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  1. Hey you're canuck macgyver aren't ya? I'm sure your swiss army tool can make anything work😁. Seriously though, if tire's for V11 is compatible with RS (& Msuper series), then I'm sure you'll enjoy the Duro. I wanted to very badly but sadly, it wasn't meant to be.
  2. Sure, I suppose I can easily respond with labels of my own as well but then, that would be childish. If you want a discussion, how bout focusing on the arguments. Imperfect as I am, I'm very open to being wrong so go for it. I just refuse to be a hypocrite as all.
  3. Ahh yes, the outrage is strong. Post a few pics & we care. Cool. I get it. No I've not been an advocate for public safety nor awareness. Which is why I fully admit I don't know & I don't judge. Live & let live is my motto, for good or bad. You got rights & so does everyone else. C'est La Vie. Yadi yadi yada. Sad pics to be sure but as I've been reminded, this a EUC forum. So what does it have to do with EUCs? Far's as safety or lack there off, I've put in a few egs which have been shown to be non pertinent & hence, irrelevant here. That's fair & I get it.
  4. I bought the Duro307 from the same source for my S18 & discovered in real time, they don't fit. At least not in diameter. Sold them to a bud & it fits his RS perfect. Don't have a V11 so I can't say for a fact but if tires that fits on RS works on V11, then the Duro will work. The Duro is a true motorcycle grade dual sport tire thats very commonly used on the adventure Ural bikes. Its likely a very good dual use tire that's going to have long life as well. IMO you won't go wrong
  5. In one little paragraph, you've hit the crux of the "OOO I'm so scared my wheel will be banned cos of some nutty wheeling in who the el cares where". Errr actually I do cos it fun watching them NYC boyz vids. Its exciting & on the edge. Instead of the usual lets go for a cruise in the park, talk about my boring life & enjoy the wind noise. But I digress. Where I am, privately owned escooters are prohibited ie. illegal in all public areas except private property. Meanwhile, Lime & Bird rentals scoots are everywhere doing everything sans rider training nor helmets. If one cares
  6. Just saw this post & ya, I do find my S18 imparts more pressure on the left knee/leg than I'd like. Esp since I've a bum left knee after meniscus removal arthroscopic surgery years ago. That said, I found that adjusting my riding technique helped to either solve or at least, alleviate this condition to a major degree. So much so that its not an issue for me at all. But as usual in these kinda things, its always a YMMV
  7. I wish we could do similar. My city is still in lockdown mode. Parties off except family members max of 5. Getting on the wheels is one of the few things we can get away without masks. No lockdowns on internet, yet. Sad I know but as we Canucks like to say....C'est La Vie
  8. Have you watch some of the older vids on EUCs ie. a year or 2 ago? Alot of the riders (influencers at that) ride with no protection, not even sk8 helmets. In the streets of NY & sometimes at topspeed. But amazingly, I haven't heard much if any of EUC related pedestrian injuries. So there's that
  9. Or an argument can be make that he's a sharp businessman. No different than some that have jumped ahead of the curve in owning the correct domain name. If one is serious, I assume its possible to negotiate an equitable outcome. Afterall, I assume he's also in this for the money. No licensing no money so again, I assume he's going to be a very interested party to this. It would depend on what parts & if said parts have patents. However one might circumvent those by producing or oem those parts from a certain country with no patent issues. I would assume most of the other components
  10. Unfortunately ya, you nailed it. Lets not talked about evx in particular (cos he's now so bad & hateful...just kiddin Mikey) but watch any or most of the other NY YT influencer's vids. All's I can say is I don't ride like that. Mainly cos my local law enforcement won't let me get away with it & cos I'm scared of the fast(er) multi ton steel wrecking balls around me. But they do. And a lil voice tells me that what's on vids are already scrubbed clean. It is what it is. Others can judge & even puke but that's a personal choice. Just like it can be for others to tell the Fin
  11. I get that. All's I'm trying to say is that if we want others to respect & somewhat accept our povs, we too must respect others & yes, somewhat accept their povs even if we vehemently disagree & yes, even if its legally & morally wrong. We all live in our own bubble & have our povs. End of the day, we get to choose our preferred lifestyles so long as we understand we have to face the consequences of our actions. Emphasis is 'our choice & our consequences of our actions'. Others from who knows where (or perhaps who cares where) can express their opinions cos you kno
  12. I'm no where saying you are preaching but just that it can easily be interpreted as such. There's no argument from me on the stupidity, recklessness & danger of street racing on any type of vehicle. I'll grant its likely me but I feel this is local law enforcement issue. Vid's on YT so if the local Law does not deem it important to invest time & effort in investigating this 'terrible outrage', I feel its not up to me nor anyone else to judge. Perhaps those affected & outraged locally might wanna snitch to the Man. For those who fear that an event occurring in another country w
  13. Ahh yes, making it is legal but what was it promoting? When I was a kid I remember there was the Marlboro Man. It was from commercials made to promote Marlboro ciggies. Making the commercial then was legal. Selling & consuming said product is still very legal. But why was all cigarette commercials banned in '70. Every was & is still legal. I wonder🤔
  14. Wooah I missed that movie. Maybe '73 was not an enlightening year for me but it has 6.8 on IMDB. I think I'll fire up Kodi & search for it 👍 On another note, why is it that all of the biggest best highest grossing movies mainly involve death, endangering the public & blowing/crashing machinery. Interesting bit of trivia no🤔
  15. All good bruh. I find it sorta amusing that we forget one of highest grossing media franchises in the world is Fast & Furious. Is there anything in those movies involving wheels that is legal, not on the edge & death defying? Can I say its promoting exactly what we're abhorrently protesting here but yet, there's a FF9 (& I assume 10 & 11 &...). So what does that say about us as a species. Regardless there'll always be outliers living on the edge endangering themselves, the public & machinery. So why are the righteous not out in force cancelling said media & its
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