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  1. Hsiang

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    Now I feel a little bit guilty as I feel that in making the video; I twisted a few arms to get people to talk. I am happy that @Jason McNeil was willing to clear up a few things as I know that in general for this sort of dealing people like to keep it behind closed doors. I started to read through that thread with @GreenWheel and boy that looks like some Game of Throne quality conflicts, I love it! I'll have to enjoy it later with a glass of red wine and dramatic musics! I do think that more transparency would be nice as I think that more and more people are starting to care about where and how the product they enjoy comes to be. If I find out that my favorite sweater was made by child labor working 12 hour days, I likely won’t like it as much.. Oh I'll be happy to make a correction video with updated information! Since ninebot looked like a company with the resources to market and popularize EUC I had high hope for them, but despite liking the Z10, I am unhappy with what I heard of how they work, be it confirmed fact or rumors. Anyhow I am happy to have some solid news and @Marty Backe, if you want to send me a pm about some unconfirmed news no one has to know about it >=D.
  2. Hsiang

    The perfect EUC?

    I am going to go the other way and ask for a reliable, weatherproof, light and portable wheel that cost no more than $600. And one that is beautifully designed. I also like to have removable battery but am willing to sacrifice that to keep the price low. And with those criteria in mind; crame in as much speed and range as possible!
  3. Hsiang

    State of Industry- War and Stalemate?

    I doubt the current administration had anything to do with it as most of the suits I am aware of took place before. Also I am sure that the actual reality of it is more complex and it wouldn't be fair to just lay the blame with inventist; it is certainly possible to make a deal with them, as inmotion had. Unfortunately as consumer the lack of infomation and official support creates uncertainties and I for one hesitated for a long time before comitting to buying a wheel. I am sure that none of these are news to any of the senior members, and they're probably are all tired of talking about it...
  4. There was an interesting thread about the state of the industry (still on the front page) I have been curious about this as well and did some digging around. I hope I am close to the mark but am curious if something I had missed. I couldn't find much about Kingsong nor Gotway but perhaps some more digging would pull up some interesting bits as well. Oh and sorry for calling the monster "a cheap knockoff" yes I am just jealous since I think that's the next wheel I want to get! =)
  5. Hsiang

    State of the EUC industry?

    Here's another perspective; google trend on search for the word "electric unicycle". https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=today 5-y&geo=US&q=electric unicycle what was the spike in 2015? was that all because of hoverboards? seems flat otherwise
  6. Hsiang

    State of the EUC industry?

    I believe solowheel and inventist still owns the patent on electric unicycle, so they or anyone whom had an agreement with them (inmotion) are the only one whom can legally sell them here. No idea what are the quantities ewheel deal with but my impression is that it is tiny relative to either electric skateboard or even onewheel. Does any one know if EUC is actually growing?
  7. You got me!! I thought there might be some behind the scene beef going on I wasn't aware off! =D
  8. I counted 7 out of 10 Gotway wheels in your signature; it must have taken a lot for you to make that call. What was the issue that finally tipped the balance for you? I have been thinking about getting a Monster but am wary about their build quality for some time. Since ninbot is also out this leaves KingSong last man standing? yikes.
  9. Hsiang

    IPS i5 Max speed

    This is in app only, I tried changing it to 30km/h and it still beep at 20 and tilt back as 23
  10. Not sure how much subsidy is invovled but I'd be willing to pay a decent premium even over that $2000 price tag to have it here in NYC. I found article about them possibly brining it to the US but nothing seems have came of it. Perhaps you can reach out to them again as they now seem firmly established in the Taiwan market, I saw them everywhere as oppose to only occasionally from a few years ago. And given the crazy valuation of Bird and Lime, I am very surprised that there are no talks of brining Wemo here. The Taiwanese seems to be the opposite of the chinese where they have good product and services but are very conservative when it comes to pushing them out to the international market.
  11. LOL, I tried to install a cup holder on my maxi scooter and quickly figured out that a cup holder on a moving vehicle is just way to evenly distribute a medium cup of coffee over 50% of the scooter and you.
  12. Welcome! and I totally still think about getting a OW EX on a regular basis, but the slower speed and range sort of get in the way. btw love your videos and amazed how you put them out at such regular basis! By the way @houseofjob how's it that you seem to know every single piece of dirt that's related to PEVs? =)
  13. Hsiang

    fireproof EUC charging station

    In construction steel is actually one of the least fire resistant material you can use. Gypsum boards is the cheapest and most readily available material, if you want, you can get a cabinet and line the inside with wall boards. You'll still need someway to notify you that something is wrong since very few things are rated against sustained burning for more than 2 hours.
  14. I get the low volume argument, and I never questioned the battery cost reason until I saw the gogoro scooter. A quick Spec comparison between the MSX and the Gogopro, which is at about the same price ($2000): MSX: 2Kw motor & 1.6Kwh battery vs Gogoro 6.4Kw motor & 2.6Kwh batteries (2 x 1.3Kwh). I am sure there's a vast volume difference between the production of the gogoro scooter and Gotway and that partly explain the price different. And I am not sure how the IP around the gogoro battery works; but it would be awesome if one of the EUC manufactuer adopt it to take advantage of the lower production cost. I'll take a wheel with 1.3Kwh cell if it is swappable even if the battery subscription infrastructure don't exist here. Thank you!
  15. I agree with this list as well. I would like to see a more open design in general, it'll likely be difficult to pull off but a single side swing arm design would be awesome and allow easier wheel access and make suspension mount feasible. I also like to see more ultra portable options; I actually still use my IPS i5 all the time, the lighter weight and smaller size is nice, but I wish that it is lighter still, and have some kind of a carrying lock mode so it doesnt accidently turn on inside of my backpack. I actually think a ,more refined and better design version of this wheel could be the model T/ iphone of the EUC world.