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  1. Dont judge ALL the KS lineup by the s18. I've had 4 ks18's and all have been simply marvelous. The s18 somewhat beat a little of the ks fanboi outta me, but I havent lost ALL hope for the future. Their proven lineup has been stellar for the most part. I'd say to enjoy the v11 and give another version of ks a try. Add some flavor to the stable? If you have a good suspension wheel, you are ahead of the game already. Maybe something smaller like the 16x, for when slower and techincal is the agenda for the day.
  2. If a Lambo is OVER compensating, one can only guess what an euc rider is packing. I ride an mten.. nuff said.
  3. I have an airsock, so does the airport. I simply couldnt see them from so far away. My wife is so funny, she left the sock hanging off the truck as she drove the taxi lane to come get me. I rather learn to feel the direction when I can. I blame the chopper for the landing. I still need to learn the glide path obviously. I was going to fly low the runway and land closer to the hangers, but that damn chopper was coming for my ass. I think my tank holds enough for 4 hrs, but i turn green within about 30 minutes anyhow. In the mountains, I was told that if I need reverse launch, DONT FLY! You suck
  4. I'm not licensed to operate an airband radio. Paramotoring requires NO licensing. I have a radio that can LISTEN on airband but not send. I also have an airband radio, but legally i am not allowed to TX on it. My airport closes at 5:30pm, so there's no tower to report to after that time. I'd imagine a radio won't help as much as one would hope, especially since the helicopter pilot is 'used to paramotors', but doesnt care to keep from flying above them during landings. I also see small planes flying opposite the traffic pattern. So its pretty much a free for all. Luckily the paramotor is such
  5. I would say it helps a little bit. Your knees are much better as they have more travel and are adjustable on the fly. I've also found that a little rear lean (not level) in the settings can help push the feet into the pedals during small bumps, rather than sliding right off the front. Sadly, aside from hooking your feet into the pedals with some kind of jump block, I think what you experienced is just a risk we take.
  6. Hooray! I got the balls to go to my 'local' airport and try to fly uninstructed. Success all around. Still getting a little 'airsick', but not near as overwhelmingly scary as the first half dozen or so times. Not my best landing, but who doesnt enjoy a little sitting in the grass now and then?
  7. Hope springs eternal and helps keep the sales moving along. We won't pay any mind to the fact that so many 'new' wheels are failing in areas that aren't exactly 'new' in what s being asked of the part in question.
  8. Yup. I went droid and a tiny 'lemfo' with eucw for my dedicated 18XL device. I tossed a samsung s9 (no sim card) on the sherman with eucw. Eucw also handles updates for Kingsong wheels, including reverts. VERY handy and Seba is the man!
  9. OR, you could just simply lift the sherman in place once or twice. Of course thats not giving you the excuse you want for being allowed to go outside of the prison.
  10. Not a fan of the KS app. MOST wheels will allow you to set what you want and it will retain that preference upon startup. Some wheels don't SEND the preferences each time, so if you connect an app it won't recall the wheel settings and will change the wheel to what you have on the app. Kind of a pain, if I set stuff up on eucw on my sherm/Mten and it differs from what I had last on Darknessbot. To put it simply, you can set the wheel how you want and never have to use an app again. Well, cept for brand new Kingsogns that you want to up the speed once you reach enough miles. I say, avoid t
  11. You assume too much. Havent we learned yet... New doesnt neccessarily mean upgrade, it simply means new problems. GIve it a year bro, no need to keep up with the Jones', as your cool points were lost as soon as you stood atop a unicycle. lol
  12. How silly. Simply breathing can be construed as execise. Hell, just getting out of bed in the morn is sometime more a workout than I care to. OF COURSE riding an euc is exercise. Off-road is quite a bit actually. I think if they don't define 'exercise' very clearly, you neednt say much as who can argue with the fact that just standing in place is also using muscle and burning calories. "Lockdown" to me sounds like more a political attempt to keep both sides of the issue happy, as if you told inmates they were locked down (cept for exercise), you'd find them exercising 24hrs a day 365 a year.
  13. Makes me wish I had access to a v11 for a few days. I'd love to come up with something to offer the v11 crowd. Sadly, w/o an actual model to test on, it aint gna happen. Hulaj market is definitely difficult to deal with at times. What are you guys paying for these clark pads with shipping total?
  14. Its good to see that Veteran is making more choices. I can honestly say that the new Abrams doesnt hold any interest for me tho. I wish they would finish tweaking the sherm and get parts ready, before investing in more wheels. However, in business if you arent advancing you are losing. I suspect the awful side panel design will be changed back to something useful soon. Did they think to use a screen that was visible during daylight hours?
  15. I agree. If a person has ANY conviction and are dead set on learning how to ride, don't waste money on a 'learner' wheel. I hear the 16x is a great wheel, but its also not a good one for maintaining high 20's in speed. As much as I prefer KS quality over GW, I'd about say to go bigger than smaller anyhow.
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