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  1. It took me a while before I start pushing my speed much past 20mph, also, since I came from riding the z10 I am use to the wheel shaking violently while I am on it at speed.. LOL. it doesn't bother me that much so I'll give it some more time, but it is annoying since it is pronounce above 35mph and basically puts a cap on my speed.
  2. No, what I meant was that he swing his arm and center of gravity forward as you would with your leg on a swing. He remain over the wheel so no superman but this "bumps" the wheel forward. Alright, sorry for the self plug, but if you skip to 2:24 in this video you'd see him do it.
  3. To throw a wrench into this; this feels very similar to the issue I am experiencing on my Monster v3, except that it is mostly noticeable at speed above 20mph, and the oscillation looks faster. But other characteristic is similar; the wheel will oscillate forward and back when I accelerate and be amplified by any bumps. I did not get the wheel from Jason, and the other person whom got the same batch @Ben Kim did not have this issue, but I think he replaced his control board due to his wheel being burned during the delivery process. so that might have addressed the issue also. Should I look into replacing my board?
  4. I think you, Tishawn and my slow mo camera should go on a riding date! =D I also have been trying DavidY's (local rider) skiing technique; no side to side movement at all and he throw both arm and his body directly forward and it also works quite well. But I am starting to think that at some point we are cheating by using our muscle to help the monster accelerate, rather than simply inputting a command. I am also somewhat fuzzy on this, my previous theory had been that by carving hard to the out side we are changing what the gyro consider to be horizontal and then achieving a steeper lean angle by pressing against this tilted plane. But DavidY's technique now makes me question this theory.
  5. I always wonder if its possible to do a "bobsled start" with a monster, it feels stable enough for you to jump on from a run with some practice.
  6. As representative of the "naysayers" I resent you attitude.. LOL. my argument is that the "lack of torque" feel is due to the monster's well.. lack or torque, I am not saying that it isn't possible to overcome the momentum of the wheel due to larger diameter and weight through better technique. However there is a reason why they put a larger engine in a truck than a compact car. You can still drive an F150 with a v4 through better gear switching technique I am sure but you can't argue that it isn't underpowered. I still don't understand the intricacies of how torque output from our motor in relates to the watt rating, some say that we can pull more simply by pumping in greater voltage, but I also hear that there are optimal voltage design for each motor and efficiency drop as you pump in more. But I don't think that there are any practical reason why a larger motor can't fit, the 6000 watt motor on the back of a ONYX looks not much larger, if there's an engineering reason I love to hear it. I suspect the main reason is really Gotway's unwillingness to invest in engineering associated with fitting a larger motor; easier and cheaper to just keep upping the voltage.
  7. the monster also have a softer tire and more "cushion" since you have more air volume given the larger diameter tire. If anything it would be easier to ride the monster if you have issues with your knees. seated riding is fine, but I mostly like my monster because of the greater stability and comfort that comes with having a larger diameter wheel. I have yet to hear of anyone regret getting the Monster, only regret from selling theirs.
  8. no protection will protect 100% of the times but you'll 100% get hurt if you do not wear any. Having snowboarded, rollerbladed and now EUC for 20 years; the only reason I can still type is because of having worn proper wrist guards.
  9. I feel like I have something similar to this. however my would run fine on perfectly smooth pavement, but when I hit even just a small bump I would get this sort of up and down oscillation. I am going to try and see if I can get it on video.
  10. We have an ONYX bike rider that come out to the group ride regularly. I always stare at his back wheel and that 6000w motor and think how great it would be if I had that in my monster. Gotway seems to just use one motor and adapt it to all their wheels, I know for the monster at least the 2000w motor feels under powered. it would be nice if they push the motor design but I have no idea if they are at all plugged in as to what we want.
  11. I can confirm that the z10 has more 'gyro effect' than the monster, significantly more so, i am still a bit weirded out by the lack of resistance in a corner riding the monster. I wonder if I can get the same feel on the monster by going with a reinforced sidewall tire since I actually like the feel of the gyro effect. but it probably won't be the same since the weight distribution on the monster is very different from the z10
  12. Not sure if I like what you are insinuating; that we're bunch of reckless and crazed speed freaks? LOL Yes, the NYC ridership heavily lean towards speed, even though actual sustained speed above 30mph is still uncommon given real world riding condition here (equally crazed driver and terrible road surfaces).
  13. Shameless plug but here's my experience riding my Z10 last winter; the temperature was around 20-30F I think and all charging was done outside. This was not a happy trip for the z10 as the battery was charging very slowly and in the end the wheel wouldn't turn on even though I still have 35-40% left.
  14. If popularity is any indication, the last V10 rider in the NY rider group just bought a 16x while the Nikola 100v is probably the most commonly seen wheel in the group.
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