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  1. Yes, that corner completed melted and the wire came right off.
  2. that's just crazy talk LOL. This is literally what they did with the EX board.
  3. Thank you! try adding a 2lbs gimbal to the formula, I am not sure if is dedication or insanity! LOL
  4. But I smile at the camera; isn't that enough to believe everything I say? LOL =D the more I thought about these cascade of issues the more I am turned off by the monster pro, issues with ride control and firmware are minor but if its a fire risk then there's no way I am getting it.
  5. worst part is that Gotway obviously realized that this is a problem and made a partial solution, but then they only put it on some of the wheels. Archie also didn't have this on his monster pro and reported significant water intrusion into battery compartment. Over heating, water + control board right next to the battery packs. Sounds like a recipe for disaster.
  6. Yup not good. Looking at their tear down I realized they were missing an additional 3d printed shield to help protect the exhaust port that was on the demo monster pro we have here. fan is not always on, when its off this is just an opening with the fan blades in the way
  7. This was even worst than the usual “Gotway” it really feels like they simply scaled up their design without taking into consideration the ramification from having a significantly larger motor and power supply system.
  8. where did this explanation come from? there were no debris as I had open the wheel up prior to this and did not see anything unusual.
  9. That is really interesting, may I ask where you found this? I am always up for fun factoids about the segway!!
  10. LOL trying to use my computer while its struggling to render videos is terrible!!
  11. nope, that is accurate as I feel a scary blast of air whenever I have to bleed the shock in order to pressurize it. also that's why that pump is so large, and the marking is in Mpa so 1200 psi is what 8 Mpa translates to directly.
  12. also that at 40lbs, the motor plus wheel assembly on the EX is nearly the weight of the entire MSP (52lbs)!! also that motor weight is further out from its centroid due to its hollow core. so it'll take even more power to spin up this wheel.
  13. its 3/4" inch outside diameter, the only thing holding the shock is pressure when its fully extended, so if you ever clip this piece it wouldn't take much for it to twist and get damaged.
  14. The thing that worries me is that the Gotway suspension configuration doesn’t look like any of the suspension setup I have seen on motorcycle and mountain bikes. Not that those are perfect but they have gone through enough iterations so that they are pretty refined. Some of the immediate problem I can see are the limitation on the size of the air piston and the complexity of the linkage required. I also wonder how durable that super high pressure piston will be, I mean if this is a viable engineering design why hasn’t any of the other shock manufacturer adopt something similar for their p
  15. So am I correct to think that there’s an additional central air piston that act as a rebound damper?
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