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  1. Haha, too funny. This is an old post I didnt see until now. I wonder how this worked out, as I bought the 60mm version of same with similar intent. Id imagine the tough part is going to be in HOW I mount it. Not much use if its not on there level. Perhaps just placing a sticker in the spot would allow me to use on multiple wheels with same 'pre sticker' calibration. Anyone else do this at all with any success?
  2. Great news! The tender legs are part of our initiation! Don't fret, it will go away and be a distant memory. I too was astounded when I went from softer grass to a road. Once you get over the newness of the wheel and it takes a hit or two, youll love it even more. A cover is a great idea! Enjoy the weekend and check out the data logging apps if you are so inclined. Fwiw, you are probably already doomed with the sickness.... more euc's and tales to follow!
  3. Going 'fast' and being a 'danger' are not exactly relative to each other. I do agree with you somewhat, you make a valid point. I ask for more speed as well, but I don't feel I fall into the blanket category of fast=danger=irresponsible to the public. Keeping up with basic traffic speed in a town, REQUIRES 30mph minimum. Asking to go faster doesnt equate to a person being reckless, quite the opposite. I don't know about NYC traffic, it may very well be a place where NOONE goes 45mph on the street, not even cars. Until law start to oppress us even more in the USA (yes, we think differently than those across the pond), we will be left to monitor ourselves. It only takes a few incidents to sour the bunch, and that is inevitable. I treat my euc as I would a bicycle. I can comfortably ride a bicycle at traffic speeds in town and use the roads in a safe manner along with cars. Anything slower would be more like a skateboard and I would be in danger on those streets and would instead begin to endanger pedestrians. Catch 22 no matter what. Luckily Im rural, so I only focus on maintaining a fast speed as safety allows. Total thread derail, I think we've begun down a rabbit hole that is already in a thread somewhere.
  4. Just tossing MY guess... It seems lane splitting and ignoring traffic law is common in overly congested cities. I see the euc's filtering to the front of traffic at lights. I'd imagine a higher 'safe' top speed, enables them to take off first and not have traffic catch up. Also, it sucks to be slower than someone else on a group ride, same with smaller battery. I only bothered to do 2 group rides on motorcycles (in 25+yr), and the slowest rider prolly felt like an ass, as we all had to stop and wait quite frequently. Then of course theres the fact that going faster is REALLY fun. I'd imagine some cities have paths for bikes and I can only guess how quickly one could get around at 45mph on an euc. Just as you want a car that can go faster than you intend (for passing and emergency), an euc that tops out at 30mph when you like to maintain 28mph, isnt much headroom for accelerating to avoid a catastrophic situation. At a mere 30mph, I was in danger of being flattened on a simple town road that has speed limits set at 35mph(35mph=45mph, nowadays it seems).
  5. You need to try and determine if its the tire or the rim. Sadly, the quality control on BOTH, leaves much to be desired. Have you tried the simple and cheap things to see if it helps, before involving a dealer and the painful process of shipping things back and forth?
  6. County law in the usa is great. Those city folk dont have a clue and we shouldnt entice them to move out to rural areas and ruin it. Its been the norm to allow 12 year olds to drive farm equipment. Its still on the books out here that you can drive tractors and 4-wheelers and anything else unregistered on rural dirt roads. Laws that apply to city folk, CANNOT apply to country folk, as people need to eat and the laws cripple farmers. Still, keep it quiet, once the city moves to the country, we ALL lose.
  7. Marketing lies, misleading information, overstating specs.... isnt the lack of morality in manufacturing and sales/marketing tactics so much fun? Click-bait, bait and switch, limited liability excuses, fuck me its enough to make a man go postal. Hell, even kids with videos that generate nearly no revenue, are resorting to these tactics. At this point, I would pay DEARLY to patron a company that isnt shady. Claiming ignorance is even worse, as these are the people we have to rely on. Gone are the days when you can safely assume a manufacturer is doing quality control checks and investing in ANY sort of testing or deep thought, before releasing a product. Us consumers are now paying dearly to test and evaluate this shit, when it SHOULD be already done, BEFORE releasing to markets. Unfortunately the choices are so damn slim. Distributors that wade thru this nonsense and have to take losses because of the shitty nature of their represented manufacturers (ewheels for example), are REALLY sticking their necks out there to try and mitigate such nonsense.
  8. 2x4, 2x6 some screws and 10 minutes. Its nice having the tire supported as I neednt fear turning it on while on the stands. Using a router to make grooves to loosely hold the folded pedals, MAY be considered a specialty tool tho.
