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  1. No rule that says you can't ride ONLY on private land. I think you're trying to negate his point and I'm not buyin' it. I've owned many vehicles that were illegal to operate on public roads and land. Still didnt have a right to geo lock them or prevent me from enjoying them LEGALLY on private lands and trails. ALL my cars go faster than ANY speed limit in the USA. Doesnt mean I have to break the law, but the car manufacturers also arent in charge of making sure I cant.
  2. When you drive old cars like I do with over 350,000 miles on them and no cell phone, the ole euc in the seat could be a good strategy. I feel much better about it when I have my 10 mile or 30 mile euc with me. Of course, I don't inhabit populated areas, so the risk of theft is low. Screw it, you need no excuses, you NEED an mten. You have all those wheels with low miles on every last one. You get an mten and youll have an excuse for its low miles... its an ant racing, doughnut carving, listen to the world around you wheel. SHAME on you for not having one!
  3. I echo your sentiment. Tho IF my wheel had been bricked on vacation, I would have already avoided their company like the plague. Half the joy of my wheel is that it connects to bluetooth for music and eucw. It would be a shame if i had to disable the bluetooth physically, as I have to worry about a bricked wheel. I havent had the KS app installed in months. I dont care how many revisions they make, I dont trust it, now more than ever. Kingsong better do some damage control, or they will start to lose USA sales in droves. I know they are still selling them, but the niche group of euc riders can be smaller and more vocal than you would suspect. It won't take very many of our youtube friends with MASSIVE audiences, to initiate a boycott that would impact sales. You better get on it JAck, as this shit storm has been brewing for a while and is only getting worse. I keep seeing posts about it on here and on facebook. With the reach of social media, this dirty practice won't go unnoticed for very long. Personally, I'm am more than ready to give another euc company a try. My brand loyalty and fondness for KS, grows weaker by the month. Quit selling wheels to these fucking resellers that are violating YOUR contracts, and quit taking it out on your customers. And for you cheap bastards buying from ALI to save money. This is also YOUR fault and I have ZERO sympathy if you get a brick. I dont care if you think an euc costs too much. If you cant pony up to buy it from an authorized reseller, maybe you shouldnt fukn buy one, or look for used. It aggravates me to no end, to see people focusing on the $$ while ignoring the greater impact. Probably the same people who wave at their neighbor while making sure to not patron his store because he has a markup that you can beat online. Pay the price, show some damn pride and none of this bullshit would be as bad as it is!
  4. You must be reading my mind. I was JUST thinking to myself... I really do like being able to update firmware, but hmmm. My mten just works and i need not worry. I'm starting to rethink my initial disappointment about it, and embrace the stable simplicity of it. With a sherman on the way, I hope to fully embrace the standalone nature of it, while enjoying eucw cuz I want, not because I need to.
  5. Geo Locking is a poor idea in my opinion. Its almost enough of a sore spot for me, that I would choose to abandon the brand altogether. If I ever found my wheel bricked, I would be VERY angry. Even if it was a used wheel, I would expect it to work and I shouldnt have to track down its history. Its not a titled vehicle, nor do I want it to be. Even if my wheel got bricked and it was an easy task to have remedied, I'd sell it and not invest another dime in that company, so long as other options were out there. Just a personal opinion is all.
  6. Now have him do it at a respectable speed You guys and kids. I truly thank you for having them so I don't have to. Damn I love my life!
  7. The power and suspension had its issues for me. They are related however, but I get your point. I am not one to accept crap as the norm. My expectations will always remain high and I will almost always be disappointed. Lowering MY standards to accommodate bullshit build quality, is not going to happen. "Good enough" will never be "good enough". I feel defeated anytime I compromise on that. Yup, I would be much happier if I were to just lower my standards. I also would be a person of lower standards. I can say there are a few companies and products that impress me, so its not an impossible goal. When it happens, I am very quick to praise them and feel VERY happy where my money went. On the flip side, I wont tolerate having products around that are too far beneath my standard. I would rather take a bathe in losses, than have it sitting around for me to feel like (and reminded) I got taken advantage of or wasted good coin on something I hate. Take the losses, move on to the next one..
  8. Yup. This and the fact that its TOO responsive, is why I think a bigger wheel is better to learn on . I love my mten, but it hurts me more often than my 18L and I ride it less. I dont know how big a wheel a little kid can muster, but I'd put them on the biggest I could. At least the 7yo is learning to not be a pussy. Kudos for not raising another wuss, we've enough of those already. Have him step back in time and gear up in tee-shirt and shorts... you know, like when WE were kids..Tell him that some of the hardest things to learn are also the most gratifying.
