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  1. I don't know how on Android, but on iOS you can forbid the app any access to location and the app can't force you by refusing to work altogether - AFAIK that would be against Apple policies and they would get thrown out.
  2. From what I have seen here, it might be hard to spot if it is slightly out. I would certainly use the new firmware where the wheel is unable to balance a rider even when going slow, so you won't get even to those 10 miles. I guess this might be why KS were so urgent about people updating the firmware.
  3. I think I might mention it in some other thread. The geo-lock is not that hard to avoid if you know your wheel must pretend it is in China. VPN (if the app refuses to work with VPN on your phone, then it's just another annoyance for a tech-savvy person), spoofed GPS on the phone... But you can't ever be sure that another person won't connect to it with their own phone, and it will surely bite second-hand users.
  4. Both kinda... the issue is that you need the KS app to disable the transport lock, but that engages the geo lock. So if they disable transport lock in china, then the wheel is working when you get it. And it’s your problem that you bricked it with KS app, it’s not DoA anymore...
  5. Sad to hear. Was a higher max speed set in the app? The wheel comes with a factory-set low speed and has to be rode for some miles at such speed before it can be raised AFAIK. Also, it might be the thing with handle not set in the lowest position and an older firmware. And anyway, why did he continue riding after the tilt?
  6. We are talking Celsius, not Fahrenheit. After conversion, your V5 gets to about 60C, which is still safe I think.
  7. Well, it's clear that something is wrong. Your S18 doesn't behave as the others do. Try this: Pump both chambers, write the numbers from the pump. Jump on it, then attach the pump again and write the pressure. And then post all the 4 numbers here with a clear description which chamber is at what pressure (upper/lower, or something like that, to avoid a confusion which one is positive/negative).
  8. Not exactly. The plastic saddle is attached to the metal frame (that forms the handle) with two screws, one in front and one in the back on each side. (On the top side. There are more attachment points bellow, where the batteries starts.) And apparently, the attachment points are thin pieces of plastic and can break, so the saddle is no longer attached at the top. (See the pic, the broken hole on the left should be around of the screw.) I guess this can happen if you lean too much against the saddle and put too much pressure. But we still didn't see any real batch 2 wheel - the new wheels we see now are still from the first batch, but they were delayed to change the bearings and maybe to get a new charger - I remember there were some issues with that as well. So I'm curious if the saddle is thicker in the batch 2, or how they addressed it. Still, this is a sad but minor issue and if the saddle attachment is prone to cracking when I get mine (next month, maybe?), I will just put epoxy or something around it right away to make the part stronger. There seems to be plenty of space for that.
  9. Sad. But it’s nothing that can’t be fixed with epoxy, I hope.
  10. Thanks for the math, I like posts like this. :-) One note, though. I don't see anywhere the warranty difference: in the USA, the warranty is 1 year. In the EU, it is 2 years. So if we include the double warranty as another 5-10% to the margin, we get even closer to the actual price (with 10% more, it would be 2120€ which is about the actual price).
  11. Only aassuming they are upfront about it. But even then I have a right to say that I refuse this and move such companies down in my list (but I still might buy from them, if other things outweight it). But as far as I know, this public acknowledging came AFTER the affected wheels have been sold. Which is morally unacceptable and if KS was in my country and not China, it would be likely breach some laws. And it also means that I won't even consider buying KS, new or used. No. Once you buy it, you own it and can do whatever you can with it. Ride it, beat it with a hammer, disassemble and make your own copy (as long as you won't distribute it (at leat in sensible, customer-respecting countries, not in the Corporate States of America with DMCA)). Or sell it further, anywhere you want to (where it is legal to sell, of course). Remove anything from this list and you are not an owner anymore - you have just rented it and the real owner is the manufacturer.
  12. Me too. But I guess that this hill is going to be the last thing in his list, because it might be the last thing Marty would be able to do.
  13. Mirrors are not a replacement of head-turning. They complement it. I have a small curved mirror mounted on my helmet (one of those additional parking mirrors glued to side mirrors on some cars, repurposed with the help of 3D print) that practically eliminates any blind spot on my left side. On one edge, I see directly behind me, on the other edge, it covers a bit of my peripheral vision. So if a car or something is taking over me and is close, I see it and I can focus on not swerving under it while avoiding a pothole or carving. That's for a passive awareness. But the "small curved" means that I see things just close around me (a car more than 15 m behind me is too small to be seen), so I still have a wrist mirror that's flat for a quick peeks further behind me. E.g. if I think I hear a car or to check how another EUC rider behind me is doing. But before making any lane change or turn, I always turn my head and look with my own eyes - mirrors will always have some limits and it's easier to overlook something in them.
  14. S18: “I’m tired of this bullshit. Bye.”
  15. I’m thinking about those, but with a custom 3D printed (or otherwise created) spacer (kind of a really thick washer) that will be higher than that cap and sit around it and if a pointy rock tries to hit the cap, it will hit the spacer instead and the jolt will be transferred to the metal around, rather than the shock valve. (Unless it is a really narrow pointy rock ). Just gotta think out how to keep them there. But I won’t have my V11 for weeks yet...
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