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  1. I kinda don't think that the "nerd" factor is a negative anymore, since it has aquired an almost cool status given the sucess of all the tech companies and all the recent movies and show about nerds, and all the hipster whom seem actively trying to look like nerds.. I think the fact that the segway is "easy to learn" is actually a strike against it since anything that is "beginner friendly"; like a bicycle with training wheel also implies that it is juvenile. Which its speed limit also reinforces, I still ride the i5 and that 12.5mph limit is a real drag, you're slower than regular commuter bike speed and will be blocking everyone in the bike lane, and riding around on sidewalk at walking speed just seem completely redundant. Also, I think it makes a huge difference having the wheel between my legs instead of outside when I ride in a crowd. I can ride next to someone walking and not worry about crushing their feet with my wheels.
  2. Onewheel did a better job with outreaching to the influencers and despite similar challenges; price, learning curve and regulation, I personally see more public interest in them despite its performance deficit as compare to the EUCs. The only one pushing EUCs seems to be Ewheel by sending the samples around, but a distributor can only do so much if the companies them selves aren't willing to invest more in marketing.
  3. I don't think EUCs in their current iteration would catch, as much as I love my Z10 a $2,000, 60 lbs wheel is not something that a regular person would buy. the cost of entry either have to be incredibly low, ie. Lime and electric scooter. or it'll have to be pitched as a premium product that offer beautiful design, convienence and performance, like Tesla (the car that is). IMHO, EUC will never be easy to get into because of learning curve alone, so the premium path is the only one that'll work for us. And that'll require strong branding, good design and great marketing, none of which any of the Chinese manufacturer have the resource or interest to pursue, and no US company would touch it due to patent issue. nothing wrong with EUC staying neiche, but investment and development will be slow and if the public's sentiment ever turns against us. like the ban on hoverboards, our wheels can turn into expensive paperweights overnight.
  4. I think of the segway like the palm treo I had before iphone; I mean I loved my treo and was browsing the web and running apps. However similar to the Treo as a product Segway failed to capture the public's imagination; IMHO the drive to make it easy to learn and safe crippled the design and functionality of the original segway. top speed of 12.5 mph is signficantly slower than a bicycle and so offer no advantage for a vehicle that cost, weight and is as large as the original segway. I get that in this day and age safety concern is paramount for liability issues however I often think that it would likely impossible for someone to invent the bicycle in this day and age since it present all of the same problems; dangerous, hard to learn and so on. People complained about that software keyboard on the iphone initially also, but apple realized that crippling the long term functionality of the smart phone with a physical keyboard just so it is easy for someone to learn to use it makes a bad product that no body wants to buy.
  5. I don't think bicycle is really that much cheaper than the EUCs, the closest would be folding bikes and a brompton easily cost $2-3K and they sold 40,000 of them last year from what I read. People are willing to pay a premium if the product is design as such, Tesla is a good example of this. The original iphone was also significantly more expensive then what people were use to pay for a phone at the time. Where EUC is today reminds me of the pre-iphone smartphone era of treo and black berries.
  6. I think there was an interesting thread a week ago on how the EUC could be evovled to increase more adaptation. I have been thinking about this and how the Segway started and was received. There are alot of hurdles like cost, regulation, safety and so on but all of that could be solved if there are more interests in EUCs by the public. Anyhow I like the subject and hope this will generate some interesting discussions..
  7. Hsiang

    Comfort Zones btw Wheels

    Yes however since we're traveling straight forward, any potential forces, either bumps or fall will usually excert itself parellel to the direction we're traveling. So if you are in a parellel stance while standing and someone were to push you straight back. you'll have less stability then if you had one feet back? Interesting observation about presenting a smaller target in martial art; however being "rooted" as having a solid stance is not only defensive, it is also the only way to put power behind your punch and kicks. I think good martial artist and boxers mitigate the larger target by shifting their feet constantly.
  8. Hsiang

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    from watching tutorials the premiere pro plug in isn't as intuitive to use as insta360 studios; and the few clips I seen dont look as fluid as the what the 360studios or the app produces. btw is full res over-capture still limited to app only? last I check the app only handle 4k H.264 files.
  9. Hsiang

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    I can do a 180 in an 5' corridor and had never scraped the pedal in a turn. I guess I can intentionally touch the ground with it but can't imagine any reason why the combination of sharp turn and low speed would be needed during regular rides.
  10. Hsiang

    Updated Z10 headlight on eBay

    I have recently gotten a replacement pedal from him for my Z10; but he didn't have any of the laser cutted friction pad left and said that he was having trouble sourcing from ninebot. I have a Chinese new year trip coming up to Taiwan and am thinking of stopping by a shop and see if I can pick up a few spare parts since my trolley is also getting pretty beat up.
  11. Hsiang

    So I’ve stopped riding everything but my Z10

    turning at high speed is so much fun once you are more use to it; I love speeding into a turn and try to find the balance point of how much I can over hang the wheel and try to pull the wheel into the turn.
  12. Hsiang

    Comfort Zones btw Wheels

    I am not sure if I agree with the symetrical stance as the norm; yes we might look symetrical, but we all have a preferred lead hand/ leg and even eye (there are right handed people who are left legged also) I am still new to EUCs but from years of rollerblading and martial art experiences, asymetrical stance is usually more stable than parellel stance.
  13. Hsiang

    insta360 x latest edition ?

    I tried a hat mount early one when I got my GoPro Fusion, It didn't work for me since 1/2 the footage was blocked out by the hat. I think even a short stick is better than a body mount of any sort.
  14. Hsiang

    Where does EUC adoption come from?

    The Z10 is nicely designed, and I certainly loved my. But it is a poorly positioned, supported and marketed product. For more public interest we need a sub $1000 wheel that is well built, reliable and more importantly design to fit an urban lifestyle, since that's where the market and most compelling use case are. It needs low speed stability so it is easier to learn, water and weather proof, light, portable and discreet, since if we want the masses to fall in love, it'll have to be so beautifully design that people will want to knock you over and take it from you. It'll also have to be smartly marketed, presented and positioned in just the right way. I don't think the segway brand is viable since people now associate tour groups and failed technology with that name.