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  1. After i put out those videos, IM sent me a production v12 and continued to get my opinions on the wheel up until last night… so many consequences lol
  2. On May 5th they had me put out videos to announce the release.
  3. He was actually going 65mph. He’s incredibly reckless. I’ve a fault started a petition for veteran to limit their wheels to 30mph, to account for jerks like him.
  4. I’m sorry you feel that way. It does in fact take a lot of skill to ride so flawlessly on a daily basis in the greatest city in the world. Hey I’m actually here in the Modern hotel on Broadway, can you bring me a beer from the elephant lunge when you come by? Oh and that burger they make. It’s legit. Thanks bro.
  5. I have final prodiction model. Should i do video about it?
  6. The speed throttle begins at 80% and is linear from there all the way down to 15%. So at 16% you can still hit 32mph. Then it’s a huge drop off.
  7. If you still buy a nikola now that the v12 exists, you just love wasting money. Specs are so close, except you get safety, quality and insane features. Plus the fat toaster Nikola is awful design between the legs. V12 def kills the nikola overall.
  8. Take it from me, a guy that knows my Nikola and this v12 inside and out: you don’t want a 16” to go beyond 70kph. And the v12 feels awesome at 38-40mph. Again it’s a mid range wheel, which means it’ll forever be plagued by being great a nothing but good at a lot of things. Personally I’ve already sold my Nikola and using the v12 full time for Polo. Sherman is still my daily driver.
  9. about 40 miles I never had an NDA, not even a handshake. I'm just a good mensche lol.
  10. the Pin lock is not real... at least not yet. I have the latest firmware, and I've had every firmware since protype 1, and theres not been a lock. Although they may add this in the final firmware. who knows.
  11. Heres the v12 Playlist if you missed it: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3YjW_BoX3NrV8iVb0xxngnMPeY3UUXJ5
  12. i do it in NYC and we arent exactly known for good roads lol
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