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  1. Wow that's crazy. I can't see how that bearing crack came about since the axle isn't attached to the bearing so there's no high stress vectors even on a heavy jump or other. Are my assumptions wrong here? If they aren't, then either the bearings are crap or this new hollow bore thangy needs a complete redesign.
  2. Being that the axle attachment geometry seems weaker & with all of the hollow bore bearing issues plus the additional weight/width, I'm finding it hard to imagine the V3 being any sort of upgrade over the older versions. 'Cept the battery ofcos. Personally I'd go for the 84v MSX that still available on at least one of the ali stores. Tried, true & with more capabilities.
  3. Ahh I get you now. In that case, its going to be a tad more troublesome. Do a YT vid on mobo testing/diagnosis & you'll find lots of diy help. Luckily the Mten3's mobo is alot less complex than a pc so it's going be much easier & less work. It could as simple as the mobo pin connector itself. Bad news is soldering mobo is trickier than soldering wires to a switch but it's doable even for a newb. Otherwise, take the mobo to a electronics repair (or handy dandy friend) & let them do the dirty work. If you're a bit braver, you can search your local kijiji/craigslist (whichever's
  4. Sweet! Now you've localized it to the power switch circuit. Its easy to test if its the wire itself. Do a test of the wire from the mobo side to just before the switch. Do that for both leads. You can do the same on the switch itself but ensure its close (ie. on). I have a feeling it could be as simple as a bad solder connection from lead wires to switch caused by the impact. If the leads are fine, do a fresh resolder of leads to switch before thinking of replacing.
  5. Well IMO you did a lot. 1.You discovered that the wiring circuit from mobo to power switch is open so there's a break in the circuit somewhere. 2.Its more likely than not that its the power or kill switch/s than the wires. 3.Did you do a power on power off continuity test? If not do that so you can identify if its the switch itself. 4.Do the above for both power & killspin switches. The whole point of this exercise is to localize the exact point of contention which will then make it an easy fix. Wires are cheap & easy to replace. Same for switches.
  6. All these current events are extremely disturbing to say the least but I'm kinda glad, optimistic & hopeful. I'm glad no one & no animals were hurt in all these fires. I'm optimistic that this will be THE watershed moment for GW/BG to not only investigate & fix these dire issues but to also put on their big boy pants & do more than just the bare minimum. I'm hopeful GW/BG & the rest of the industry will see it similar as we user's do to up the ante & produce the kinda of products we want & deserve, both in QA & safety. Maybe I'm dreaming here
  7. Wooah hold ya horses there cowboy! Unless you're into spending a coupla hundo for something that hasn't been shown to be shot, at least to my eyes. 1st before anything, do a continuity test with your newly acquired multimeter on the circuit from mobo to power switch. One click on power switch should show close circuit & another should show open. Do similar on spin kill switch as well. That will proof if they're working correctly or not.
  8. Paulo I've been giving your dilemma some thought. If 40-50kms range fits into your needs (at least for the foreseeable future), perhaps its not a bad idea to consider the MCM5 V2. If max speed isn't your thing, then its not improbable to milk 50+kms from it. The MCM5 is powerful (~50kph topspd), climbs most if not all urban inclines, should easily haul your butt around with its 1500w motor, has a good trolley & is one of the lighter wheels out there. The V2's 2.5" wide tire makes for good handling, good comfort (many says it feels more like a 16" than 14" tire), has the clearance to
  9. IMO its not about fairness or even what's better as what's better or fair or right depends on your perspective. Everyone goes to their own corner & sees things through their own lens. So understandably through biased lens with biased interests, there can hardly be agreement on all sides. Fact is that in the 20th century, autos came first & is an established mode of universal transportation. Perhaps more important, the government & its ruling class uses combustion based transports so that mode will always have priority over the new electrics. Even if electrics becomes vogue, it
  10. Ahh so desu ka ne, Victoria seems fits that neck of the woods & though I've visited, I've never lived. It's very pretty indeed & likely the best place to be in Jan.
  11. Hah it would be great if I can answer that an iota of certainly. Sadly I can't. It's one of those going for the well proven known quantity or going with a superior spec wise great unknown.
  12. Yes one would think so wouldn't we. At least it stands to reason a new iteration should be an improvement. However sometimes reality bites & the new hollow bore motor which in theory should be an upgrade but in reality, has been found to be somewhat controversial with some peculiar unexpected & unintended consequences. At least enough incidents to have some large discussions here. End of the day, hollow bore motors/bearings may turn out to be the bee's knees or it may turn out to be an "improvement" that no one asked for & more importantly, no one needed as witnessed by the mu
  13. Makes sense to me...I guess😄. Being an ex motorcyclist with some track racing experience, visualization plays a huge part. But that's only when I have some knowledge of the track, the conditions & the bike itself. It's almost like playing Xbox on the same track using a similar machine. However if I didn't have any knowledge at all, I think I'd be lost with so much info without the requisite background & basics. FWIW I too watched quite a bit of YT vids on learning EUCs before getting on it. Much of what I thought & visualized was & should, didn't pan out. The only part I
  14. Excellent topic meeps! For us with a program, we take warmups, cooldowns & stretches as part & parcel but you bring a very important point. Stretches in & of itself is a very large part of physical health as witnessed with Yoga. Strains & sprains are as much caused by stiff inflexible muscles/tendons/ligaments as much as over exertion. As a bonus, a good stretching program is a much easier hill to climb (pun intended) than pumping iron. It could be the perfect gateway to more strenuous physical endeavors.
  15. Good points although I'm not sure how much help visualization of a technical physical skill helps the uninitiated. Regardless it doesn't hurt. But you brought up an excellent suggestion perhaps unintended. @Paulo Mesquita since EUCs are at a shortage where you are, perhaps you might want to look at an electric skateboard as a supplement (for now) & IMO its complements EUCs very well. Esk8s are easy to find (new & used) & the gear involved are similar plus the physical attributes needed aren't too far distant from EUCs. IMO ofcos FWIW I did indeed also get into esk8s on to
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