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  1. Mine doesnt even listen long enough to get a look of disgust. Any mention of a wheel or any other toy, and I get a blank stare. Ive told her many many times, that a marraige should include an attempt at pretending to give a shit. 20 yrs+ so far, fighting a lost battle on that one...
  2. I won't give up hope just yet. I'm just looking for a small and cheapish solution to a speedometer and fuel guage. Hell, maybe velcro a damn burn phone to the euc, and just mod it to limit the hardware I DONT want it to access. Maybe theres a workaround for the fossil, but maybe not. Thanks again!
  3. Damn, I was hoping this want the case. I was hoping for just an easy solution for speeds and battery, nothing more. It definitely isnt worth tapping into the monster of google and having to d**k with a cell phone. I do have a google email since youtube and others dont allow any other way, but I havent ever used it and surely dont want to tie it into a device with microphones, gps and other data tracking. I guess I'll just return it and go back to thinking about how the lure of all this stuff is almost enough to give in to the monster it shall inevitably become.
  4. Okay, so maybe NOT an euc question, but I'll excuse myself. The ONLY reason I am even trying 'watches', is so I can monitor the wheel and tryout the euc world app. My first roadblock is that the smart watch I have (fossil sport), immediately upon power up, is asking me to connect to a damn phone. I dont have a damn phone, dont want a damn phone, resent the very freaking idea! So, is this just something they all do? Is wifi not a typical part of these and you cant just grab a net connection and then disable it when done? I thought an OS integrated watch, didnt require much outside equipment. Do they just ship with no os, and a phone is the only way to put one on it? Can I use someone elses phone and then just 'unbind' the damn thing, it still working? Im sure my ingorance is showing fairly well. SOrry to brring up such a non-euc topic. I'll conitune to scour google, but Im confident someone here knows this off the top of their head...
  5. Haha, I keep looking for it. I'm new, so I just assumed it was purposely missing. Hell, maybe its best, so we can all just assume noone thinks our opinion is uber retarded.
  6. Guess im gna have to start locking the truck on the rare occassions I go to the store. It did occur to me that the wheel in back was worth more than the truck. No way im leaving it home, sure beats walking if the truck quits (hasnt yet), and its nice to be out of the hood rolling around from time to time. Maybe a crook wouldnt know wtf it is and is lazy enough that 50lbs of dunno , aint worth carrying. Doubt it.. I hope to find out this summer if theres any other wheelers around these parts.. Id imagine most people may find it too costly and seems too difficult. For now, Im trying to be very mindful of cars and people, last thing i want is to be singled out as the cause of any anger or law changes.
  7. Was REALLY easy. Only needed to remove one pin bolt each side, didnt even take off my cover. I put a thin washer under each side of the hold tab too, as I wanted stiff to open/close pedals. Aluminum beer can was pretty thick. I cut a strip that was narrow enough to fit in the hole uncurved. Cut it a hair longer than the mount is wide, and bend a bit over the edge. The little lip of alum will fit between pedal and bracket on the side you drive the pin into first and keep it from following the pin past the braket, into the pedal itself. Plenty of room between, front to back for it. I still didnt put a washer in the gap front to back and didnt seem to matter. It took a couple tries and a hammer, but the pins drove in and BAM, mucho bettah. Id bet a soda can is thinner, hence Smoother's advice on wrapping it first. The alum I used wouldnt wrap so I used the domed pin and brute force.. I wouldnt worry much, as even if its a fail, you wont hurt anything. Just dont be stupid with the hammer is all.
