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  1. Awesome; that chart is super helpful thank you!!
  2. Just curious, when you say the KS wheel was totally different, how do you mean since at least in appearances they look very much like the Ninebot One. Also, has the shell design of the KS wheel stayed mostly the same from the beginning? I did a quick search and it looks like the 18A was the outlier from the round design. was there ever a round 18" shell before the 18L? Oh and when was the KS14c released? and what was the first Gotway wheel and when was it released?
  3. I guess I should be more specific; I am more looking for general timeline of when they first introduced their early models? I assume Gotway predate both ninebot and Kingsong; and I think on the ninebot website they release the One C (is that the first one?) in 2014. When did KingSong release their model and did they start with a 14” and move up or did they introduce all 3 wheel sizes at the same time? and ooh I heard about the starting story of Kingsong also, and have no doubt that it’d be a really good story to tell, but since none of the party involved would likely ever be willing to talk about it. There aren’t a lot of concrete information I can go on. =(
  4. I am working on a video for a KingSong wheel and am a bit curious about the history of both Kingsong and ninebot. I tried digging around their website and didn't find very much information other than that they started in 2014. I also did a search on this forum and most of the threads were about the wheels and not so much the company. Not sure if I missed anything obvious but would love some pointer from someone better informed.
  5. I'd also add that bending your knees get you closer to the ground, closer you are, less distance you'll cover when you do fall. And crazy suggestion; practice falling. Fully padded, helmet and on grass while stationary should be safe. This is a regular part of any martial art training involving regular falls and I find it helpful myself (if a bit weird looking).
  6. No, this applies to all steel structure, and the capacity to resist heating wholly rest in the overall mass of the steel. Here's a link with some additional info: https://www.steelconstruction.info/Fire_and_steel_construction So for smaller structural steel sections which will still be substantially heavier than the construction of a tool box you can have failure in as little as 12 minutes (at about 800 degree). Steel would be better at containing an explosion assuming it is weak and the box vented, and I assume the risk is mostly sustain buring of the battery packs. In which case, I don't think you can count on the steel tool box to provide any protection beyond a few minutes of low temperture burns.
  7. Keep in mind that steel is actually one of the least heat resistent material around. When I was in school our structure professor show us a photo of an unprotected steel building after a fire; looks like a giant pile of spagetti. if you're going with a steel box, line it with gypsum board (inside) for actual fire rating. or get that 3m wrap I linked before, its expensive but since its 2 hour rated it is equivelent of 2" worth of boards.
  8. I haven't looked into it more but I had seen ads for bike insurance, might make sense since some of us are now traveling at speed of cars.
  9. Not sure if you really want to go through with the experiement, but if you do it might be interesting to also use the occasion to test fire containment system. I am personally curious if a bag made out of the 2 hours fire wrap https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/3M-Fire-Barrier-Duct-Wrap-615-/?N=5002385+3293123923&rt=rud Would provide sufficient protection. The specification seems to indicate that it would be able to hold up to the temperature range. And if it does work a soft fireproof bag might be a more adaptable solution for those worried about potential fire but don't have a garage to keep the wheels in.
  10. given the amount of potholes you'll encounter here in NYC, a 10" wheel will be very sketchy. also, hand carrying 22lb gets tiring fast and trolleying the wheel is so much easier. Also, the only places I had ever encounter issue with my wheels government building with security checkpoints. unless you are planning on visiting one of those frequently you'll probably be fine with whatever wheel you choose.
  11. I have the Z10 and an i5 and I like the combo of having one of the heaviest wheel and the lightest. Still love the i5 but the build quality is dubious, I actually got to try the Mten3 recently at the Nikola demo, oh my god what a weird wheel! I can see why @Marty Backe love this little guy, wholly unpratical here in NYC given the crater filled street scape but if we had nicer condition I'll probably be happy with that combo. Btw, it was so twichy and light, was it really realistic to ride 25mph on that wheel?
  12. No, I personally never experienced any bugs with my Z10. And I hadn't really treated it with care and had drop it on multiple occasion and even cracked the side panel (a 4' drop, don't ask..) Tips? ride your whenever, where ever you can! the experiences gets better and better as you build your comfort level, wear protection as you'll likely fall when you least expect it!
  13. Does this have to do with the bug where only one battery is regen charged? Is the 65% battery 2 only or overall?
  14. I tell them “electric UNICYCLE” and really really emphasize the word UNICYCLE, then I look at them right in eye and tell them that I am also a good juggler. “Yea I am still working on the burning machete but I am slowly working up to it” I try really hard not to smile while saying it; it quite entertaining to wait for a reaction.
  15. Thank you! I greatly appreciate it, especially since I was reading the forum since I was having major brain block on what to talk about for the next video! Btw I can only take credit for being a good editor since apparently I did a good job deleting the 90% of the boring none-sense that usually come out of my mouth. =D
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