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  1. You arent going to get the mten to talk to a bluetooth speaker. At least not without going deep into its code. The way other wheels make announcements, is baked into the programming. I would imagine the Mten simply doesnt have it. Probably not a case of... design for it, but don't implement it. 3rd party apps are the easiest solution, if a wheel doesnt offer that option, imho. I use eucw and a BT speaker on my sherm, for music and alerts. The mten beeps at me and I back off FAST. I would like to have internal music, but I bet space considerations would make it REALLY bad quality at best. Hang
  2. I've heard theres room in there for a BT speaker. I'll look when I open mine again. It would be a neat project, and maybe the usb port on the front, could be rerouted to power the BT speaker. I wouldnt do too much mucking about with the module on the wheel itself. As @Tawpie mentions, BT is a seperate data stream anyhow. IF you can find the room and IF its not asking for more power than that usb port can handle, I'd go for it! Luckily the usb port on the mten doesnt stay on unless the wheel is on. Yup, cheapo dollar store rechargeable speaker with cable perm attached?
  3. THere's nothing wrong with the 2kw motor. My first wheel (18L) and current daily rider (18XL) are both of the 2kw. Only reason I traded my 18L for an 18XL, is I like to accellerate like a retard and was hitting safety margin beeps a lot. Somehow I still do the same on my XL. Just goes to show that some of us demand more as soon as more becomes available. The 18 series was my first wheel and its still my favorite. Just be sure to check the batteries fully charge.
  4. I trust this seller, tho he seems to have sort of contagious wheel disease... Good luck on the sale Eric!
  5. 16x is a great wheel to learn on and then simply keep until you wear it out. No money wasted buying a BS learner wheel that you wont use after a month. Good plan on starting with somethnig in the middle. Once you master it and get the sickness, you can then shop for BIG or small wheels and youll already know wtf is what. In the euc game, biggest and/or most exensive, doesnt mean best at all. Oh the horror, seeing a newbie snag a $3k wheel and then have to worry about dropping it (they will). Theres so much fun to be had with a simple 20ish mph wheel that you can afford to enjoy and not pamper.
  6. Riding around, crashing my Skydio. Life is good!
  7. I managed to arc weld a metal pic to a charge port. It was REALLY FU**ING COOL too! Melted that sh*t real fast. The cool part was I went temporarily blind. I thought the power had gone out, but then realized I couldnt see the sunlight coming thru the windows either. It kinda muted my hearing for a moment too. It was REALLY loud then really quiet. Yup, fun times. My sight eventually faded back in after about 60 seconds. It was a very peacefull 60 seconds too. It must not have been that much voltage(67v) or amperage, as the cigarette in my ear didnt light itself, and I'm sitting here typing abou
  8. Almost all manufacturer inflate the speeds. What you are finding sounds about right. I would heavily caution you about riding the mten near its top speed. It is a torquey little wheel, but it has been known to be easily overleaned near its (overinflated) top speed. I'd suggest using the mten as a bit slower wheel. It sounds to me like you are more than ready to step up to a larger model. Stepping up to a larger wheel is THE ONLY way you are going to be able to safely go 20+mph for long at all. Fwiw,. I have the first version mten. It tops out at a slower speed. I honestly don't ride it near be
  9. Noted and thanks. I'll keep an eye on temps, but i do ride it like a sissy anyhow. I do believe it would be a much shorter list to type, if you would simply warn os uf what is NOT low quality parts. Im pretty sure 'euc spec' is its own phrase aint it? As in great quality, tolerable quality, low quality, euc spec quality... in that order
  10. it would be nice if you could select what information or make it 'scroll' from one to the next. Tho I agree, theres more important things to worry about. It aint like I wouldnt toss a samsung on it with eucw and hide the screen in the end, anyhow. Im looking forwards to how these turn out after about 6 months... I guess it would be WAY too much to ask for, if one wanted to be able control settings from the wheel/screen as Veteran does.
  11. It does look easy to see. I wonder how it does in direct sunlight? DOes it ONLY show speed? Oddly enough, I never look at my speed on my sherman. More important for me has always been battery level. Does the ks20 screen have options to show the important information like temp/battery, or just the ego information like speed? I wonder if the speed is inflated, making it about as usefull as an ice cube in alaska, and just as honest as a politician..
  12. Some related threads. Personally, I dont use a leash, nor do I intend to. Many opinions on the subject for sure.
  13. I HAVE to be confusing the numbers. I'm seeing sag down to mid 80's after a mile or two from 100%. Not hard riding, but not easy. This sounds about right. I'm pretty sure I've seen much worse, but its typically after a mile or two of high speed uphill sweepers. The voltage bounces back quickly as well. Its the 'safety margin' of 20% that I keep banging the crap out of under just normal riding. That and over voltage when doing e-stops from 30+ mph. Man I luv those I am not sure if I've ever heard the actual wheel itself beep. Maybe once, but I'm not sure. Eucw is my alarms and compared to the
  14. I guess the next best option would be to rent a scooter and ride like a total idiot..
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