  9. Just to play devil's advocate. Noone has mentioned that the overall volume of the internal chambers, MAY be more in the v11 vs the s18. I don't know how that can be interpreted, but having larger internal chambers MAY prove a benefit? Then there's the need to try and get BOTH shocks of the v11 at the same exact pressures and keep them both in the same exact condition for optimal use. There's also points of friction to consider. The long slides on the v11 seems a point of interest, just as the teflon bushings and setup of the sks18 setup do. Dust and dirt will mitigate performance, but we have NO IDEA the reality of how so and if its even a concern. Both wheels have benefits and drawbacks. It would be a folley to blatantly state that one is better than the other. Aside from the obvious specs, I'd imagine these wheels will suit people better for different reasons. I'd like to think we can hope they are BOTH badass and fill a niche that once was void of ANY choices... Still, black is and has always been the faster color, so sayeth the cbr1100 fans!
  10. Yes, 34mph is slow. 27mph is even slower. Which speed is 'fast vs slow' is opinion and relative. No need for the offhanded attack on @Ben Kim, as we ALL rely on visual interpretations to make buying decisions. Inno being more robust is also just an opinion, but you are entitled to it, I wont deny that. My choice has been made on purely speculation, specs and looks. Until I get to ride any of them, that is ALL the information I have to use. Sadly it seems that euc manufacturers are clouding specs now, with their own fancy new methods of measurement, so the consumer really is left in the dark. If this keeps up, it may just be a better idea to ignore the inflated and misleading specs and flip a damn coin. At least MAYBE the pictures are real, who knows, as photoshop can make anything look younger and better. Yeah @Rehab1 I've got you in mind on that one.
  11. gps remote wont give you the stats for temperatures, battery life, max and average speeds, length of tour, and many others. At well under $100 for a dedicated droid device, it was really a no brainer for me to use it over the sketchy and minimal data found in my camera. Euc's report these things, tis a shame to not use that and to rely on what the camera thinks is happening. OF course, having a droid device for more accurate and complete stats, IS having to muck with another device. I can see how just using the camera by itself has its benefits. But hell, you have to buy another damn piece to the insta(remote), just to get its meager data? My droid device even vibrates when Im at custom alarm settings, AND plays my music thru the wheel, AND it lets me calculate road grades, AND it has maps, AND.... you get the point. I dont use a camera remote, my camera can hear me tell it to record and turn off. Horses for courses I guess. Lets not forget, a droid device captures and does ALL of this, even when you dont film things. Battery life on my camera = 1hr. Battery on my droid= 20 hrs. I use multiple selfie sticks, so the 'remote' attached to the stick would be a pain in the ass.
  12. Stating outer diameter is fine. What REALLY matters is rim size, if you're trying to make a tire even mountable. Changing how dimensions are presented only aids in confusing people. Just as we dont even know for sure what size of tire this one is. Its widely known that a stated tire size is typically the rim size. Yes, outer diameter matters and they should state that too(typically its just the profile, which is a percentage of the rim diameter, as it relates to overall tire diameter). The KS16x IS a 16" tire. the KS18 is an 18" tire, the mten is a....10" tire, regardless of if its flat or largely inflated.. SIdewall profile is also a standard of measurement. Maybe none of this really matters to most, but to those of us that have dealt with tires for decades, its just ridiculous. So, does a tire's stated size change when it's flat? What about it's stated size when its overinflated? So a fat guy on the same machine as a skinny guy, at same pressures, has a smaller tire? The rim does NOT change size due to weight factors, so thats why its the spec we use. Why does something so simple as size of a tire, have to become so complex all a sudden? This kind of thing has ALREADY been figured out and a standard has been created, JUST to prevent this kind of confusion. A nearly flat 16" tire will be far less nimble than an overinflated 20" tire. Assuming we can deduce the handling characteristic by merely knowing sidewall profile is a stretch at the least. Size of rim equates to rotating mass. I would suspect that RIM size is just as much or more a 'static' factor in behavior, than an ever changing profile. Tires have been a ROUND (hehe) for billions of dollars in the industry. Me, ive not been around long, but the accepted measuring was established LONG before my dad dropped his pants. Why can't I get the simple answer of what size the damn thing is? I thought it was a 20" tire like the monster, and it led me to assume it would roll as such. Since the rim is so much more mass than the tire, the 2" difference in the rim is WAY more affecting than the ever changing sidewall dimensions. At least in the underpowered world of the euc, I'll focus on the rim size to help aid me in assumption of handling characteristics. I can change tires to have different sidewall profiles and pressures, a rim... not so much.
  13. Time to get out and play! To be fair, when i had the misfortune of living in a city, I didnt get out much either. Sounds like the euc is going to help save you from an otherwise sheltered life. Buy two of those things, get a camera and get on out from between those four walls!
  14. so it IS an 18" tire, not a 20" tire? I'm not talking about what they say it is, according to their own rules. Tire size has always been referring to the RIM size that it mounts to. Obviously if you are quoting the outer tire diameter, you are NOT talking about 'tire size' as its known in the industry. Outer dimensions of tires change over time due to psi and tread wear. Damn, why do things that have already been widely established, get f**ked up so often? Its not being clever by changing accepted practices of measurement, its being stupid, or misleading, or uninformed.
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