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  1. Hsiang

    Gotway Suspension

    This fall is caused by tire slip, he hit a patch of gravel he didn't see. I confirmed this with the rider. Suspension wouldn't have helped here, but when we carve I can see the suspension compress since part of the technique is to push against the outside corner and using the resistance to spring forward.
  2. You can probably get a decent sense of the build quality of the Sherman from the post Chris made of our tear down. I am also going to post the video of it on Friday; however be warned that it is long and boring since @houseofjob is long and boring. LOL
  3. Btw I weighted the battery packs on the Sherman and they are 32.5lbs
  4. LOL Marty, I been trying to think of a polite way of saying this, the very fact that we're carrying on a long boring political discussion guarantee that none of the people whom are the target of the complains will ever read any of it. The only way to stop these behavior is to stop the sales of any EUC capable of speed greater than 31mph, then the ppl whom like speed would move on to something else. But I think that is neither possible nor something we like to see (may be some wouldn't mind). I'll find a better location for future demos, however if anyone think that I am somehow the tsar of EUC media of NYC and can control what people do and post then you're sadly mistaken. and before people get more mad, I'll just stay that I am aware and mindful of what I post. However I am not quite ready to have a focus group determine what goes in my video just yet.
  5. So more on this, the theory is that a video showing risky behaviors in the US would effect EU legislation. Do you think this is likely? I imagine that there are a lot of crazy things we American does that the Europeans finds abhorring, but passing laws in reaction to it seems unlikely. Since I am extremely skeptical that the reverse could be true; my impression are that strange European news are more viewed as a curiosity and less as a “things that can happen here”.
  6. My statement starts with “I think” and if you feel that any one who’s thinking does not align with yours is “extremely arrogant”, then I am curious as to what your definition for arrogant is? You responded to none of my or @Marty Backe reasons for why we don’t think these videos will get EUC banned in the US, this is a discussion the last time I checked.
  7. The thought did cross my mind, however I am NOT so filled with myself so as to think that I can be the one passing judgement as to who’s safe and who’s not. Also, this is not an online forum where banning semi anonymouspeople is as easy as hitting a button. YOU try to telling one of your friend that they aren’t invited to the BBQ no more cuz they drank too much and was too rowdy. No quicker way to poison the well and turn people against each other IMHO. To me it was either everyone got access or no one, I actually don’t even think letting no one try it was an option as Ewheel did not send me the sherman just for my own gratification, it was always intended to be for the community here. I do have to say that I am noticing a cultural split between the long time EUC riders here on the forum and the “new bloods” the 0G riders enjoy riding even at the lower speed and see the performance enhancement as additional safe guard, while the newer guys got into EUC precisely because of the performance, they bought gotway because it can do 45 and telling them to slow down would be as effective as telling a corvette driver to not drive past the speed limit.
  8. There are two issues here; 1. Is exactly as the title states: will this type of behavior get us banned and my position is no, I don’t think it will, because we are still too niche and no one will regular something they don’t know exist. 2. How should we as a community react to this type of clips; and I am split on that, if a rider engage in an activity that can potentially endanger others, especially kids then yes we should complain and tell the guy what he’s doing is wrong. But as adults that can only go so far. I saw the highway footage and asked that it not be posted, but it went up any way, and I knew that it was going to happen. The only way to control it is to not hold the demo and just ride the wheel myself and that’s it; there’re no better way to preserve a thing you love than to put it in a jar and take it to the grave with you. And that IMHO is the worst thing we can possible do. EUC is growing and people around the world are discovering it and in the process trying things we don’t think are possible or are comfortable with, boy this is starting to sound like a talk about kids doesn’t it.. =D
  9. I disagree since the title of this thread states “this type of behavior will get us banned” that is the context for this entire discussion.
  10. No one is talking about this because a week ago and less than 10 blocks away police carS were being over turned and set on fire by protestors in the middle of 5th ave while elsewhere NYPD attempted mass arrest of protestors by blocking and trapping them on the bridges. And before that thousands died daily and they had to bring in a field full of refrigeration trucks just to keep the bodies. No one noticed and no one cared about this, in the context of the insanity that had happen to this city in the last 10 weeks, NYC really does not care about a single guy whom decide to ride a strange contraption on the FDR for one exit.
  11. Because what is consider reckless in one place may not be somewhere else. Everyone in NYC jaywalk, it is illegal but the culture here are such that no one is willing to wait. I get into plenty of trouble when I travel else where in the US and crossed the street against a red or in the middle of the block. I learned to be careful and watch what other pedestrian do and follow suite but growing up here, this is how I thought its like everywhere. As a result neither pedestrian nor motorist expects that they can follow the traffic signal blindly and generally pay more attention to the traffic. Also because of this people generally are more tolerant of this type of mixed traffic. As a matter of fact when I use to ride a motorcycle, if the streets are empty except for me, people trying to cross would walk out to the middle and wait for me to pass them by at arms length and I always thought to myself; I am driving an 800lbs vehicle at 40mph, what if I slid and now you are right in my path? If you watch clips of how people cross a street in Vietnam you’ll see amore extreme version of this. There seems to be certain level of trust in the motorist that they would not intentionally try to run a pedestrian over. There are several places in NYC such as the brooklyn bridge where the bike path is right next to pedestrian walk way and bicyclist would sometime intentionally speed or even throw stuff at the pedestrians which I absolutely hate. But I get that NYC is different, I can always spot the new tourist as they look completely freaked out walking down the street.
  12. I am kinda blown away by this thing you said. After reading what I wrote, your conclusion is that I am an unfeeling monster happy to see people killed? Like really? Anyone whos not standing next to you with a pitchfork and a torch on this issue is as good as a murderer? I get that people are emotional, if I was a dad and see some dude flying by kids like this my gut reaction would be anger. But again all I am saying is that based on my personal observation of how our political system works, and I am typically apolitical myself. I think that its is unlikely for EUC to be regulated in the US in the near future. The split in riding culture also reminds me of the earlier day of skier vs snowboarder, skier (when I was young) tends to be older ppl and saw the younger, riskier snowboarding crowd as a blight on the mountain and did everything they can to get us banned. But in the end the inflow of more people, interests, tricks, jumps benefited both sports. And as an older and more conservative guy now I try to be more open minded and not turn into the angry skiing dad that use to scream at my riskier younger self.
  13. Not to mention the fact that I think the media will have a field day; can you imagine the head line “Governor so and so pass law to limit speed of unicycle, circus bears around the country alarm by stupid laws” here in NYC the threshold for prosecuting traffic death are so high that very few drivers ever get convicted for killing pedestrians or bicyclist. If the there aren’t enough political will to deal with that I don’t see how anyone would care about a handful of EUC accidents. I am not familiar with jurisdiction elsewhere but I highly doubt any ban would be created nor enforced (jaywalking is also technically illegal) here in NYC.
  14. I actually want to make a video about this! Safety gear are like an airbag on a car, it’ll help reduce injury but the safest thing to do is to not get into an accident if the first place and like you said people get complacent and take more risk when they felt that they are protected. I took MSF when I learned how to ride a bike and many of the defensive driving lessons applies equally to what we do. The safest thing is really to wear all the protection but ride as if you were buck naked.
  15. You are right in that the court of public opinion requires no evidence to convict, and if you had already made up your mind then thats that. I personally think that it is impossible to ensure that everyone in the world whom rides an EUC behaves in a way that aligns with my own values, and that the only way to overcome bad press is to create more good press. I wrote a longer response in the other thread specific to your complains.
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