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  1. This is my 1st winter on wheels. Wondering if its recommended to lower tire pressure in cold weather? I think MTB riders lower their tires psi in snow conditions but what about non snow roads in the cold ie. -5c to 0c?
  2. That's great! Now IF you can guarantee that, then it don't matter if you ride nude. Personally given the choice, I'd rather not wear gear myself but I'm mindful of a great boxer, Mike Tyson & his (in)famous quote ... "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Heck if I never get hit, I can even beat Mike at his prime😅. I'm not being facetious in wishing you all the best & hope you never experience the pain of a cutout &or accident/s. As usual, ball's in your court.
  3. I absolutely wear wrist guards as much as I can. In the summer, I have a armored Joe Rocket mesh bike jacket for the really hot days & a BMW AirFlow mesh for the less hot days. While it can be a bit tight, both jackets have no issues going over wrist guards. In the Winter, I either have the wrist guards over bike gloves or just bike winter gloves (which in & of itself is quite well cushioned & protected but minus the hard plastic wrist guards). IMHO while its possible to be self aware as use certain parts of the body to absorb impacts, however unless one is well practised on crashes, I don't see that happening. Most of us react automatically (or not) & things go where it goes with knees, elbows, lower arms & hands usually being the initial impact points. Best to be over geared than not IMO.
  4. There's MORE value than that! IME my lil Mten3 does what it does so sooo much better than the big boyz. It makes learning & doing tricks much (much much) easier as well. Imagine doing pendulums &or spins &or instant 360s while waiting for the light without dismounting. You're instant the "star" of the show! Now whether thats a good thang or not is another matter🤠. Same goes when you're on the sidewalks mixing with ppl & or in a busy park. If you don't want stares & open mouth gapes, don't ride the Mten😉. Ofcos it has its share of limitations but once that's understood & followed, its likely the most fun wheel ever even in inclement weather. It's also the bestest mostest awesomest last mile PEV ever. The more I ride it, the more I lovvv it. It's a very distinct departure from other wheels that makes it a 'musthave' for enthusiasts (& who that stalks this forum isn't😅). FWIW I can see upgrades on my other wheels but I'll keep my Mten3 foreva👍
  5. IMO its likely either the Mten3 or the V5. If it were my dosh, I'd go Mten3 cos its the more likely than not, a 'keeper' even after they've learnt. But YMMV ofcos. FWIW any wheel can get away if the positioning isn't correct. But I do agree that the Mten3 due to its much short height & hence less calf leverage, requires a more specific mount/dismount technique. That said, once one "gets" that, then mount/dismount is even easier than most other wheels cos of its low (low low) pedal height.
  6. @xiiijojjo I agree it does seem a tad convoluted, at least on the surface. That said we biaatch when GW doesn't listen to their customers & yet, this time when they do, we still.......😂! To quote an oldie (but goodie) Ricky Nelson's song, Garden Party...."You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself" Yet I still agree that oft times, Chinese companies (& also others I assume) bring a lot of grief upon themselves & their customers by their lack of communications or at the very least, the lack of clarity in communications. It woulda been so much better if they released an official company statement on their website or social media instead of leaving it to their dealers/resellers to individually add to the confusion of will they won't they. Or worse, if they will...they will what? In some things, the Chinese mfgrs do so well & yet in others, its almost like watching the Flintstones 🙄. O well all's we can do is hope I guess
  7. You got me there. Anything below -5c with snow & ice, I'm staying indoors or in the car! Otherwise, I take the Mten3 out every chance I get. For whatever reason, this lil' wheel does amazing in inclement weather & heavier winds don't seem to faze it much either. Love the Mten3 the more I ride it. But yaa I agree, walking sucks no matter the weather😅
  8. Mostly I'm absolutely envious of ppl living in mediterranean climes but once in a blue, I'm kinda glad I'm in a Northern Temperature zone where excepting the odd days, riding season is basically over. This is one of those times. It would certainly be nerve racking if I must have a wheel & need to decide now. Luckily for me, I can wait for the 2nd/3rd batch of RS's before doing anything. That said, I'd much rather be outside in the sun & heat but it is what it is. Best of luck to the peeps taking the dive now.
