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  1. To minimize losses and since Veteran doesnt fear much for liability (im guessing), I doubt we'll see any definitive way to know beforehand. Even measuring circumferences would be damn tough, especially with any real accuracy. Just for peace of mind, I'll see about getting on the list. I've enough problems and getting run over because of yet another 'maybe', isnt my cup of tea. An ounce of prevention is worth a hospital or morgue pound of cure. Ocd for sure, prolly just paranoid and itll cost me as usual. Marking my tire right now for sure, it does seem my valve has shifted a hair, but maybe it
  2. sounds like I need mark my tire and rim and watch that tube. I run low pressure (20psi) and upping it to solve a design or build defect, is not my intentions. I too am an e-wheels customer, but i dont want to cry wolf until I know. Too bad that finding out could be a costly accident. hmm, what to do, what to do? For piece of mind, I'd gladly send a c-note and rely on my ablity to correctly replace and fix any errant problems in build or torque while im at it. Keep me posted how goes. It sure sounds like a tube/tire moving or the valve wouldnt have changed at all. What version did you get? Hard
  3. Excellent point. As riding habit change, so does gear. If you are an offraod beast and are constantly tossing off the wheel, I could see how boots or protection is more likely needed. If you are a slow rider and mosey about..... flip flops maybe? In the beginning, comfort and praying is most important, as injury is a diceroll and nothing more. Liklihoood of a major injury in the beginning is small. So for beginners, I'd focus more on patience and comfort. add some bullshit foam here and there, but it should be a few weeks before you rid with the need for serious gear. Beside, how do you know w
  4. If it hurts your knees or your teeth chatter when you roll over small bumps in the pavement... it may be too high. Pressures are wholly subjective on rider and feel. I prefer a low pressure tire as it suits my weight and how I want the rebound to feel at speed on pavement. I also dont jump up and down curbs much. A person with more weight or that jumps curbs, would destroy a wheel at the pressures I use. DO NOT pay any attention to what the pressure on the side of the tire says. Seriously, if you pay it any attention, you are screwing up. Dont let those stupid numbers influence reality. The r
  5. I've found that wobbles are typically a rider induced issue at slower speeds. Not always, but usually that or road conditions. A slightly out of balance or round wheel would probably feel more like a bumpy ride. I had to reseat a tire on another 18L I had, as you could feel the cyclic vibration from it being offset a bit. As for wobbles, i typically get those from just being an idiot and a newbie. You should be able to discern an improper tire LONG before wobbles present themselves. I think you may just be planting a bad seed in your own mind, or at least worrying too soon. Of course the proof
  6. @fbhb Oh, you mean like this? Thanks for the heads up, I'm enjoying it so far. Mine's somewhat an early prototype and its damn close. I do think ROllNZ is making a few tweaks to make it even better. I plan on doing a vid soon and will showcase the covers in it. I can tell already it makes the mten a much more comfy experience. I was giving RollNZ some time before mention, but i guess Tan beat me to it. Fwiw, Chrissy over at RollNZ is burning the midnight oil as she's designing many new types for many of the new wheels out this year. I do know this... my purple 18 and purple mten are freaking
  7. so.... is this merely you being OCD over tolerances that are well within what we expect from chinese euc's, or do you FEEL any kind of ride issue? Verifying wobble and if its an issue, is more something felt. Perhaps you need ride it and get at least a little dirt on it, before you hyper focus on any of it? I've never owned a wheel that looks perfectly straight, yet ALL of my wheels currently ride just fine and smooth. If you knew what they actually paid for the these motors/rims, you'd absolutely be thrilled with the results you are getting. Don't forget, its a larger diameter wheel than you
  8. Definitely a preference thing. Personally, I have grown up using skate shoes from back when I liked to feel the board under my feet. Not so hot for impact, but I've nver needed arch support either. I move around on my pedals and really prefer feeling the front and read edges a little bit, along with unimpeded ankle mobility. I can and have ridden in boots, but it was more dangerous as I just wasnt accustomed to it. I would suggest perhaps just using the kind of shoe you are used to being active in. Perhaps pad the ankles, but youll quickly get to the point that the danger is much less prevele
  9. simple... it was determination and effort. SImple math and wound up with you catching the euc disease for sure!
  10. Congrats! It sounds like someone is both figuring it out and a little bird crazy!
  11. Actually, that seems to be pretty damn straight. Me thinks expectations need be lowered, as this IS euc's we're talking and not cars/bikes. How does it feel when you ride it? I havent bothered free spin mine (any of them), as I dont ride it like that anyhow.
  12. Yup, and THIS is why quality companies (like Moog Music), run their in house built gear for days and days to 'burn in' and test. They have a room full of expensive gear that sits powered up and running 24/7. Some of the gear is quite less expensive than an euc however. Most electronic faults happen very early or very late. Proper QC of a vehicle capable of highway speeds, should include various burn in cycles and road tests. I worked a stealership for just long enough to make a fortune being the quality control worker for cars/trucks fresh off the hauler. Before I did the drive inspections/tes
  13. OUch! Hopefully we'll get more info once they look in the daylight. Going flat so fast, could this have been a valve tearing, as was mentioned a common issue with MTB tubes in another thread? He didnt seem to complain of any bobble prior to, so perhaps this one wasnt induced by tire bulging/unseating before destroying the tube? Looking forward to more info, as my machine is destined for high speed use in areas that a minor malfunction could be disasterous. We already have enough little glitches to fear, hopefully this instance turns out to be explainable and avoidable. Hopefully road rash was
  14. You won't be sorry and you won't have to wonder everyday.... should I have just spent the extra? Perfect analogy about the telescopes. You dont have to go most expensive out there, but you damn sure gotta get away from the basement junk. Good choice on wheels and I think youll be very happy with it as a learner and far beyond. A first wheel is like buying your first car but buying a solid version. Just because you learn on it and end up buying a sports car or suv, doesnt mean your first car is useless. You may find that once you knock the new of your very first wheel, you bond with it and you
  15. During nice weather.... daily. During the winter... weekly. Does going to the mailbox on the mten count? Its almost 150' across gravel to the HUGE box, I like it!
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