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  1. that should have been the tile lol "s18 gets wrecked!"
  2. so its a topic of contention with me and Kingsong: there are manual negative chamber shocks and auto-neg. And then there are shocks with no neg chamber. Most MTB use a n auto-neg shock. Kingsong decided to go with a shock without a neg chamber. To me, this was a mistake and their leg up on inmotion is now gone. Because the negative chamber makes the ride supple and makes it act like a spring. its more detailed than that, but I have a video touching on this. So KS should have gone with a auto-neg shock. But I think it would have cost them money so they decided against that. anyway, just wanna clear that up before people start to believe the propaganda from KS.
  3. never been a more statement about me hahaha
  4. evX_Mick


    Hope this is useful to all riders, new and veteran:
  5. They are mistaken. Plecibo effect. All 100v allows you to do is have a higher power ceiling, so you can go faster. But arguably if you’re going 20-30mph uphill on 84v you don’t need a 100v to take you up that hill at 35-40mph.
  6. The 100v and 84v MSX have the same motor. It would be same results.
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