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  1. In that case, you're gonna love the Tesla V2. At 100% battery, it'll sustain 28mph & still do 24mph til 15-20% battery. Relatively easy to ride (atleast easier than the MSX IMO) & most certainly much easier to wheel around with trolley. Makes for a good last mile commuter as its reasonably compact to stick under than table/desk (although the Mten3 is king of hill for that). Do be aware though that shipping delays will be a biaatch due to this wuflu crap so be prepared.
  2. The Tesla has a limited surface for pads compared to other wheels like MSX, Nikola, various Kingsongs, etc etc. Personally except for diy Kuji pads for jumps, I didn't find power pads necessary on my Tesla. That said, if it were me & I'm adamant on such, I'd get some 1" (or thicker) hard compressed foam or better yet, neoprene sheets & cut to measure for my personal needs. Add some double sided tape & you should be golden.
  3. Just a quickie Q Micky, did u like the Mten3 or...??? I know its not a speed demon but then that wasn't its mission goal. It's the most fun I can have going 10mph doing the nasties eg. backwards, instant 360s (& every angle inbtwn), one leg & whatever else I can think off. Also there's likely nothing better for cruising the sidewalks mixing with pedestrians window shopping. edit: Forgot to add that on top of whatever else, the Mten3 is the ultimate last mile PEV, bar none! Indeed I don't walk (much) anymore. It just so easy & fun to whip out the Mten3 go even if its 100 yards to the mailbox..
  4. @I_Must_Bust You should buy that 100v MSX if the price & condition of the unit is right & ofcos if you can still cancel the Tesla order. However do understand that a 100v MSX is one of the fastest wheels on the market & while it isn't the best wheel for a newb to learn, it certainly will more than likely keep you happy for a long time IMO. Heck I'd be interested if I wasn't so far away in the Great White North but that said, if @wakk0 doesn't sell it locally & if we can work out a deal with shipping to Canada, I'd likely be in.
  5. I absolutely admit my ignorance in EUCs where's coming from ebikes & escoots, there is no such a thing as cutouts! If voltage goes low, the speed correspondingly slows & if battery's kaput, it don't go. There's none of this crazy beeping, tilt back or cutout stuff. I'm assuming Inmotion's increase of an extra 5mph is a rx to one up Kingsong & perhaps demo feedback. Regardless since it occurred at the very last preproduction stage, I'm assuming it was FW rather than hardware. Thus I'm also assuming that KS should also be able to do similar. I'm a newb in this but it would seem that KS speed limitations is arbitrary (for whatever reason) rather than motor max rotational speed. I can't imagine there wouldn't be a built in safety margin as that's just basic engineering practise. Again, I don't know & I am hoping KS might enlighten us.
  6. I know I know but but...but I'm a newb in this wheel game. I only got on board this spring as an antidote to this wuflu madness. I have to ask. I just havta! Mama told me if I don't ask, the answer's always NO. She also said that the only ppl afraid of questions are the liars! Ya I know, my Mama's wise as heck or maybe crazy as a pet coon🥰. Seriously though, as mentioned in 1 of my prior posts, I got this S18 specifically as a monowheel MTB for the all mountain & bike park technical stuff. So even 30mph top end isn't of any priority nor a necessity. Perhaps its just human fallacy but nothing says I can't want more & more choices are always better no? Guess I can only blame Mama for instilling 'em dumb & unreasonable golden rules to live by.
  7. It's amazing that ever since the invention of the wheel, man has not only been asking but clamoring for more & more speed. That's fact & non debatable. Whether its mechanically &or electronically possible is different topic. No one is "asking" for faceplants anymore than anyone is asking to cut off their finger when using a knife. We're not all scientists nor physicists nor engineers but instead (& perhaps the most important link) only the customers. As a customer, it's totally within my prerogative to (always) ask for even if I don't get, I know that if I don't ask, I won't get. That's why we have forums with more expert knowledge to shed light & esp. so mfgr's can chime in with their knowledge as well. We all know that Kingsong is renowned to be conservative & even as only a single voice, I'd like to see them take some risks. But that's me, YMMV ofcos.
  8. Fair 'nuff. I'm not a scientist nor a physicist nor a battery specialist so I won't argue the validity of that. If so then Kingsong can easily make that statement in writing & put it all to rest how it's not possible scientifically to increase the top end any further. Afterall science is science & if proven, then facts are facts. What I dislike is others determining that limiting to a certain speed will be safer just cos. I as the end user, would like to be the final arbiter & at least have some say especially when the facts aren't not only unclear but in many circumstances, contradicting.
