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  1. Thank for the tip. However I have (so far) no problem with riding EUC in Sweden, the Denmark is the "culprit" here ... Considering that I ride at almost deserted bicycle line only 5 km twice a day (at the morning and evening to and from work) and not encountering any busy traffic it's kinda annoying to have this "unfriendly" (And most likely also misinformed) policemen to hassle me like this. Plus I never drive recklessly or to endanger anyone else. Can't say the same though about the "professional" taxi and bus driver regularly running full red lights there.
  2. Thank you! Busy living mainly - and working ... I didn't even know about the V10 until a few days back when I went to Inmotion website to show someone their line of products ... In regards of the "unpleasant" encounter - I guess we all have those occasionally. But overall it was mainly positive.
  3. Thanks everyone for a prompt replies. This matches my "findings" so I still believe that EUCs are currently "allowed" to be driven in Denmark under a provisional law in place from 1.1.2018 observing the current limitation in speed and will "stick" to this unless proven otherwise by an official document / link to the excerpt of the law.
  4. Long time since I've visited last time here ... I have one question for @Henrik Olsen or any other fellow Danish (or at least driving in Denmark) EUC riders. After almost two years of problem less commuting and a few friendly encounters with local police I was stopped last Friday (yeah I know Friday 13th ) afternoon on my way from work by "less-than-cooperative" traffic (on motorbike) policemen. He was very adamant (and RUDE!) claiming that EUCs are "toys" (repeating this in every second sentence like a broken record) and that they're prohibited to be driven on public roads and bicycle lanes and that they can be use only on private spaces and that I need to leave the bicycle lane and stop "endangering" other members of the traffic! He didn't even know what they're called and when I've asked - very politely - if he wouldn't mind to tell me which law / paragraph specifically prohibits uses of EUCs he just rudely retorted that "Danish law" ... I was not in mood to argue any further nor to make any scenes on public so I've walked around the corner and then stepped back on the wheel and rode towards my destination. So - my question is - what is the "legal" status of EUCs in Denmark at the moment (as per article which one of my work colleagues found earlier this year I believed they're already semi-approved / in "testing" phase) and what do you use as and argument or reference with police in such situations? Are they allowed to confiscate the EUC for example? Thanks in advance for any help or advice in this matter. Safe wheeling and nice weather to all! HEC.
  5. HEC

    V8 pedal durability

    I must really ask - what kind of shoes or boots are you riding in? Mine looks almost brand new after 2.500 Km just with a bit of dust in the grains of the tape ...
  6. Have you seen opened casing of the V8 battery - there is a bit of unused space there so some kind of heating electronic would fir there easily.
  7. Yes - my first week I was walking (or more like crawling) up the 3 flights of stairs after each training session shirt soaking wet ... that's mainly "stress" though and incorrect posture on the wheel / pedals while training. Once you'll figure that out you'll not be that tired anymore. Keep on rolling and as others here already said - in few weeks you'd not even remember the hard beginnings!
  8. With weight approaching 100 Kg you can expect maximum range on full charge (till wheel will refuse to go any further fully tilting back at 45 degrees) of about 28 - 30 Km depending also on the weather (wind and temperature) so I'd say safe regular trip up to 25 Km per charge with some reserve. And I'd definitely recommend V8 rather than ACM as Inmotion is miles ahead of any other current EUC manufacturer in technology and quality. ---- Opravdu - osobně doporučuji V8 - najel jsem na ní do teď od loňského srpna 2000 Km (20 km denně cestou do a z práce) bez jediného problem, často s velkým těžkým nákladem.
  9. Most likely as the poor cat would be so happy with all that noise ...
  10. The temperatures are hovering above zero up to about 10 degrees Celsius but it's not just that ... It's windy and getting dark very soon. I'd say another month at least before I'd go out for some longer dedicated fly session. So far I can "play" only at nearby park / green area over the weekends. And now for something completely different: (random unrelated image)
  11. I must say that I'm really impressed how well the Mavic flies indoors. I've "accidentally" taken off with it indoors once while messing around with it's settings and despite limited space and lot of clutter around it kept it's positions perfectly and allowed me to land back on the very small foot pal without any problems. Still waiting for the warmer weather though to perform some longer outside test.
  12. @Planetpapi also keep in mind that V8 will turn off after several minutes in this "sleep" mode (I think 10 or 15) so don't be surprised by that during landing
  13. If you have two V8's simply swap the batteries (assuming they both have the same 2+5+2 or 2+7 wiring) to see if the problem is with the battery, wiring or CB. Or simply unplug the battery, leave it off for about 30 - 60 minutes and then firmly re-plug (mainly the 5 or 7 pin multi-lead plug).
  14. HEC

    New Inmotion models

    Those have been already released last year - really nice electric scooters. They look like bikes but they're not as you can't pedal on those ...
  15. HEC

    wheel lock

    I know that V3 models do, also P1. V8 doesn't have the lock function - not sure about V5.
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