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  1. Ditto... Tho I didnt waste my time with bogus answers. You want information for free, you have to allow me make it accurate. Its simple really. Long term storge needs a stand that doesnt allow weight on the tire and is fire retardant. Weight on the tire allows for powering on while in stand, but it needs be adjustable for each type (height) of euc. I think the simple designs we already are buying and printing, is just the best, easiest, reliable and cost effective possible. Extras like charger slots are nice, but itll also need be based on particular charger size or be adjustable. Best of luck on your design, tho blocks of wood and flower pots seem to even work.
  2. Isnt the v11 a ruberized coated plastic? Be mindful of how it will behave with stickers and adhesives, if it is. Baby bumper the hell out of it perhaps?
  3. Sometimes theres no time to react, but we have all seen plenty of high speed crashes that there was ample time. Quite a few incidents begin as high speed wobbles and the rider even chooses which way to bail. I'm not saying there's any good choices, but its definitely not a given that you'll have no choice. I can't say that I've been in a single high speed motocrycle or skateboard crash that didnt offer me at least a moment to react, before enjoying the flight and hating the impact/slide. Sometimes you get to react and I'd assume that sometimes you dont. SOmetimes you react poorly and sometimes not at all. Soometimes the stars line up and you get to enjoy a crash with near no injury as well.
  4. My Lemfo takes forever to get a gps lock. If i start a log before it gets a lock, the csv makes it to the database, but the tour doesnt get made as its missing coordinates. I use a gps app to ensure i have a lock, THEN use eucw. It really does take 3-5minutes to get a lock with my lemfo in the yard. @Ronin Ryder did you happen to record csv too? I'd imagine not as its now ANOTHER step to recall. If you did record csv, you can go look for that data on the website. Csv gets stored even if there isnt much gps at the start. I have TONS of logs that didnt get gps until a few miles in and it shows my csv but a tour never gets made.
  5. Autodesk 360 is decent cad software. I'm with @mrelwood. I fear your desires are a little bigger than your knowledge. Keep at it for sure, but you may want to go work for a race team or suspension design or drafting team for a while. Nothing is as easy as it seems. Personally, I'd just steal Locksong's design of the s18 and do the unthinkable.... BUILD IT PROPERLY. I do admire your enthusiasm! Don't worry about intellectual property theft from the chinese. I'm pretty sure its standard operating procedure for them anyhow.
  6. Oh yes, it does. First batch from e-wheels has it and its NOT just a little bit. As @Daley1 put it, switchbacks and uphill sweeping turns at speed.... you better be ready. If you do a 180 in the street.... you better be ready. It doesnt make it unrideable, but its not just a little dip that you can use to your advantage for leverage. It is a dip that puts you forward a LOT. Hard mode lessens it, but its still there. In compare to my other wheels, I dont even like to try turning the sherman around in less than 2 lanes. With no firmware updates aside from replacing the main chip, it'll be a pain to do, but worth it if they figure it out.
  7. Selling these for the gotway and sherman and scooters. Lots of colors to choose from, so far I havent had complaints. I also have yellow. Probably going to have some translucent purple and lime green soon.
  8. Research is nothing new for me. I find it all being in chronological order, helps a lot. It doesnt take THAT long to run thru pages and pages, tho my slow internet does get tiring. The search function somewhat works, but I find that google has linked aroun here quite well. I'm not sure that tons of categories that need maintained and followed by all who post, is much a better plan. Im game for whatever is here. I do need to quit rambling as I always do.. Maybe next time...
  9. Yes, excellent work with the fundraiser! Thanks for the vid too, Marty! Difference between a motorcycle is its full of gas/oil. In NYC they grab the wheel so it doesnt get stolen..
  10. Emergency stopping is tough. I havent mastered it by any means, so I just figure it's not an option. Mediocre stopping goes decent, but wobbles sometimes get the best of me during VERY hard braking. It took a few poor decisions to realize just how far it takes me to slow from high speed for a hard turn. Lets just say that its not as fast as having hands full of brake levers. I'd imagine that practicing emergency stopping is a good idea. I'll eventually get around to it... or not. I've yet to come even close to the limits of stopping power of any of my 3 wheels. The rider is the weakest link... @mike_bike_kite I don't speak spanish, but it looks like hes demonstrating how to supervise putting up a market stall. Darn pesky megaphones... I didnt understand a word of it, but somehow couldnt......stop.......watching.....
  11. ewheels, and if not ewhweels, then I guess... e-wheels. If not the first two, you should try ewheels third. One of those 3 is fine and itll be one less thing to worry about
  12. I agree that the mten isnt specifically a 'new rider' wheel, but its also not the worst choice. I'd much rather see a newbiie on an mten than a Sherman or an s18! I found the skills translate pretty well. Aside from the initial few minutes of getting used to how much a dog a normal wheel feels in compare to the mten, its very similar. After a few hours of slow practice on the mten, I find that I can handle my larger wheels with more finesse. Learning to ride backwards on an mten, THEN on a larger wheel, made it much easier. Having a 16 and an mten makes a good pair and a fun day!
  13. The biggest one and its impossible to define. Does the wheel SPEAK to me in a language I can comfortably translate? As in... NOW you're speaking my language! Similar to how I describe why I'm still married after 20 years. Oh yeah, I'll CLAIM its the 'best' but then I can't recall exactly why... oh yeah, it 'speaks to me'. Speed and range may be easy to defiine on paper, but it doesnt mean they're the most important. I sold my 200mph sport bike but kept my 80mph supermoto and yet STILL ride my euc more regular. Speed/range are just a tiny bit of a much larger equation.
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