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  1. The mileage counter resets upon arrival from the 5th dimension
  2. I dont know if i should be offended or entertained? Perhaps both! Besides, his hair is too long, looks like a damn hippie! Im looking forward to seeing which wheel will be my next. I'll probably wait until next season, so perhaps the 'new' ones out now, will be excellent by then. Inmotion or KS, whos gna have the winning and proven wheel for 2022?
  3. Sound to me like the problem is easily recognized. Poor tire casing quality combined with a lot of weight for such a small wheel. In the end, the poor old tube is just getting rubbed and ground down to porous in hardly no time. I would suspect that this is somewhat a common issue, as why would gotway go with tubes and then back again? Im sorry to hear you are having such trouble. I bet you are a freakign whizz at opening an mten now! I have a different type fo tire otw along with another tubeless mten. Somehow it seems I just managed to dodge the bad luck of getting a tubed variety. Keep
  4. Vroom, vroom! "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need roads."
  5. It really just sounds like maybe the mten tire is just taking too much deflection from supporting the weight. IN the end its eating the tube just as a matter of course. THicker tube may help and I hope it does. I do worry a bit that if the problem is the tire is unable to handle the pressure/weight, ANY tube will get rubbed to oblivion in short order. Are you a heavy person? I hope you get it worked out, its got to be aggravating on so many levels. Perhaps trying to go tubeless if the only solution. Sounds like this isnt uncommon, hence the reason gotway went back to tubeless.
  6. Could it be that you used it in a utility fashion for long enough that it has now become an object viewed as such? Its no secret for me that when I enjoy something and then begin to push myself to get better or begin to rely on it, it looses its value. Have you taken up any other hobbies to replace the time you spent on an euc? If not, perhaps you are just simply feeling some depression. One mustnt look too hard to find a plethora of reasons for that this past cpla years. Maybe its just time you get an mten and a bicycle? Ride the bike to work and go back to using the euc for fun.
  7. Burning lots of calories is UNhealthy for us mere toothpicks tho. I agree, it really doesnt burn much calories to glide down the steet. I'd rather ride 20 miles than walk 2.
  8. Probably me. I tend to come off WAY more a d**k than I intend to. Sometimes upon reread it becomes painfully obvious. Open mouth.... insert foot.I can tell you which box... Its the one under all the heavy stuff and its gna be the last one you look thru. @Gasmantle So, any verdict? DId yuo get a tube in it that can hold air, or have you tried to convert it? Perhaps you've ben using it for a rifle target in the yard instead?
  9. Im assuming a few of them were recieved as gifts, tho it just happened to coincide with you paying off an old debt at near the same time. Coincidence of course...
  10. Thanks for the vid! Definitely a man-cave. Using the coffee table to cut stuff, not enough wall pictures and 3 guitars. Almost an invalid video as you used a measuring device. For it to fit the s18 perfectly, it needs be built to larger tolerances
  11. Its healthy for both my mind and body. Before I started riding euc, it was very common I would stay inactive for days at a time. Now I get out almost everyday on an euc, if even for a few minutes. My lower back is stronger, my legs are stronger and my core balance is better. Off-roading builds the knees pretty darn good too. Of course an euc isnt giving me much cardio and it can very easily be a source of injury. Still yet, I think that the euc has helped build me up a bit and keeps me a little happier too. Mind and body connections are strong and happiness can benefit us in many ways. E
  12. I enjoy playing music thru my 18L. So far my droid watch and my sandisk clip sport plus, work just fine with the wheel. The lemfo has very short BT range, but the sandisk has a very long range. For simplicity, the clip sport seems the winnner. I also purchased a garmin watch, but sadly it doesnt have volume control when playing thru the wheel. TO recap what works with the 18L bluetooth Lemfo Lemt Sandisk clip sport plus What doesnt work: Garmin vivosmart 4 pairs, plays but no volume control.
  13. @darkiDOnt forget about the darling little mten for us ultralight weights! Glad you enjoy the 16x. Hopefully soon Ill get to give one a try.
  14. you can use a simple bicycle pump. The problem is the valve is very short and hard to get to. They make an adapter that screws on and adds an inch or two so you can fill. One came with the wheel, but Im sure they can be obtained at a auto parts store or ordered. Something like this, but you need only one. With a low profile air chuck you can get to it without an extension. No need to remove ANY parts but the valve cap. https://www.amazon.com/Slime-2045-Metal-Valve-Extenders/dp/B003V9TC10/ref=sr_1_12?dchild=1&keywords=Tire+Air+Valve+Extender&qid=1618606688&sr=8-12
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