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What the forum is for... electric unicycles

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10 minutes ago, evX_Mick said:

After i put out those videos, IM sent me a production v12 and continued to get my opinions on the wheel up until last night… so many consequences lol 


What you do here on this gorum is far beyond my understanding. 

It seems you are out to do as much damage to the community as possible. 

Spreading bad behaviour videos, breaking gentleman agreement/NDA and then trolling official brand channels. 

So much to gain a few clicks on a YT channel. I have seldom come across people as toxic as you. The sad part is you enjoy this with no regard to respecting other people or regret whatsoever. 

Just another example of the me first culture. The sad part is that others keep falling for the crap you spread. 

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7 hours ago, evX_Mick said:

After i put out those videos, IM sent me a production v12 and continued to get my opinions on the wheel up until last night… so many consequences lol 


I'm not on the same page as @Unventor here.

Even though it seems like you used all your leverage to make Inmotion make the best of a situation that got out of hands with the leaks, and strong-armed them a little to adjust compared to their initial plans, I'm grateful for the work done by you @evX_Mick and the other early testers which seem to have clearly encouraged innovation.

Although I'm sure it was pretty chaotic, the result in terms of launch is good.

My apologies for the personal attacks above. Polarizing or not, I personally think that you're very welcome on these forums.

Ultimately, thanks to the good info, balanced and in depth enough that came out since of this launch I placed a V12 pre-order, feeling sufficiently informed about the trade-offs to take the risk.

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Before you take side in this you should know the person I mentioned above spend the better part of 30-1hour trying to piss of as many as posdible, while posting arguments not holding water and making personal attcks on the Inmotion telegram channel. After he didn't get the love of bei g a cool guy as he hoped he conti ued speading his toxic here too. 

What he do in his back yard or inside his home I don't care. But posting thing just to cause chaos in a public and global world that is not okey behaviour. 

And on top of this when he daw he had been called pit, tried to downpkay all of this with he was just trolling. 

So I ask is that someone you like in ypur comunity. Because I don't. And I am not afraid to call it out and stand by this. 

Now I have other moderators from the forum that saw what transpired in that telegram channel. So I have no need to explain this anyfurter. 

But the past week has be one big rampage on EUCs from this person. 

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I understand criticism is part & parcel of the internet & we all have our povs, rightly or otherwise. And I even get that @Unventor may even have best of this hobby & perhaps this forum in mind. 

However I also get that this is ONE pov. Far's Mikey & his behavior goes, we all can make our own decision. Personally I don't see an issue but I get that some might find 'Muricans brash, arrogant & mayhaps abrasive, nevermind NY'ers. Hmmm maybe thats why we Canadians get no respect 😅.

But that's a personal POV & we all get to have our personal POVs. Like it don't like it, we should all be free to express it.

Censorship however is beyond the pale - for me at least. Are we now into cancelling ppl we don't like. What if other don't like me? Do I get cancelled? 😟. If I do, then the next might be YOU. Think about it 😳

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this forum's take on moderation has been interesting for me. I've come to appreciate how it operates even if this means that there is some 'leakage' in terms of occasional nonsense, untruth and toxicity. I've actually become rather fond of it, I'm also rather fond of civil libertarian trustee's who let older adults live at great levels of risk because this is how they lived their life before and it's the way they wish to exit. believe it or not, these 2 things are connected for me. we all have our own spin :)

In spite of my appreciation, this broad inclusion at the expense of integrity has also shaped my view of the forum. Uncensored content can be fun, but fun isn't always quality.

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I like to say one or two thing s here. 

I am not asking someone to be banned. But I did ask why he think he belongs here and I did try to do that without quoting him so he could come clean by himself. 

I am very much aware he care little for anything else but to gain clicks on his YT. 

I try not yo get into fights, but sometimes some people manage to go so far from acceptable behavior that I think keeping quiet is just as bad or worse. 

To me once someone go down the line of trolling, they are on a path if no return. 

It is also to send a clear message how big fo you want a influencer to be once they troll people. I saw the first 5 video tjis guy posted then I never viewed anything else he made. 

And @ShanesPlanet I don't say we should all have same opinions. And while we do not always agree I think you will be suprised how often we do share common grounds. And yes you are entertaining 99% the time. Where this other YT have no morale compass what so ever. 

I my book one that have no respect for anything or anyone in a community should be welcome in that community. But I will not lower myself so far down to his level, other than asking him what he does here. 

I do think if he could manage to answer that truthful he would loose more audience. But I doubt he will. He also knows he can't post personal attacks here. 

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Clashes are bound to happen in cases of passion.

There are many riders and as many opinions after all as there are riders.

Sometimes letting some time pass give you perspective. Things can look different if you stepback, get to see the whole picture.

It could take a day, week, months or years. Unique to person and their passion. In case of creations you get so close to it that it will be difficult to see it any other way.

A video for example is considered "good success" when it causes emotions or reactions, this however might make you somewhat blind. Giving some time the same producer might see his creation in different light.

Feedback is important, pitchforks not so much. The viewer did not see whole thing, just edited creation and this is not the whole truth of events that passed.

To see your own actions or production again sometime later makes you less blind to it. Same goes for the viewer, edited production is not same as reality. The video we are talking about caused emotions, kind of pipeline to feel or act, it plays our emotions. None of the raw material of the event gave same picture or events, but lined up as it is, it became something else. The viewers emotions and reactions and emotions rose up.

Just one thing I want to point out:
In the case of event some of the riders was considerably stressed and made bad calls. These actions lined up in editorial manner, altered the flow and made viewer feel events taking place in considerably different manner, than it actually did. This is important cause it alters the perspective entirely.

Some even got angry. But reason to get angry might be frustration to current things. Something hard to change in our daily lives even topics hard as losing a loved one, and in retrospect sometimes not entirely about the video at all.

For most creations such as videos are supposed to be case of passion. And in this case also involving EUCs and competition.

Give it some time, ride EUC, focus on the ride, NYC has more rats than humans.  Nevermind the rats, just keep riding, those rats are far away to bother you in Sweden. Now that I think of the rats it is soo hard to think anything else, sorry I mentioned em at all. Rats rats rats and more rats..


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15 hours ago, supercurio said:

It's probably best not to exclude or react to someone within a community, based on whatever is happening outside of it.

Same, ideally we all emit fair criticism specifically based on what is said and concrete actions, making sure to not generalise to a whole person,

Very very well said! The key to good debate is to comment or disagree on precisely what’s been said or written, not what kind of a person one must be for saying something. Ie. not “you’re stupid for what you wrote”, but “what you wrote is stupid“.

Unfortunately we’re all human, and we have feelings that cumulate with every interaction with any person. That builds a context for all future communication with said person. This does get tricky on a text based discussion forum like ours, since we all read the posts with different predetermined contexts. A talented communicator takes this into account and doesn’t load one’s posts with a lot of predetermined context, but as we are humans, the predetermined context can sometimes get heated. I know I’m guilty of that myself, perhaps even more than average.

I’m sure there is a better translation than “predetermined context”, but I can’t think of any right now.

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