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  1. I used the twist and fall technique 2 weekends ago! Loss control of the wheel and it veer off and headed towards a low knee height fence and I knew I wouldn't be able to stop in time. So I twisted 180 and half fell and half sat on the fence. Learning how to fall is huge, when I use to teach roller blade I would have people intentionally fall while going at low speed. getting over the discomfort of falling means that you would be relaxed and reacting rather than tense and panicking. Huge difference! I highly recommand everyone practice bailing from their wheel on the grass as practice.
  2. This. I am sure some wheel are more stable at higher speed than others. But you can't overcome the physical limitation of having only one contact patch and no suspension. Potholes dips and rough patches comes in all shapes in size and coupled with the right (or the wrong) circumstances will cause a crash regardless of how good you are riding. IMHO one should only go as fast as one is ready to hit the pavement from, if you are not prepared/ protected to do so even 20mph is too much. I think some of the new people whom watches videos made by experts on this forums see them go fast without much protection gets a false impression of stability/ safety. Where in the experts have their experiences as an additional safety net while the newbies would crash and hurt themself attempting the same.
  3. I guess some one can make a show about nothing but pot holes in New York! And wow this got a bit heated.. I am still new so I am falling on a pretty regular basis, just happen to catch this one on camera. And also since I am new I doubt a dffierent wheel would had prevented a fall. Even if it was more stable it just mean that I’ll push it further or faster until that perfect dip hit me at the just right way..
  4. I guess I shouldn't ruin it by saying if I made it without falling or not, but this also give a little bit more context on that first fall.
  5. Hsiang

    New GotWay Nikola 17''

    The semi tranparent case, the glowing light and the roundish shape, aside from making every scratch and dent shows more easily, also make this thing look more like a toy for children. I didn't love the design for their earlier wheels but at least they look utilitarian and functional lookig. The imac look is was meant to refresh a company and a product that people considered outdated at the time. And as soon as it caught on apple transition to the more mature solid metal look still current in their line. Everything I heard about Gotway says that they make high performance machine that pushes for the limit. making them look like toys sends the exact opposite message to potential customers.
  6. Hsiang

    Z10 strange braking behavior

    So I did a bit more tests and were able to consistently reproduce the wierd braking behavior I encountered. Basically it only happen within the first 100 yards or so from turning the wheel on. Battery level doesn't matter since I don't charge my Z10 every night so this had happen at all level between 40% and 90%. So speeding up right away and trying to do a hard brake within the first 10 yards and the brake will slip. Like I mentioned in my video, the brake sort of clicks and the wheel balance gets a be wonky. Can someone else test this and see if it is just my wheel or this happens to everyone. Again after about 100 yards the brake goes back to normal. I'll try to see if I can get it on video.
  7. Okay, I test it some more and was able to consistently reproduce the issue: Again, it always happen from a cold start and with in the first 100 yard, So turn on the wheel and go maybe 10 -20 yard and do a hard brake and it'll slip. I haven't dare to push it too hard since the wheel gets really weird when the brake slip like this. I''ll start separate thread and see if anyone else encountered this strangeness.
  8. Thank you! now about the strange braking thing; I did sort of figure out how to intentionally make it happen, when I first start a ride, if I try to brake hard within the first 100 yards, I can make it happen even if it is not at high speed. Even with a 60-80% battery so I don't think it is a regen battery related issue. Maybe the wheel needs to warm up first? Still no clear idea on what caused the fall, but I am planning going back to the same spot and replicate the test in the near future. For this week; Central Park "offroad" rides, my woes with the IPS i5 and the search for the perfect helmet!
  9. Hsiang


    Central Park "offroad" rides, my woes with the IPS i5 and my helmet search!
  10. Hsiang


    I have gotten so use to carrying the camera that when I am able to control my fall at lower speed, I would spin my self 180 and sort of sit down/ into the fall. I also find that I ride more carefully when I have the camera out.
  11. Better safe than sorry, plus I imagine that I look strange as is rolling around on an EUC anyhow!
  12. The curve at the entry is actually quite gentle, it mostly look sharp due to perspective and camera angle, so I doubt that it had been a pedal scrap. Also, I was aiming for the center of the path, which is quite wide so was completely surprised to find myself all of a sudden on the side and hitting the curb. The partial cutout sounds like a potential candidate, do you have a link to that video? I think the sequence might be; cutout during the turn -> in my surprise I straighten up -> then the motor came back on and shot me straight towards the right side of the path ->the wheel hits the curb and flip while I was in a squatted position and then I trip and do a front flip into the curb. The ground was even and clear of leaves, I checked before hand since I knew this was a risky test. The speed was also not high since I was planning to do most of the acceleration during the straight portion of the path. Plus I rode over that same spot multiple times. So I think the most likely cuprit was unexpected wheel behavior.
  13. I think I'll have to downgrade myself back down to zero again since this week I crashed hard and face planted on a concrete curb!
  14. Here's the video, if you want to go straight to the crashy part it starts around the 7:20 mark.
  15. Thanks! I think it has to do with speed and accelleration. I think at greater speed during a fall you actually trip over the wheel as it turn and flips and that puts you in a divin position. My fall was very strange, I watched the slowmo several time and still can't figure out what happen (Promise to post the video soon!) it looks almost like the wheel sped up and shot out from underneath me then flip and tripped me, so my feet is actually higher than my head during the fall. I think my head landed first and took most of the impact, then my chest and then my legs. My injuries matches this also, I hit hard to enough to chip my front tooth, but only suffered a slightly bruise rib on the ride side (got an xray yesterday) and no injury to the legs.