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  1. I use the pass helmet with a motorbike Bluetooth camera and speaker, sena 10c pro. Fits well, no marks on helmet, HD loop recording and Bluetooth. Doesn’t take long to power/pair, easy set up. I like this set up because I know I hear the beeps. can you maybe set tilt back to kick in instead? So you feel the warning rather than hear?
  2. Sometimes when that happens I add a little looseness to my hips and give it a little swing for style as I roll off into the sunset.
  3. A did wiggle and wobble the stem, no spitting air. I just did my commute of 40klms. had 40psi and didn’t drop any, I had a good load of canvas with me too quite heavy. I really actually love my EUC. So sad to even be without it for a day.
  4. I secretly EUC figure skate while no one is watching. Full dancing to disco.
  5. Hear that, I am thinking possibly the valve stem may have had some funk in it causing the leak. (Meant gunk but funk was cooler) there was no problem with the stem and nothing violent happened prior to slime. Maybe a bit of dirt or slime stopped the rubber seal. it has held all night no drop. I’ll go on the grass and take some gutter drops slow. Just to test a bit.
  6. Thanks all so much great advice. WOW, how complicated is the wheel change huh. Seems a nice video with great steps but amazed at how much you have to disassemble. I might have a go, I’ll see how the shop responds/cost and if they can fit me in. any idea how long it roughly takes? i did gear up and hit the grass/off-road a little. It felt really nice and held PSI. I do understand though what is said above. Id love to just trust it as I do need to be on the road this week.
  7. Might be asking heaps but I bought my latest vehicle on the confidence of an extended manufacturer warranty. I would love to see some extra warranty 3 years would be such a winner. it would be a great way to show confidence in the release. I’d pay up asap, also these premiums the extra year confidence fees worthy.
  8. I tipped the wheel and spun it and must have landed some slime into the valve area. Seems to be holding. I’m really hoping I need it on the road. Lesson for me today.
  9. Now it seems after I have everything together the valve stem is spitting air when inflated, if you push it it spits out more air so I’m guessing the valve is done. can anyone suggest the quickest option? new inner tube? EUC shop is shut today. will a bike tube work? 18x3.0 can the valve be replaced? if replacing the tube is a full disassemble necessary? Looks a big job on v11. Thanks. I did search but couldn’t find exact Info. Rather trust you all.
  10. I bought slime, it has fully deflated overnight. Thanks for your help.
  11. I need to run out the door and noticed a drawing pin stuck in my V11. Im racing the clock but would a tyre slug work? The rubber plug type sticky rubber you wedge in and it fixed in place. I have one here from my motorbike repair kit. I don’t have slime or know how it works, am I better off heading to the car store? Buy some cheap slime? many thanks
  12. I fell for this one, keen to see some leaks and thought the tubers would get some early tests.
  13. just saw this. I got excited but really just discussing what is already known.
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