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  1. I saw this video and was really blown away by what these guys are doing in Brazil! I wish there are more shops like this in the US also to help introduce new people to EUCs!
  2. I believe this is just a preview, announcement would be 7am tomorrow.
  3. I rode my IPS i5 yesterday morning and the V3 Monster in the afternoon. can't get more extreme than that but like what @Ben Kim says, with more miles under the belt switching become way easier, I also frequently switch between the Monster and my z10, which is just about night and day when it comes to how they ride but no issues for me there either.
  4. I have riding in the streets for years and have developed a decent mental map of surface condition, driver behaviors and traffic patterns. I try to be as careful as I can and of course there's always risk, but I really love the scenery since I feel like as EUC riders we all have this drive to see more places. The Monster works really well, I suspect even better then the MSX since it is much more stable and less likely to be shaken by hitting potholes or uneven surfaces. But I still think the Z10 looks cooler. =)
  5. I saw the title of this post and I thought "boy I like to know also!" and then to my shock I was mentioned as an example. I agreed with a lot of things mentioned; I think story is super important and not just the thing people say but also visual story telling, like their environment, camera angle and framing. And I am very much still learning these things on the fly also. The actual gear is really secondary. Everyone have their own style; @Marty Backe doesn't say a lot but he rides through some amazing places and it always make me smile watching him ride around in his superman outfit with the cap flapping in the wind! But also because of this I think everyone would develop their story differently; I write a lot and feel like i can think better when I write so I usually start with a script, and I try to edit it down so I can condense it as much as I can. But this may not be how you work, I can see just making a long audio recording of yourself and edit that directly also. Some people can shoot free form and get a bunch of clips and then edit them together into something coherent; to me that's very difficult to do and I tend to see that from people whom either have a lot of experience with visual story telling or way more talented than I, since you'll have to literally be putting the edit together in real time in your brain and be thinking of the right thing to say. But the one piece of advice I got that I thought was very good was "stop overthinking and just do it!"
  6. As much as we argue about riding style (hugger rules!) I agree with Chris 100% when it come to riding in traffic. A lady was recently killed on Broadway when a truck reverse for 2 blocks before hitting her. she was 100% in the right but unfortunately it doesn't help her one bit. I slow down even when I have the light since I trust no one. I also mix with the traffic when I am above 20mph, more so on the monster since I have additional head room to speed away when I encountered a reckless are angry driver. I also ride on the sidewalk quite a bit; I find that as long as I remain respectful, and go no faster than jogging speed (crawling speed around kids) no one minds, not even NYPD. And yes, very much cultural based, and I totally get that some of the things we do here in NYC will not be acceptable else where.
  7. Problem with this shell is that Dagzhi did such a good job with a glossy white finish on it that I may need to get a protective shell for my protective shell... =D I order one for my monster but I am 3rd in line so it'll probably take some time to get here. but I'll certainly take lots of photos and do a video review once I have it!
  8. oh seated monster is perfect for this sort of ride, although in the cold I actually prefer to move around a bit for warmth!
  9. And I was just thinking of coming here this morning to post a thread asking why we can't have modular batteries?! Removable battery isn't just great for traveling, it also provide way more flexibility for day to day usage, allow you the option to carry spares, upgrading your wheel without buying more batteries which is one of the more expensive components. The gogoro battery exchange program in Taiwan is brilliant, you never have to worry about range on their scooter since it takes you less than 30 seconds to swap out a pair of fully charged batteries at the local gas station. The only reason I can think of for the lack of interest is the lack of foresight on the part of the manufacturer, none of them are thinking of the future, it just feel to me like they want to capitalize on the EUC "fad" for as long as they can while minimizing their own investment.
  10. It took me a while before I start pushing my speed much past 20mph, also, since I came from riding the z10 I am use to the wheel shaking violently while I am on it at speed.. LOL. it doesn't bother me that much so I'll give it some more time, but it is annoying since it is pronounce above 35mph and basically puts a cap on my speed.
  11. No, what I meant was that he swing his arm and center of gravity forward as you would with your leg on a swing. He remain over the wheel so no superman but this "bumps" the wheel forward. Alright, sorry for the self plug, but if you skip to 2:24 in this video you'd see him do it.
  12. To throw a wrench into this; this feels very similar to the issue I am experiencing on my Monster v3, except that it is mostly noticeable at speed above 20mph, and the oscillation looks faster. But other characteristic is similar; the wheel will oscillate forward and back when I accelerate and be amplified by any bumps. I did not get the wheel from Jason, and the other person whom got the same batch @Ben Kim did not have this issue, but I think he replaced his control board due to his wheel being burned during the delivery process. so that might have addressed the issue also. Should I look into replacing my board?
  13. I think you, Tishawn and my slow mo camera should go on a riding date! =D I also have been trying DavidY's (local rider) skiing technique; no side to side movement at all and he throw both arm and his body directly forward and it also works quite well. But I am starting to think that at some point we are cheating by using our muscle to help the monster accelerate, rather than simply inputting a command. I am also somewhat fuzzy on this, my previous theory had been that by carving hard to the out side we are changing what the gyro consider to be horizontal and then achieving a steeper lean angle by pressing against this tilted plane. But DavidY's technique now makes me question this theory.
  14. I always wonder if its possible to do a "bobsled start" with a monster, it feels stable enough for you to jump on from a run with some practice.
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