  8. Same thing here. I fear the biggest threat, will be the nearest city. If everything went badly, the desperate people living in areas that could never sustain them, would begin to invade and of course try to take anything they find. Along with a fertile environment, low population, underground water, gravity fed springs, on site sanitation, river access and a feeling of community, we also have defenses and hunters. Nope, not even any rediculous land developments or bylaw crap, just dont piss off the church (theres 1 every 5 blocks of course). We still have people here that remember how to live without most of newer tech. Currently I have my cake and eat it too. I have access to a city (if I need) within an hour, but extremely limited access into my rural community. I pay reasonable taxes and get to use those resources, but have the added bonus of a chance of neigborhood sustainability. Our power is a coop, but honestly our neighborhood knows how to get along without it, or can generate their own. There's livestock, trees, animals and we're very near hundreds of miles of uninhabited federal forests. I am not alone in this, there are LOTS of neighborhoods just like this. ON paper, they are VERY poor, a lot of inherited lands and large families. In life, I consider them very rich. I also consider myself VERY blessed to be out here in the appalachians, as I am not from such fertile areas(from a shit city of 1/2million until i was 21). Theres not many jobs, the health care isnt great, the education isnt excellent(entire county fits in ONE high school), but at its core, the most valuable things are found here and especially just North with my TN brethren(things you cant get in the city, no matter how "rich" you think you are). I look back on my life and can see decisions I made (some in ignorance, some not), that has led me to the path I am at. Opportunities to make more money and chase the "american dream", were available to me. If nothing else, I am thankful that I had CHOICES that led me to the life i am living. Yes, our home has always been considered poverty level or near(at least the irs calls us that). Yes, we drive old cars and fix them. We make a lot of concessions to get by, but i always try to remind myself that it is this way, because a myriad of choices,luck and work, got me here. I convince myself that even the rich have problems, and hopefully they also had those choices when the time came. Hell, I even own a damn EUC and NO KIDS!!! Only owe on my house, I own hand tools, i know some stuff, I got a wife with big tits (20+yrs) and for now, have my health. I can even piss off the porch, shoot guns at 3am, or work on my car in the road. Man o man, tis great to be me! Now as far as taxes, sustainability of governments, health care systems and anything else that isnt simple as hell to understand.. Im useless! To address the topic.. HELL YES you tax the rich, but it damn sure aint fair to overtax them. Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor doesnt sound fair to me. In america, we try to tax everyone. Military aint cheap and neither is funding crooks. Everyone gets to pay to play here... or at least i think they should if they can. Those that play the game for the $$ and get rich, shouldnt be penalized for it. *For the record, I am blissfully ignorant of other countries, even more so than my own*
  9. Just an update.. I couldnt help myself and drove the 45mins to a lit up parking lot, to ride some. Oddly its 50 degrees in January here in the mountains. The tighter pedals are marvelous! I dont know if its all in my head, but I felt a little more at ease and was really getting around without as much wobble during speed turns and straights. Took a curb a few times, satifying LACK of annoying rattle on landing. Yup, a couple strips from an aluminum can found in the ditch, and much better. Seems the more I ride, the further I go and the more I enjoy it. WOnderfull pattern that is already getting me out more and getting these legs going.
  10. Smoother was right. I specd the parts and it seems the rods are .0106" smaller than the pedal holes. ALL my rods seemed damn near identical, so I bet the hangers are to blame. I found an aluminum beer bottle in the street, wrestled some strips and now tight as can be. Who knows how long itll work, but once goes loose again, Ill just shop for some hangers. Thanks to smoother and to Null.
  11. Well, that map pretty much ensures me that most of the world either hates the usa, or resents the usa. Im gna remember this chart, next time i start bitchin' about money. I'm assuming thats annualy. And to think, i claim 'poor' at being <$20k.
  12. Mine does this too, with the newer batch of big pedals and a newish 18L. Its really starting to bug me. I am going to see if i can tighten the poor tolerances up. Does anybody know if this excess pedal play on all axis', contribute to instability? Usually they dont rattle, as Im applying pressure to both in a manner that takes up the slack. Sometimes when riding REALLY flat with little need for user input, or when ridding hard up on my toes, i can feel and hear the pedals move. I know an older thread, but still relevant, as it seems these parts are still being offered.
  13. winterwheel: I think you are attempting to tackle something that can have HUGE impacts on the future of the euc community. Im sure the sales and marketing departments are (or should be) crunching ALL the data they can get. Just from the business standpoint, these figures are really important. Anything that could change the transportation industry in any fashion, is a BIG deal as well. Best of luck on your findings, as I (and many others) would find it VERY interesting and/or useful to have. I dont envy the horribly difficult feat it will be to get ANY sort of reasonable estimates on any of this.
  14. Hell, 100k sounds possible. I would word any statements i made about that, carefully. I'd cite what the wheel people say. Of course they dont really know either, but at least youll have a scapegoat. At the very least, you can count me as #2 in USA for sure, in print, right here, along with mrelwood who also claims to ride... Kinda late to spring that one on us for an answer tomorrow. Of course, even the guys who are in the 'know', seem to be unsure. Man i love doing things that have no REAL registration and tracking! The amount of riders in my hood, just went up by 1000%, from none to one! Talk about an increase!
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