  9. This is one of the many reasons that KS is quickly becoming a part of my 'no buy' list. I love my wheel, but its total crap like this that makes me not want to ever open the KS app, update anything, or have much faith in this company. I'm buying mine locally for a premium anymore, as this kind of thing makes me realize that we are at their mercy. Makes me proud to know my cars (all of them) are standalone and have none of the new tech on them. The future is coming, it wont be long before EVERY vehicle is linked to a mainframe.
  10. I never went so far as to say the s18 was total shit. I also know that a wheel is the sum of its parts. I don't really care if it has the BEST of something, the 'experience' is the total package. It could have best of everything but a shit battery and the verdict would remain. I'm selling it and looking for something else. Quite the contrast of your statement, I never said ALL suspension wheels suck. I actually have been saying that the suspension and feel in general is a great idea. I quite liked the suspension feeling. BUT, a wheel is more than just a suspension. I have no idea what the v11 is like. I mentioned that I was considering it now. I think you are twisting this up Marty. I would like to try the v11, its the 1st batch jitters that are holding me back. I'm still nervous of the sherman preorder. If it arrives with screws missing and firmware snafu's and doesnt do much more for me than my 18L, I'll be disappointed in it as well.
  11. Nice video! One of the biggest things that lures me to the 'sport', noone knows wtf it is. Since noone knows, I'm far less likely to face opposition and more likely to face bewilderment. Bewilderment is a safer reaction. One thing for sure, you can use it as a convo starter for all those pretty ladies out there. .You just gotta wear a bright red rubber nose perhaps? Not so sure you can claim that "anyone can ride it" tho
  12. Thanks Marty. Not so depressing, I flipped my mood with a simple few feet of rolling on the 18L . Aside from the little bs, the clencher about the s18 was the lack of on demand power. Im sure the wheel has lots to give, but it doesnt do me any good if I can't tap into it. I really do think suspension feels great, but theres a few flaws need addressed before Im totally on board. I will revisit the v11, but my desire to be in the pre-order isnt so strong. Hopefully the Sherman does better for me. Since Im waiting until next season to dabble in another wheel, Im looking into a scooter for the wife. Torn between the Pacer and lightining. One is 50lbs the other near 80lbs. The gear head in me says to drop the coin and go big or go home. The reasonable person in me, says to make due with the lesser. We should already know what hold more sway, as Im not the most reasonable person around. Anyhow, thanks for watching, hopefully I didnt sound too much a whiney bitch as usual.
  13. I'm still letting my preorder for a veteran stick for now, but I am a little shy about 1st batches right now. Suspensions ARE a game changer. If it can get to the point that we needn't compromise in compare to original formats, yet gain suspension, its a no brainer. I was tempted for a fleeting moment, to put a preorder in for the v11. I will keep in on my radar, but i think its too late in the summer and getting a suspension wheel for winter, would kind of take some of the joy from it. I still think that KS has the better general suspension geometry idea, but I also think that it boils down to implementation and quality. I know that these companies better not slack off this fall and winter. They better NOT get complacent with these original designs. If they keep reinvesting in this format and get something GOOD and RELIABLE ready for next spring, they will sell like hot cakes. I dont think its unreasonable to see them priced 20%+ MORE than the equivalent non-suspension form. I would hate to see a great product go to ruin, as the penny pinchers start to whittle away at material and production costs. Educate these builders, hold them to high standards, pay them accordingly, and pass that cost on to the customer. These are NOT toys and I think someone needs step up to the plate and produce quality products that completely change the way some of us think about 'chinese quality'. I know they can build it right, we just need it to be a good financial decision on their part, to do so. Once people warm to the comfort of a suspension wheel, I just don't see them bitching that it may cost more to have it. And for the love of god, get some firmware that is sensitive enough that we can tap into the power you are investing in these things. I shouldnt have to lean like a fool, to get me some pull. Maybe i need just eat more steak?
  14. Mine came up after being stopped I think. I didnt pay enough attention to be completely sure, so I am not a good source for information. Having said that, I'll bow out of this entire thread, as Im not an s18 owner, nor do I aspire to be. My suggestion would be to try and test everything yourself. Good luck knowing wtf you're going to get with a firmware update until AFTER its been released and you already learned the hard way.
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