  9. If doing irreparable harm due to speed cutouts is THE criteria, then no one will be riding wheels. If higher speed is the bane of wheels, then Gotway & now Shermans wouldn't exist. However I'm betting Gotway sells as much if not more than any other brand on the market (& perhaps even combined) so factually the irreparable harm via speed is moot. Any motorized auto on the market will have enough speed (without an iota of doubt) to maim & kill so if we follow your argument, should they all be limited to speeds that don't kill? If so what is that limit & more importantly, who gets to determine that? There are folks who are asking for the cutout angle to be increased or atleast adjustable. Isn't that also a source of potential irreparable harm &or death. Far's I'm concerned, speed like anything else is just another tool in the toolbox to be used (or not). It's the individual using the tool that determines its viability or not. But I'll play your game. What if I told u I have no plans nor intentions to go 35mph? What if I'm telling I just want to do 30mph consistently & have the extra 5mph headroom to avoid the dread cutouts. Then in my scenario, wouldn't I be effecting exactly the opposite of your theorem? Wouldn't having the 5mph headroom make it safer instead. ps: please don't make the argument that if they increase the speed, then some ppl will use it & get hurt. We all know how invalid that is for obvious reasons. Instead, I subscribe to the "if u build it, they will come". So Kingsong, build it.
  10. Absolutely! It would be great & likely generate a lot of goodwill amongst Kingsong fans & would be fans if the company listens to its customers. Afterall, we're not just customers but infact volunteer guinea pigs by pre-ordering your new unproven products. It would be soooo easy to say lets wait til all the bugs are worked out 1st. So @Jack King Song please listen to your customers (infact I'm a 1st time Kingsong buyer) so that we can help you build a great product to not only keep your present customer base happy but also bring in a new generation of Kingsong fans.
  11. @ColoradoQuattro Count me in on S18 mainly for not just offroad but MTB trails as well. I'm a newbie wheeler that started with a Tesla V2 1480 this mid spring & fell in love with the hobby/sport almost immediately so much so I sold my 40+mph escooter coz I wasn't riding it anymore. I thought about upgrading the Tesla for a better ride & indeed, was inches away from pulling the trigger on the newest greatest Sherman cos who doesn't love speed! Then I recalled Kuji's vids showing the Sherm bouncing all over the place & then epiphany struck. Why only one wheel to do it all (maybe) but instead, multiples to do it all & do it well. The Tesla was/is great for paved bike paths, city commutes & even does reasonable on tight packed trails but I wouldn't call that offroad IMO. Heck even the Mten3 is an offroad wheel if we use that term loosely. I ordered the S18 specifically as a monowheel MTB as it's the best "offroad" wheel currently available for all mountain rides, bike parks & whatnot. While more topspeed is always good, it isn't a priority (or even a necessity) for technical MTB rides. FWIW I still don't get why ppl have to "prove" their choices is best as best is very subjective unless one gets technically specific.
  12. The V11 reminds me of a horse ass saddle & for the life of me, I can't get excited over it despite it's seeming technical prowess as an allrounder. The S18 on the other hand reminds me of something an Italian named Giorgetto Giugiaro or a Nuccio Bertone would come up with. Whatever, it's definitely & strangely very non Chinese in design I must add. That said, I'm not sure that's a good thing as we all know the rep of Italian cars spending alot more time in the shop than on the streets -nothing against Italians nor their Autos but it is what it is, as least in North America.
  13. @Jack King Song Yes please...pretty please with an extra dollop of honey. Since we already are limited with range, let's at least have the speed 🥰
  14. U can biaatch again again & again & I still wouldn't feel any sympathy for u Floridians. As for why, come hoof it up to the Great White North in Jan/Feb when its -20c with 2 feet of the white stuff far's the eye can see. Maybe then u bast$^#ds (jokingly ofcos) will understand the beauty of heat😅!
  15. I haven't gotten mine in yet so I'm unsure if it'll fit but I attach this slime inflator hose adapter to my Milwaukee Cordless M12 Compact Inflator to pump up most of tires especially the smaller scooter tires that deflate really quick. If u can wait, I'll be glad to update u once my S18 arrives.
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