  9. Whatever the changes in pedal height, hope they stick with the 1st batch dihedral angle or otherwise, I'll have to look for different fast wheel. Don't need the Sherman's range but that might be the best option if GW mucks around too much with this RShs 🥺
  10. There you go...weight of my Tesla 1480 direct from the horses mouth, so to speak. Can't help with the 1500 version though Edited on: Just recalled (kinda) when I was doing my research on the Tesla this past spring that the weight diff btwn the 1020 & 1480 is ~1.5kg so lets make it 4lbs even which would make the 1020 42.5lbs or so. Hope it helps
  11. I don't know where ppl get the firm theory that one cannot make tight turns/maneuvers with lower pedals. I currently have a Tesla V2 as my road wheel & sure, its not as nimble nor as tight handling as my Mten3 but I do serious tight turns on it. For those not in the know, IIRC the Tesla has the lowest pedal height of 16" & up wheels. That said, I do agree that the Tesla is hardly the best for offroad. The S18 beats it by a mile but even then, the pedals are no where close to being optimal esp in tight technical MTB trails. For a road based wheel (which the RShs by definition is), I believe comfort & stability far outweighs its negatives. Like @ugoaps wrote, there is no one wheel that can do everything for everyone.
  12. I don't mind a higher pedal just not the aggressive dihedral angle. Perhaps for most its ok but for some of us, its very uncomfortable at the very least & aggravates knee issues at worse. GW never marketed the either the MSX or MSP (ht or hs) & now, the RS as "offroad" wheels so @ugoaps is abso correct. There can't be one-wheel-to-rule-them-all so perhaps the best solution would be adjustable pedal height/s so we all make them suit our preferences. @ugoaps maybe you should try the Ali stores. I'm sure some of them should still have 1st batch inventory.
  13. Hmmm I think you also missed the part that I never said nor recommended that the Sherman or the Mpro or any of the faster wheels for that matter as a starting point in the EUC game. Nor did I say its the easiest to learn on. I was just responding to queries IF those particular wheels can use to learn on &or as a 1st wheel. IMHO that would be a yes, based on my experiences ofcos. I fully admit I've never ridden a Sherman (not cos I don't want to but there just isn't any opportunity at least in my neck of the woods). However after owning 3 wheels of differing types (as much as wheels can be different), I don't think its such a biggie to learn on a larger & heavier wheel. You weigh in on the weight as an obstacle & you'd be right....IF we're talking about moving iron. Luckily we're not & we're only 1 legging it at the balance point for mount/dismount. Once the wheel's moving, weight is no longer significant IMO. I've seen a number of vids of the very young (~ or even < 10yrs) riding 16x's which isn't exactly light for a child. If weight is huge factor, they wouldn't be able to ride it. Sure I fully admit I haven't gone much over 30mph but I can certainly interpolate from riding experience that I can easily go 40mph with some riding time. So what's the difference learning on a wheel that can do 30mph or 40mph. We all start at much lower speeds to begin with regardless of how fast the the top end is. Based on what I know now from the 3 wheels I have, the differences are mainly in the wheels individual & particular quirks or characteristics rather than any insurmountable obstacle. We're all different. We can only provide our own individual experiences as a guide rather than as DOGMA. As usual, YMMV
  14. Agreed. It's awfully windy where I am & worse, we're esp susceptible to high(er) speed wind gusts (which IMO is even worse). There's oft times where I going along & suddenly, it's like I'm being pushed hard to one side. They're definitely sphincter moments that makes riding not very fun. That said, I've recently discovered that the little Mten3 is best for riding in those particular condition where I'd definitely retire the big(ger) wheels. I don't know if its because of the slower speeds, or lower CG but it seems to handle windy condtions very well.
  15. While I can't say if the Mten3 is amongst the better starter wheels, I can say that IMHO, the little Mten3 is the most unique EUC experience I've ridden. While I do wish for more range &ofcos more topspeed, its a wish as opposed to a requirement. IMO the Mten3 is without a doubt the best last mile commuter ever invented as of now. There's nothing better for mixing with people & crowds, on sideways, at park events, window shopping & anything that calls for replacing the need for legs...literally. Despite its fugly looks, discomfort of its small pedals & its famed squirrellyness, it does have a certain je ne sais quoi charm that makes riding fun, makes going slow just as fun & its ease of learning & doing tricks is startling vs a larger wheel. As a starter wheel, it has its share of pros & cons. For similar (or slightly more) money, IMO the MCM5 V2 is a more capable wheel & will suit a much greater variety of riding & also IMO a better wheel to learn on. As for the Sherman &or MPro as a starter wheel, knowing what I know now, I don't think it's a bad idea, IMO ofcos. Sure neither will be as easy to learn/ride as say a V5/10 but I also don't think its more difficult than learning on the Mten3 either. Every wheel has its quirks or 'character' & with enough practise, we learn to adapt to that. I would be much more concerned that it's more likely than not, one will be dumping their 'learner' wheel quite a bit in the beginning so think of any & every which way to protect it from damage.
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