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  1. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    In case if anyone is curious my monster v3 which was from the same Ali vender (green fashion) did arrive in working order. Also this is the extended range version, I still can't see how they found enough room to fit an extra pack but they did . Photo of the config, looks like they split the pack into many smaller packs and stuff them where ever they can. Feels a bit iffy and messy and I probably should spend sometime properly wire tie and pad the wheels
  2. As had been mentioned, IMHO wrist guard might be even more important since you might not hit your head in a fall, but you'll very likely land on your hands. But people seem to assign some magical protective qualities to helmets, to the point that driver seems to be willing to take more risk around you if you were wearing a helmet. https://www.bicycling.com/news/a25358099/drivers-give-helmet-cyclists-less-room/
  3. The Z10 PRO? does have a nice ring to it.....
  4. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Thank you! more like I should be sorry for pulling you into such an expensive and sometime dangerous hobby! =)
  5. I hope it was securely hot glued!! LOL. This is going to be my first Gotway, should be an interesting experience!!
  6. Stability at high speed depends on good road surfaces, Motorcycle at high way speed still gets death wobbles, I have gotten it on my MP3 even though it had 2 front wheels and is suppose to be wobble proof. All it takes is a wavy surface at just the right frequency and amplitude and any wheel will wobble. I am personally skeptical of wheels reaching that much greater speed beyond 40-50 mph, not that its possible, but given how small the EUC market is, I suspect that all components are adopted from other use and if there is a motor readily available that does not significantly add to the size/cost/ weight of the EUC, We would have seen some attempt at getting it in a wheel.
  7. Now I *mostly* wear a helmet, but I do notice that on those occasion that I do not. Random strangers are overcome with the desire to tell me that I should wear a helmet, It isn’t required by law here in NYC and I am an adult and an trusted *mostly* to do some pretty risky things like oh I don’t know.. drinking and voting? And I get the positive imagery for the sport thing, and there’s whole conversation around that. But the gut reaction against the helmet thing, I don’t get.. If someone is starting, I’d tell them that its a good idea to wear helmet since you’ll likely fall on your head, but if they are an adult and choose to not wear a helmet, I leave them be since well.. they made a decision. I am genuinely curious.
  8. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    My biggest worry actually isn’t acceleration but braking. I imagine that 15% reduction in torque also translate directly to a 15% weaker braking power, not to mention the additional 20lbs of weight it needs to stop. Effective braking translate to higher speed since for me I never ride fast unless I have the clearance to bring myself to a stop, and in a busy city where there isn’t a lot of room, its more on your vehicle then anything else..
  9. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Good question; I made a whole video to explain it!! =D Saw this after I posted it so let me not double post..
  10. Now if only if it would just get here !!
  11. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    Its a mystery, I had asked GF this question and they had claimed that for their mod they did not move the control board but "Found a better way" we'll see what that means when we do receive the wheel. I hope they did not carve away at the shell to get the extra pack to fit..
  12. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    For the most part I think the v3 basically rides just like the v2 so no changes and that why people are too excited about it? Btw I had a chance to ride a monster around the block today, and it was certainly an interesting experience. The weight and size of this wheel make it feel like you"re driving an old school Cadillac. Super stable and wanting to just go in a straight line, I'll be very curious to know how it feels pressed in a high speed corner .
  13. Hsiang

    Gotway Monster 2019

    I am in the same shipping black hole as @Ben Kim and nope, zip movement on our delivery status.
  14. Hsiang

    126-Volt Nikola

    I get that the motor plays a huge part in determining the output; however assuming if the motor is identical which I believe is he case with all current Nikola model, both 84v, 100v and the 126v. And assuming that all 3 voltages all falls within the designed voltage of the motor used, going by what eddie says. Then when the voltage increase, the amp draw would drop, the rpm increases to correspond to the increase in voltage but the torque drop in correspond to the drop in amp draw. Is this right? then there's this bit I found on the web in regards to the effect of increasing the voltage on motor "Effects of high voltage. An assumption people often make is that since low voltage increases the amperage draw on motors, then high voltage must reduce the amperage draw and heating of the motor. This is not the case. High voltage on a motor tends to push the magnetic portion of the motor into saturation. This causes the motor to draw excessive current in an effort to magnetize the iron beyond the point where magnetizing is practical." Sounds like the original design parameter for the motor really determines if the step up to 126v makes sense. Do we know what that is since it is the same motor?
  15. Hsiang

    126-Volt Nikola

    I reread this a few time and still can't get through my thick head what this means.. Does higher voltage just increase motor torque? is this assuming that amperage remain the same so an overall increase in the wattage delivered? Am I correct to say that in a higher voltage system, the same number of electrons will delivery a greater amount of wattage at the cost of requiring more cells for storage? Also, what is changed in a higher voltage system? does all the wiring and components have to be more robust to handle the higher voltage or less since the amperage requirement is either the same or reduced?
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