 mm of metal is missing at the upper edge) without even knowing exactly where - let's say I had a few close calls today and the pedals scraped on something more than once. Also, I went over the same path that was the "last drop" in getting me from V10F to V11 - wide and nice looking forest trail, but essentially
  15. Are both shocks holding the pressure and what is it? Is the frame with pedals moving all right? Is the tire centred, or does it run side to side a lot when you turn the wheel? Unfortunately there is no way that an auto mechanic can help you there, because the EUC motor can't be mounted on their centrifuge. And maybe try lower tire pressure. 3 psi down could do a lot... (it did for me).
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