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  1. Amen brother! All's I'm happy about is it was 20c sunshine when we rode & it was an all white 0c the following morning (ie. today). You did good postponing the visit to Sis. It was a fun afternoon. Crazy to think we only rode <30kms for a 2-3hrs we spent on the hill, We'll do the ride again once my toes are no longer sore🤪.
  2. Now imagine that same dh run but on a diveted V mtb trail a foot or some wide single track with the opportunity to clip your pedals almost every inch of the way down. On 1 wheel instead of 2. Me & @DWOTR went for a ride on our local offroad playground (Nose Hill) & we went down & up. It was interesting & for sure, I was serious sweating hogs (either from the workout or fear or likely all of the above) by the time I got down. The up (another trail) wasn't as tough but still.... MTB runs are def a workout. Bike paths, not so much.
  3. IMO @ShanesPlanet is 110% correct. Carpe Diem is the phrase of the day. One can get back most anything but once today's gone, its gone baby gone! Sides, the Sherm's well proven with most of the bugs all worked out so its a pretty safe bet. If you can afford it, then just do it. Go for the RS or better yet, EX.N if you wanna bet on the hollow bore bearings being completely solved. Personally I'd go for the EX.N but then, my neck of the woods hardly rains (we get lots of white fluffy stuff instead but I digress). I hear Florida's not the desert Cali is so go Sherm to be abso safe.
  4. Personally & IMHO, hoverboards are just about the worst PEV ever. It goes stupid slow, have no range & does nothing 'cept go round nowhere. Plus its a deathtrap IMO. I'm not sure if its available (new ofcos) for your budget. If it were my money & my kids, I'd aim slightly higher & get an electric skateboard or esk8. It goes fast enough to be fun ~10mph & most have 10+mile range. Its also usable as a regular skateboard if you get the hub motors (which most are at the lower price range) so its even practical as a mode of transport. BNIB I think you can find one for
  5. Likely the closest wheel to your v8's lightweight feel is the new Tesla v3. The 16x2.125 tire is very nimble & takes very little effort to maneuver. The 1500wh battery should provide at least 50miles of real world range & its 2000w motor should haul your 85kg up to speed pronto. Its also lighter than most of the bigger wheels & best of all, costs the least per mile. The 18x3 on wheels like MSX will almost always feel heavier & less nimble regardless of its actual weight.
  6. I'm guessing the dirt are caked in there. In them case, use paint brushes of vary bristle stiffness. Normally the big brushes are soft(er) while the small narrow brushes have stiffer bristles. If it were me, I go the big softies 1st & then 2nd it with the stiffer brush. Don't worry too much about the mobo. While I wouldn't throw it on the floor, its also not as dainty as a cupcake nor as easily offended as snowflakes. Side EUC mobos are tiny incomparo so it won't take long. After the brushes, use compressed air or blower. Finish up with a long brush attached vac. Make sure you d
  7. You can use compress air & a home vac to finish up. I got myself a datavac donkey years ago & it still works as new to this day. Its made to clean computers & other such. Sucks on one side & blows on the other. Or you can cheap out a bit & get the cordless air dusters that's widely available. Easy pheasy
  8. I'm loving the new display. It seems bright enough to be read at high noon. The interior packaging is noticeably improved as they learning to hide the fugly wire mess although I still don't like the mobo's locale at the bottom instead of top. That said, with the ascent of the EX.N's increased wh & range, I'll likely choose the EX.N over this refreshed RS but it does seem GW/BG is finally starting to wake up & listen. I'm not fully satisfied as yet but still, this can't be anything but good news.
  9. This thread reminds me of advising passengers to pack parachutes when flying cos some planes do crash which fwiw, is true. If I'm not mistaken, the only account of death by EUC misadventure isn't via combusting batteries but by riding into a bus or rather the other way round in the Ukraine. And yet, people seem to think spontaneous combustion is a daily occurrence likely to happen anytime soon. Not making light of it at all but IMO, charging EUCs isn't much different than charging phones or cameras or whatever that has li-on on it for that matter. Correct me if I'm wrong but don't BMS hav
  10. Bruises & broken finger still can't dampen your enthusiasm! That's the spirit!!! 👍Back to topic, if I'm not wrong I think your 14d might have a fuse & it blew for whatever reason. Since its apart, look for a fuse. Again if I'm not wrong, it uses an auto type fuse which are easily available but make sure you use the same amp rating. If its not the fuse, I'm sure others more knowledgeable will chime to give you hand so you can get back on it.
  11. Besides more range, is there any other features that you need to have? With re to range, what is considered satisfactory? But yes, most any wheel with more range will likely be heavier & requires more muscling. That said, one gets accustomed fairly easily & what was heavy may not be after some riding time. With experience, one develops better riding technique to overcome the increase size & weight. Also there's differences btwn wheels of similar weight due to geometry. Eg. besides weight, a larger & wider tire will almost always "feel" heavier & require more effort tha
  12. I get you brother & I really can't argue with the build & QA. That said, its build does seem much better than the MSX & there's been lots of recorded cases of MSXs hitting 10k miles so there's that. IMO from tear downs, besides the current (or maybe now past) hollow bore bearings issues, there's really nothing that can't be easily fixed with $10-20 worth of marine grease & a tube of silicon. Simple is as simple does & simple does have its own benefits. I can't agree with the higher maintenance though. Regardless of which make, its not a bad idea to open it up every few
  13. @TheSlyGiraffEV I wonder why the EX.N is not a good fit? The current perspective is that its a super (2x!) RS with MSP type handling. Wrongway just had his review on YT & he got a 0-60kph of 6.1 secs! Ya its not supercar spds but damn if its not fast sportscar territory. He also says handling is topnotch sportscar like & makes the Sherman a cruiser by comparo. Some peeps have been gettin 75-80ish kph topend which jives with the 10x kph no load spin. Going with a 23w/km, I'm thinking somewhere in the 120kms (75miles) realworld range, give or take depending on ave spd, wind conditi
  14. If it makes sense, IMO its also about voltage. Incredible as it seems my Tesla 2 1480wh wheel gets more range (or at least the same) than a RS 1800wh at the same speeds, same ride & same locales under same weather conditions. Infact the RS is "new" with a 100kms at most at the beginning of our ride. Granted the rider on the RS is heavier (30+ lbs) & anecdotal but still, the RS has 300wh more juice. & this same formulaic result also seems to occur when comparing the RS to my S18. The range diff seems far less than what the wh implies.
  15. I ride at 40psi on my S18 & ya I do get the wobblies on a consistent basis. That said, it could be part of my riding style (or at least I treat it as part & parcel of riding) & its easily handled with a shift in body positioning. I have to admit it used to scare the bejesus outta me in the beginning but time on wheel have given me the confidence to ride it out so much so I consider it normal. Frankly I think panic & what accompanies it is the main cause of crashes. IMO ofcos as its always gonna be a YMMV. For those riding on low psi's, don't forget to be careful hitting cu
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